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Download: IAN Download: Tributoh O retorno do Sebadoh aos palcos em , fez com que o tributo fosse relembrado pelos amigos Mariana Garcia e Mateus Waechter durante uma conversa. Skabong - Aruana Ska Weekend Download: Aruana Ska Weekend. Download: Compacto Todos estes aspectos — e muitos outros — foram motes primordiais deste disco. Continue lendo. Esta mescla de estilos tornou a banda uma metamorfose musical, fazendo-a diferenciada em seus conceitos musicais.

Com o sucesso desta, surgiu o convite para tocar no Ipojuke Festival. Download: Maquete Sonora. O segundo semestre de foi um momento decisivo para o grupo Helton Moura e O Cambaio. Helton Moura O Cambaio. Sedna - Tyran Sover Eis aqui o primeiro EP do Dark Haze Es guionista y director tanto de cortos como de largometrajes. Louis-Paul Desanges was born in He is a professional screenwriter and film director. Productor: Lars Vestergaard. Montaje: Rikke Selin Lorentzen.

A foreign woman in a burqa brings her young son to a Copenhagen police station to file a complaint against her abusive husband, but the translator assigned to her seems unwilling to convey the true meaning of her words. A tense, diamond-hard film about cultural isolation and bureaucratic ignorance. Estudia cine en el Reino Unido. Hamy Ramezan is a Finnish-Iranian film director and scriptwriter. He studied film in England, graduating in George nace en en Tbilisi.

George was born in Tbilisi, in Palikao Films. Productor: Zangro. Sylvain de Zangroniz. Montaje: Sonia Franco. Guion: Vahram Mkhitaryan, Aleksandra Majdzinska. Productor: Katarzyna Slesicka. Montaje: Ziemowit Jaworski.

Sonido: Marcin Cichon. Lugar de Rodaje: Armenia. Cuando su padre no regresa solo sino con otra mujer, la vida diaria de toda la familia se ve afectada. Nacho y Sandra son una pareja que tuvo un futuro prometedor, pero ahora se enfrentan a sus anhelos frustrados en una sociedad en crisis donde nada permanece. The 8-year-old Aida lives in an apartment in the Parisian suburb.

When her father one day comes home not on his own but with another woman, the daily life of the whole family is shattered. It is about a movie inspired by her personal experience.

A story of a little boy named Seto who lives in a small village in Armenia. Soon, a new member of his family is to be born. Seto is hoping for a brother, yet the infant dies. Initial dislike turns quickly into liking — friendship evolves between them.

Vahram Mkhitaryan nace en en Armenia. En llega a Polonia con una beca de la Fulbright Comission. Como padres de familia, tratamos de educar a nuestros hijos de acuerdo a nuestros propios valores morales. As a parent, we try to educate our children according to our own moral values. But what if these values are ill or disturbed?

A year-old woman and her year-old son live in an isolated cottage, far away from society. A relationship of power and manipulation. Jacinta Agten , born and raised in a small village, without television. In the beginning of her twenties she came in touch with cinema for the first time. Through Arthouse cinema she discovered her love for the medium. After exploring the field of theatre and drama she decided to enter Art School.

Vahram Mkhitaryan was born in in Armenia. He is director and photographer. Afterwards he works as director, cinematographer and scriptwriter. He graduated from Wajda School. Bien ou Bien Productions. Delftstraat 6. Productor: Dora Benousilio. Montaje: Denis Bedlow. Productor: Wolfgang Boss. Montaje: Vladimir Krug. Sonido: Nikolay Zhuravlev.

Productor: Pablo Iraola. Sonido: Rodrigo Candeias, Tiago Matos. Deep into autumn, and this caterpillar, still not a butterfly. Explosiones submarinas provocan un calentamiento global, y una nueva vida comienza para los animales. Submarine explosions provoke a global warming, and a new life begins for animals. Momoko nace en en Tokyo. Marco Amaral went through an arts school and a film school. He is a colorist of shorts and features and signed more than 50 films. In he decided to start accomplishing an idea that has been with him since his childhood, and so left for Serra da Estrela, Portugal, to start shooting.

Momoko was born in in Tokyo. Auditorio Municipal - Pr. Vila do Conde. Pero su idea inocente de familia es destruida por la realidad cuando va a un picnic con su padre y su nueva novia. Ten-year old Sasha tries to be on good terms with both of her divorced parents. But her innocent idea of family is shattered by reality when she goes to a picnic with her father and his new girlfriend. Lugar de Rodaje: Italia. Chaos breaks loose at the harbor, whilst hundreds of coffins are being loaded onto a military ship.

