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Join Date: Apr Send a private message to UFI. Send a private message to NvAriec. Show thread close window. If they send you a picture of Jennifer Lopez with an LV bag, you know the auction is a fake.. Send a private message to domensell. View Profile: khaled saad - Forex Forum — Forex Send me a PM if you need me. Instaforex Trading Account Verification Questions Shortly after Megadeth!

It's so rare when a band comes so close to early Megadeth without ripping them off. Just to prove it, 'Trojan Horse'.

This is the fastest song here, though still mid-paced. Just listen to this guitar lead, those keyboards in the background This is a nice heat-up before the album's epic closure. Just when the main feature ends, we get the most freaking awesome song on the entire record. Neither a ballad, nor a headbanging piece, 'Midnight' would make this album awesome even if all the other songs were total crap. That intro, those lyrics, this tempo! It's one of the greatest metal songs ever written by Russian musicians, period.

I won't say anything more, just listen to it, my God what an incredible song. After what you just thought to be the best song ever, there are some bonus tracks. Just kidding; after the 'rapping' part, this one becomes a fast thrasher anyway, reminiscent of early OverKill.

The third bonus track is an older version of 'Midnight', recorded in Just as the version, this one kills! But due to a bit lower recording quality, this sounds even more dirty and menacing.

Personally I prefer the version over the re-recording, just because of how raw it is, which is more appropriate for such a dark song. To close it all, there is a live version of 'Litany For Satan'. Not sure it's how Krupnov intended it to be, but it sounds a hell lot like something Carnivore would put out on their first album.

Counting a lot of Type O Negative similarities before and the fact that Krupnov is a bassist-vocalist, it all is clear now - he was Russian Peter Steele!

And just like Mr Steele, he is not with us anymore, which makes any piece of music he has ever recorded twice as valuable. Including this album, especially since it's the band's roots re-recorded and polished for all us to enjoy. But by now you may be wondering - where is the traditional reference to the next day's band? It all makes me think now. Thrash metal? Memorable stage shows?

Dark occult lyrics? Constant influences and references to Venom? Looks like I know whom to introduce now - a band that had it all exaggerated to the point of hilarity but not on the album I'm going to talk about , even more underground and devoid of anything remotely intelligent; but if The Black Obelisk are like Megadeth, someone would have to be Slayer.

Tomorrow is Korroziya Metalla! Today we'll move away from Ariya and its ex-bandmates and get familiarized with something a little bit more original. At least, their music is different enough for me not to care about who is!

While Ariya was mostly experimenting with NWOBHM and classic rock, Black Coffee, led by charismatic singing guitarist Dmitriy Varshavskiy, were a bit more 'progressive' and original in their music and lyrics, ending up being the first Russian white metal band.

It is not as fast and furious as Master, but if you're looking for something different, melodic and technical, Black Coffee is a decent choice. And on a side note, of all the albums of this week, I happen to own two on vinyl, and this is the first of them. They are totally unlike Ariya, Master or the bands yet to come probably, excluding The Black Obelisk , whom I'll cover tomorrow.

The topics themselves are traditional, though - metalheads, bad love, science fiction, but also there's a song about black coffee! From now on, it is mostly constructed in a pattern: a headbanging song - a ballad - then another headbanging song - then another ballad.

Just to prove it, 'Vladimir's Rus'' is a slow and doomy piece, with haunting riffs and hypnotic pacing. Overall, one of the best songs on the album, as well as one of the band's concert favorites. Then there's 'The Dawn Of Life', which contrary to the title, is a fast-paced and energizing piece. Again, as with all the non-ballads here, Varshavskiy's vocals sound really weird, but even weirder are the lyrics - 'The dawn of life will return, looking at my window in the morning with its tender silver light.

My road is waiting for me'? Sounds pretty Dream Theater'ish to me! Anyways, if you don't dislike the vocals, this song is pretty original, like the whole album is for the most part. Then there goes 'I'm Looking For It's another ballad with great lyrics and dramatic chorus.

Again, the musicians show their excellent skills and synchronicity, as well as a number of nice solos here and there. After that, we're treated to 'My Home', a heavy rock-n-rolling piece where the Queensryche similarities become obvious. Back in the day, Dmitriy Varshavskiy was considered to be one of the Russian guitar heroes, along with Sergey Mavrin and Valeriy Gaina, and such songs do show why. The whole album itself is not about speed, heaviness or even rock-for-the-rock, it's all in technical musicianship, dramatic lyrics and melodic approach.

But this is not purely a progressive metal album, counting how the songs are unusually sort for such genre. Anyways, after 'The Ocean Of Stars' is concluded, the rest of the disc is all headbanging numbers, such as 'Stranger'. The same can be said about 'Black Coffee', but these songs are nothing but identical, as the latter is more fun and moving, and also may be the simplest song on the record, without too many background solos, right like it was on 'Stranger'.

