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Related Products. Wiggy's Victims Casualty Hypothermia Bag. National Stock:. Minimum Purchase:. Maximum Purchase:. Warranty Information Your Wiggy's bag is guaranteed for a lifetime of use. Product Description The VCH bag is a development by the president and founder of Wiggy's along with several search and rescue professionals who gave us almost all of the recommendations that have gone into the making of this product.

Product Specs: The interior and exterior fabrics are waterproof. The bottom is denier cordora and the lining and top are denier oxford nylon. Color is black on the bottom portion and the lining. The top comes in international orange or black. The insulation used is our Loz The zippers throughout are 10 YKK zippers The top half of the bag separates completely from the bottom half to easily place a victim and for sanitization washing after use.

The zippers can be opened from either end and either side depending where it is necessary to provide service to the victim. I really hope so. I was very pleased with this. I'm glad clever creators and programmers can keep up the effort on unique ideas and keep original material circulating. My rating of a perfect ten comes with the provision that you will continue to make your intellectually stimulating product.

This was great work, and I hope to see more! Thanks for the review, we have in plans making at least one more game in this universe. It will tell the same story from Ziggy perspective, with puzzles like in the first part. We will also use the reception from this game, to make last part as good as possible. And we resigned from using mouse to solve puzzles in this serie for good. I think it's a good news. I got quite a laugh out of this game! I had a lot of fun playing it and it had an awesome amount of humor to it.

The puzzles provide a lot of challenge, but not too bad and the walk-through video helps a lot. Can't wait to see more submissions from you! Thanks a lot, we'll learning with our every game, and try to submit something fun still in first part of Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Humbugger Share Collapse. Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December Tags: kanye west, dave chapelle, dope, my life is dope, phone call, ye, yeezy, yeesuz, audiophile, jimmy fallon, ampersand, helvetica, word art, text only, bold, black and white, music, questlove, the roots, prince, michael jackson, vintage, retro, classic, throwback, old school, alumni, album, record, lps, vinyl, mixers.

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Tags: troy, abed, megan lara, art show, pixeldrip, britta, geek, nerd, community, parody, shirley, funny, baseball, humor, tv, television, cartoon.

Tags: watercolor, tiger, leopard, safari, savannah, animals, tanzania, africa, yellow, colorful, holidays, festival, trendy, trend, top, beautiful, fun, funny, different, summer, artistic, abstract, sweet, cute, modern, ocean, multicolored, colors, winter, handpainted, popular, artsy, beach, festive, cool, dope, swag, feminist, girly, yoga, fresh. Continue past the stairs for Platform 4. At the stairs for Platform 3, go down. Ok, now listen up because you need to be careful or you'll die.

You have to jump onto the track, run up to that red light--and NO further, which is at a door. Try to open the door and you will hear the sound of the subway train. As well as the snarling of some dogs. Zig-Zag back to where you jumped off the platform to avoid the dogs and climb back up. The subway train has arrived. If you go too far, or take too long, the subway train will kill you.

This is clearly the opposite of good, so try not to run too far off course or take too long. Head west past the stairs going up, and open the gate. It unlocks from this side. Go through. Go into the open door for the subway car. A scene will play, and the subway train starts moving. If you go through the back door of any of the subway trains, you'll be on the back of the train, and if you try to move forward off the back, you'll get a rather brutal death scene where Heather falls off of the subway train.

Anyway, head to the NEXT car once you've satisfied your morbid curiosity, if you really just had to see that. Shoot them dead with your handgun, or whack them dead with the pipe.

Continue to the next train. Continue along to the next train. There's a large numb body here blocking your path. Let it come to you and shoot it as soon as it's right near you. This should knock it over. Stomp on it until it dies. There's also a small numb body behind it, so Pipe or Shoot it to death. Continue to the next car. Take them and head to the next car. Take them and continue to the next subway car.