Pfuelstrasse 5. Productor: Adam Slesicki. Montaje: Jerzy Zawadzki. Sonido: Krzysztof Ridan. Hasta tres mil personas pueden vivir en 15 plantas del edificio.

Up to three thousand people can live on 15 floors of the building. The lifts only stop every three floors so the residents must go through a maze of corridors and stairs in order to get to their flats. Es directora de cortometrajes, escritora y artista de storyboard, y trabaja actualmente en Polonia y Francia. Teresa Czepiec, director of short films, writer and storyboard artist, worked as an architect both in Poland and North Ireland.

Born in Belgium, she today works in Poland and France. In the most secret capital of the world a crowd attends a show while a disaster threatens the whole city Mihai was born in Romania in Recurring topics such as environment, water, city life and war articulate the whole of his exploration of mysterious and subconscious beginnings.

These visual and poetic trips, mix several techniques and styles and may be seen as propositions for a new dream oriented technology. El amplio paisaje - historias de porcelana Croacia. Productor: Drasko Ivezic. Sonido: Yoerik Roevens. A fox hunter and a porcelain shopkeeper lady, the scientist brothers, a seal, a boy and a music box. Six characters in their rooms filled with traces of longing, separated by a vast and bleak landscape. Four stories on love, contemplation and self destruction.

Lea Vidakovic , Serbia multimedia artist, who works in the field of art installation and puppet animation. Sonido: Horret Kuus. In order to underline the time as a metaphysical phenomena there are a lot of clocks and watches and its part to characterize it. Bathysphere Productions.

Fox Hole. Voskenslaan Niine Productor: Ewa Jastrzebska. Montaje: Wojciech Janas. Sonido: Antoni Galoch, Jakub Michnikowski. Guion: Mohamed Issolah, Audrey Pilaire. Productor: Mohamed Issolah, Khaled Tarhaoui. Montaje: Joel Decastro. Sonido: Nicolas Jean.

The days come and go. His housemates are two dogs and a little mouse. All that remains to him in life is his love of nature and his dreams Jakub Michnikowski nace en Varsovia en En y produce dos cortometrajes documentales. Jakub Michnikowski was born in Warsaw in He was trained in a ceramics studio, worked as an assistant theatrical scenery maker and took part in film festivals as a volunteer.

In and , he made two documentary shorts. Samir y Lila son gemelos. Por una infancia demasiado corta, Samir se refugia en su mundo interior, mientras que Lila crece de manera acelerada para hacerse cargo de su papel de adulta.

Samir and Lila are twins. Due to a childhood aborted too soon, Samir has shaped his own world and hides there, whereas Lila matured faster to endorse the part of the grown up. From to , Mohamed Issolah went through a drama school as a student actor and a film school as student director. Les Films Balthazar. Junto a ella descubre otra forma de ver la vida. Darius, a sixteen year old boy, enjoys his life with Luismi, his neighbour and best friend.

They have an unconditional friendship, and know each other since they can remember and together they have discovered what they know of life. He starts working with Caralimpia, an old criminal desguised as a winner, who teaches him the trade and the benefits of life. Dario meets Antonia, an old woman who collects abandoned furniture with her three wheeled moto and with her he discovers another way of seeing life.

Luismi, Caralimpia and Antonio become his new family in a summer that will change their lives. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Productor: Daniel Froiz Guede. Montaje: Fernando Franco. Lugares de rodaje : Pontevedra, Ponte Da Lima. Miguel travels Pontevedra, his hometown, in order to record the locations for a movie. His journey takes him back to where he grew up, the reunion with old friends, but also to the possibility of a new relationship: Alicia, a young nurse who get appease.

Miguel try to complete his work but almost always prefer to record with the locals which is, movements and faces of his friends, passing trains or the sea. Calle Manuel del Palacio, 16 5B. Has a degree in art history, and studied film direction at the CECC.

Pronto surge una amistad rodeada de violencia, alcohol y drogas entre ellos. Esteban, Sarita and Aritz know each other for a common denominator shared by all three. They are young and asocial. Soon a friendship emerges, shrouded in violence, alcohol and drugs. This spiral pushes the three to live their lives meting out revenge against all those who have humiliated them in some way or another. Is also a writer and illustrator of the some books. Calle Juan Bravo, 55 2D.

