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Keramika, sanitarije i grijanje Grijanje. Tekstil Jastuci Tepisi. Vanjska rasvjeta Podne svjetiljke. Publicistika Biografije i autobiografije Putopisi.

Religija i mitologija Religija Mitologija. Pernice Pune pernice Prazne pernice. Ljetni program. Budi u tijeku. Obavijesti me! There are 10 fine pop songs in total on this self-titled release. The record is only limited to copies! Probably the best find this week comes thanks to Melotron Recordings from Greece. They are all fantastic really, and it is no surprise. Does that make sense? I should get in touch and interview them, right?

Anyhow, Pop City Arizona hailed from Birmingham and these three beauties date from Shame they were never released properly! Another late discovery is the band Parliamo from Perth in Scotland. That is very very cool in my book, youngsters loving jingle jangling guitars! There is not much information either on the video or on their Facebook page which is a shame.

Also it seems that their songs are also only available online, no physical records as of yet. The label compares them to So Cow and The Lodger. I can see a bit of both.

But what do we know about this band? We also know that before releasing this album they put out a tape EP in on the label Popical Island. Not much more! I found out that he has set up a Bandcamp under the name Your Favourite Colour where he has been uploading songs supposedly every week. To make it even nicer to the fans he added lyrics to the songs.

Very cool. Looking forward to a finished album hopefully! My last recommendation is the Tokyo dreampop band Blanco. Would Japanese fans consider this moment as a golden age for Japanese independent pop? I may be wrong, and I hope someone can prove me mistaken. I would love to hear more guitar pop from this Baltic country.

So if you have any recommendations, please, you know what to do in the comments box at the bottom of this post. But what I do remember is that I found their music through Myspace. Ha — Ok. Not many can stand the long flight to Australia.

I live near Sydney but out of the city. Australia has great coast. Is it boring? Which is what that band was about. What would I recommend. I just got back from Broken Hill. Weird, Outback, where strange characters meet. I think they are searching for the real Australia. But something went askew. Lots of movies made out there. Not all of them good. Still US dollars go a long way here. I think the wild side of Australia is great, yet we all cling to Cities and the coast. Visitors seem to like the people here.

We are very civilised. For the better. Food and drink. Flat Whites — I think they may come from here. Buy the book. It was fun to put together. They are great as usual. AT this moment we can preview two songs from the ex-Groove Farm, Beatnik Filmstars, Rorschach, Rosehips, and more legendary bands members. Yeah legendary in Bristol and everywhere else we love indiepop. Cor Blanc : another great release out now on Galaxy Train Records from Japan is a 7 song mini-album by a duo formed by Mireia and Sergi from Barcelona!

It sounds really lovely, naive and dreamy pop. I wonder why I had never heard them before! They even have toured across Italy and Japan! The Sastro : who are The Sastro? It must be a band from that great first wave of Indonesian indiepop.

The doctor at an asylum decides that it would be good for the patients if they could take care of a few pigs. This turns out so well that they start selling pigs to make money. The patients gets saner for every day that goes by and the staff start to behave rather strangely. Now the two songs the band released are pretty great.

They are as far as I know the only proper release they put out. Their release is the only one listed on this label so it might be a good guess to say that it was a self-release. Georga and Lotta would later be in , Seventh Wave and Tambumajoren. Happily I just found a copy of the record for a decent price. But I definitely want to know more about them. What are they up to these days? Did they record more songs? Any help would be great! Thanks again so much to Ian Finney for the interview!

The band released 4 singles and their album still remains unreleased to this day. A classic band of the 80s for me and very happy to learn more about them! Thanks so much for being up for another interview! Are you still in touch with the rest of The Tempest members? Hiya Roque. The Tempest was a completely different setup to Christopher.

Christopher and The Tempest were both guitar-based bands with similar influences. My guitar playing had evolved a lot since The Tempest and I was trying new things. I was a side man in The Tempest, a lead guitarist. I did have some creative control over what I did and there was some input from me on other things while the album was being recorded, but not as a songwriter. It was a mirror image of The Tempest. The band had a residency in Warrington at Abbey Green studios and demoed the songs there.

