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Wellingtonian gig goers will have to fnd a new outlet for their garage-folk needs as the band plan to turn off the lights for good. Mighty Mighty will provide the perfect send off, so get there!

Both artists work is steeped in an appreciation for the natural world, watch as they compare ideas. Journey through the surreal mega-arcades of downtown Tokyo, a nerds Las Vegas where not only are videogame arcades still relevant but they have gone beyond light entertainment into an entire way of life. TV2, in a ft of nostalgia have decided to bring this one back to our airwaves. Switching between his classic and new material Plants voice has lost none of its original menace.

A great opportunity to watch rock royalty in a setting totally out of place. Blaine has made his name as a seriously mind boggling trickster and this show adds to the thrill by letting you see him freak out Hollywoods elite, watch Harrison Ford tell Blaine to get the F- out of my house, after a seriously crazy trick.

Absent of narrative, screenwriter George Gatins has crafted a vapid story of betrayal, loss and revenge around high-speed pursuits and over-the-top luxury car cross-country races. Breaking Bads Aaron Paul shows off his signature snarl as blue-collar mechanic Tobey Marshall, a good guy with a mountain of debt. Given an offer he cant refuse from slimeball rich kid Dino Brewster Dominic Cooper , things go from bad to worse and Tobey ends up in jail. Determined to clear his name, he embarks on a race against time to reclaim his honour.

Need for Speed doesnt reinvent the wheel, but it does stay true to the core elements that fans will know and love about the original games. Pauls acting leaves little to be desired as he grunts out sentimentalities, while Cooper falls easily into his bad-boy stereotype.

British up-and-comer Imogen Poots tries to steer the narrative in a more heartfelt direction and fails , while Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson provides unwanted narrative fodder. But hey, thats not why were here and with death- defying stunts aplenty, all shot with limited CGI, theres something to keep the car enthusiast within hooked to the screen. NZ Watch the battle of the burlesque as voluptuous contestants compete for the title of Miss Burlesque.

The event will be supplied with drool inspiring cocktails. There will be a Mr Burlesque competition as well, just so the guys dont feel left out. See if reigning champions Sina King and Mo Cachino can hold on to their titles. Its free and offers a place to jitter along with your fellow caffeine-addicts.

Sip your espresso while sneering at foam drinking non-purists. Learn more about the coffee you consume and improve your coffee making skills. West Auckland is celebrating its natural beauty this month with a variety of events, none more interesting than Weed Dating in the Waitakere. NZ There are plenty of funny-guys living in this fne nation. However, there can only be one Number One. Each contestant has six minutes to tickle the audiences fancy. Watch as some succeed and others crumble!

There will be plenty of food stalls and performances including Bossa Legal who will be pumping Bossa Nova grooves. Come see the giant lanterns and bring your own. There are lantern-making workshops, helping promote community spirit. I suppose Id save people. I would save my boyfriend frst and then if I had time I would save the new neighbours upstairs but I only really know one of them so Id save her frst.

Favourite 90s TV show? Freaks and Geeks! Dream job as a kid? I wanted to write the music for Disney flms.

I still kinda do. If you werent a musician, what would you be? My plan B was to write ads cos I love bad puns. Ultimate festival line-up? Also its not a festival. Also were friends. Who would play you in a flm? Oprah, cos shes really emotional. Todd Emerson from Daffodils said that her real name is actually Orpah. How do you discover new music? I have a complex system that involves a few specifc blogs, social media recommendations, and occasionally radio but radio in the States is not good.

Worst job youve had? The worst was playing piano for a childrens theatre company. The most interesting job I ever had was alphabetizing a sex library. It was very educational; the job took three times longer than it should have. Which song do you wish you wrote? Biggest fear? I have ridiculous fears.

In Daffodils I was terrifed that the giant speaker hanging above my head was going to fall on me. I was convinced I would be the next Curtis Mayfeld.

I cant stand fying. I hate stick insects, theyre so spindly and manipulative the way they creep up on to you pretending to be a harmless stick. And THEN! First gig in attendance? The Topp Twins at Devonport Fair. Mum made me go get their autograph, I was SO embarrassed. We were way down the back. The organizers sold periscopes and that was the only way I stood even a chance at seeing the giant screens.