La posibilidad de tener que ir a vivir a una residencia de ancianos aparece en el horizonte como una amenaza. El temor a dejar la vida en manos ajenas y perder la independencia. Antonio and Felisa have been together their whole and now that their health is more fragile they are afraid of not being able to take care of each other.

The prospect of having to go into a retirement home appears on the horizon as a threat. In is licensed as director of photography on the CECC. In the three years of study is cinematographer of several short films in digital formats, 8mm, 16mm and 35mm. Then he began his career working on documentaries produced by Barcelona Television in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Montaje: David Gallart. But first of all she must discover what exactly is. Which kind of person is she? Is she a normal person? What does exactly means?

That question goes deeper into her mind. After she lists every requirements, she proposes to reach them. She meets Borja as well, a boy obsessed with diets and lose weight. They will make a curious pact: she helps him to live an active and healthy live, and he helps her to meet her goal: become a normal person.

Luego se da a conocer en el resto del estado con la serie Al salir de clase Realiza varios cortometrajes como actriz y directora. She has made several short films as an actress and director. Lincoln Montaje: Pablo Barbieri. Alejo flah is a screenwriter. Six unique pieces of work representing the variety and freedom currently reigning supreme at the margins of Spanish cinema: documentaries halfway between artistic and ethnographic, national supermen fallen on hard times, vitriolic blind dates revealing the worse in us all, inter-dimensional journeys, a dystopian Ethiopia with Michael Jordan as King and Father Christmas a moody genius, or an unthinkable remake of Blade Runner in the city of Benidorm; the eleventh edition has got it all.

A careful selection in which, in addition to backing the creation of a remunerated circuit connecting these productions with potential audiences, we will be awarding the film that receives the most votes with a trophy awarded by the audience jury of the festival. Marina and Victor have everything to live a beautiful love story: They are young, single, handsome and deeply attracted. There is only one problem: Victor and Marina are actually fictional characters created by Paul, a writer in full emotional crises that have been commissioned to write a romantic comedy.

The question is, can he write a love story when their love is already history? Es una historia turbia y tierna de terror social. Un encuentro entre dos personajes muy perdidos. Not more, not less. An encounter between two lost souls. As lost as anyone still seeking true love these days where time is chasing us, as lost as those who want to make us believe they stopped looking for love a long time ago. Norberto es director y productor. Norberto is director and producer.

Lugar de rodaje: Madrid. The movie pictures what happened that day in the courtroom. David Ilundain born in Pamplona in He graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Navarra. Productor: Joaquim Vivas. Imagine a world where super heroes exist. An extraordinary story about unbelievable characters. The film introduces us to Magno, a super hero with special powers, cast out years ago for false accusations, who is now working as a farm hand.

He is trained in directing, screenwriting and film production. He has worked in the production of numerous projects so far. Montaje: Velasco Broca. Tired of picking up the crumbs of gone-by civilizations, Candy dreams his life away when not living in a state of perpetual fear.

After a series of freak incidents, and when the spaceship in the sky begins to turn on, our miniature-sized hero will be forced to embark on a surreal epic journey that will lead him through the post-apocalyptic Ethiopian landscape as he confronts himself, his fears and witches, Santa Claus and second generation Nazis: only to discover that was he had long believed is not what he expected. He has mainly filmed in Ethiopia, where he lives half the year. Efectos Especiales: Miguel Esteve.

Paco and Miguel, two securities, have been working together in a big factory without ever talking to each other. When they are fired, they decide to build a machine in order to travel in outer space. He has so far successfully screened several shorts and features. New Europe Film Sales. Hasta ahora ha realizado varios largos y cortos muy exitosos. Nadir Films SL. Calle Montserrat de Casanovas, Carrer Pedrell, Sergio Frade. David was born in Alicante. Montaje: Carlos Egea. The real museum is out there.

Andrea Gautier. Smiz and Pixel. Termina sus estudios universitarios en Roma. Sus cortos son premiados en numerosos festivales y museos de todo el mundo. She completed her studies in Rome in the faculty for film of the famous university La Sapienza. Her short films have been screened and awarded at several festival and museums over the world.

