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I saw a cassette tape of a speech of Rich DeVos go for 3 friggin grand. Thank you for this interesting article. Many years ago, when CDs were the choice, I took my collection of over cassettes to the local dump in a big black plastic sack. She said we needed the shelf space and I was in love…. I bitterly regret this now, but I still love her….. You must be logged in to post a comment.

God Speed You Black Emperor! Donate them to your local library or school if the content is relevant. Some schools will also use cassette tape for crafts there's a rumor that it makes great puppet hair.

Try giving them away on Craigslist or Freecycle. If you have an especially impressive collection, try selling them on eBay or Amazon. Lose It! VHS and cassette tapes: Check with your city's recycling guidelines.

Some cities will allow you to recycle the plastic shell with the tape taken out, so you can toss them into your recycling bin. Each organization has different shipping rules and regulations, but all provide simple options for you to mail in your old VHS and cassette tapes, and have them disposed of correctly. Most of these discs contain aluminum, lacquer, gold, dyes, glass, silver, and nickel — among other dangerous chemicals and materials.

Throwing them away in the trash or recycling can be dangerous. For larger quantities of discs, there's a separate list of facilities nationwide where you can drop off boxes and boxes of old CDs and DVDs. If you have a good collection, try selling them on eBay or Amazon — you'd be surprised at how much people will pay for a CD of some obscure '80s band.

Comments 16 Showing 2 Languages. See 13 more comments. Leslie Stompor 5 years ago. You can remove the CDs from their cases and put them in special binders.

That should keep them safe while eliminating the bulk of the case itself. Included with the player are:. The player comes with software called Audio Recorder 3. This works like Audacity mentioned above. When I bought the product, I installed the software and used it for a while. However, I prefer to use Audacity, it has more options and I find it easier to use. I therefore recommend using Audacity and following the steps above. You should be aware though that audio cassettes deteriorate over time and the sound quality will not be as good as CDs or probably even vinyl records.

However, as long as your cassettes are in reasonable shape, you should get acceptable results. What audio record editor can I use for this? Is audacity can be? I try to find this option. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When I was into cassettes I was a student on a tight budget, and my best audio cassette player remains a Sony WM Walkman with Dolby B, not part of a separates system.

With the volume below maximum, it has low distortion, and with the EQ all set at 0 dB it has pretty low noise - probably about dBFS on ferric mastered tapes. I have recordings with apparently legitimate 16 to 17 kHz frequencies present at the sort of places one would expect transients, cymbals etc and have made some pretty decent-sounding restorations.

PM me for a link to a website to listen to one before and after and see the technical details of restoration and software used. That deck's big failing is it won't play some cassettes with high-friction mechanisms at a constant speed, so in some cases I'd have to break them open and put them in a good cassette housing which I've never tried yet to use that tape deck.

However, this may have a lot to do with CE96's implementation and something to do with the loudness and character of the noise and the amount of reduction I wanted to apply. I found it worked remarkably well with about 24 dB reduction with fairly critical listening. I think I'll try to set up a blind test on this forum soon so that people can compare different software and settings and ABX them effectively. For the blind test I'd supply a few minutes of noise from a commercial tape with long lead-out, sampled at We could then try to determine which kinds of sound are most degraded by these routines, and which settings and software packages are considered safe, if any.

Perhaps we can also suggest improvements e. I tend to think that noiselike signals broad spectrum, like cymbals, snares, hi-hats, vocal sibilants , rather than continuous tonal signals, may be the first to get damaged as the volume decreases towards the noise floor.

I have some interesting jazz samples with brushed snares that could be demanding tests. Anyway, any of you can feel free to send me a PM if you want a link to a website to hear and read about my recent restoration which includes 'before' and 'after' samples of EAC's noise reduction on a very quiet lead-in to a quiet track only ever released on cassette.

I'd welcome criticism from any of you. I had to compensate for background noise when auditioning the settings by using quiet clips and boosting the signal, so I'm not completely happy to assume I'd never notice a probem. I think the same name has been applied to different tapes in different countries, and at different times. I can also remember three different brands going from good to poor over the years, without changing the name of the tape.