Pete left the band and they were looking for another guitarist. Were you all so young? Or where did you usually get together? Where were the other band members from? The band was based in Warrington but were a Liverpool band. We used to meet at Abbey Green studios or directly at rehearsals in Liverpool or London. When we were recording we were all based in hotels or guest houses in Stockport and London. Mark Olly left the band just before we signed.

Mick Burland was auditioned and he played on three studio tracks then Jon Sumpton was with us for a while and finally Steve Dolder ex-Prefab Sprout joined. Mike was the songwriter and we either learned his songs from the demos or during rehearsals.

To my knowledge nothing new was written during the time the band was signed. We practised in Warrington at first and after signing we rehearsed in Liverpool then later in London at The Clink, Nomis studios and also Lipstick Studios.

We changed the name from Going Gah Gah to The Tempest after signing and I think the record company asked us to do that. Mike thought of the name. Mike was certainly influenced by The Beatles and his passion for the band got me into them too. I was a jangle-pop guitarist back then and I was into The Byrds. Did their people come to gigs?

Did you send demo tapes? I was very fortunate to be in a position where I joined a band just as they were about to sign a recording contract. Was wondering if this was the first time, because of your age, going to a proper recording studio? And if so, how was that experience working with Glenn Tilbrook? There was a feeling of deja vu and I was completely at ease with recording.

When I was sixteen I saw a poster of Duran Duran standing in a recording studio with a stand full of guitars behind them. Something struck me about it. Not to be famous, but to be a professional recording guitarist. I practised so hard.

This is what got me expelled from college — I was playing music all the time. I would pretend to be recording live takes in front of a tape machine. They asked me to play it and I recorded two takes then Glenn asked me to add a few bits on and it was done. We met Glenn on October 31 st at a rehearsal room near the river. I loved collecting those and they were nearly all released on coloured vinyl.

Working in the studio with Glenn was disciplined and methodical but laid-back. I really enjoyed it. We socialised as well and spent time in the pub and at his place. I think he is one of the most original British songwriters ever. Squeeze are utterly unique. Pete Hammond and Femi Jiya engineered on the album. Pete is a mixing legend. Femi went on to work with Prince at Paisley Park. What was your favourite format for your music and why?

And was this the photoshoot that Jill Bryson from Strawberry Switchblade helped with? Mike thought of the concepts and professional artists developed them. That photoshoot was with Peter Arthur who was the partner of Jill Bryson from Strawberry Switchblade at the time and Jill was at the session. I loved Strawberry Switchblade. I chatted with Jill throughout the day and she learned that I was single and hinted that Rose from the band was looking for a boyfriend. I never chased it up. I think Strawberry Switchblade are remarkable for the cultural influence that they had on Japan that exists to this day.

The band were huge in Japan and that image obviously had a huge influence. I mentioned this to Jill fairly recently and she was very modest about it. What had happened? The truth is much different. One of the other band members had been talking about John Lennon and Gus had been a friend of John. He was a legend. It was the only autograph I asked for during that time. He passed away with his wife in after a motorway accident. I still feel terrible when I think of it. A month after the session with Gus ended we got a message that we were rehearsing in London near the river for pre-production sessions with Glenn Tilbrook.

It was around the time he was going through his split period with Chris Difford and was interested in producing us. We spent a few days jamming the songs and were rehearsing next to The Cure, who we heard through the wall in the next room. I can see your sound and style part of it myself, but what do you think?! Interesting observation. We might have been part of that scene. Magnet and other things messed up a lot of things.

Records were not in stores. Who knows what would have happened if people had done their jobs. I have to ask, where was that photo from the front cover taken? How was working with him? I think I briefly saw him. It was filmed at Wimbledon Chase Middle School! I wonder how easy it was to work with children, and was the teacher actually the class teacher? I am sure many of the kids must remember that day! It was a two-day shoot with interiors in the school on day one and exteriors on day two in a muddy field.

I got food poisoning overnight and they had to hire a portable loo for me for the outdoor filming. One of the film crew was a bit older than me and she was giving me flirty looks but I felt like death. The kids were all surprisingly well-behaved.