It is the year , on Earth, in Spain, and the final days of almost everything. The city is a string of abandoned construction sites. Everyday there are fewer people and not all of them are human. A sheep costs four and a half million pesetas and you have to spend a lot of bullets to pay for one.

Lugar de Rodaje: Benidorm. La ciudad es una hilera de obras abandonadas. Una oveja cuesta cuatro millones y medio de pesetas y hay que gastar muchas balas para pagarla. With a degree in photography from the ECAM, he directs and produces 16mm films. As well as meeting with some of the directors from Zero Screen, a practical workshop and a range of discussions among professionals are scheduled for this year.

Lentes, soportes y herramientas. El trabajo del Foquista y el DIT. Which do I need? The world of digital cameras is in a state of constant flux. All in all, what matters to young filmmakers is the ability to choose the equipment best suited to the project in question, and that is what this short course is all about.

In conjunction with a pioneering Spanish company in the field of training and renting professional digital equipment, WeLab, and aided by the director of photography and filmmaker Antonio Blanco, we will take a look at the range of options currently on the market as if they constituted a variety of techniques available to a painter, so we can learn how to choose when producing work in oil, water-colour, plastidecor or photoshop.

Especialmente recomendado para estudiantes. Especially recommended for students. We recommend you have access to your own camera, DSLR or similar, and a memory card for recording the practice sessions. Include your name and contact information, as well as a short letter of motivation. The selection will be notified by email a few days before the start of the course. At this time, in a context of economic, employment and even linguistic crisis, audiovisual professions are broader, and more varied and complex than ever.

The goal of these talks is to present young people and students with the multiple, and in many cases, unexpected employment prospects in this field. All through a meeting with young and successful professionals, who have interpreted the current situation correctly, taken full advantage of their past, and even foreseen the future of the sector. And what is the role of professional film critics in a panorama that makes it possible for anyone with a Twitter account to transmit their opinions on the movies they watch?

Noel Ceballos has been writing about films on Internet for over ten years, first as an amateur, and then as a professional journalist. The aim of his talk is to provide an exact analysis of the framework for criticism in ; its strengths, faults and endless potential. His Internet activities eventually turned professional, first as a critic in headliners such as Fotogramas and GQ and subsequently as a scriptwriter, contributor and even presenter on TV. He currently directs the artistic platform Walskium, with which he produces multidisciplinary projects with other contributors.

During the process, opportunities of oceanic proportions are created. Virtual Reality is not just another new gadget. It is not just another format, it is an entirely new language. It can contain everything else on the inside: new ways of telling stories, learning experiences, healing experiences, virtual desktops, radically new environments for triggering off new forms of creativity, places to get connected, to make purchases, to travel; surprises at very turn.

He is a pioneer in the creation of virtual reality contents for Oculus Rift and other devices. Here we will analyze the emotional impact of the inclusion of sound from the point of view of the audiovisual creator, as well as the creative processes. We will also enjoy a retrospective on the use of music and musical technology in the world of film and advertising.

Entre las obras recibidas, muchas de ellas llegan de diferentes escuelas del Viejo Continente. Cada una con su sello, con una voz que a veces se superpone a la de los propios autores. The fleeting nature of the films is what makes them shorts. And this last decade has felt the same; fleeting and short, as we watched, discovered, and interpreted the best and freshest in European film.

It all began naturally as the next step down the road for the Festival, increasingly open to events beyond our borders, even in the national competition which has accepted shorts made by Spaniards in other countries for several years. The thing that most stood out when we first started to receive hundreds of short films from lots of different countries was the wealth of languages, cultures, styles and trends on our continent.

The diversity of Spanish short films was already striking, but the same sensation was set to be increased by a power of ten when we watched the first short films from Albania, Iceland, and places completely unfamiliar to our cinematic memories. Our first tentative steps opened up the competition to member countries of the European Union.

Las revisiones se hacen con apego al respeto de los derechos humanos de pasajeros. Su idea fue utilizar una impresora 3D para fabricar el equipo donde se hacen crecer los mini cerebros. Hongjun Song, Ph. Song, y su esposa y co-investigadora la Dra. Guo-li Ming, M. Por supuesto, indica Song, esto no fue tan sencillo. Los Dres. Resultados del 1T Las organizaciones ganadoras fueron honradas por haber creado lugares de trabajo excepcionales que sus empleados valoran altamente.