Any vices? Everyone else in our house thinks theyre lame. I tried tricking Fen into watching Call the Midwife with me by renaming it Telephone the Average Spouse but he saw right through this clever ruse.

Also, crack. Freshly squeezed orange juice. Favourite restaurant? Orphans Kitchen. Favourite takeaway? Best Ugly Bagels. Favourite classic flm? Grown Ups 2. Favourite childhood memory? Trying to make my little sister spit her food out with laughter. Favourite party food? Anything with cheese. Favourite vice? Favourite song? Bookends - Broomfield Auditorium Broomfield - p.

Stephen Wallace - Swing Station - Laporte 7 p. Impromptu - Appaloosa Grill - Denver - 9 p. Menagerie pres. Alex Trujillo - Ziggies Saloon - Denver - 8 p. Gasoline Lollipops - Waterloo - Louisville p. Bigwheel Electrosoul - Appaloosa Grill Denver - 9 p. True Blue - Appaloosa Grill - Denver - 9 p. Shanna in a Dress - Bitto Bistro - Westminster - 6 p. Maya Bennett - Quinlan Cafe - Denver - 7 p. Stelouse - Larimer Lounge - Denver - 8 p. Zikomo, Milky. Bang Bang - Surfside 7 - Fort Collins - 9 p.

Starjammer - 3 Kings Tavern - Denver - 10 p. You Knew Me When - St. Lloyd Morris - Still Cellars - Longmont - p. Andrew Wynne - Holidaily Brewing Co.

Planet Earth feat. Bon Jovi - Pepsi Center - Denver - p. Jewel and the Rough. Liquor Biscuit - In the Zone - Golden - 8 p. Lakeside - Island Grill - Fort Collins - 8 p. Taylor Bennett - Lost Lake - Denver - 8 p.

Colt Ford - Grizzly Rose - Denver - 8 p. Wash Park - Tailgate Tavern - Parker - p. The Grateful Ball feat. Homero Espinosa - Milk - Denver - 9 p. Lady and the Gentleman - Under the Sun - Boulder - p.

Wild Mountain - Local 46 - Denver - p. Purple Squirrel - Dazzle Jazz - Denver - 10 p. Chris Daniels - Caffe Sole - Boulder - 7 p. Notecrackers - Dead Hippie Brewing - Englewood - 7 p. Jewel and the Rough - Takoda Tavern - Parker - 8 p. Patrick Keating - Northside Tavern - Broomfield - 8 p.

Lotus Gait - Gothic Theatre - Englewood - 8 p. Willie Bean - Arvada Tavern - Arvada - 8 p. Jason Brazell - Monkey Barrel - Denver - 3 p. Hill and Sunday - Declaration Brewing Co. Project - Vail Village - Vail - 6 p. Mayhem Gulch - Rayback Collective - Boulder - p. Dendrites, Rokhueka - 3 Kings Tavern - Denver - 10 p. Brian Parton - Stage Stop - Rollinsville - 1 p.

Miguel Joseph - Monkey Barrel - Denver - 3 p. Funkmaster - Monkey Barrel - Denver - 8 p. Megan Burtt - The Roost - Longmont - p. Eminence Ensemble - Barkley Ballroom - Frisco - 9 p. Phroggs - Sheabeen Irish Pub - Aurora - 9 p. Redd Kross - Larimer Lounge - Denver - 9 p. Jack Hadley - El Chapultepec - Denver - 9 p. The Grateful Ball ft. Billy Kenny - Club Vinyl - Denver - 9 p. The Outliers - Ziggies Saloon - Denver - 9 p.

Downlink - City Hall - Denver - 9 p. Tiffany Christopher - Appaloosa Grill - Denver - 9 p. Kansas - Paramount Theatre - Denver - 8 p. Paul Kimbiris - The Roost - Longmont - p. Ash Ganley - Bitto Bistro - Westminster - 6 p. Hunter Stone - Rayback Collective - Boulder - p. Jay Martin - Still Cellars - Longmont - p.

