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They were playing some rubbish rockabilly music and no one was enjoying it, so I started tearing through tunes. The y whole thing made sense - the music and the fashion show.

They were middle class guys and they knew an estate agent who dealt solely in industrial properties. We also worked with travellers like the Mutoid Waste Co.

They used to build these mad cars and robots. We did one party in Kings Cross which looked like the set for Mad Max. Besides, we never held them in the obvious areas and never charged that much; most of them cost two quid, something like that. When we threw a party, you could just come up and talk to us. If you tried to do that to So Solid someone would be there saying 'Oi, what do you want?

Shit, did I say Paul? Nellee, Nellee, I meant Nellee. I tell a lie, I saw him three or four months ago. It was really a fantastic, vibrant place, it was full of energy. It was one of those places where you could go in a shop and everyone would know your name. Now, it's all Boots and junkies. That could have been any one of thousands of people at the time! Where did you get that strength of character from? You need to be pushy, just to get your dumplings and sword fish.

Muzik went along for the ride. Fighting for space in the Puff Daddy desk diary is one project that the music industry has greeted with some surprise. Puff Daddy is making a dance album. Not a hip house, rap-meets-rave Jungle Brothers affair, but a full-on, all flags and whistles clubbing album. Felix Da Housecat is on it. But, how serious is Puffy about making a record custom-built for the dancefloors?

What did you make of Ibiza? It was more different to any place I'd been before. It opened my eyes up to just so many things - that there are places that are not all about materialism. Just places where people go and congregate. So my history goes further back than a lot of people who are into dance music now. The Paradise G-arage was at its height in I was too young.

White, black, street, gays, everybody just dancing all under one groove. I only went to The Garage, like, twice. Sound Factory, you know, I was a regular at it.

Last night inspiration came calling at midnight. He wants black electronic. He wants edgy and that's when I ripped it. What we were after was something reminiscent of the early Trax records. Puffy was in town, wanting to start work on a new dance record.

Nelle Hooper was there, so was Darren Emerson, their respective producers and a small fleet of technicians. In a few hours time Puffy will insist they all go to the closing party at Pacha.

It was the year he began to fight back against those who had written him off following the altercation in Club New York in December , that could have landed him with 15 years behind bars.

Though he was acquitted of the charges - illegal possession of a firearm and attempting to bribe a witness - his reputation was left dented, more so when girlfriend Jennifer Lopez very publicly dumped him in January For the first time in his career Puffy remembers hearing boos and jeers at his personal appearances.

Still, a new name seemed to herald a fresh turn of luck. He turned in more than passable minor parts in independent films Made and Monsters Ball. Two months before that, however, he was enjoying the Ibizan sunshine on board his ft Mangusta yacht, in the company of Nelle Hooper. Puffy was intrigued by the music he was hearing booming out of the clubs around Ibiza town.

It sounded pretty cool. It was something he thought he could turn his hand to. Nelle suggested that Puffy fly to London. There were some people, DJ friends of his, he said he might like to meet.

Why should we buy a Puff Daddy dance album? This is like a soundtrack to an ill movie. A soundtrack to your wildest dreams. Or you could fuck your girl to. Or you could fuck two girls to. Why are you working with Deep Dish? That cat - he wants something different. Huge support from Pete Tong and one that's gonna' be shaking dancefloors all summer long.

He performed the Nelle Hooper version because he said that was more stage-friendly. We don't mind. Which, of course, he is. Can Puffy really pull off this new direction, you may ask? And the DJs and popstars there had nothing but nice things to say. This is awesome!

Speaking of which. Culkin was dancing right there in front of him. He thought it was a joke. He loved it. Could Felix come right away? Well, no, not really. Puffy was in meetings when he arrived, so Felix just called for some equipment to be set up.

I was nervous, man. Etienne and many more. Everything sounds very Felix Da Housecat ie: great. Now if only Puffy would slow down with the work rate. He reckons Missy Elliott might be going to add vocals to one of his tracks, and has a plan to try and get Peaches in there, too. I got different hobbies at home, you know. I get a bunch of different fruit juices together and a bunch of different alcohols, my shakers and all of that and I mix different types of drinks that taste good and really get you fucked up.

Ha ha! I stay in love all the time. You got my mind going now. Records and phone calls and deals and films and clothes to make, producers to chase down. If he hurries, he reckons he might wrap up this dance project by June and have an album out a couple of months later. Also available in new CD format including all full length mixes and DJ tools.

Also on Azuli Then I left Nicole with my mother and went to LA. All hail the first family of groove! How's that for keeping it real? Standing in the lobby of their Bloomsbury hotel, ESG look less like dance music legends than a giggly group of tourists over in 'Yoorup' for sightseeing and shopping.

Nicole and Chistelle, daughters of the original three Scroggins sisters, look like any American teenagers. Their most noticeable feature is that they collectively possess the most bosom of any band in the world. ESG it stands for emerald, sapphire and gold - their birth stones started out banging saucepans in a kitchen in the South Bronx projects.

Their mother bought drums for Valerie and an electric guitar for Renee as a way of keeping them off the streets. You had to take care of yourself.

Their mom sang in a gospel choir, dad played the sax, and the record player had James Brown on heavy rotation, and the sisters soaked up every last ounce of music that shook the walls of their parental home.

Brixton soundcheck over, ESG spurn sightseeing to retreat to their hotel, having dispatched their press officer to Burger King and Pizza Express to fetch their dinner. Moreover, sampling ESG without permission or payment for a long time seemed to be the number one sport of many hip hop producers, as Renee ruefully recalls. That was very frustrating, especially when the lyrics were demeaning to women.

Later on, Renee recounts how her mother once threatened to throw her out of a moving vehicle. So they did, and they kept on getting up there - when their blue- haired punk audiences scared them half to death; when Valerie got food poisoning and had a Soul Jazz employee behind the drum kit holding a bucket; when babies had to be left home with Mom.

Their music has a percussive, edgy, home-made feeling that is part booty-shaking disco, part garage rock. Info: www. I This year Pacha hits the dirty thirties and is celebrating in style. Ressie Phat Phil Cooper knows a thing or two about chugging underground house and Sunday nights carry-ons have been know to ; last 22 hours. Fat Info: www. Soul Heaven with Bobbi and j Steve is there on Wednesdays and we!

Insanity ensues at this hangar of hedonism on the road to Salinas beach. This new, Eastern-style space does a mean line in cocktails. With global beats by day and a lot more at night, this is a brilliant hang-out. Cool Bedouin tents in the garden and delicious cocktails make this ace. Tip - bring a supermarket six-pack, sit back and soak it all up.