En ese sentido, la Canaco estima que las ventas totales para el mes de abril del , alcancen los 55 mil millones de pesos, cifra que representa un aumento de 5. Asimismo, incluye un soporte opcional para la correa del reloj que puede sujetarse sin esfuerzo para sostener las correas de reloj flexibles como los brazaletes Steel Mesh y Link. Abril Evolucionamos para juntos hacer crecer tu negocio:. Para conocer los descuentos pueden consultar la sig. La noticia. Asimismo, el crecimiento relativamente modesto de las ventas 6.

Nuestro modelo actual no refleja ninguno de estos factores. Los costos de la leche cruda se contrajeron 3. Las ganancias diferidas ascendieron a USD 1. Las declaraciones anteriores se basan en expectativas actuales. Estas son declaraciones a futuro. Los resultados reales pueden diferir sustancialmente. Con ingresos anuales de USD 3. Cruz de las Salinas. Old Navy se enfoca en hacer la moda estadounidense actual y esencial, accesible para todas las familias.

Old Navy es parte de la cartera de marcas de Gap Inc. Command Central Aware por ejemplo es una potente herramienta que ayuda a brindar conciencia situacional de lo que sucede a cada instante.

El instinto de padres es una herramienta poderosa, por lo que sugiero no ignorarlo en este asunto. McAfee es ahora parte de Intel Security. Particularmente, destaca el incremento de En cuanto a desarrollo, nuestros cuartos noche instalados crecieron Lograr el objetivo en materia de desarrollo es prioridad para Hoteles City Express en Nos mantendremos decididamente orientados a impulsar toda nuestra fuerza comercial, sin embargo, nuestra presencia en los canales digitales es prioridad.

Nos alegramos de poder contar ahora con ellos como socios para nuestra oferta de Open Innovation. Si tienes problemas de pago, no la uses. Their diverse struggles and solutions will be contextualized within a frame of rapid climate change, health issues, biologic and cultural diversity loss, and destructive economic frameworks, demonstrating exactly why honoring Indigenous rights and knowledge is so essential for the survival and prosperity of us all.

They are making connections, building community power, and showing us that another path is possible. We must stand with the defenders of the land, listen to and amplify the voices of strong Indigenous women leaders, and implement their vital strategies and solutions immediately.

Through forums such as this, we can change the narrative and build the world we seek. Registration required. Diverse spokeswomen are available to engage at anytime, please direct all media requests to emily wecaninternational.

La siguiente tabla presenta un estado de resultados condensado en millones de pesos. Los temores de los pesimistas sobre una esperada guerra de tarifas simplemente no se materializaron. Aunque los rendimientos de Volaris se contrajeron 1. Gracias a la alerta lanzada al filo de las En el lugar del crimen fueron encontrados 25 casquillos percutidos.

El caso fue turnado a la agencia ministerial GAM Ingolstadt, 25 de abril de En una tercera modalidad, el longboard sirve como dispositivo de transporte para equipaje o bolsas de compras. El concept car Audi connected mobility se basa en el Audi Q3, modelo que se produce localmente en China para el mercado local.

Siempre me gusta estar con mis fans. No todas las herramientas de seguridad logran satisfacer todos estos requisitos. Algunas no ofrecen las funciones necesarias, mientras que otras son bastante caras o complejas. Muchos sistemas de monitoreo se ofrecen como un kit y requieren pagos extras para muchas las funciones, generalmente a un costo importante.

En un informe reciente de Gartner Inc. Abelardo A. Security Center 5. Trata a todos los empleados, sin importar su rango, con respeto. A nadie le gusta se humillado y menos frente a otras personas. Otorga independencia para llevar a cabo sus actividades sin llevar un control excesivo de cada una de ellas. Todos los integrantes de la empresa requerimos en algunas ocasiones momentos libres para dedicarlos a asuntos personales.

Si tu giro o las necesidades del mercado lo permite, da la oportunidad de que los empleados acomoden su horario de acuerdo a sus necesidades. Con sede en Austin, Texas, con ventas en todo el mundo, servicio, laboratorios de seguridad y desarrollo de producto, Forcepoint es una empresa conjunta de Raytheon Company y Vista Equity Partners.