Thirty years later one of them got in touch with me through my blog. He was the kid scratching his head in the video. The kids loved it and lined up for autographs after the filming. A kid asked me to sign his plectrum. I was only five years older than them and had left school less than two years earlier. It felt very, very surreal. The Teacher was an actress. I think one of the band had a crush on her. Was this song part of your live repertoire? Or how come you choose to release this cover version?

Were there other covers that you usually use to play? I hated the idea. Absolutely hated it. For me it was the last straw in a long line of disagreements over artistic differences and my role within the band. I told Mike I was leaving after our studio session with Steve Levine. He tried to persuade me to stay but was quite understanding about my decision. How many copies do you estimate are or were in circulation? Who knows. A couple. A few. Maybe more. The last one I saw online was on sale for over a thousand euros.

Maybe these were test pressings — or maybe not — maybe Magnet pressed a run and have them in storage and some got nicked stolen or leaked. Either way, a few got out there. Have there been any attempts to do so? Not that I know of.

Maybe some fans could contact Warners Music and get them to release it digitally. It would be nice. Am I right? Or not? I think I was the only artist at showbiz parties with a Beatles haircut and sideburns. It was the same, it just takes longer. You need to be focused and ready to give your best performance. No messing about. You can also get asked to come up with new ideas on the spot. I love that environment. Do you know how did you ended up in this comp? Do you know if this song was a big hit all over Spain?

Or perhaps in some select cities like Valencia, where I happen to hear some UK jangle pop songs became DJ mixed and became big dancefloor hits at the discos? Aside from the album of course? There are lots of demos that were made at Abbey Green and I also made a few demos with Mike after I left, as a favour for him. I have copies of all of these. Always The Same, the first single. It was my first solo on vinyl and I think it is the best song The Tempest made.

My parents were so proud of me. He made me a wood pedal board for my guitar effects pedals and I still have it. My parents are no longer here with us and every time I hear the song I think of their excitement and how fresh and exciting it all was for everyone in my life and in the band. I remember coming back from London after weeks of recording. I was exhausted and homesick. It was 3am and my parents were asleep in bed. I made a cup of cocoa and sat drinking it in the semi-darkness and had a startling moment of clarity.

I know it sounds soft but I remember feeling profound love for my parents and gratefulness for everything they had done for me. Every time I hear the song it reminds me of that moment. We played at all the major venues in the UK. The gigs at the original Marquee are ones that come to mind. We did two full British tours. The first supporting The Untouchables, a U. Band that had a chart hit at the time. I think that was three weeks of touring and we supported Squeeze on their Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti En Routti tour which was the 6 th to the 15 th of October We finished the tour with two sold-out nights at Hammersmith Odeon and then had a great end-of-tour party with Squeeze at some swanky private club in London.

So many great gigs. Standing on the same stage, using the same dressing room. You could feel the vibe. I apologised and left the room. I have no idea what was going on.

It was insisted that we change strings each day on tour — even bass strings. There had to be one venue where the humidity and temperature caused absolute mayhem with the metal strings.

We got in tune again but it caused frayed tempers onstage. The Steve Levine session was the last one we all did together. I sneezed all the way through as I had terrible hay-fever. I left the band at the end of summer and they carried on for a few months but got dropped. There were plans to record with William Orbit but it never happened.

I was secretly suffering from undiagnosed agoraphobia and I just wanted to get back home. As you know from my previous interview with you, I formed The Snakeskins. It was a break from the discipline and stress of being in a professional band. As soon as I left I started regaining my lost teen years. I got a girlfriend, started writing songs and began to enjoy life. It was great. The pressure I had been under in The Tempest was huge. Stuart formed his own music company and wrote music for TV.

Lyn formed her own band, Carbon 13, and is now solo, Steve joined The Coal Porters and is now one of the highest-paid live drummers in the UK. Every major music publication got us on board.

There were so many. For me, personally, the best thing was getting to work with so many great people. This made my day! Listen The Tempest — Bluebelle. Released where? In any case, here are 6 lovely poppy songs by our new favourite band from the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. Phantom Handshakes : this duo from New York is totally new to me. How cool. I had no clue they existed. Very nice. Fowl Science : now this project from Toronto that makes some psychedelic dreampop that sounds really good. Looking forward to more songs by him!