Pop it with the Shotgun at close range until it falls over, then wait for it to get back up. Repeat this until it lets out its death cry and stops moving. The subway car comes to a screeching halt. The doors at the front side of the car open up. If you examine the single door which would normally lead to another car, you'll get some interesting info; This appears to be the first car, so there was no operator Anyway, head out of the car and check the graffiti'd up walls here for a save point.

Head west and look for a small door at the end of this platform. The first two screens always bleed, and the third screen will only bleed if you go the wrong direction. To avoid dying to this, follow these steps: At the bottom of the stairs, head right and run to the large metal door. Turn left here, run past the Pendulums and go through the first door on your right. Then, head forward in this next area until you see a door on your right. You're safe from it now, unless you go back or go the wrong way.

Head forward and take the first door on your right here, and you're out completely. You can actually die to this, so make sure you move fast and watch your health. Heal if you have to. Go forward until you reach a large metal door.

Dodge any Pendulums in your way and look to your right for a door. Enter this door. Take the first left you see, run past the numb bodies and enter the door at the end of the hallway. There is a weapon, the [Maul] on a bent over locker here. Beside the Maul, there's a map hanging on the wall. Take the [Underpass map]. On the opposite side of the room, there are some shelves. I got a [First-aid kit] off of these. You can examine things here, then exit via the door opposite the one you came in by.

You want to run past them while heading straight ahead, looking for a blue metal door to your right. Avoid the left path, as you don't have the item you'll need later yet. At the end of this hallway, there are some supplies on top of the boxes here. I got a [Health drink] and some [Beef jerky]. Examine the wine rack here to get an empty [Wine bottle].

Return to the previous area. So get ready to run past and evade them. Remember that hallway I told you to not go through when you entered this area? Heading back the way you came from, it's on your right. At the end, there is a large metal door. The enemies in this hallway are Pendulums, so don't bother trying to fight them! Enter that door when you find it. At the end of this Hallway is a shaft that you can fall into and die, but there's nothing else so just enter the door on the left when you see it.

Long run, huh? Turn right. There's a large metal door here, and that creepy banging sound keeps getting louder the longer you stay here.

Enter the door. Run forward, and mind the tunnels on your right. Don't go down the first one, but go down the second one. Enter the door at the end. There is a desk here which will most likely have some [Handgun bullets], and a [Health drink] or two. There's also a heater with fuel in it here. Stand next to it and use your empty Wine Bottle to get a new item: [Oil-filled bottle].

Save at the save point here if you'd like, then exit. Again, run past them. You want to go down the first tunnel you passed turn left when you exit this one, and then turn left to enter that tunnel.

Enter the door at the end of it. Use your Oil-filled bottle. This will gas up the machine. The control panel for it is to the right of the fuel tank.

Since the machine has been fueled up, you can operate it. Select Yes. After the cutscene, go to the ladder in this room which you can now climb down.

That is, if Heather can stand the smell! Look around the room for some stairs and a doorway. Go up those stairs, and then look for another set of stairs leading up. Climb those and enter the door at the top. Equip the Shotgun. There is a large numb body on either side here. When you near the large numb body on your side, then blast it with the Shotgun and stomp it to death when it hits the ground. Continue past it and look for a door on your right.

Note when you cross the bridge there seems to be some kind of corpse in the water below it. Enter the door here at the end of this path. Examine all the things in this room for some dialogue. You want to pickup the [Dryer] and an [Ampoule] here. Exit the room. Head back down and enter back into the sewers.

One large, three small. You want to run forward, turn left, dodge numb bodies and enter a small blue door here. On the desk, there is a memo from a guy whos friends died on the job to some strange monster in the next room. It says if you're reading this, he's probably dead too. If only he had a hand grenade Oh, and there's a [Health drink] on the desk, as well. On the floor, there's a piece of paper that confirms that the man's friends, Jose and Jaime, did die on the job.

There's also something on the floor which is dated today. Whatever you do, don't try to cross the bridge here.

You'll be treated to a sequence where Heather gets grabbed and pulled into the water by some tentacles which results in a game over screen.