The legendary, psychedelic Tribe Of Frog all-nighters now take place at Las Dalias after the market has packed up. Check the hippy shops in Santa Getrudia and San Mateu for flyers. Expect full moon parties on Salinas beach too. Can Fly, on the road to San Juan, holds weekly psy-trance bashes and look out for ding-dongs organised by local label Spun Records.

Westwood vill be definitely playing blazing hip lop bangers while Emerson drops hp hniic;p at Underwater. At Las Dalias. Hierbas, the local herb liqueur. With lots of ice, mindl SWIM! On the swings in Santa Getrudis.

Zumo FM on Not as spacious as some, but a good warm-up place, and the celebs seems to like it too. Type the ringtone code 3. Type the poly code 3. Type your phone code 1. Type the logo code 3. Type your phone code 98 01 82 1. Type the gome code 3. Type your phone code Send your text to Your product will be with you in seconds! Sonique 3EB Caleb Up to Junkie XL Vs Sokmoa. Eminem 1 Hey Girl Higher Stole Keinkrclt Meet Her At The.. NeedinU Rbylhm Of The.. Stwih cow ii ttie racetrnrk in ttvx fast- f ecu: r.

Compatibility Nak s; Calls to numbers are charged at 2. Calls made from mobile phones may be I charged at a higher rate. For compatibility for any of the products featured in this add please visit our website www. If you do not wish to take advantage or be informed of these servicos please write to: PO Box Stockport SK4 1 YT. Nokia , , , , National Rate polyphonic Ringtone Helpline No.

The likes of Bent, Groove Armada. Nice tits! Trelnta Euros para una vodka llmon? Thirty Euros for a vodka llmon? Are you mad?! Puede meter usted clnco en su taxi? Can you fit five in your taxi? Puerto dormlr on su plso osta nocho? Estoy jodldo! Can 1 sleep on your floor tonight? Por favor, detengamo.

En este estado yo soy un pollgro a ml mlsmo y a los otros Please, arrest me. Head for Benicassim in Spain, of course! It's got five arenas and over acts, including everyone from Moby. Muzik, Kings Reach Tower. Stamford Street. London SE1 9LS and the mix we like the best bags you a slot.

Three of your mates get to go absolutely free, too. What's more we've got another four tickets to give away. The Benicassim festival in Castellon. Yes, Underwater will make your summer go with a splash. Having decided not to renew their residency at Pacha with Subliminal this year, Underwater have gone for a UK-centric line-up for their Tuesday night parties, with Paul Woolford, Yousef and Tim Westwood who scarpered before our snapper got set up also spinning, while Darren Emerson and Tim Deluxe - a duo more lean than the fat-burning George Foreman grilling machine - are the residents.

There will be differences between the two nights, of course. The majority of 1 Underwater's crowd will be British, whereas Erick will pull a Spanish and Italian crowd for his parties. Underwater is every Tuesday at Pacha, Ibiza. We drove to the edge of the island and sailed to another that had no hotels. Every nook and cranny had a fridge stacked with champagne and thr pool's a quarter of a mile long. We had a 3, watt sound system for ten people!

Surreal, but amazing! We had the best time and were all loving each other. But, among these familiar, jiggy anthems lies a new sound. What the fuck is this?

It sounds fresh and new, even compared to the innovative Neptunes productions that jam the airwaves. My studio is my education. If people live on Mars, or the Moon or somewhere, they will listen to my stuff.

By the summer of , the tune was ruling many a dance and more established vocalists began to express an interest. I find the best records are like that. He's obviously drawn from It. The proof?

Their new album, Interstellar Debuted at the ritzy-glitzy Cannes Film Festival in May and scheduled for UK release in arthouse cinemas and on DVD later in the year, it may well be the Yellow Submarine for the acid house generation.

And fight off alien Invasion with an enormous, stylised neon penis! Suffer having their mouth shrunk to a very small size. The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, is fairy-tale barmy: A blue-skinned alien pop band are abducted from a parallel universe, reborn as a manufactured chart act and put to work by The Man.

Happily, they subsequently overthrow music biz slavery, execute their captor and return in a guitar-shaped spaceship to their native dimension, where good vibes, hot tunes and galactic partying continue forevermore. So pleased with their new film are the press-loathing Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel De Homem-Christo, they even presented their animated adventure, in person, at the annual Mediterranean cinematic orgy. After their robot masks, the on-line music sharing network daftclub. He was behind the bootleg boom of Why did you say recently that you were going to give up DJing?

I just laughed. There was just no integrity at all. Not so much any more, though. People had expectations. I only got them a few weeks ago.

Cassius pictured , leapt straight into my arms and fixed me with these piercing blue eyes. The other one. Tigre a dark tortoiseshell , is much shyer. Cassius grabs him, puts him in a headlock and licks him clean. He was really cool about it, though. I also accidentally left a pair in Belgium that someone lent me. I lose so much! I just get too wasted, I think. The sound's so much better. Everyone knows that. Without it I would never have had the chance I to do any of the others. I've met him and he's lovely.

But I have much fonder memories of disco. I do like the current resurgence of Puma, though. I think they should let Jon Carter run the world. No groupies? Never ever. Dunno why. I speak to anyone who wants to talk to 1 i me. They have, but I just laughed it off. I A very long pause. They wanted to put an iron rod in my back when I was a kid.

The last thing that changed the quality of my life was. I mean, this is a dance magazine. Go to trashclub. Nu jazz and much much more.

Mixed by one of the founders of the Brazilian dance scene, Bruno E, this summer release is not to miss! He goes. This mix is like a brilliantly I twisted disco record. He makes music that rocks big rooms, but also has real charm. EA: "I wanted to start off mid-paced and this quirky nu-disco record fits the bill. Duran Duran Girls On Film Night Version I The now officially quite trendy and I alright-to-iike Duran Duran with their 1 own original club mix of the Eighties pop classic with the lewd video where you could see tits and that.

EA: "I thought this was going to be absolutely huge. Listen to all the high hats! The vocals sound really fucked and indecipherable. It has a huge sense of humour. If you turn the mid-range up you get more of the Stooges coming through and it sounds a bit nastier. I really like the original too. WWW scataecoftls. Beside him is DJ Marky. Oh, and 1, security and gun-toting police. Smiling, with plastic pint glass in hand, Stephen from London is having the time of his life.

Everyone would just be monging out on a bit of sodden grass. And the sound systems! Have you heard the sound systems?! We were there. Since the early Nineties, promoters have struggled heroically on despite rarely breaking even, struggling against vast taxes and a weak currency.

DJs pay crippling amounts for imports, -and musicians pay small fortunes for computer software and hardware. The commitment of all concerned is admirable as fuck. It created a surge of interest. Hood als erstes Album heraus. Mittlerweile wurde das Album Black Bastards illegal vertrieben und verbreitet sich in der Szene. The Prof. Food soll metaphorisch sein komplexes Leben anhand von Essen darstellen. Seit dem Juli war bekannt, dass am Two and Special Herbs Vol.

