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Somehow the word had gotten back to the investigating agent that my father and Uncle Eddie had been involved. Several federal agents were knocking at the door, then pounding, then breaking it down.

He tied the belt of his trench coat around my waist ad e and Uncle Eddie went down the fire escape into the night. I was now five years old, I never saw my father again and I would not see my mother till I was eight years old. My father was deported to Italy where e was born and Uncle Eddie would spend the next few years on the run.

One day, he took me into Brooklyn to see the film Pinocchio, on the way back from the show, my Uncle Eddie saw this guy in front of Shermmackers Bar on Myrtle Ave. The guy had been the man who ratted on my father and Uncle Eddie.

He put me on the hood of a Buick, turned and shot the guy four times in the stomach-since a gut shot is the most painful and takes longer to kill you. My Cat— Champ I saw a cat that been ripped apart by a dog. He was half dead in the alley behind my apartment.

My father and Uncle Eddie tried to help him but he would hiss and scratch at them. I went out with mild and wet clothes and, for some reason, he let me touch him and get him fixed up as much as a five year old could. I begged my father to let me keep him.

No one could touch Champ but me- he would maul anyone who came near him. I was whisked away from a loving , but horribly confusing environment when guns and drugs and fear were the coin of the realm to a suburban paradise where there was a loving, but consistent presence in the form of my Aunt Fay and a male dominant figure, not an overgrown child who still needed a best friend to validate his manhood.

My Uncle Frank was a hard working, honest man. Maybe not the most romantic figure, but a guy who, if he had to, would die for his family. Even at age six years old, I considered him a square. His idea of right and wrong I saw as antiquated and foolish. How many times I have regretted the way I felt I can not tell you. He reached out to me so many times and I was not there. My Aunt Fay was the matriarch of our extended family, she was always the one to host Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

She was everything an Italian other was supposed to be. She was furiously protective of me and my cousin Madeline. Madeline was only born because I was, my Aunt Fay had never wanted children, but when she saw me in the hospital she decided to have one too. Madeline was born ten months later. Figure the math. Unfortunately, my Aunt Fay thought Maddy looked like a baby rat and so she would put a blanket over her face when she took her our in the carriage.

Later Maddy would be a model and one of the most beautiful women I could hope to see. When Madeline was a teenager she would complain to my aunt jokingly that any deformity she had was due to this smothering of the blanket. The Reach Of The Mob This is not chronological at all, but, it does prove a point—years after y father was deported and Uncle Eddie was dead, this was in the early seventies, I was running an after hours club.

It was called The U. They had hired a hooker to service the birthday boy. I went upstairs to check on things— there was a full bar, about three ounces of coke and quite a crow. All of them wiseguys. After they brought out the coke, etc. He seemed surprisingly shy about taking his clothes off, but his friends stripped him down When they took off his shirt there was really a drastic change in the mood.

I noticed a six by three inch rectangle of shaven hair from his chest. He was an especially hairy guy-hair on his back, neck, etc.

Two of the guys sent me downstairs and told me to stay at the door. When guys like that tell you to leave it is hazardous to your health not to do so immediately. I mulled the situation over and realized the shaved chest could only mean that this guy had been wired recently. It was obvious that some law enforcement agency had planted a buy on him to record conversations with his colleagues. About a half hour later two guys walked him down with a Burberry raincoat thrown over his shoulders.

There was spots of blood seeping through the material. He handed me five hundred dollars, I should not even write about this now, since there is now statue of limitations on murder. It had been a good thirty years since my dad had been deported and I was using the name Rockets Redglare , how did these guys know?

Obviously information is the greatest asset in any business. The U. Club was perhaps the most decadent place on the face of the earth. There were mobsters and bank robbers who got blowjobs from transvestites in the bathrooms. A woman who managed a city convention in the morning who blew me in the upstairs lounge four hours before she went to put on her gown. John Belushi freebasing for three days straight and then something down the stairs laughing the entire time.