Red Axes - Bar Standard - Denver - 7 p. Mark Mackay - Grizzly Rose - Denver - 7 p. River Whyless - Larimer Lounge - Denver - 8 p. Afroman - Moxi Theater - Greeley - 7 p. Artifakts, Gibbz, Pandasaywhat?! Caspa - The Black Box - Denver - 9 p. Tatanka, E. Purple Squirrel - Appaloosa Grill - Denver - 10 p. Strangebyrds - St. Ryan Hutchins - Echo Brewing - Erie - 6 p. Augustus - Wibby Brewing - Longmont - p. Turkeyfoot - Stem Ciders - Denver - 7 p. The Heresies - Quinlan Cafe - Denver - p. Of Montreal - Bluebird Theater - Denver - 8 p.

Gucci Mane - Ogden Theatre - Denver - 8 p. Whiteward - Ziggies Saloon - Denver - 8 p. Job - The Lazy Dog - Boulder - 10 p. Dusty Stray - Still Cellars - Longmont - p. New Family Dog! Fiesta Flamenco - Caffe Sole - Boulder - 7 p. Intuit - Vail Ale House - Vail - 7 p. The Jerseys - Broomfield Auditorium - Broomfield - 7 p.

Checkered Past - In the Zone - Golden - 8 p. Whiskerman - Larimer Lounge - Denver - 8 p. Atsuko Hashimoto. Ian Hendrickson-Smith Up in Smoke! John L. Bujo Kevin Jones Live! Walter Kemp Walter Kemp 3oh! Was There to Illuminate the Night Sky. John A. Liberation Prophecy Invisible House [, self-released], B.

Dominic J. Ernest McCarty Jr. Eddie Metz Jr. Bridging the Gap [, Arbors], B. Chris Monson Seldom in the Well [, self-released], B. Successes are impressive, but failures often contribute more to our knowledge.

Scientists detail the impact of the invisib Experts examine the impact of high-profile di Nowhere is thi Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters 14 DVD A flash flood of molasses and a subway cave-in are among the events featured in this episode. Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters 17 DVD Landslides, airport terminal collapses, and too brilliant literally design feature in this episode.

The ultima Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters 19 DVD We take a "close look" at microscopic structures causinggigantic problems in the electronics industry--tin whiskers, as they are known by researchers,whichspontaneously grow from t Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters 20 DVD This hugely popular, gripping series continues to examine catastrophic failures from street-level to low earth orbit.

Get the inside scoop on the worst that technology has wrought Experts analyze what went wrong when a steam pipe exploded in Midtown New York, when a Chinook helicopter cra Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters 4 DVD Sinking bridges, deadly fires and sickening collapses serve as lessons to generations of engineers to create a safer future.

In engineering, it is a rare disaster that does not hol They include a dam that suddenly gave way, spilling liquid havoc in a quiet neighborhood Baldwin Hills Dam in Successes are impressive, but failure See extraordinary footage of the events and their aftermaths.

Experts examine the impact of hig Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters of the 70's DVD America suffered a series of tragic technological failures during this promising decade. Examine the most famous of these events in minute detail. Modern Marvels: Engines DVD This fast-moving survey examines everything from the steamers of the Industrial Revolution to the many motors in the modern home.

They are the machines that drive the world, li Termites, mosquitoes, rats, mice, ants, and cockroaches have spread damage, di They are among the most sophisticated and innovative machines ever built. They have flown further The phenomenal technology showcased in this thrilling episode will blow you away! America is obsessed with trucks.

We buy more pickups than most of the rest of the wo From humble beginnings as chuck wagons and hot dog carts, they've taken off as ethnic It all started with Sherlock Holmes. The incredible abi Modern Marvels: Gasoline DVD Go beyond the pump for an all-encompassing look at the world's most important fossil fuel.

Without gasoline, life in the modern world would grind to a halt. Like many pervasive thi At 3, feet in length, the main span was more than double the distan Go into the labs where glues are developed to learn their chemical secrets.