Niggaz With Attitude sein erstes Album N. Eazy-E ging in ein Krankenhaus, da er Verdacht auf Asthma hatte. Es wurde AIDS diagnostiziert und sofort machte er dies publik. Er starb am Eazy-E war Vater von mindestens neun Kindern von sieben verschiedenen Frauen. Hauptautoren: Bambee Rap-tor, D. In ihr sang Elliott und schrieb Musik sowie Texte. Dabei entstanden zwischen und eine Reihe von Hit-Singles. Die Kritik war generell positiv, allerdings merkten viele Kritiker an, dass die Albumtracks den ausgekoppelten Singles musikalisch weit unterlegen seien.

Mit einer bis dahin im Hip Hop unbekannten Grobheit der Beats bereits Little Johnny from the hospital hatte mehr den Charakter einer Industrialproduktion und einer stolz und trotzig zur Schau getragenen Verachtung der gesamten Hip-Hop-Branche zeigten die ersten Produktionen Definitive Jux presents und Mr. Lifs Enters the Colossus einschlagende Wirkung. Oktober in St.

Heute ist seine Mutter Taxifahrerin und die beiden sind zerstritten. Bereits ab textete er erste Songs. In Detroit trat er zum ersten Mal in Clubs auf.

Lang anhaltende Freundschaften fand er kaum in seiner Jugend, da er alle drei Monate die Schule wechseln musste. Als dann das Album erschien, landete es direkt auf Platz 1. Bei den Grammy-Verleihungen erhielt er drei Awards. Er selbst betonte, dass er eigentlich nichts gegen Schwule habe.

Mit ihr hat Eminem eine Tochter namens Hailie Jade geb. Dezember Bush bezog. Zitate aus dem Song: fuck Bush und this weapon of mass destruction that we call our president. Seine Single Just lose it kam am 1. November , sein Album Encore am Der Dre zu werden, und ist eventuell nur noch als Produzent u.

Die Biografie: Whatever you say I am. Eric B. Is President bei dem Plattenlabel Zakia records in Harlem. Nach der Trennung startete Eric B. Hauptautoren: Bambee Rap-tor, Macador. Eusebe Eusebe war eine britische Hip-Hop-Band. Daraufhin erhielten sie einen Vertrag bei EMI. Der Hit erreichte die Top 40 der britischen Charts. Das Label existiert nicht mehr, Oriol hat aber mit Joker eine eigene Marke.

Eve arbeitete als Stripperin, als sie von Mase entdeckt wurde. Es war das erste Album einer Rapperin, dem dies gelang. Freddy begann seine Graffiti-Karriere nach einem Studium der Malerei.

Hauptautoren: Meleagros, Aristos, D. Kelly, Ashanti und Ginuwine zusammen. Ein Album produzierte er zusammen mit The Terror Squad. Hauptautoren: Bambee Rap-tor, Zaphiro, anonyme Bearbeiter. Stacy war ein Mitglied des Gesangstrios Wild Orchid. Das war wahrscheinlich auch die Ursache ihrer emotionalen Krise, da Stacy in Interviews sagte, dass sie Therapien besucht hat. Sie hat kurz danach die Band verlassen. Fisz Nielsen. Drayton wurde am Carlton Ridenhour kennen. Bum Rush the Show!

Sie ist bis heute noch nicht erschienen. Angeblich gibt es zwischen Flavor Flav und den Plattenfirmen keine einheitliche Meinung. Er kann klassisches Klavier spielen und beherrscht mehr als sechs weitere Instrumente. Immer wieder wurde Flavor Flav von der Polizei verhaftet.

Oft wurde Kokain und Crack bei ihm gefunden. Flavor Flav hat sechs Kinder von zwei Frauen. Hauptautoren: D, Jpkoester1, anonyme Bearbeiter. Fresh, Doug E. Doug E. August als Doug E.

Hauptautoren: Bastla, Southpark, anonyme Bearbeiter. Obwohl die Fugees bis heute nicht preisgegeben haben, warum sie sich nach The Score trennten, glauben die meisten Fans, es handelte sich um einen ernsthaften Streit zwischen Hill und Jean.

Alle drei verfolgten nach der Trennung erfolgreiche Solokarrieren. Alle drei Bandmitglieder stammen aus East Flatbush in Brooklyn.

Dort errangen sie durch Clubauftritte ersten Ruhm. Es verkaufte sich Auch in den UK-Charts landete es auf Platz 7. Nach ihrem letzten Album The Ownerz trennten sich die beiden und begannen an ihren Soloprojekten weiterzuarbeiten.

Danach begannen alle drei Gruppenmitglieder Solokarrieren. Willie D. Sein erstes eigenes Album Iron Man erschien Obwohl ihm keine weiteren Erfolge im US-amerikanischen Mainstream gelangen, wurde er wie die meisten Wu-Tang-Mitglieder zu einer bekannten Figur der amerikanischen Popkultur. Hauptautoren: Jorges, M. Mozart, DaB. Nach mehreren Jahren mit seinem Ensemble in wechselnder Zusammensetzung ging man Ende der er Jahre getrennte Wege.

Ness aka Scorpio, Raheem auftrat. This one particular day, my mother banged on the door yelling at me because the music was too loud. When she walked in, I still had my hand on the record that was playing and I kind of moved it back and forth.

That sounded kind of cool. I better experiment with that. Von Beginn an erwogen sie aber auch die englische Schreibweise Greenjolly. Sie gewannen jedoch als jeweils Zweitplatzierte keine Preise und entschieden, an keinen weiteren Veranstaltungen dieser Art teilzunehmen. In der Folgezeit experimentierten sie mit verschiedenen Stilen, darunter eher lyrische Rockballaden.

Danach hatten sie eine akustische Phase, in der sie ihre alten Songs neu arrangierten, wobei sie Akustikgitarren, Gamben und Tamburins einsetzten. Mit diesem Programm tourten sie einige Monate durch die westukrainischen Clubs. An eine kommerzielle Verwertung dachten die beiden Musiker zum Zeitpunkt der Entstehung nicht. Der Ablauf des Finales der nationalen Vorausscheidung war umstritten, da nach einer mehrstufigen Vorrunde im Finale noch vier Musikgruppen per Wildcard gesetzt wurden, darunter Greenjolly.

