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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Mute, and living on the streets after his aunt has a heart attack, Peter isn't sure life could get much worse.

He desperately waits for his 18 birthday when he can finally have a life again. Until a seeming to be normal friend, Sam Wilson helps turn his life back around. With the help of the rest of the Avengers of course. In the middle of sorting all this out, Hydra causes even more trouble for our heroes. And Peter once again is left in the middle of the chaos. Hi everyone.

So I got permission to adopt Vitaliciouscreations story Reintroducing Hope. So the first 14 chapters are theirs. But chapter 15 and up are mine, and how my brain thought the story would go. In the story, Peter is sixteen. He was with a foster family for a few weeks, but they were very strict, and well, mean.

So he ended up running away, because he couldn't be Spiderman and live in that household at the same time. Because of the stress and trauma of not only losing his parents, Uncle Ben, Gwen, but now his Aunt May, and then ending up with a abusive family, Peter now suffers from Selective Mutism.

This is a condition, where the person can physically speak. Nothing is wrong with their vocal cords. But they may no longer trust anyone, be scared of someone hearing them, or just be afraid of speaking in general.

Yes I did research They can speak when they feel comfortable, if they trust the person, or if they are alone. But don't speak otherwise. Phew, now that that is out of the way, there isn't anything to say other than Enjoy the awesomeness that is this story! Disclaimer: Spiderman and the Avengers are not mine. Actually the first 14 chapters of this fic aren't even mine. Reintroducing Hope; Chapter 1: Peter needed to stop making friends.

When was he going to learn that in the end, people only ended up hurt when they were around him, or worse. He hadn't even gotten too close to this guy, but now he was probably in the hospital or something, all because of Peter's stupid curse.

You'd think he would have learned by now. An old short lady out walking her purse dog, glared fiercely at him. Wrinkling her nose at Peter's ratty, unclean clothes and dirty tennis shoes. He was tempted to glare right back at her, but instead he just turned his head down to watch his shoes as he shuffled past her and her expensive-looking dog. Getting in a glaring competition with an old woman would do him no good, and might even get the cops called on him again for loitering or whatever it had been.

For how many homeless there were in New York City, it was surprising how high the stigma against them was. He almost felt disgusted with his old self for how grossly ignorant he'd been before.

He was only a little while away from his favorite bench. One that had been placed intentionally on a path that was now abandoned for all except highly-motivated joggers and maybe the occasional panicked criminal, because of the small but steep hill it was placed on. Due to the abandonment of the path the foliage was also much wilder around there, which made it impossible to see the bench from the ground, which was even better.

The bench was also almost at the top of the hill, but not quite, so it was still slanted a bit. Not nice for sitting, as you'd slide down it gradually. But if Peter braced his feet in just the right positions, he could sleep there for maybe an entire night with no interruptions, provided that no crime happened at all, ever, that night. Peter snorted to himself as he started stumbling up the steep slope to his bench. The thought was downright laughable, even considering how crime rates had noticeably dropped ever since he'd gotten out on the street, sometime around two years ago, give or take.

Two years, that was actually ridiculous to him for some reason. Two whole years, and he'd gone from a fully functional family with his loving Aunt and Uncle. To being a sad homeless kid on the streets desperately waiting for his eighteenth birthday. When he'd be able to stop running from Child Protective Services, inherit the little bit of money his parents had left him, clean up, get a job, and become a little more functional again.

Maybe get some therapy or something, though he'd never be able to tell them about the Spider-Man thing. So it'd probably be useless for almost everything, except maybe getting him to be able to talk to people again.

He reached his bench, and sat down heavily, involuntarily sighing as he did so. He brought his knees up to his chest and slung his arms around them, hugging them to himself.

He felt really bad right now, and he knew he wouldn't be able to do anything about it, but sleeping a little before inevitably waking up because of his spider-sense and going out on patrol would be better than just sitting there and thinking about how bad he felt. Peter switched his body into a sleeping position, staring up at the still-light sky.

The street lamps in the park weren't even on yet, so it had to be before six-thirty, but not that much before cause the sun looking like it was fairly close to setting. Crime really started around seven to nine, so if Peter was lucky he might be able to get in a few hours. That would be pretty cool. He'd been overworking himself, well, since he'd started this stupid Spider-Man thing, and now with his extra-fast metabolism and the fact that food was pretty hard to come by when you were homeless, getting any sleep would be good for him.

Plus, it'd probably give his body a little more time to work on his broken healing factor, which worked a lot better with a high influx of energy. But since he wasn't getting much food these days, every injury he came by was spending longer and longer to heal. It wouldn't be long before he had to start stealing from hotdog stands, and Peter really didn't want to do that. His eyes had drifted gradually shut while he was busy thinking about his situation, and now he was almost all the way to sleep.

New York was a constant clamor of noises loud and soft, annoying and soothing, but after so much practice it was effortless to force them to fade into the background as Peter settled down for another uncomfortable nap in a long, uninterrupted list of many, from the tops of skyscrapers to the inside of cranes, to countless ones on this very bench.

Peter never thought he'd get used to being homeless this easily, but given enough time he supposed you could get used to anything. Like being Spider-Man without webbing, since the materials to make the formula were bought with money he no longer had, or not having anybody's company anymore.

God, he was messed up. He'd tell himself to get his life together, but right now it was the closest to 'together' that it was going to be for a while. He heaved a slow breath, feeling the final layers of sleep slowly settling down on him. It was almost strange how easy it was for him to fall asleep, but it was necessary, so not too strange.

