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Protein Recipe by JPsBarbie. Join In Now Join the conversation! Calories: If you are impatient, you can put this into a blender or food processor to puree- just like Bridget did.

But be careful, WARNING: make sure the soup is not boiling hot when you pour it into the blender or food processor- or else the same thing will happen to you that happened to Bridget where the contents comes spewing out all over the room. Oh Bugger Bugger! Make sure you cool the mixture first please - remember, Bridget Jones's Diary was a movie, in real life what she did was quite dangerous.

Quote: I try to search it with a regx but get an error This is your first problem here. If you are using BeautifulSoup to parse the site, then you shouldnt need to use regex. Otherwise you dont need BeautifulSoup at all. BeautifulSoup will parse the site to find tags, and in those tags you can get the string content from them. Search BeautifulSoup website for tutorials on how to use BeautifulSoup.

We also have some tutorials here too. I think nilamo ic correct and it is a Beautiful Soup object and not a string. I'll research more tonight but if anyone knows how to search a beautiful soup object using regx expression let me know. Learn how your comment data is processed. Print Recipe. Prep Time.

Cook Time. Total Time. Recipe Type: Dinner. Makes : 4 servings. Author : Elizabeth Stark. To make wild rice, bring a saucepan filled with 4 cups cold water to a boil. Return to a boil, then turn heat down to medium-low and simmer 45 minutes or until rice is al dente. BeautifulSoup is the object created when we try to scrape a web resource. So, it is the complete document which we are trying to scrape.

Most of the time, it is treated tag object. The comment object illustrates the comment part of the web document.

Learn how your comment data is processed. A tag object can have any number of attributes. A ResultSet acts very much like other kinds String Soup Python sequence, such as a list :. I'm sorry I still don't get it from your answer. Classics block aired Clangers episodes specifically for parents who remembered the show, String Soup. The designer of BeautifulSoup has no idea, thus, the error message. Jan, PM String Soup Post : perfringo. Holes [26].
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  1. Set of 2 Elegant Dining Charisma Collection Green Stoneware 8" Soup Cereal Bowls. $ $ + shipping. Lot of 2 Tienshan Stoneware Soup Salad Bowls Indian Chief Pattern " Mountain. $ + shipping. Pier 1 ELIZABETH Large Rim Stoneware Swirl Red Flower Soup Pasta Bowls Set Rating: % positive.
  2. 1 day ago · Toxic algae are filling Colorado lakes with toxic pea-green soup. Breanna Renken of Pierce tosses a ball to her Australian cattle dogs Ophelia, left, and Hendrix at the Windsor Lake Dog Park on Wednesday, August 19, Windsor Lake closed for about a .
  3. It must be the string. Mark: Oh, it’s string soup? Although the film does not revolve around food there are plenty of scenes involving food. Inspiration could be found in the turkey curry buffet, mini gherkins, tons of cocktails and boozy drinks, an accidentally Blue potato leek soup, an orange pudding more similar to, sludgy caperberry gravy.
  4. STRING BEAN SOUP Boil ham bone, potatoes and string beans with salt and pepper milk and flour. Add to soup until thickened. Add butter and vinegar to taste.
  5. Hot String Soup! is a three piece string band playing guitars, mandolins, banjo, bass & dobro doing Roots, Americana, Original Jump to.
  6. string on a Tag type object returns a NavigableString type object. On the other hand,.text gets all the child strings and return concatenated using the given separator. Return type is unicode object.. From the documentation, A NavigableString is just like a Python Unicode string, except that it also supports some of the features described in Navigating the tree and Searching the tree.
  7. Jan 09,  · Hi, my name is super green detoxifying broccoli soup and I am your new best friend. We will go everywhere together and all of your current friends will totally dig me. I originally created this recipe over 10 years ago in my personal chef days. It was a favorite, for all of my clients. Favorite to the point that I made it at least once a week.
  8. Jan 25,  · soup = BeautifulSoup (url) soup_string = str (soup) Edit - I see you mentioned what you need is inside an li tag. You'll need to use thing = ("li", "#search string") and then make thing_string = str (thing) or some variation on that.
  9. To access the contents, use “.string” with tag. >>> from bs4 import BeautifulSoup >>> soup = BeautifulSoup("Hello, Tutorialspoint!") >>> >>> 'Hello, Tutorialspoint!' >>> type( >. You can replace the string with another string but you can’t edit the existing string.

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