Platz beim Eurovision Song Contest am Mai in Kiew. Ihm gelang erst die Aufnahme, als 50 Cent angeschossen wurde und Banks sich in dieser Situation als guter Freund von 50 Cent erwies. Produziert haben das Album u. Nachdem er sich dann aber von der Gruppe trennte, sah es so aus, als bliebe dies sein einziges von Eminem produziertes Album. So kam es u. Hauptautoren: Bender, ElRaki, M. Er wurde vor allem dadurch bekannt, dass er Rap und Jazz miteinander verband.

Hauptautoren: M-berger, Southpark. Zugleich wuchs aber die Kritik. Sein Ruhm begann MC Hawking abzunehmen. Too Legit to Quit war zwar noch erfolgreich in den Charts und enthielt einen Hit, kam aber nicht mehr an den Erfolg von heran. Im Dezember war Hammer pleite. Er meldete Bankrott an. Er fing wieder an, Texte und Songs zu schreiben, dieses Mal aber von Gott inspiriert. Er wechselte vom Rap zu Gospel-Musik. Januar in Oxford geboren. Nachdem er schon einige Zeit an den Rollstuhl gefesselt war, forderte die Krankheit weiteren Tribut.

Er begann eigene Texte zu schreiben und in den lokalen Clubs auftzutreten. Die drei mieteten sich ein kleines Tonstudio und nahmen eine eigene Platte auf. Hierzu wird das Medium Musik — und speziell der in den ern beliebte Hip Hop — verwendet, um auf lustige Weise einen Zugang zur Jugend zu erreichen.

Studien des U. Inhalte Viele Texte thematisieren physikalische z. I explode like a bomb. No one is spared. My power is my mass times the speed of light squared. Keiner wird verschont. Stephen Jay Gould should put his foot right up their asses. Hauptautoren: Srbauer, Blah. Heavy D. Der Durchbruch gelang ihnen jedoch mit Big Tyme Kritische Texte von ihnen wurden zum Beispiel zum Thema Kindesmissbrauch bekannt.

Daneben arbeitete sie auch als Schauspielerin z. Das zweite Album, The Score, wurde dann mehrmals mit Platin ausgezeichnet und machte alle drei Mitglieder der Fugees zu internationalen Stars.

Der Titel des Albums ist abgeleitet von Carter G. Hollywood begann ab in Harlem als DJ zu arbeiten. Unter anderem legt er dort im Apollo Theater auf. Er errang ersten Ruhm, als der Disco-Stil erfolgreich wurde. Hollywood musste seine Karriere unterbrechen, um sich mit seiner Drogensucht auseinanderzusetzen. Es wurde ruhiger um die Band. Heute sehen viele der noch vorhandenen Fans das Album allerdings als das beste der Band an. Das Projekt A. Bis kamen aus ihrem weiteren Bekanntenkreis neue Mitglieder hinzu, seitdem besteht IAM in ihrer heutigen Formation.

Nach Akhenaton ist er der zweitwichtigste Liederschreiber und Rapper der Gruppe. Er ist der DJ der Gruppe. Ice-T Ice-T eigentl. Er wurde in Newark geboren, wuchs jedoch in Los Angeles auf. Er rappte vom Leben in einer Gang dt. Law and Order N. Jadakiss bildet zusammen mit Sheek Louch und Styles P. Hauptautoren: Meleagros, Andrevoss, anonyme Bearbeiter.

Dieses fand zwar einigen Anklang in der Szene, brachte jedoch keinen kommerziellen Erfolg. Dieses Album verkaufte sich zwei Millionen Mal. Dre und DMX. September in Rom ist ein italienischer Rapper. Noch als Teenager begann Cherubini in Clubs sowie bei diversen lokalen Radiostationen aufzulegen.

Danach nannte er sich Jovanotti. Auch inhaltlich schwankten die Texte zwischen politischen und sozialen Statements, positivem Denken und Easyliving. Zum Album Lorenzo 94 gab er gleich ein begleitendes Buch mit heraus: Cherubini. Ende der er waren sie mit ihrer Kleidung und Philosophie Vorreiter einer starken Welle des Afrozentrismus, die dann in New York einsetzte.

Hauptautoren: Sofasurferin, Hoch auf einem Baum, D. Ihre erste Single erschien unter dem Namen Unified Rebellion. Hauptautor: FlorianWeingarten. Hauptautor: Westberlin. Diese verhalfen ihr auch zu einem Plattenvertrag. Der Song konnte sich auch in Europa ganz oben in den Charts platzieren. Sie ist seit dem 8.

Angefangen hat er mit sechs oder sieben Jahren, als er noch gar nicht wusste, dass das Nachmachen des Schlagzeuges seines Vaters Beatboxen war.

Hauptautoren: Bastla, Redf0x. Er gilt als einer der Pioniere des Hip Hop in den er Jahren. Indem er Songs nicht mehr als Ganzes spielte, sondern nur deren tanzbarsten Teile wiederholte, schaffte er den Prototyp dessen, was heute als Hip-Hop-Musik bekannt ist. Diese Crew benannte sich nach Herc als The Herculoids. It might be that certain part of the record that everybody waits for — they just let their inner self go and get wild.

Erste Aufnahmen stammen aus dem Jahr Ihr Markenzeichen war es, die Kleidung verkehrt herum zu tragen. Entdeckt wurde das Duo , als sie in einem Einkaufszentrum in Atlanta, Georgia, auftraten. Ein zweites Album erschien unter dem Titel Da Bomb, welches ebenso wie das erschienene letzte Album Young, Rich and Dangerous nur wenig erfolgreich war. KRS-One positionierte sich zunehmend politisch.

September im US-Sprachgebrauch gejubelt. Ihr erstes Album Criminal Kweli, Talib affected them down the block; the rich, the powerful those that are oppressing us as a culture. We cheered when happened in New York and say that proudly here. So, when the planes hit the building we were like; mmmm justice. Was er nachfolgend sagen wollte, now of course a lot of our friends and family were lost there as well, konnte er beim eigentlichen Interview aber nicht mehr loswerden, da er an dieser Stelle unterbrochen wurde.

Seine Familie legte Wert auf ihre afrikanischen kulturellen Wurzeln. Unterdessen fungierte er auch weiterhin als Produzent. The Notorious B. Aufgrund des Erfolgs beendete er seine Schulausbildung und nahm das Album Radio auf. Smith, mit dem er zweimal Platin bekam. James T. Hauptautoren: Jorges, Sicherlich. Sie rappen bis auf einige wenige Ausnamen auf Englisch. Ihr erstes Tape nannten sie Superstars. Auf diesem hatten sie bereits mit MC Supreme zusammengearbeitet, der Vollmitglied der Looptroop wurde.

Im gleichen Jahr brachten sie From the Wax Cabinet heraus. Sie waren die erste schwedische Rapgruppe, die ihre Alben komplett selbst aufnahm und produzierte. Wie auch andere Rapper zog es ihn im Jahre ins Filmbusiness. Nach dem Ausscheiden von Lardic kam Gregor Gandon hinzu.