We had a mother and daughter from Connecticut who liked to fuck the same men and pull trains. It was always one a. My cousin Madeline and I had bonded and were inseparable.

She used to make on exception in her straight arrow approach to life, my Uncle Eddie. Now I would be with my mom again, but I was also wary.

She immediately rented an apartment for she and myself. In two years she would own her first beauty parlor, we lived in Brooklyn, she worked constantly and prospered. I won the General Excellence medal at graduation from the fourth grade. This meant I he best overall average of any of the lower school grades four through eight.

My mother bought a second beauty parlor. We went back stage and I met Jackie Wilson. Greatest Gospel Gems. According to some folks, only , gonna have a wonderful time up there. Dot does the math. By Frank Jive - April 26, No comments:. Friday, April 24, Why did you stumble and why did you fall on the journey. Cheeks: hoarse but warm baritone vocals and considerable testifying abilities, both here in abundant measure. By The Subliminal Kid - April 24, 2 comments:. Labels: , Greatest Gospel Gems , Rev.

Julius Cheeks , Sensational Nightingales. Wednesday, April 22, Gotta moan sometimes. But this! Robert Crenshaw breaks in and wrestles it to the ground. I read years later that Crenshaw was asked to leave the group because of his tendency to take over territories claimed and unclaimed. By The Subliminal Kid - April 22, 2 comments:.

Claude Jeter , Rev. If for any reason you are not completely happy with a transaction, please contact me immediately and I will work it out with you. I will never knowingly disappoint you. Thanks for looking at my listing and please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have.

Vinyl records lot 's - 's. Artist, Album:. Bluegrass Parlor Band, Halleuj Collector's Records of the 50' Edward Cowie, Concerto for Orc It was Brian Jones, and soon they'd join forces to form the Rolling Stones. While just about anyone with a guitar and a slide could learn the Dust My Broom riff in a half hour, nobody made it sound as good as Elmore James. That holds true to this day. Posted by The Hound at PM 25 comments:. Labels: Elmore James. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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8 thoughts on “Where Do I Go From Here - Rev. Julius Cheeks* - Family Reunion (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Nov 18,  · It is time once again to digress. Mickey Hawks' family relocated from Thomasville to High Point, N.C., hear the Virginia border in As a young teenager, Mickey began teaching himself piano on his mother's instrument, taking in all sorts of music on the radio, most especially the country sounds that dominated the southern airwaves.
  2. Dig and it’s Eldo subsidiary issued around fifty singles and one LP (the LP, covers of current rock’n’roll hits circa can be found here) including some real gems like Preston Love’s “Wango Blues“, Otis’ own “Groove Juice” and “Midnight Creeper” (the U.K. Ace .
  3. James Cleveland And Albertina Walker - Reunion, Bishop Jeff Banks And The Revival Temple Mass Choir - The Righteous, Rev. Julius Cheeks And Family - Family Reunion The Swan Silvertones- There’s Not A Friend Like Jesus,
  4. Born in Miami, Florida, Cheeks is the daughter of gospel legend Rev. Julius Cheeks. Her first recording was a Funk/Soul/Blues album entitled Judy Cheeks produced by Ike Turner in A tour with Ike & Tina Turner followed.
  5. Rev. Julius Cheeks - "Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail" Robert Chatman - "Nobody Knows" NO LP Rev JW Neeley and Family - "Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around" - NO LP Straight Street Holiness Group - "I Feel Good" - All Day and All Night "Some Folk Say" - Singing Songs of Praise Harmony Quintet - "I've Got a Long Way to Go" - NO LP Friendly.
  6. Jan 09,  · Cover: Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents SP Series (Vinyl): SP - Spicy Songs for Cool Knights - Katie Lee [] The Knight/Johnny Ringo/My Mother Chose My Husband/Venezuela/Poor Miss Bailey/The House Of The Rising Sun//Blow The Candles Out/Lavender Cowboy/Lotsa Money/The Eddystone Light/The Frozen Logger/Woman Go Home SP - Dizzy .

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