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Because we all think the grass is greener somewhere else and we want to try it out. Not we as in me, I'm not in school anymore. Krabs from Spongebob. Trending News. Bush electoral comeback offers hope for Trump. CEOs, companies that support Trump, Biden. Rose McGowan calls Alyssa Milano a 'fraud'.

States claim opioid crisis will cost U. Valencia released This Could Be A Possibility in 05, the same year blink broke up, and it is another good pop-punk album. Pop-punk never died. Or declined. They just faded out of the mainstream, replaced by different musical genres more interesting to the general amount of kids out there.

Now some of the more pop-oriented pop-punk bands like ATL and FTSK are becoming popular again, and this article turns its nose up at them just because of how they look and how pop-accessible their lyrics are.

After this trend of tough-guy pop-punk passes by, there will always be something new, because pop-punk, like any genre, changes with the times. Oh my god finally someone thinks to mention Jesse, I was starting to think everyone forgot about Brand New. Like early s shit from all of those people. How about all you pussies stop being so negative?!?! Mediocre writing is mediocre writing no matter what the content is. I am glad pop-punk is on the rise. I am not glad this article does it such a disservice analytically.

I actually liked this article until I hit the comment section. Just realized neither were mentioned, and FYS is quite arguably the biggest pop-punk band in the scene. Taking Back Sunday was a highly influential band for a lot of pop-punk listeners in the last decade, they need to be mentioned. I liked your main point but a lot of the details are shitty and biased.

They are scenecore. This article was really great for fans of true pop punk. Anyway, I agree with this article. But I thought it did give justice to at least the general idea behind pop-punk and I thought the superhero analogies were pretty clever. I thought he did a good job of getting the feel for the brilliant new wave of pop punk hitting us that sounds so fucking great. I also just want to thank everyone who took the time to read and comment on my article, whether in a positive or negative light.

To this day, the term is often used in Britain to off-handedly disparage gay sex. When we incorporated this word into English…surprise! In the s, British ship caption James Cook wrote on the savage Malaysians—according to him, they were a violent, reckless, murderous, feverish people. His description stuck. Ari grieves the loss of her sister deeply, yet she resists visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed. Are they all from the descended slaves, having lived here for generations and STILL not get any iota of decency or civilization into their heads?

Carver exhibits the usual wilful obtuseness of those committed to the liberal utopia. No one is suggesting that whites cannot behave as savages or that individual blacks cannot behave in a civilised manner. The point is that on average through history white societies have attained and maintained higher standards of civilisation than black societies notwithstanding Hitler and Lenin and Stalin.

In order to gain an accurate idea, we must compare like with like. Compare that to the black lack in New Orleans. No - wealth and lack of wealth has nothing to do with it. In white dominated areas ordinary people behave well, in black dominated areas ordinary people soon behave like savages. We have seen this again and again here in Africa. Withdraw the whites and civilisation withdraws too.

To those of us who live in the real world, Apartheid was an attempt to preserve civilisation and decency in the face of a savage world. If only the bleeding heart purblind liberals could be forced walk the walk they like to talk, but unfortunately it is usually decent whites and decent blacks who have to pay the price so that these twisted backstabbers and traitors can feel morally superior.

A little education, these were quote unquote African Americans. Take it from a black man. I am much, more comfortable around black immigrants than I am around African Americans.

Eevn immigrants from west Africa behave with more civility than my group. Take the time to notice the differecne in the behavior of my group and black immigrants. If you really notice intensely you will see that the behavior of black immigrants is more settling.

A friend of mine from Nigeria told me that they laugh at us when we celebrate Kwanza, a holiday that was invented by some black man in California in the sixties, as some original African holiday.

My Nigerian friend is often perplexed by our unwillingness to take advantage of the many opportunities this nation offers. One last item-most black folk say the same things about blacks that the posters on this website do. Whites are not the only ones who do not hold a favorable opinion of blacks. Black folk hate other black folk more than any other group on the palnet. You racist pigs! You left us to rot, siting on orr rooftops, devoid of the nececsities of life, and proper care.