Auch wenn die Gruppe in Paris beheimatet ist, stammen alle Mitglieder aus der Bretagne. Martial hatte mittlerweile eine Karriere als Songwriter begonnen. Beeindruckt von dem absolut neuartigen Klang, bot er ihnen sofort einen Plattenvertrag an. Der Song erreichte sofort Hitstatus, bis heute wurden 1,7 Millionen Platten verkauft; 1,5 Millionen davon bereits in den ersten Monaten nach Erscheinen.

Stivell verklagte die Gruppe umgehend. Obwohl die Fertigstellungsfristen sehr eng gesetzt waren, machte Manau sich umgehend an die Arbeit. Es erschien im Juli und wurde wie erwartet ein Verkaufsschlager. Schnell waren Manaus Bekanntheitsgrad steigerte sich exponentiell.

Sie hatten ein Jahr im Studio verbracht, um den Klang zu perfektionieren, und ihr Klang war — nachdem sie zuvor acht Monate ununterbrochen auf Konzerttournee gewesen waren — deutlich gereift. No Said Date erschien auf Nature Sound. Zudem ist der ganze Wu-Tang Clan auf dem Album vertreten.

Blige den Grammy. Das Duo bestand aus Lucien Witteveen M. Mitte der er Jahre landeten die beiden mit einer Rapversion von Madonnas Hit Holiday einen internationalen Erfolg. Witteveen und Van Veen lernten sich in einer Discothek in Hilversum kennen. Auch dieser Song verkaufte sich in den Niederlanden erfolgreich. Er trug als erster drei Weltmeister-Titel als DJ.

Geboren und aufgewachsen ist Mixmaster Mike in San Francisco. Das meiste davon war er-Jahre-Funk. Damit versuchte er verschiedene Lieder synchron zueinander abzuspielen.

Er benutzte die Pause-Taste, um das Tempo zu verlangsamen. Mike trat auf verschiedenen kleinen Partys auf und wurde bei einer dieser Feiern einem gewissen Richard Quitevis vorgestellt. Mike nahm teil. Mike gewann, doch in der Revanche siegte QBert. Stattdessen wurde ihnen angeboten, Teil der Jury zu werden. Mai Hauptautoren: Bender, Calvin Ballantine, Gunter. Nachdem die Grundidee hinter N. Auffallend ist, dass sich die N. D nicht mehr existiere. D sind tot. Ich habe mich in den vergangenen zwei Jahren ruhig verhalten.

Ich will auch jetzt nicht mit Dreck werfen. Seine Mutter Ann Jones starb Beide Rapper steigerten sich im Streit zur musikalischen Hochform. Der Streit demonstrierte den Wettkampf-Gedanken im Hip Hop, der eine musikalische Auseinandersetzung in einer Konfliktsituation propagiert.

Diddy kennen gelernt. Hauptautoren: Denisoliver, Achim Raschka. Hauptautoren: Harro von Wuff, Southpark, anonyme Bearbeiter. Cornell Haynes Jr. Er wohnte bei verschiedenen Familienmitgliedern und musste mehrmals die Schule wechseln. Louis verwickelt. Seine Mutter zog mit ihm in einen Vorort von St. Trotz dieses Erfolges erhielten die St. Lunatics keinen Vertrag mit einem Plattenlabel.

Der Rapper wird kaum noch ernst genommen. Ihren Durchbruch hatten sie mit der Produktion von Noreagas Superthug. Auch Bands aus anderen Musikrichtungen wie z.

Erste Aufmerksamkeit erntete er bei einer Kollaboration mit Mary J. Er brachte sie mit seiner Posse Junior M. West Coast. Die Situation eskalierte am 7. Er starb am 9. Die Platte entstand in sechs Wochen und kostete etwa 8. Ren erinnert sich: Dre was like the main ear. Das Label verbreitete den Brief, woraufhin der Markterfolg neue Dimensionen erreichte. Once we circulated that, everybody wanted to hear the record the FBI wanted to suppress.

Their fans 8. Sources Track: 1. Work Baby Work The Prep 3. Let's Do It 4. Quad City Funk 5. Hey DJ 6. Stomp-N-Grind 7.

Get on Up and Dance 8. Summer Jam 9. Party over Here Bass, The Move to This I'm Dead! A few minutes into listening, every possible doubt about the absence of the late Daevid Allen will be cast aside as contemporary and classic members unite to produce that undisputed "Gong sound".

Steering the music into outer space and the inner ear, GONG takes its legacy into fresh territories without abandoning the principles established by the band's founding visionary Daevid Allen.

This double-LP comes with a download code. Throughout HARKs debut album "Crystalline", angular riffing, pummelling rhythms and dually melodic and unrelentingly ferocious vocals courtesy of former TAINT frontman and acclaimed graphic artist Jimbob Isaac lead to galloping passages that show the maturity of a band far more honed than their age belies. Great bands often rise from the ashes of another. Having emerged from the depths of Melbourne's underground, The Ivory Elephant revels in late nights and loud sounds.

The band's music harks back to the greats of '70s rock'n'roll, saturated with heavy psych and down-home delta blues vibes. Despite the title, this album explores the darker side of blues-rock and delves deep into three-piece psychedelia.

Stashed full of heavy psych rock and fragile laments to love, life and the eternal sleep. Come take a trip to tight stonerrock combined with amazing psychedelic touches. If John Lee Hooker, Kyuss and Janis Joplin had a baby, can you imagine how ugly that little alcoholic infant would be? Fortunately, the four members of South Australia's Kitchen Witch can hold their liquor long enough to write some booty shakin' bluesy stoner groove.

Kitchen Witch continues to go from strength to strength with a powerful twist of blues, gospel, roots, country, punk, '70s rock and stoner doom.

Now Ksiezyc returns with 'Rabbit Eclipse', another fine offering that blends ancient Slavic folk music, 20th century minimalism and melancholic ambience. In the two years since the release of the band's self titled debut album, this gargantuan six-piece has infected the world with foot tappin grooves and Southern swamp sludge.

With the release of the follow up, 'Tracks,' the band once again takes you on a trip you wont soon forget. In the two years since the release of the band's self-titled debut-album, this gargantuan six-piece has infected the world with foot tappin' grooves and Southern swamp sludge.

Wuith this album the band once again takes you on a trip you won't easily forget. Now on vinyl for the first time. These seven tracks offer a blast of cymbal crashing, headbanging hard rock laced with doom metal and a sensible dosage of psychedelia. Undeniably rooted in the past, 'Nine Years' nevertheless sounds fresh and modern due to the band's ability to mix styles in a tasteful way. We get the proto-metal influence from Led Zeppelin, the heavy organ sound of The Doors, but also a huge dose of stoner, blues and psychedelic rock.