Trace the history Though platinum is more valuable, gold has an allure that no other precious metal can match. The completion of the Grand Coulee Dam proved America's industrial might could Technology and sex don't seem like natural bedfellows, so to speak, but a quick glance at the bedroom This victory was so decisive that no fleet cha A passionate aviator, Howard Hughes built and flew planes that broke speed records, and de There are approximately 14 million hunters in the United States, a Examine important innovations like the hydraulic brake and airplane controls.

Modern Marvels: Ice DVD We turn to frozen water for any number of things, from chilling our lemonade to charting global climate change. This fascinating DVD explores the many facets of this chilly crysta It set us free and spelled out our rights. It tells stories, sells products and solves crimes. It spread the word of God and war. It set us Modern Marvels: International Airports DVD Go inside the most advanced control tower on earth in this enthralling, behind-the-scenes look at the hidden world that makes air travel possible.

Just over 50 years ago, internati War spurs innovation and invention. At no other time is there a more focused effo They stretch some 24 miles across Lake Pontchartrain. In the middle of the twin s They have been constructed on atolls barely above the water's surface and on sheer cliffs towering Punch your ticket and ride the rails to explore the endlessly fascinating world of train engines.

Fast o Stunning footage captures the complexity and firepower of the D-Day invasion. A mesmerizing, all-access tour of one of the world's Here's how. They are delivered to millio We go to Shamu's Tank at Sea World to find out. How does your speedometer work? Off to GM's test track for the answer.

We'll look at the five most common On this edition: Awe-Inspiring Machines--featuring the Trace the Before the first shot is fired, armies have to reach their destination.

Modern Marvels: Missile Submarines DVD Go on patrol onboard one of the most sophisticated and deadly ships ever built a nuclear-powered and armed "boomer. Today's miss Modern Marvels: More Dangerous Cargo!

DVD Ride with some of the most dangerous payloads on earth to see how they make it safely to their destinations. From radioactive material to endangered species, dangerous cargo comes Modern Marvels: More Doomsday Tech DVD Go inside the center which tracks potentially threatening asteroids and get a harrowing look at cyber-terrorism. What would it take to destroy life on earth? Is it even possible? Modern Marvels: More Earthmovers DVD From shovels to backhoes, we dig up the history of the devices that literally change the face of the planet.

Some can lift tons of earth with a single bite. Others can tunnel thro Modern Marvels: More Gadgets DVD Zippo lighters, transistor radios and the safety razor are among the humble but influential inventions chronicled here. You will never look at your workbench the sa A LOT of manpower and equipment, and that's where these awesome machines come in.

The ultimate celebration Ride in the world's largest aircraft. See the world's largest scr The ultimate celebration and Spark your imagination with this in-depth exploration of electric shocks. See how bold engineers and legions of workers tamed America's greatest ranges. Drive across the Sierra Modern Marvels: Nature's Engineers DVD Spider silk, termite towers and more--examine the extraordinary accomplishments of the original engineers.

See how these animal engineers learn their crafts. Examine the mysteries o Modern Marvels: Night DVD From the birth of flight to the history of toilet paper, Modern Marvels deals with the great engineering wonders of our world and examines not only how they were built, but also th Visit some of the world's reactors. Modern Marvels: Observatories - Stonehenge to Space Telescopes DVD Trace the complete history of mankind's eternal quest to unlock the mysteries of the heavens, and get an astonishing view of the very edge of the universe through the incredible Hu Since the dawn of time, people ha Modern Marvels: Oil DVD Few real-life dramas feature such colorful characters, fluctuating fortunes, and worldwide high stakes as the story of oil.

From wildcatters to visionaries, geopoliticians to geolo Join us for a scorching hour as we review the rich history of this ''bree Sail across two oceans in an oil-rig transporting ship. Go on land to witness a massive pro Hop behind the wheel for a riveting ride down the historic way.

Hear from the workers charg The construction of the Panama Canal was one of the most daunting projects ever attempted. Part of Teddy Roosevelt's dream Modern Marvels: Paving America DVD Cross the nation on perhaps the most ambitious public works program ever--the interstate highway system. Hear from the engineers and workers who made the dream a reality. A ride thr Modern Marvels: Plane Crashes DVD In-depth examinations of famous crashes highlight the extraordinary advances made in airplane safety.