Falling Sugar : lastly from Tokyo this new band that just formed! And it is really good. They have to record more! But it is a very good song. That is one thing one has to be very grateful as online it proves hard to find any information on these bands.

For The Honeymooners we find the following info:. Finally, Jean and MArtin have recently hooked-up again and are working on some new material with Steve Boyle under the name Honey are you noticing a certain connection here? Who is she?

Europe had the best and worst shows we experienced eg Rotterdam …. He also mentions that Jean had a Myspace at some point were she had some songs were she provided vocals. But we do know a few facts of course. I feel the band is Zaglis - Tramplīni - Planētas (CD) gathering material for something bigger. But what do we know about the other Zaglis - Tramplīni - Planētas (CD) band members? I am not active in music anymore. What would I recommend. This song has a timestamp, as all the songs on this compilation. Stick figures etc.
Expecting To Fly - Neil Young - Decade (Vinyl, LP), Girl, Bassline - RedSK - Some Bullshit Mixtape (File, MP3, Album), Mercenary - The Mission - Grains Of Sand (CD), Track With No Name - Forgemasters - Track With No Name (Vinyl)

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  1. Dugometražni igrani prvijenac Katarine Zrinke Matijević, Trampolin, film je o ljubavi, ali ne i ljubavni film. U njegovom je fokusu lice i naličje odnosa između majke i kćeri koji prelazi granicu, probija povjerenje i iz podržavajućeg i nježnog prelazi u mračan i nasilan.
  2. Dec 20,  · Izvor: B92, Dec, (ažurirano Apr) Blic: Tramp, i zvanično, razgraničenje stavio na sto. Pismima Aleksandru Vučiću i Hašimu Tačiju, Donald Tramp je praktično razgraničenje kao rešenje problema Kosova, i zvanično stavio na sto, piše "Blic". List navodi, pozivajući se na diplomatske izvore u Vašingtonu, da su na Trampa uticaj verovatno izvršili savetnik za.
  3. Sep 24,  · “Sjedinjene Države, nakon što smo od mog izbora potrošili preko 2,5 milijardi dolara da bismo u potpunosti obnovili našu veliku vojsku, daleko su najmoćnija nacija na svijetu.
  4. “Tramplīni” – “Planētas” () Runājot par šobrīd vairs neeksistējošām un nenovērtētām grupām, varu minēt grupu "Tramplīni", kuru tālajā gadu vidū dibināja Jānis Birznieks. Tā ir grupa, kura darbojusies klusi, nemanāmi, bet pamatī Aiga Leitholde.
  5. Predsjednik SAD Donald Tramp rekao je danas da je razgovarao sa novim ukrajinskim predsjednikom Volodimirom Zelenskim o njegovim izborima i o tome da Amerika ne želi da njeni ljudi kao što su potpresjednik Džo Bajden i njegov sin doprinesu korupciji koja već postoji u Ukrajini. Kako izgleda Tramp nije išao toliko daleko da prizna da [ ].
  6. Trampolini - Najširši izbor vrhunskih trampolinov in dodatkov inSPORTline! Trampolin je odlična izkušnja za velike in majhne. Na trampolinu se zabavate in super raztezate svoje telo. V tej kategoriji vam ponujamo celovito ponudbo, povezano s trampolini in trampolin seti inSPORTline - vodilni.
  7. Thanks so much to Alistair Wilson for the interview! Some time ago I interviewed Ali about his band The Legendary Hearts and now it is time to talk about the band that came before, Watch With Mother!!Missing: Zaglis.
  8. Američki predsjednik Donald Tramp izjavio je danas da je od sjevernorejskog lidera Kima Džonga Una dobio “veoma lijepo pismo” i izrazio spremnost za novi susret sa njim. Tramp je novinarima u Bijeloj kući rekao da je pismo dobio juče i da misli da će doći do novog sastanka. Američki predsjednik, međutim, nije precizirao kada bi [ ].

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