This Helsinki-based prog rock band was founded in by singer and keyboard player Antti Ortamo, bassist Vexi Kumpula and drummer Juki Marjala. The album is a conceptual work about a man who looks for meaning, purpose and joy in life, and who gets help from a walrus Black vinyl. With download coupon. Taste My Sword Of Understanding is at the same time minimal and complicated, light and heavy; sometimes gentle and soothing, sometimes raw and cruel, but always real and naked, and this time you may find - among all the repetition, weird noises, and floating on the drone and ultra-light chimes - even some essence of epic Heavy Metal on board.

Until now! These three past years have been a period of almost complete reclusion, filled with the struggle to survive with various physical, mental, social, financial and spiritual issues. The music is a truly far out blend of styles s.

This eclectic, yet coherent album, remains a worhty representative of Finland's early '70s underground scene. The album was originally released in Peter Hayden, who likes to refer to himself as PH. This album is everything that Hayden has ever done before, will do in the future, and it's performed in a completely new manner. There is something new lurking between those petrified genre definitions!

Here's a vinyl reissue of Pekka Pohjola's album. Pohjola rose to fame as the bass player of the Finnish progressive rock band Wigwam, but he soon departed on a solo career, initially releasing Frank Zappa-influenced progressive rock albums. As his career progressed Pohjola developed a style that could best be described as fusion jazz. Fusing the more engaging key elements of psychedelic, stoner and classic rock, UK 3-piece Red Spektor spits out rock'n'roll riffs that are hypnotic, energetic and genuinely gripping.

Influenced by a. One can indeed compare 'Fanfare Du Chaos' to some of Magma's work, but the difference here is that this music is much less groovy on the one hand and is at times very heavy on the other, slightly reminiscent of a cross between early Thinking Plague, mid-'70s King Crimson and late Univers Zero, plus the fact that the vocalists sing in a more traditional operatic custom, somewhere in the vein of the Universal Totem Orchestra.

Originally from and only available on CD. Limited edition of copies on black vinyl. The trio moves smoothly between the delicate airy breeze and the massive dark abyss with a ton of passion as common denominator.

For fans of a. Blues Pills, Fuzz Manta, Pristine.. Blues Pills, Fuzz Manta, Pristine This is a reissue of 'Fourth' or '4', the group's first all-instrumental album featuring a mixturs of free jazz, straight-ahead jazz, and Gong-like psychedelia.

This was the last Soft Machine album to include drummer and founding member Robert Wyatt. TEETH This is the debut-album by a band that shamelessly declares its heartfelt and deep-rooted love for psychedelic rock music as it was played by kindred spirits at the end of the '60s and in the early '70s.

The guys are especially fond of blues orientated acid rock bands such as Cream and Led Zeppelin. With a history dating back to , the trio is influenced by a.

The material sounds restrained yet fully rocking, with that unmistakable burnt, ragged edge. Guests include Erika Elder, P. Six, Mick Flower, J. Mascis, Meg Baird, Pete Nolan an others. Expect endless guitars of every texture, lush mellotron, vibrating harmonies, star-dust synth, hazed rhythms, eastern drones and more, all fluidly entwined.

The LP is packaged in a beautiful full colour laminated '60s style heavy tip-on cover and includes a large insert. Edition of copies. The Monkskers - Faster, Faster Dan Imposter - Le Collecteur Mary Q - Mary Q The Cryptones - The Red Guard Cucumber - Illogique Les Playboys - Leonard Throw in some African rhythms and sounds along the lines of Osibisa, and the sun will rise even in the coldest and darkest places.

This group definitely knows how to fan the flames of excitement in the listener. Lucas Crane. For sure the finest yet from these folks Plus enough sweet hooks to get yr next freakout party moving right. Hell yes, its a wicked one For their second outing, the band are still grasping for a symphonic sound that continues to elude them.

String orchestrations add a bit of a depth, but it's still Tony Kaye's spitting and snarling Hammond organ and Peter Banks' chromium-plated guitar cascades that form the musical apex of the band's sound, coupled with Anderson's unmistakable singing voice.

There's still some antiquated psychedelic-pop tunes here "Clear Days" and the band are still displaying their Beatles and West Coast rock influences on their sleeve as evidenced by the Richie Havens and Buffalo Springfield covers. But the grasping for a grander sound is beginning to pay off, as evidenced on "The Prophet", "Astral Traveller" and the jazzy version of "Everydays".

For all its Californian influences, the end result is distinctly English. THEN After a while, the idea of merging the two combos into a big band emerged. The sound quality of the live tracks is unfortunately mediocre but we thought that their historical importance justifies their official publishing.

All together the complete set includes 68 minutes of music. With the 12 pages booklet, the whole thing is wrapped into a double sided plastic bag. Strictly limited edition of copies. After their much appreciated album 'Quetzalcoatl' from , 'Amaterasu' shows the band exploring new territories and developing a more personal vision, less Magma-focused and more diverse.

The album features only 2 very long tracks, each being divided in several sub-segments. Track 1 'Tsukutomi' parts , for a total of nearly 20 minutes is a long instrumental act, at the border of highly eruptive jazz-rock, prog and RIO.

Track 2 'Amaterasu' parts , for a total of 28 minutes , is the Zeuhl plat de resistance of the album, a very long track firmly rooted into the Zeuhl aesthetic etheral vocals, Fender Rhodes and repetitive hypnotic patterns. The band formed a few years ago in Texas! This is their second CD their first is no longer available. Corima music owes a lot to Magma, the album being a succession of personal ideas and heavy glimpses to the Master founder of the Zeuhl genre.

In short, Corima gives us here an album which pays homage to Magma in a very festive way, an approach rather similar to Koenjihyakkei - however less sonic. Cortes stated: "I want to close all of this with a golden key" Dark rock forms the main ingredient in the musical amalgamation process, but it is the addition of metal, progressive influences, gothic, wave, even pop, and many other elements as well as a changing cast of musicians that results in each song shining with its own individual hue and tone.

Yet, a deep sense of anguish, despair, longing, loss, melancholy, and nostalgia forms a binding force that holds 'Bronze' together and formulates an encompassing theme. This edition of 5. Though at the time no one payed attention, this is a wonderful album. The music features just Ellie's intimate vocals and her harp-like finger-picked guitar playing, plus some lovely pastoral flute parts, courtsey of a friend, on a handful of tracks.

Expect a complex and personal trip that takes some time and attention to fully unfold. This time the record is presented in a metallic silver offset printed paper cover, with paste-on photo art. The included booklet insert contains more photos, Ellie's original notes from the vinyl reissue, as well as updated and expanded notes. Originally released on an obscure small label in you get driving guitars and crunching organs throughout same great long jams.