I gonna go read that article now. A New Orleans resident commented to me, that many of the black folks stayed behind to intentionally loot the evacuated city.

This was predictable. It could have been on a larger scale if it had happened in Cleveland, Detroit, Newark, or any other place with a large black demographic. We are dealing, in general, certainly within the first standard deviation, with a demographic that is well below the mean IQ of whites or asians.

An examination of the crime rate for blacks, especially violent crime, sexual misconduct, and general moral degradation, and the events in New Orleans should come as no surprise.

Diversity does not strengthen, it only divides and America has been degraded for decades by immigration of the genetic toxic waste of the third world. We have our own toxic waste here in the form of an urban black population that is a threat to all things civilized in this once great nation. Posted by James R. Jarrett ABD-ph. Someone asked about the savagery in Belfast. Are there any other locales of widespread white savagery? The point is, wherever there is a crisis in a city with a certain type of population demographic, there is mass violence.

This is repeated over and over, and all over. If a protestant attacks a catholic for simply being catholic he is treated as a bigoted savage - as he deserves to be.

However if a Black man attacks a white man simply because he is white he is portrayed also as a victim driven by desperation by an institutionally racist white society.

I agree with the whole article and even when you have all the intellectual information on IQ and personality traits it is still shocking to see how it plays out in real life. So while the wife was evacuated the man decided to stay behind with his dog. I am inspired by him to try my own hand at delineation of the obvious.

Smoke not. Wear your seat belt. Shun blacks. Straight talk from Mr. Taylor, putting into words what more and more of us are feeling, deep down — a silent and startling conviction that we are indeed perceived by savages as sheep to be literally slaughtered for their amusement to assauge their envy and resentment.

The left, and the media, seem to be dumping on Bush in order to distract us from the failings of the Mayor and probably the Governor, and most of all to distract us from the ease, even the glee, with which these Blacks not all of them, to be sure embraced a state of total conscience-less-ness.

In only one source Michael Medved quoting the NYT imes did I hear that the reason many blacks stayed in NO was that it was the end of the month, and the welfare checks come on the first of the month.

Generations to come will read their history from this pack of foul lies and believe it to be true. How many will go back to flipping channels and worrying if football season will be effected? Appalled and Horrified, You say only racists read this website so that must include yourself!

Can you point out which bits are lies. Is it the bits that have been printed in usually liberal newspapers? Or have the photos been doctored?

When they come knocking on your door or most likely breaking through your door, maybe you can bury your head in the sand then too. One reason why so many Blacks refused to evacuate has not been mentioned: They simply cannot trust other Blacks not to loot their possessions in their absence. Yes, Carver, some of the Irish do oppose authority. The Gaza settlers opposed it when they had to vacate.

We Americans have opposed it throughout our history. Who in their right mind would shoot at someone trying to save their life? Who in their right mind would try to kill someone trying to save them? My mind is open — show me an instance where Whites have shot at the very people who only wanted to save them from rapists, looters and murderers, and bring them food and water, and take them to a safe location.

What idealic planet are YOU living on, to be unaware of the propensity for Blacks to commit acts of crime and criminal violence at the slightest opportunity. Luckily only intelligent, aware people read this website. Truth will out — in spite of the insanity of political correctness. Carver: Northern Ireland has been in a state of civil war for many years, and the images you saw are from a war zone.

Apparently you need to be reminded that New Orleans and its vicinity just suffered a natural disaster, not a civil war, and some blacks took that as a reason to behave like animals. I wish your article was published all major papers nationwide. The brutality and viciousness is something that America needs to know about. We are so deceived by the media, by Hollywood, by our own government all because…why?

They are afraid of being called names? Murdering and raping children? It is despicable! It is diabolical. It is Africa…. It is a shame I cannot talk about all of this in detail with family and friends.