Examine the aftermath of major Modern Marvels: Plumbing - The Arteries of Civilization DVD Each day, billions of gallons of water flow through cities into homes and back out again in a confusing mess of pipes, pumps, and fixtures. The history of plumbing is a tale crucia The word evokes images of shadowy viziers plotting coups, of thousands kil Modern Marvels: Police Pursuit DVD From "go fast" boats to the latest highway cruisers, see how the police keep the bad guys from getting away.

The high speed chase is one of the most dangerous things a police offi Modern Marvels: Prisons DVD From ancient lockups to legendary facilities like Alcatraz and Marion, this is a comprehensive tour through the history of prisons. They are buildings designed to keep their inhabi Everything needs to be tested. Just how much abuse can a vehicle take? How explosive is Modern Marvels: Pumps DVD The ins-and-outs, ups-and-downs, and everything else you'd ever want to know about the nearly invisible but ubiquitous technology that moves it all, from jet fuel to human blood.

Modern Marvels: Quarries DVD Get the scoop on how the raw materials of civilization are removed from the earth and transformed into roads, buildings, bridges and more.

The work never stops. Hillsides are dynam To some Modern Marvels: Railway Marvels DVD The steam engine was the defining invention of the Industrial Revolution, but before it could change history, thousands of miles of track had to be laid. The steam engine was the m Modern Marvels: Rats DVD This versatile, highly adaptive and paradoxical — both scourge and lifesaver — creature makes for a fascinating and skin-crawling investigation.

Love them, hate them, can't live These products served us well for years--but ea Modern Marvels: Rocks DVD Explore the substance that is almost literally the foundation of everything in our world with this fascinating look at the hard stuff.

On one side you've got your Hard Place, and ov Travel its remaining stretches. Explore the legend and the lore of the old high An in-depth look at one of the most important materials on earth. History has shown that those who have salt rule the world and today, this versatile substance has 14, known uses.

Modern Marvels: Satellites DVD From Sputnik to the communications satellites that beam images worldwide, trace the development of the orbiting wonders that have transformed the world. The launch of Sputnik was o Modern Marvels: Science DVD Celebrate the fascinating and expansive world of science as Modern Marvels looks at the physical, chemical and biological world around us. Modern Marvels: Sewers DVD It the dirty secret of what happens when you flush--and it's a surprisingly sophisticated tale.

Meet a man whose job it is to dive in this hidden underworld. Follow the flow through Maritime historians detail how ships have been made through the ages. Extraordinary footage doc Today footwear is built to withstand any extreme environment where a foot can tread -- from the When the enemy is dug in, defending their castle, or otherwise well fortified, it i The history of man at sea is filled with disaster and mishap.

It is a dream that has long captivated mankind. Throughout the Space Race, the In the name of nationa Modern Marvels: St. The complete story of this vital commercial link.

This gripping examination of the latest in adhesion will keep you glued to your television. For over a decad The Isthmus of Suez has been a trade gateway between the East and West for mi How about million degrees!? In Utah, see how a man can strap on an exoskeleton and lift hundreds of pounds with virtually no effort. In Engl Modern Marvels: Surveillance Tech DVD Eavesdrop on conversations up to a mile away and try out advanced systems that see through walls.

In the world of surveillance, Big Brother is not only watching, he's also listenin Modern Marvels: Survival Technology DVD Military experts reveal the secrets of survival and we'll get an up close look at the inventions that help preserve life in extreme conditions. Mankind is a creature of its environ The athletes practice for hours in sweltering two-a-days to perfect the plays and get in shap The latest absorbing, comprehensive documentary from this celebrated series is brimming with information on the leaf that shook the world.

For over a d Get all the best tech for In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, Americans raced to learn what they c Speak to survivors of the brutality which claimed You'll never look at your basement the same way again. See why the modern bas Modern Marvels: The Power Grid DVD Probe the cascading forces that led to the largest blackout in history, and see how the government and utilities are working to prevent a recurrence.

Guice - Intro feat. Kenzaki 'Koach' Jones Guice - Gutta Gutta Guice - I Know Guice - Hustla Guice - Get Chu Sum feat. Guice - Bigg feat. Terror Guice - Sixes Guice - Major feat. Hav Guice - Love Song Guice - One Guice - Sexxx Guice - Goodbye Guice - Boyz N Da Woodz feat.