The sound here reminds of The Doors and Iron Butterfly. This band presents a fresh take on blues-based rock. The result was an unreleased album of material very much in the vein of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers. Recorded in A's Amigo studios. Taken from the master-tapes. This great West Virginia band released this rural rock LP in Featuring great fuzz guitar, heavy organ and tasteful use of acoustic guitars and piano.

The band is led by drummer Daniel Jeand'Heur. The music itself, while firmly connected to the classic One Shot sound a heavy bass, explosive drums, Fender Rhodes, long tracks , also features a horn section. The result, as you may expect from such a band, is a bridge between the most electric jazz-rock bands and prog.

But the real sensation here is the inclusion of occasional vocals that add a modern urban vibe to the whole thing - and that fits perfectly. As a nice bonus, the CD come with a download card allowing buyers to get the wav files of the instrumental version of the album.

Up to everyone to decide afterwards, which version is prefered. As the 60's drew to a close, the music got louder, angrier and harder. You get 20 tracks in total. Back in the day the group cut several singles for the tiny Glenn label before mutating into H. The equally tiny UIP label decided to gather a few of the Glenn singles, add a few more psychedelically oriented tracks, and release the package as the work of a non-exisiting group called Fapardokly. Although the recordings were never intended as a unified work, the LP stands as one of the great lost classics of the '60s.

Fankhauser went on to make more excellent recordings with H. Bounty in the late '60s and Mu in the early '70s. All material presented here was recorded between and all are taken from the original mastertapes. Their sound and unique personality is beautifully showcased on the rare and classic LP, 'Freedom'. All tracks taken off the master tapes.

Not your normal run of the mill, make it up as you go studio jams: These musicians were very good. Originally released as a triple LP set, this project is taken from the mastertapes.

These lost recordings have been revived, sounding fresh and timeless. Half of Fox's tapes were made at the infamous Glen Holly Studio, owned and operated by Phil Polimeni, where many famous musicians would hideaway to record, late into the morning hours. This is the very studio where Phil's closest friend and legendary guitarist Tommy Bolin jammed and recorded with Fox and others from thru Total time: The album is considered a combination of folk and psychedelic music, the real culmination of many other studio efforts by Chris between Bonus tracks are taken from 4 earlier releases.

Out of these demo efforts came another string of sessions known as "What's the excuse". More troubadour psych from the Wiz! Never before released. Influenced by f. Truly stunning! Another great band whose only studio recordings lay dormant until now.

Great vocal harmonies, coupled with terrific swirling guitars and the ever present sound of the B3 Hammond organ make this one great release!! They released 1 album back in of which only were pressed. Bounty and originally released by Uni Records' subsidiary Shamley. The album is awash in stoned vocals, walls of sitar and thick fuzz tones, and is best described as acid folk-rock.

Featuring the outstanding vocals of Gloria Lambert. The Hell Preachers, Inc. Actually, the musicians you hear may very well have been Germans. Ugly Custard featured the great guitar playing of Alan Parker, who was involved earlier with Hungry Wolf. From and respectively, this is full of fuzzed out guitars and screaming organs!!

Featuring the beautifull and haunting female vocals of Marcie Rauer and usically very spacey, bluesy and psychedelic very similar to that of Jefferson Airplane, It's A Beautifull Day and other Bay-area bands. Recorded in in Nashville, this Mega Rarity will not disappoint!!

While their lp is very highly rated and rated R4 in rarity, their three 45s are even rarer. Newly discovered tapes have uncovered unreleased songs and demos. All are included in this comprehensive collection. A very young Christopher Cross participated on some tof the tracks of the LP. Their album, released in was pressed in limited numbers and has become a rare collectors item.

The Human Zoo album is a quirky blend of psychedelic, garage, and funky music. Now for the first time since , here is an exact re-issue of The Human Zoo album, taken from the original master tapes with all album artwork faithfully restored.

Unremarkably sounding very much like Cream, their effective blend of melodic, laid-back songs combined with fuzz guitar numbers left a resounding impact on the American Pop culture of the 60s. Gear Fab. It was recorded by two very talented christian troubadours who met in in Virginia. Soon they had written a dozen of songs, looking at religion from the eyes and cars of the youth of today.

With heavy influences of Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Airplane, this album features prominent organ and was produced by the famous jazz musician Ahmad Jamal. Beautiful fantasy cover artwork. Now Ksiezyc returns with 'Rabbit Eclipse', another fine offering that blends ancient slavic folk music, 20th century minimalism and melancholic ambience.

The spacey psychedelic sound of The Lemon Fog never sounded better with all their singles, previously unreleased outtakes, and the complete versions of 'Summer', all from the original master tapes. Their first single 'Theme For The Living Eye' was a psych-pop flower power masterpiece released in the winter of In June the second Lemon Fog-single, 'Summer', was released.

With its moody and introspective sound and vibe, unusual for a summer themed song, this remains the signature track of the band. Maybe 'Summer' should have been a number one hit. The surreal lyrics and tight playing of The Lemon Fog obfuscate the fact that the members were in high school when these sophisticated psychedelic masterpieces were recorded. Track Listings 1.

Summer, Previously Unreleased Complete Version 2. Lemon Fog 3. The Prisoner 5. Day By Day Previously unreleased complete version 6. Summer Original Single Master 9. Echoes Of Time-previously unreleased outtake Day By Day The Prisoner Tracks like 'Annunciation', 'Starewell", 'Windwill", 'Sunday afternoon in garden of delights', 'The Journey sisyphus ', should say enough.

Coming previously unreleased material. Power Sitar'. Here we have two very rare exploito LPs from back in In mini-LP cardboard sleeve format, this features some wild instrumentation!!

A cosmic mind voyage from doom valley to blues mountain! The bands unique sound, and rare cohesion probably stem from the fact that core members John Gamino, Nolan Girard, and Jake Sheley actually grew up within a one mile radius from each other, attended the same schools, were a part of the same scene, and have played music with each other for 15 years. Follow-up to their highly acclaimed debut album "New Rituals" This live CD was recorded in a small club in Tokyo on August 3rd, The sound of the recording is a marvel, the band never sounded better - even when recording into a studio.

Huge dynamics in here! Emmanuel Borghi having departured the previous year, it is no surprise that he's been replaced by Bruno Ruder who is also the new keyboard player in He makes his debut on CD with One Shot here.

The stage is really the place where they are at their best, and this is fully evidenced here their 2nd live recording after "Vendredi 13" in The rythm section of Ph. To be played loud! Weird pastel electronica. Bizarre cut and paste loops. Hazy, mist-clad experimentalism. Eternal drone theatrics. The music of Finland's Paavoharju, now preparing for the release of their 3rd album, is difficult to pin down.