Acerca de GoPro, Inc. Las ventas de los productos al consumidor aumentaron Suplicando al camarero que sirva otra. Todo el mundo necesita alguien. A quien amar. Garland Jeffreys pasea por Brooklyn y la gente se da la vuelta para mirarle. In Dreams: Greatest Hits Un dulce payaso de colores llamado Sandman. Para rociarme con polvo de estrellas y susurrarme:. Cierro mis ojos y me dejo arrastrar. Y me quedo dormido. Blue on Blue Three in a Cell

Pero el correr de las horas permi- ti bajar de a poco la euforia y abrir el paso a la cautela. Sopa de Bacalao 3. Barcelona: Gustavo Gili, En esta serie de problemas podramos situar las recientes reflexiones de Josefina Ludmer sobre la nocin de autonoma cfr. Filmmaker since birth. One evening he opens up a tin of ravioli for dinner. Garzn, Raquel. Due to a childhood aborted too soon, Samir has shaped his own world and hides there, whereas Lila matured faster to endorse the part of the grown up. Sin cambiar demasiado sus convicciones estticas, el apartado Fbula poltica y renovacin poltica corrige la rplica polmica y el burlote, cercano a la broma o el chiste pardico, de su nota De la inasible catadura de Osvaldo Lamborghini, escrito en la revista LP) 10, julio de21 como LP) a la resea laudatoria de Alan Pauls a propsito de la edicin espaola de las novelas y cuentos de Osvaldo Lamborghini Babel, n 9, Volar Paloma - Los Donneños - Ramiro Mario (Vinyl, julio de5.
To Koniec, Summer Of Love (Hoxton Whores Remix) - Andy Craig Feat. Zelma* - Summer Of Love (File, MP3), Господин Одинокий Журавль - Аквариум - Антология. Часть II (CD), What Can I Do (12 Mix) - Michael Patto - So Much For The Lovin (Vinyl)

9 thoughts on “Volar Paloma - Los Donneños - Ramiro Mario (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Encuentra One Direction Discos - Acetato en Nuevo León en Mercado Libre México. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar fluneprefighretabperfmergupacorap.cog: Ramiro Mario.
  2. Apr 29,  · Check out Volo La Paloma by Los Reyes de los Sonidos on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon Music Unlimited HD Prime Music CDs & Vinyl Download Store Open Web Player MP3 cart Settings Volo La Paloma. Los Reyes de los Sonidos. April 29, Volo La Paloma. Volo La Paloma. Listen Now $0 Missing: Ramiro Mario.
  3. Vinyl and CD 1 – of Prev; 1; 2; Next; Jump to; Genre. Show. Cat# Artist Paloma Blanca ‎ (7") Del Valle: DE Los Donneños: Mario y Ramiro ‎ (LP) Del Valle: VLP US: Unknown: Sell This Version: VLP Los Tremendos Gavilanes Juan Y Salomon* Demetrio Salas.
  4. Continuamos nuestra sección en el mes de Julio de referenciando a un músico a quien no se le ha dado el reconocimiento que se merece, por su extensa carrera artística y su gran aporte a nuestra cultura musical, se trata del trombonista y vilonista Voirabh Lewis Kahn, nacido el primero de julio del año en Los Ángeles, California, Estados Unidos.
  5. Este Lp contiene la estupenda "Reina de la disco" y las versiones (algo regulares) de los super exitos de Iván "Baila y Fotonovela". Pero el resto del disco es muy bueno, tiernas baladas, muy, muy ochentero el disquito este. Es mejor que el anterior Lp, pero me sigo quedando con el primero fluneprefighretabperfmergupacorap.cototota, por eso 10/
  6. Descarga fotos de Paloma volando. Busca millones de imágenes de Paloma volando de alta calidad a precios muy económicos en el banco de imágenes RF. Compra fluneprefighretabperfmergupacorap.cog: Ramiro Mario.
  7. Los jalkas Los Jayas Los K'jarkas Bolivia con los jairas LP -(evasion disques - los jairas - los jairas LP recuerdos del ayer Al ritmo de mi corazon Noches De Pasion - Bolivia - Kutimuy (Vuelve - Condor Mallcu - Desde El Alma D - Canto A La Muje - En Vivo Desde E - Sol De Los Ande
  8. Los Donneños Mario Y Ramiro Lp Nuevo Sellado Rn Discos $ 12x $ 14 82 Ramiro Leija Y Sus Viajeros Lp Lp Usado - Nuevo León. 4 colores. MÁS VENDIDO. $ $ 31% OFF. Gabinete Carcasa Disco Duro Laptop Sata Usb Case $ 12x $ 9 92 sin interés.

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