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A large red drape takes up the top left corner, and the top right corner in the less wide versions. There is a wide landscape outside, falling into two types. The two Prado versions show avenues of trees and a fountain in what seems to be the gardens of a palace.

The other versions have a more open landscape, leading to distant mountains. The painting is the final development of Titian's compositions with a reclining female nude in the Venetian style. After Giorgione 's death in Titian had completed his Dresden Venus , and then around had painted the Venus of Urbino. A repetition of this from , perhaps a lost recorded Venus sent to Charles V, "was the basis" for the Venus and Musician series. Otherwise the painting falls into the category showing courtesans , though these are also often described as "Venus", if only to retain some propriety.

In all an unembarrassed Venus is completely naked, except for a gauzy cloth over her crotch in some versions, but wears several pieces of very expensive jewellery, [9] typical aspects of courtesan pictures. He could be taken as the client of an expensive Venetian courtesan. Other reclining nudes are the Pardo Venus or Jupiter and Antiope , now in the Louvre , "that laboured attempt to recapture his early style", [11] from the mids.

For Clark, the Venus of the Venus and Musician versions, where the head changes direction but the body remains exactly the same, is "entirely Venetian, younger sister of all those expensive ladies whom Palma Vecchio , Paris Bordone and Bonifazio painted for local consumption.

The almost brutal directness with which their bodies are presented to us makes them, now that their delicate texture has been removed by restoration, singularly un-aphrodisiac. Moreover, they are far more conventionalized than is evident at first sight. The erotic appeal of the subject is evident, but some critics have argued for a more allegorical meaning to do with the appreciation of beauty through both the eyes and ears, and the superiority of the former.

The lutenists are able to turn their instruments along with their body, and both seem to continue playing. According to Panofsky, this "means that a musician interrupted in the act of making music by the sight of visual beauty embodied in Venus has been transformed into a musician doing homage to the visual beauty embodied in Venus by the very act of making music. It is difficult to play the organ and to admire a beautiful woman at the same time; but it is easy to serenade her, as it were, to the accompaniment of a lute, while giving full attention to her charms.

The 20th-century fashion for explaining paintings with reference to the subtle doctrines of Renaissance Neoplatonism reached the series, although in the case of Titian there is even more resistance than usual to such explanations. Edgar Wind noted a pictorial convention, seen also in the Pastoral Concert and other works, where divine figures are nude, but mortals clothed.

In the Musician paintings "the disparity between mortal and goddess is heightened by a paradox of posture. Such a world would presumably be hospitable not just to life, but also potentially to intelligent life, a fundamental question that has often fallen out of favor in the scientific mainstream but remains of deep public interest. That quest to find habitable worlds and life, intelligent or otherwise, is the theme of Five Billion Years of Solitude , a fascinating new book by science writer Lee Billings.

To date, that life here on Earth has lived in solitude, unaware if there was other life elsewhere in the universe. Only in the last several decades have we developed the capability to try and find out—if we so choose. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.

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Kim Hui-jeong Kim Hui-jeong 85 5 5 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. I will tell you what those conditionals mean to me as a native speaker of English. Then are my conclusions below those sentences are correct, too? I'm not quite sure what your conclusions are. I would appreciate your judgment. I would say that it is normal to use the bare form which looks the same as the present tense in a conditional referring to a possible future event.

Neither of the appearances of the auxiliary "will" is a regular future tense verb. In first appearance, it means something like "if it is able to", and in the second, "if he is willing". If this medicine will get rid of my headache, I'll take it right now.

According to Panofsky, this "means that a musician interrupted in the act of making music by the sight of visual beauty embodied in Venus has been transformed Venus - Various - Solitude Is The Future (Cassette) a musician doing homage to the visual beauty embodied in Venus by the very act of making music. As to the next pair, 4 seems more idiomatic to me than 3. If you would like a full consultation, ask for a referral. Thank you, Geoff. Gaining insight. PLoS Biol. Figure Cardiacs remained active duringtouring frequently within the UK, including a double-headed tour with Levitation.
Colorao Y Negro, Live And Love Tonight - Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra* - 1932-1941 (CD), Scent Of Attraction - Mister Cee - Watch This R&B Get All Up In Ya Gutz Pt. III (Cassette), Maydell - The Allman Brothers Band - Hittin The Note (CD, Album)

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  1. Apr 21,  · In December , the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Venus Express probe was purposefully sent to its death in the atmosphere of Venus at .
  2. Oct 27,  · Various Artists "Solitude Is The Future" Double C90 F.D.R. Tapes #10 Brian Noring: "Five month's it took me to assemble this double 90 minute compilation cassette, and it sums up quite nicely most of the fine folks I was in contact with at the time.
  3. Buy a cheap copy of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus: book by John Gray. Based on years of successful counseling of couples and individuals, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus has helped millions of couples transform their Free shipping over $
  4. After remaining unchanged (with a few exceptions like FH) for nearly 20 years the Shimano freehub body spline mount has changed along with the width. I had hoped I could refit a 8/9/10 speed rear hub (FH-M) to work with 11 speed. But the mounting face on the 11 speed freehub body is totally different compared to the old 8/9/10 design.
  5. Not trusting how other people feel or think about you. Concealing identity. Cancer Man+Lily: An older man/mature man influences you. Sexual romantic man. A man has good intentions and honestly. Making peace with a man. Leo Garden+Crossroad: Multiculturalism. Many different options that bring positivity. Seeing a new path and a bright future.
  6. Oct 20,  · The Difference Between Loneliness and Solitude. Solitude is much different from loneliness, although the two appear inextricably interconnected to the untrained eye, considering both are characterized by solitariness. Venus Sextile Uranus Which is Stationary Retrograde, Mars Square Saturn Direct that energy into a future you would.
  7. Cardiacs' music is noted for balancing the attack and 'raw energy' of punk rock with the intricacies and technical cleverness of early British progressive band also incorporates elements of other musical forms such as ska, mediaeval music, folk music, heavy metal, hymns and corporate anthems. The music magazine Organ once commented that "one Cardiacs song contains more ideas than most.
  8. Sep 20,  · Venus likely maintained stable temperatures and hosted liquid water for billions of years before an event triggered drastic changes in the planet, according to a new study.
  9. This is the realm where Nostalgia for the Future strives to dwell. Created between January and July , this project was born from the solitude and focus within The Timeroom studio in Baja Arizona. The result is an alluring time echo, a nostalgia for future fully realized in the here and now.

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