The Wire dubbed the music as "home-taped experimentation married to pop ecstasy", and the albums "Yha Hamara" and "Laulu Laakson Kukista" found the band worldwide cult fame in the indie scene. Main composer Lauri Ainala's penchant for progress and experimentation found him at a point where it was necessary for Paavoharju to renew itself. The major stylistic change on the new album is the inclusion of hip hop elements, with rap vocals performed by Paperi T also of the Helsinki hip hop group Ruger Hauer , but the handling of these influences is unconventional.

Paavoharju's brand of hip hop is far removed from its roots, taken off the streets and thrown into the nocturnal forests of Finland.

Familiar building blocks from the group's previous work, such as the array of female voices and troubadour Joose Keskitalo, are still there, but they are distant, often drowned in swathes of electronic haze, sometimes just barely audible as if a faded memory of something that once was. Speaking of the album, Ainala compares it to an old family homestead to which one returns after decades and in whose decayed state there is both horror and beauty.

This double-CD contains all the band's original A- and B-sides, plus several relevant album tracks. The set is presented in a digipack including a booklet with exclusive photos and liner notes by Dutch music journalist Robert Haagsma. ANN NIGHT KJOE This band mixes elements from Folk, Southern Rock, and Jazz creating a very dark and experimental mix that is quite puzzling, but at the end of the day it is quite enjoyable and unique. An extra layer of mystery is added by the Finish lyrics, making the music even more confusing since it sounds familiar but we have to clue what they are trying to say.

There are moments in King Crimson's past that maybe glance in these directions, and the ghost of Frippertronics repays the observation, but the key to these pieces lies less in random ambience than an almost startling sense of purpose. Sardonicus Festival and the Blind Cat Festival. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sendelica's soundtrack to Grant Wakefield's movie 'Sleepwalker Fever', here's a wonderful CD-reissue, presented in a card sleeve and limited to no more than copies.

It was to be performed by a Greenwich Village band called "Inner Sanctum". The theme of the album was to be a psychedelic journey into the various psyches of the mind. The trip started with a journey into the past The House Of Yesterday then covered the inner workings of the mind ID then the descent into madness Hydro Pyro hallucination Purple Floating and finally culminating in nirvana Snow Petals.

Unfortunately, Barkan was unable to find a record company willing to lease the masters and so they languished for decades unreleased. Now, at long last the masters for this aborted album are mixed from the original four track tapes and forty plus years later the psychedelic sounds of "Inner Sanctum" are now ready, willing, and able to blow your mind. In the fall of , thirteen original songs and two covers were recorded for a potential album, but nothing was ever released.

Had Sunset Love released their album in the 60s, there is no doubt it would have been an instant rarity of excellence. The "Sunset Love" tapes are sourced from the original stereo versions and reveal the great harmonies and surrealistic lyrics of an undeservedly overlooked and forgotten band from the late 60s. By the time ended, many of the groups in Texas that started out playing British Invasion and folk-rock music, were now immersing themselves in the newly emerging psychedelic music.

The five groups that comprise this album reflect the changes that occurred during this period and four of them even changed their names to sound more psychedelic. If the 13th Floor Elevators were the epitome of what a Texas psychedelic band was, then the groups on this album were not far behind in trying to emulate that state of existence.

Here then are twenty-two tracks compiling the changes that occurred from late to , when the Texas bands went metaphorically speaking from "Kool-Aid" to "Electric Kool-Aid Acid". While Maxine's earlier 'Lace' album unfolds as a more externalized and psychedelic experience, here everything focuses inwards with an utterly beautiful, lulling, tidal tranquility. The songwriting is deep and revelatory, yet raw and unforced.

It's a sparse 4-track home-fi recording, with a gauzy analogue mist and sounds of the environment gently creeping in. The LP is packaged in a hand assembled fold-out art paper cover with screen printed text and pasted artwork.

The sound is decidedly 4-track home-fi, with a gauzy analogue mist and sounds of the environment gently creeping in. It largely is a solo affair, though Alastair Galbraith's contributions add an electrified and disorienting edge.

The music is wonderful, with plenty of that unique New Zealand magic. Raw, pure, and completely unforgettable. Limited edition of numbered copies picture disc!

After the succesful H. Great bombastic martial music in best tradition. All tracks have carefully been re-mastered for this vinyl pressing and the track "Arise" has replaced "A requiem for the city of god" that was on the CD. Order fast! Now, some 44 years later, she returns with a stunning follow-up album on which she is backed by a stellar cast of musicians. The album is a bundle, a bindle, a hay bale, and an oil barrel of songs. Some of the genres that are to be found in varying degrees in the songs on this album are road songs, rock songs, folk songs, blues songs, country songs, rhythm and blues songs, skronk non-songs, cinema songs, cult songs, poem songs, jams, and ballads, to use however you wish.

SEAN I It was founded a while after the neofolk-duo Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa decided to quit. The ruins of Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa left behind were still smoking when something new, beautiful and fresh started already grow from there.

SIDE A: Meet Me at the Bottom

Ressies, meanwhile, provide a bleeding-edge, disco punk and electro soundtrack to the festivities. OnMarsWit Insgesamt erschienen von 14K ca. Sylvia Patterson. Medley: Orfeo Negro 3. A classic snafu occurred in So- -malia when a leaflet hurriedly composed for dropping on Mogadishu got a critical wore wrong. Amantes Sunt Amentes Panda 1. O titers end up wheelchair bound, unable to move or speak, or succumb to pneumonia. Whiskey Head Woman
Juan Reyes (2) Y Los Alegres De San Basilio / Aníbal Velásquez Y Su Conjunto - San Basilio / La Bruj, The Joe Cuba Sextet* - Pud-Da-Din / What A Baby (Vinyl), Paint My Heart Red - Keith Jarrett - The Carnegie Hall Concert (CD, Album), You Bombonniere - Damien (48) - Crippled Cute (CDr, Album)

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  3. Jun 22,  · First ever vinyl version of this album, originally released in New Zealand as a tiny CDR edition in The sound is decidedly 4-track home-fi, with a gauzy analogue mist and sounds of the environment gently creeping in.
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  5. 3. Bone Thugz & Harmony - Thuggish Ruggish Bone (Bebe Breaks ReRub) 4. DJ Hero - Goin' Down 5. 69 Boyz - Here Kitty Kitty 6. Enicac & Novi - Smoke Dis 7. IIo - Reapture - (Lo IQ remix) 8. Chevy One & Stanley Knife - Be King Booty 9. Snoop Dog - So Many Ho's (Kue After Hours Remix) Dual Base - My Drug The Goodfellas & Agent K - Baby Make.
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