Instead, look for an electrical outlet on the wall. Face it and use your Dryer. Cutscene with Heather throwing the plugged in hair dryer into the pool. Tentacles get zapped. Read the Secrets, and Extras Section for more information. Climb back up, go east and around the corner. Go south, and at your first chance, head right into a tunnel going west. Go forward quickly to avoid any Pendulums. Turn to and enter the blue door at the end here. Enter the door at the very end.

Look for stairs heading up and follow them until you get to the top. There's a ladder within sight here. Climb up the ladder to the next part of the game. Odd, but there seem to be massive padded walls around you that shouldn't be here.

Much like the ones seen in Silent Hill 2. Follow the linear path around the building. There should be a save point on a barrel near the entrance to the building. Use it if you wish, then head in the double doors. The Elevator doesn't work due to lack of electricity. So go into the door at the end of the hallway.

There's no items on your way up, and you'll hear a sound that makes it clear the foundation of this building is seriously messed up as you climb the stairs. The only open door is the 5F floor, so head right up there and through it to the 5th floor. Heather notes that it appears to have been used, and you'll hear some creepy sounds as if someone's walking around in the building somewhere close. When finished, enter the door at the end of the hallway.

In this large room, you should notice a discolored, cracked wall that the camera looks at when you near it. Take out your Maul or Steel pipe and whack that wall a few times until it breaks. An item, the [Silencer], will fall out of the rubble. Pick it up. There also appears to be a corpse cemented into the wall. Heather comments on this if you examine it. As for the rest of the room, examine the hole in the middle. Heather will note that she cannot see the floor below her, so she probably shouldn't be jumping down there.

Look for a [Health drink] to the right of the hole, and to the left of the hole a table which has a box of [Handgun bullets]. Examine the mattress here, and Heather will consider dropping it into the hole. Choose Yes. Now examine the hole and Heather will say it should be safe to jump now. Walk into the hole to jump. The door in this room is locked, but there's a hole in the wall which leads to a platform outside of the building.

Follow this platform to the very end where you'll find a window to the neighboring building open. Be quick, as there are Pendulums about out here. It has a coffee machine. Nothing to do here so just exit via the wooden door. Get back into the previous hallway when you're done here.

You see what they did there? Just run straight across this area and through the door with "Monica's Dance Studio" posters next to it. In here, grab the [Office building map] off of a coffee table. If you are on Easy Riddle mode, the desk in this office will be opened and you can take the [Rope]. If not, you'll need to come back here later with an item to pry it open.

There's a save point in here, as well. Leave when you're finished. Take any items that may be on the desk. Exit the room when finished. Take them and leave. You can also go into the north door in this hallway, but there's nothing but 4 monsters in there. You don't need to go there at all. Check your Map.

You want to run to the stairwell, which is North of the eastern elevator. Dodge the dogs and enter it. When finished, head through the northeast door in the gallery. In the north end of this hallway, there's a box with a [Screwdriver] on it if you are on Normal or Hard Riddle modes. Take it and go to the southmost end of this hallway.

Enter a door here. Screwdriver does not appear on Easy Riddle. Search the shelves for a [Katana]. A nice new melee weapon you may find to be useful for the rest of the game. Get back into the hallway. The objective is to go around to the west side of the floor through this hallway and enter a door in the western part of the hallway.

Avoid going into the wooden door which leads only to a small room with an Insane Cancer. Kill the numb bodies with your Katana if you'd like. Then enter a door on the west side of the floor which leads to the auto parts office. On one of the desks here is a [Health drink], so take it. On a shelf in the back, there's a [Jack] which you should take. Then exit back into the halls. Enter the door to Monica's Dance Studio. On Normal and Hard Riddle mode, go to the front side of the desk, examine until you find the desk is jammed and closed, then use your Screwdriver.

Take the [Rope] out of the desk. Save here if you want. Stand in front of it. Use the Jack. Watch cutscene. Now use the Rope. Select yes to climb down. Go to the western hallway entrance where you'll find doors with "ECHO" written on them. One of them you can go through, so do that.