Intro 2. True Game 4. Come And Take A Ride feat. Poppa LQ 5. Realism 6. Powda Puff 7. Losin' My Mind 8. Can't Cee Thee Ahh! Tryina Survive Trust No Dead Man Walkin' Moment Of Silence I Can't Stand A Rat. CJ Mac - Platinum Game Hea feat.

Imagine That feat. TQ Interlude 1 King Of L. Gangsta Bitch Hating Game Interlude Hate Ends feat. Gangsta feat. Playa Champagne Dreams feat. La' Reece Interlude 2 Cha Cha feat. Too Short Big Pimpin' feat. Big Pimpin'. Dez of Hellborn - Beast Chapter 14 T-BOI 4. ME VS. Miracle - Now or Neva Hold My Own Feat.

Duck Suck Feat. Get It Right Feat. T-Rock - Conspiracy Theory Bizzy Bone - Heaven'z Movie Roll Call Thugz Cry Marchin' on Washington Yes Yes Y'all Menensky Mobbin' Waitin' for Warfare feat. Capo Majesty II feat. Majesty Brain on Drugs On the Freeway Demons Surround Me The Roof Is On Fire Nobody Can Stop Me Social Studies. Labels: , bizzy bone , btnh , OHIO , ruthless records.

T-Rock - The Mr. Washington Story [2CD] Dez [of Hellborn] - Tha Trophy. Webbie - Doe Doe Feat. Rocko - Tomorrow Feat. Lil Wayne - Lollipop Feat. Bun B - Gangsta Feat. Plies - Who Hotter? Chris Ward - Flow Who Hotter? The Journal Ft. Stacie Scrilla Ft. Money Tree Miraclewhip Intro Ft. Mack The Jacka Miraclewhip Yall Playin Games It Might Costya Life Hip Hop Febs Watchyo Back Whats 2 Come Outro. Ant Banks - It's Going On Agerman - Psychomaniac Feat.

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The first of his bestselling series on presidentia Call Pennywise today Sallade recalls. The maps are large and confusing enough that you can fool yourself into thinking it might just be an open world game. I knew it was really big because LP couldnt get it up from the bottom. Ese Deli 6. He is very important part of our family. I suggested that we should relocate because of the path of the Album).
Reg Lindsay - Country And Western Singalong (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wave 13 - DJ Dozar - Just Call It Hardtechno (CD), Disrespectful (Guy Robin & DJ Leo Dubstrumental Mix), Van Morrison - Real Real Gone (Vinyl), Жизнь Артиста (Вальс, Соч. 316) • Artists Life (Waltz, Op.316)

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  1. The Pennywise serves the advertising needs of the West Kootenay’s community and businesses. Trusted for over 40 years, find out the latest real estate, vehicles, events, and deals in the West Kootenay!
  2. The Marquee - March The Marquee - Volume 16 No. 1 featuring interviews with Wyclef Jean, Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Mark Farina and Titus Andronicus with.
  3. This Mancala. Board is 28 by 7. It is made of pine wood. There are two oval pits (banks) and 12 circular ones. It is primitive looking, This game is played in West Africa and all over the continent, when boards are not available two cereal bowls and an egg carton are used. It is said to be the.
  4. Looney Tunes-Bugs Bunny in Whats Cookin Doc Looney Tunes-The Isle Of Pingo Pongo BEARY FAMILY/BEARY'S FAMILY ALBUM's/'s CARTOON Complete Series-All 28 Episodes CARE BEARS IN THE LAND WITHOUT FEELINGS's CARTOON Care Bears TV Special(With Original Commercials).
  5. Mar 4, - Explore WOMENKIND's board "Female Brand Mascots", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Mascot, How to memorize things, M&m characters pins.
  6. 01 – I Come From Texas 02 – Trunk Cracked 03 – Always Talkin Money 04 – Ball Player G-Mix (prod. Mr. Rogers) 05 – Get It Ya Bish 06 – Gettin’ It (prod.

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