They are so blinded by political correctness and the idea that this knowledge is somehow hateful that I cannot truly reveal my disgust or share a wonderful article such as yours without ostracizing myself. Why must we be ashamed for speaking the truth? It is so frustrating! While I do have black people I am friendly with and that I care about, I am not fooled into thinking that they are like me. They are not only from a completely foreign culture but genetically we are very different.

Even though the blacks I know are upper middle class, I see where they lack foresight and cannot make consistently healthy choices. It is sad but I am thankful for the difference. I love my people though that is taboo in our society. I cherish my culture and heritage and grieve the loss of them both. Almost every white person I know has no identity and has no idea that their culture is even dying.

We must embrace the heritage and cultural practices of every minority but not our own, according not only to the media but also now our faith. As a Christian I am supposed to love my neighbor as myself.

I am supposed to turn the other cheek. I am supposed to be colorblind. How can I grow in my faith and embrace a Christian lifestyle if I have to ignore facts?

It is so difficult for me to find a balance. It is not hate but facts that drive me. I see the destruction wrought by blacks and other non-Europeans on our country and I cannot deny the differences between us. How can I safely raise my children in this society? I feel trapped and alone. Just this weekend I found myself in a very uncomfortable position. My mother was shocked. My mom told her that only their skin was different and that God made us all the same.

What I found to be a very astute observation, my mother saw as racism. Only seeing the written words of those like minded individuals gives me peace. Thank you, Jared for doing your part in spreading the truth.

For those of us who cannot speak it is essential. Posted by Rosalyn at AM on September 6. Think of the story of the Australians huddled together for security in the Superdome against a mob of hostile blacks; now imagine, just for the sake of argument, that this was a small group of blacks in a similar situation menaced by racist whites.

We would be hearing of nothing else from the media! As it is, it will be swept under the rug. If it is mentioned at all, it will be with some resentment that a group of whites was helped out of the Superdome early by a National Guardsman.

With the liberals harping on the totally untrue reasons why these people are looting, murdering, raping etc. Here is a great opportunity to re-locate these creatures in semi-human form back to Africa. After the War for Southern Independence, the US government had begun just such a repatriation but unfortunately for white people a century later, they did not finish the job. Now we are left with the horror our country has become.

Posted by Minerva at AM on September 6. Remember, their designed purpose is to confiscate the wealth and production of its subjects and not to provide for their proctection. Only in very rare cases has an American citizen sued and won a case because of the local authorities failure to protect them.

Rest assured, however, that the upstanding citizens of NO will demand monetary reperations from the FED and the state of La. This would mean peacetime martial law whereby FEMA would possess plenary powers to divide, relocate, and harbor by force the American population-Soviet style.

Recent events should suffice that FEMA was not designed for the former. So tell me, in all your studies of the Holocaust, in all your investigations and reading of what happened to the Jewish people during its worst oppression, have you ever read of Jewish boys dragging five and seven-year-old Jewish boys and girls off to gang rape them and slit their throats?

Have you ever heard of any group of Jewish people, no matter how degraded or oppressed, who would sit en masse and listen all night to screams of Jewish girls being attacked and Jewish people being killed by a handful of Jewish hoodlums?

Have you ever heard of any case of Jewish looting on the order of what you have seen in New Orleans? You have a horrible double standard, Miss BestJewishNanny. By making excuses for them, you hold blacks to no standard of behavior whatsoever, not even a pathetic standard that is so low it would be utterly intolerable and revolting to even the poorest, most depressed, most deprived, most oppressed Jewish community ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, a standard so low that it would be a badge of shame and guilt for every Jew everywhere.

And you call us racist? At least many of us have hope that somewhere, somehow something can be done for black folks to relieve their degradation.

But we are also smart enough to realize that they have to be held to a standard before that can ever happen. They have to have people who show them where they are lacking and explain to then that their behavior is inexcusable. I cannot do that any longer. I cannot look away with that shrug of the shoulders. I cannot throw a few more welfare bucks into their neighborhoods like some kind of kibble for my conscience and expect anthing to get better.