Re: Dolby B. You can be sure, especially if it's a pre-recorded cassette, that there's less high frequency information coming from the tape than the Dolby circuits are expecting.

There was a tape deck a few yers ago which allowed you to tweak the frequency reponse before the Dolby circuits to compensate for this. Very useful in theory, but it never worked as well as I hoped in practice. IIRC there have been various discussions Re: digitally simulating dolby de-emphasis over at the Cool Edit forums, and none of them got anywhere. I usually have Dolby on, but boost the high frequencies afterwards. Depends on the tape really. Getting the azimuth right is x more important than everything else, as has already been mentioned.

Cheers, David. First use NO pre amp or amp. Tape directly into card or what ever is the DAC. The reason not to use the amps is they ad a tiny bit of there own noise. SO I personally prefer to go "raw" then you have that original to play with.

Also MAKE sure the tape heads are clean. In the sound program you can easily increase the volume.

I'll take it apart and see what failed when I have some time but my Untitled - Various - Ophicleide Stopover (Cassette) is get something else or do what the kids are doing and down-load to your what ever. It might require a little extra work, getting the extra junk out of your home and saving it from filling landfills and polluting air and water is a pretty wonderful reward. You might get a bulk deal Untitled - Various - Ophicleide Stopover (Cassette) you secure the loan from the bank :- Some thoughts on this 1 I had some tapes which I wanted to convert can't live without that Platinum Blonde! Only 1 left in stock - order soon. We have made private label packaged cassettes for several major brands. Outdoor Lounge Furniture. Yes, it's usually type B for commercial recordings on cassette tapes. I think I'll try to set up a blind test on this forum soon so that people can compare different software and settings and ABX them effectively.
Intermission - Revelation Song - Black Bonzo - Sound Of The Apocalypse (CD, Album), I Need Thee Every Hour - Pat Boone - I Believe (Vinyl, LP), Take Care Of Your Homework - Johnnie Taylor - Portrait (Vinyl, LP), Never Tell The World - Free Design* - Bubbles (Vinyl, Album), Strange Kind Of Woman = Extraña Mujer - Deep Purple - Made In Japan (Cassette, Album)

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  1. A to Z Media offers easy-to-order cassette tapes starting at 50 units through our online Solid Merch brand. Get Instant Pricing or Start a Project Solid-Merch – Cassette .
  2. Hits from the Best of John Lee Hooker (Audio Cassette) $ on Sale. Add to Cart. 73 % off. Joe Jackson. Will Power (Audio Cassette) $ on Sale. Add to Cart (8) 91 % off. The Damned.
  3. Like all human-made inventions, the audio cassette tape was replaced with something sleeker, faster, better. Something that was once considered high tech and modern became outdated and inefficient. Yet, without the cassette tape, who knows where we’d be today. Every technological advancement plays a role in a vital evolution.
  4. Hits from the Best of John Lee Hooker (Audio Cassette) $ on Sale. Add to Cart. 73 % off. Joe Jackson. Will Power (Audio Cassette) $ on Sale. Add to Cart (8) 91 % off. The Damned.
  5. Style of cassette: Different labels created unique looks for artists by using clear, white, and colored cassettes. Some albums are even identified as being a special addition. Cover artwork: Some releases include posters, lyric books, and other items with the music itself.
  6. DuKane Cassette Duplicator 28A18 & 8A near mint, READ DESCRIPTION! SEE PHOTOS. $ +$ shipping. Make Offer - DuKane Cassette Duplicator 28A18 & 8A near mint, READ DESCRIPTION! SEE PHOTOS. Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab. Side Refine Panel. Shop by Category.
  7. Convert Cassette Tapes to CDs with a USB player. I no longer had a cassette player, so I purchased a USB player which, as the name suggests, connects to a USB input on a computer. I went for the Honest Technology (Honestech) Audio Recorder Plus with Cassette Player. Click here to see it on fluneprefighretabperfmergupacorap.cog: Untitled.
  8. Founded by Ülex Xane in January , the label released numerous cassettes, many of them by Australian artists, but others by early power electronics artists from around the world. Over the course of , Ülex transfered the label to Roger Richards, who continues to run the label to this , the distinctive cover layout of the releases was begun.

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