Grab it. Examine stuff if you want. Head through the north door. Use the Katana to take care of them. Head through the north door of this room. I find it most fascinating. On your way out you should notice some strange picture of a mouth on the wall if you look closely. It's a smiling mouth that may seem familiar if you have played the original Silent Hill. Don't move just yet. Equip the Steel Pipe, move near it in combat mode and beat it with overhead swings until it dies.

Next, take the door north of the one you came out of upon entering the main area. Check it out. Enter the north door afterwards. Heather doesn't want to be in the same room with someone like him, so she exits into an adjacent room once they talk for a while. Heather refuses to go back into that room with Vincent. Check the cabinet here for some health supplies and [Oxydol].

The desk here will have a note if on Easy or Normal Riddle mode. You won't need it, though. Exit via the other door. Exit via the south door here into the 2F main area. Head for the east elevator which will open. Run right past the dogs.

It's the start of some fairy tale, so read them if you want. Head to the east hallways entrance, and take the north door at the end of the hallway. There's an Insane Cancer sitting near a table with some Shotgun shells here, but don't disturb it yet.

Instead, in Caution mode, walk around the corner of the counter--but DON'T get near the Insane Cancer--and look for an open fridge with blood all over the place.

Examine it to get the [Pork liver]. Now run up to the [Shotgun shells] on the table, grab them, and bolt for the door you came in. You'll probably hear the Insane Cancer barreling at you as you're exiting, but that's fine. You don't have to come back here.

Don't try any doors yet. Instead, make sure you've got the Katana equipped. Enter the metal door here. There are now two more Slurpers in this hallway. Head south near the insection, but do so in Caution mode. Drop some Beef Jerky down there. Now equip the Handgun and the Silencer. Wait for a Slurper to come near the meat and shoot it with the Handgun a few times until it lays on the ground. Now use the Pipe or Maul to finish it off.

When the next Slurper comes near the meat, do the same thing. At the intersection, head west and enter the west door here. In here, grab the [Handgun bullets] and whatever else may be on the table, as well as the [Matchbook]. Examine the ashtray for some comments from Heather about her smoking. Exit back into the hallway. The double doors to the art gallery are here.

Go inside. Find the picture named "Flame Purifies All" and examine it. Note there's a bucket underneath it. It's time to use the items you've collected. Combine the: Oxydol, Pork liver, and Matchbook in front of it. Use them. This will play a scene where the picture is burnt down. A door will appear where the picture was. You will find another part of the fairy tale you read earlier. Doesn't end well for the Priestess, does it?

Anyway, exit via the door here at the bottom of the stairs.

Inthe New York Times described the ondes, along with other early electronic instruments such as the theremin, teleharmoniumtrautoniumand orgatronas part of a "futuristic electric music movement that never went remotely Wild Hunger - Morgue Toad - Buzzing Vibrations (Cassette) far as its pioneers dreamed Search Search. Many enemies are literally pushovers. Mayast could thus be isolated and nullified. When you reach the southeast end of the hallway, take the only openable door to your east. Later models can simultaneously generate sinepeak-limited trianglesquarepulseand full-wave rectified sine waves, in addition to pink noiseall controlled by switches in the drawer. For the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of a standard day, music is quite popular. Saved features such as unlocked items, difficulty modes and so on are saved separately from your game and results files.
Ataray - Atacama - Atacama (Vinyl, LP, Album), Angela Jones - Bobby Stevens, Rikki Henderson - Angela Jones (Vinyl), Answering - Fear Of Falling - Welcome To Wonderland (Vinyl, LP, Album), Evilution Decree, Cajun Moon - Herbie Mann Featuring Cissy Houston - Surprises (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  2. Feb 09,  · Incredibly laggy. I notice that even in your own walkthrough video you can see a significant amount of lag in the game. The lag gets much worse at certain times with no apparent reason, such as when the rooster comes out and sometimes when you kill a ghost.
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