You see, Miss BestJewishNanny, permitting any people to engage in that kind of activity without holding them accountable does them and the rest of humanity no favors. People on this site are saying how the New Orleans fiasco should wake White people up….. Their response time in New Orleans was abysmal and the people in charge of FEMA are empty suits who obviously got their jobs through political patronage!

Let me drop any one of you well-fed and smug bigots into the middle of the drug-plaqued White ghettos of South Boston and let me see how safe YOU feel……. He has called my letters inflammatory, in phone conversations with me.

Will whites ever learn from history? I think not. They showed a couple, black man, white woman, and their child, who had come to the Atlanta area since the Hurricane. They have nothing and were complaining about their situation. This couple was so physically ugly and so obviously low rent — these two were obviously the dregs of society who had decided to join forces and procreate. Someone just like you — why does that not indicate a white family?

The people who have opened up their hearts to help these blacks and multicult whites are so eaten up with white guilt and so brainwashed by the multicult propoganda machine in this country that it truly is pathetic. The whites who need help will either get it from someone else or will just pick themselves up by their bootstraps and begin again.

I will give to efforts to save what few remaining dogs and cats still alive can be saved. And the media in this country should all be marched out into a field and shot point blank for the biased, mean spirited, lies they have told throughout this sad sorry ordeal. What disgrace this bunch of losers has brought on this country to be shown to the world.

When i saw that this artricle was by Jared Taylor I knew it was going to be a fact-filled, hard-hitting piece and I was not disappointed. Each paragraph was more shocking and horrifying than the preceding one. Is it just me, or could this disaster be a historic turning point in how whites think about black people? Is it that much of a leap to conclude that this is just the natural behavior of the majority of blacks?

Of course, the media will try very hard to paint this as some kind of failure of the federal government. Even when it is thrust in their faces via situations like the one in New Orleans.

The flip side is that this disaster has indeed shaken the cobwebs loose from a good portion of those sleepwalkers, and the ball is rolling in earnest. As the overall situation in the US deteriorates due to incidents like this and the continued flooding of our country with low IQ third worlders from Mexico and other hell holes from around the world, more and more whites will be forced to face reality.

Those who refuse, like Craig, can walk open armed into the crowds of non-whites and see how they are received.

The real answer Craig, is for raciallly conscious whites and racially conscious non-whites to each have their own living space s. This will solve our racial, cultural and social problems forever. We will live in an advanced society, happily ever after and you and other naive whites will come to a genetic end, which I beleive you should be free to do. This whole fiasco is scaring the hell out of us Maltese. Malta is a very peaceful country but we are already witnessing black violence in our night district.

We fear the worst. An insightful and objective look into the tragic aftermath of Katrina. This should be a real wake up call to the white America that has for so long been lulled to sleep by false prophets and traitors.

My first thought when I heard about the flooding of New Orleans was that I should budget a donation for them. Since this has turned into the typical Euro-bashing, those people can go to hell. Call me the R word if you must, but I bet you can guess what race they are. Jared Taylor, as I have come to expect from him, has put together the best summary of the NO mess I have seen thus far.

Jared never fails to be calm, balanced, and literate even while reporting on such a horrifying, unmitigated, 3rd-World calamity as this. There are plenty of stories still to be told about this disaster. There is no doubt this info will be available on the Internet to those motivated to look. Early in the disaster, the hr news channels were so eager for something to show that they put on whatever raw footage was available.

Does this story make you wish you were Black? Yes some of the probably stayed to loot. I believe some of this is social and cultural, some it is genetic.

If the family structure of poor blacks were not so broken down and their gang-banger music culture not so poisoned, I think the situation in New Orleans would have been as bad. Blacks I work with or know from countries other than the US are much easier to get along with than American Blacks. Remember there are undoubtably middle and upper-middle class blacks in NOLA who would have left along with the like class whites.