The lyrics are pretty cool, too, even referencing the fortunetelling qualities of this drink. All in all, it's a great closer song, as I like albums that end on fun ny notes. Yes, this is where the original vinyl version ends, but the CD reissue has its share of bonus tracks, the first of which is 'Winter Portrait'.

Then we have 'Leaves', a nice power ballad about I was always wondering why only the true black metal bands sing about nature, but not the ones who go with more 'humane' genres. Actually, this whole album lyrically is unlike everything else, and I'd like to think that it was intentional. After all, everybody around was singing about war, Satan and war against Satan, so it's good to see something refreshing, especially as the poetry is so talented. And the last song here is 'Sounds Of Space', a fantastic both in terms of lyrical theme and overall quality piece, while not as fun as 'Black Coffee', but also a decent closer, this time for real.

So here we have, one of the most original albums of this week, and probably of the Russian metal genre itself. If you want to hear something a little different, more like 'thinker's metal', and you love early Queensryche, make yourself a cup of black coffee, pop 'Step Over The Threshold' into your CD or MP3 player and give it a listen.

And if you know Russian or have the lyrics translated decently, you'll get double the enjoyment! Like Metallica and Megadeth, out of the ashes of Ariya, emerged Master.

When Granovskiy, Bolshakov, Molchanov and Pokrovskiy were let go around , they decided not to put their banners down and recruited Seryshev and Popov to form a new band, specializing in a then-evolving musical genre that at the time was extremely rarely if at all sounding behind the Iron Curtain: thrash!

And so they did, releasing a brilliant speed metal disc, sounding pretty much like early Metallica and Helloween.

And so they did, releasing a brilliant speed metal disc, sounding pretty much like early Metallica and Helloween. All those movies are beloved classics СПИД - Коррозия Металла - Адский Концерт (CD both 'that' and current generations, as they portray heroism, willpower, patriotism actually, in Russia and Ukraine, WWII is often called The Great Patriotic War or simply The War of the Soviet people that helped them in defeating the Nazi scourge once and for all. My road is waiting for me'? Most of the participants arrested. Catch "Ultimate vol. The lyrics are pretty cool, too, even referencing the fortunetelling qualities of this drink. But it's not like Sacred Reich's 'Ignorance', so the Album) variety is still there: mid-paced 'Beware' talks about the Roman Empire - maybe it's also a reference to USSR, I won't exclude that - and 'Hands Off', another fast thrasher, is about an evil wizard hellbent on destroying the world. Metallica - st anger. But now, everything was serious - official distribution, mature musical talent, dark and colorful cover art, crazy sales СПИД - Коррозия Металла - Адский Концерт (CD some of the greatest heavy metal hymns ever, Album).
Jesienna Dziewczyna - Kalina Jędrusik - Kalinowe Serce (CD), Got More Rhymes - Young MC - Bust A Move (CD), Bless You - John Lennon - Yer Blues (CD), Get Together - Мадонна* - Confessions On A Dance Floor (CD, Album), Thousand Skins

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  1. Дмитрий Зюзин, Воронеж, Россия. Окончил ВГАУ им. Императора Петра i в Войдите на сайт или.
  2. Корозия Металла «Адский концерт» Moroz Records Корозия Металла «Танцевальный рай & ад» Azon Records Корозия Металла «Самогон» Moroz Records Корозия Металла Съешь Живьём Live + 3 video Мистерия.
  3. Aug 27,  · The album (here I'm talking about the recent CD reissue, not the original vinyl that has different tracklist!) kicks off with 'Master', a fast and furious slab of metal, not unlike Slayer '83, though not as heavy. Dramatic intro, fast rhythm and powerful vocals by Seryshev give a .
  4. Власть зла is a thrash metal music movie recording by КОРРОЗИЯ МЕТАЛЛА released in on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes КОРРОЗИЯ МЕТАЛЛА Власть зла's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, buy online: ebay and amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by some experts.
  5. Голая Марина Бешенный Макс Глаза вампира. 0 / 0. PeterShop > Каталог > Коррозия Металла > Коррозия Металла. Радостная жизньMissing: Album).
  6. Коррозия металла: 1: Адский Концерт Album + Compilation. Year Title Artist Rating Releases; The Greatest Hits: Коррозия металла: 1: Album + Live. Year Title Artist Rating Releases; Nicht Kapituliren: Коррозия металла.
  7. На музыкальном портале Вы можете бесплатно скачать Коррозия Металла - СПИД в формате mp3. Слушать онлайн Коррозия Металла - СПИД без fluneprefighretabperfmergupacorap.cog: Album).

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