The question is how to formulate a politically palatable solution to the problem. Shipping them all back to Africa is not going to happen. Maybe young black males who commit crimes should be sterilized. This pessimism has got to stop. As far as the media goes, there are only certain groups of people who are falling for this PC garbage they are spreading rich liberal white people and blacks; in other words, it is the groups of people who benefit from this propaganda.

Do you honestly think that the overwhelming majority of whites in this nation are agreeing with these hateful statements about blacks suffering from the hurricane because of white racism?

He also kept mentioning the fact that the only reason Bush is getting blamed instead of the mayor of New Orleans, is simply because the former is white and the latter is black.

Many white callers called in agreeing with him. Matters such as this are supposed to be taken care of first at the municipal and state level. Some posters seemed shocked that more white folks are not awake to these facts.

Well some white folks have always been asleep and always will be. Nothing new. It has always been that way. They are too comfortable. Revolutions do not start with the many. Revolutions start with the few. Always have — -always will. We need 10 percent of the population to be awake. We need only 2 percent willing to act in some way. Action means posting on websites, talking with neighbors etc..

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Because those things still dictate how much money they make, therefore where Yuppie Ghettos - The Despised - Punk live, therfore where their kids go to school, therefore what opportunities those kids have, etc. Artist Playlists. As long as the nest stays intact, all he may only get an occasional sting. And white flight. He needs a job or a girlfriend. If the American public ever really found out Album) truth on this, there would be a huge backlash. The unstated focus group of the blog is the white, urban, moderate-liberal, pseudo-educated, upper-middle class. I went to N. One of the kids responded- dont worry the owner isnt complaining.
Skin - Madonna - In The Mix Part 1 (CD), Typowa Historia - The Returners* - Nowa Stara Szkoła (CD, Album), The Bitchy Ice-Cream (Radio Edit), Todo O Sentimento - Chico Buarque - Francisco (Vinyl, LP, Album), Botas - Sabot (2) - 120 Months - The First, Not The Last (CD)

8 thoughts on “Yuppie Ghettos - The Despised - Punk, Its Not For Rich Kid$ Anymore!! (CD, Album)

  1. Jul 24,  · Listen to 10 of Rich the Kid's best songs. A little over 12 months ago, Rich the Kid was sitting in a jail cell. Since his release, he's been on a tear; he's released seven mixtapes, taken Famous.
  2. Nov 02,  · I too don't care for ghetto black culture, but not any more than I dislike white trash or super cholo Hispanic culture. It's easy to associate prejudice with a race, when socio-economic status is really what's at play. Please remember that every race/culture has its unsavory elements.
  3. Ghetto Punk Records. 41 likes. Ghetto Punk Records is an Independent label that works from the streets up. Hit us up if interested or find me wandering the streets promoting my bands.
  4. Jun 15,  · Why do all these white rich kids like mainstream hip hop/rap so much? I don't really get it. You got some dude rapping about being from the streets and slangin and going after ho's, and his biggest fan is a white girl who goes to a private Catholic school and comes from rich suburbia.
  5. While American bands such as Siege and Septic Death had laid the foundation for playing hardcore REALLY fast in the early to mid-'80s, it was the British who would later prove to take the sound to its ultimate extremes, making the U.K. grindcore (often referred to as "Britcore" at the time) movement the most exciting thing going on in music in the late '80s/5(4).
  6. As an early pillar of Atlanta's groundbreaking trap scene, Rich the Kid moved from collaborations with Migos, Young Thug, and others to starting his own label just a few years later. With a style very much in line with the dark, highly pressurized flows of other icons of Atlanta hip-hop, he established himself with a string of mixtapes and singles that has led to a deal with major-label.
  7. Songtexte und Videos vom Album Punk, It's Not for Rich Kids Anymore! von The Despised und vieles mehr findest du auf

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