His breaths slowed down even more, and he could hear his heartbeat inside of his chest doing the same. He was going to be asleep in a few seconds if nothing happened, but knowing his luck, of course it would Ahh, blissful sleep. As soon as a hand touched down on Peter's shoulder, he was sitting upright, steadying his feet on the ground and ready to sprint away from whoever was waking him up. He'd had way too many encounters with cops that rich people had called on him and other various well-meaning "good Samaritans" to not have this response practically trained into him.

It was a good Samaritan, but not just any random good Samaritan, a good Samaritan Peter thought he might not ever see again. He blinked up in surprise at one of his only friends.

Well, really, his only friend at this point. Sam Wilson, veteran, high-maintenance jogger which was how Peter had met him , and, as already stated, textbook good Samaritan. He held up his hands a little, a small smile playing across his face as he looked at Peter.

Just though you might wanna wake up for this. Peter hesitated for a second, doubt in the back of his mind flickering for just an instant. There'd been a few times when people had offered him drugged food and then tried to do awful things to him, just because he was now a homeless kid and people didn't really care about them.

But he quickly pushed the doubt away. Sam Wilson was his friend, he'd brought him food many times before, and he would probably do it again. Peter reached out a hand, drawing his feet back up to his chest, and Sam grinned and pulled out a McDonald's bag.

As he held the bag out to Peter, the younger boy noticed something weird about his right arm. He was using it too stiffly, like it had been injured recently, though not too badly or otherwise Peter would be able to see a wrapping of some sort underneath his sleeve. While Peter took the bag of delicious-smelling food, Sam sat down next to him and dug into his own McDonald's meal. Peter looked him up and down for any other injuries, eyes narrowing a bit. His legs seemed to be fine, though he was wearing suspiciously new shoes.

The right side of his torso might have been a little damaged, but the arm was what Peter was most worried about. At least until he got to Sam's head.

And saw a long cut across his forehead, with a few butterfly stitches pasted on either side, keeping it together so it could heal properly.

Sam stopped chewing, and Peter knew it would be polite to look away, eat the food his amazing friend had procured for him, but he couldn't. Sam was hurt, just like Peter had thought. Was it because of Peter's curse? What had happened? Car accident? What if Sam had been- "Kid? Sam reached up curiously and probed the area, wincing and hissing a bit in pain when his fingers found what Peter had been looking at. I forgot that was there, almost. Kind of got used to it. Don't worry about me, I've had way worse.

Peter hesitated, but reached for his food again, shifting his body so he was angled towards Sam as he pulled out the double bacon cheeseburger Sam had gotten him. Peter didn't even like bacon that much, but considering how many calories it gave him, he'd take it any day.

He'd quickly learned that the bigger the meal, the better, because you didn't know when your next was going to be, and when your nightly activities were as energy-consuming as his were, you needed every bit you could get. He tilted his head at Sam a little bit as he set the wrapped cheeseburger in his lap and reached for his bag, starting to tear it into a placemat at the seams.

He and Sam would pile their fries together and pour some ketchup on the white paper. The first time Sam had done the setup he'd claimed that it was better because they could salt their fries more accurately like that, and they stayed warmer like that, all piled together.

While both were true, Peter had started to suspect Sam did it mostly so he could sneak Peter extra fries without Peter rejecting the charity because of his pride. Peter waited a moment before giving a decisive nod. Then spilling his fries out onto the makeshift placemat places between them on the slanted bench.

It would end up sliding more towards Peter because of gravity, and Peter was sure that his companion had somehow planned this. Ehh, he wasn't complaining. Peter reached down and grabbed the drinks, hearing Sam spilling his own fries out next to Peter's, and then rummaging in his bag, probably for ketchup or something.

The bacon cheeseburger got a little squished when Peter reached down, but he really didn't mind. It was wrapped in McDonald's weird yellow paper, so no mess, and it felt pretty nice and warm against his stomach. Even through his hoodie, shirt, and his Spider-Man suit, which he still wore beneath his clothes, but now, all the time. Peter handed his drink to him, wrinkling his nose a little bit, and Sam barked a laugh.

Sprite is a perfectly good beverage, kiddo, just because you hate it Peter grabbed the few ketchup packets he'd piled neatly to the side when he'd split open his bag and started helping the pile grow, using one of the packets on his burger and the other three on the pile, and Sam did the same. After taking a bite into the burger that basically tasted like heaven in his mouth, after two days without any food and only water-fountain drinking water, he looked at Sam, who was enjoying his own meal.

After a while of staring at him, Sam made a shrugging gesture and asked, "What? He really wanted to know what had happened. Maybe it wasn't so bad? Who was he kidding, butterfly stitches meant that he'd been taken to an actual hospital, and considering how tough Sam was, it was probably really bad. God, this was all his fault. Peter raised an eyebrow, but Sam just laughed.

It's a long story, too, and I kind of don't feel like talking about it. That okay? He could understand not wanting to talk about it.

Hell, that was basically his motto by now. Or maybe just not talking at all, ever since Aunt May had passed away. He'd talked to the Millers, his strict foster family, a little, but when they kept bugging him with everything and screaming at him when he was constantly late for curfew, telling him to speak up and talk more, and to get over it, people have it worse then you, he just wanted to scream.

But when he did, they told him to shut up, and took his camera and phone away. He didn't want to talk anymore, not to anybody except Aunt May, Uncle Ben, or Gwen, but they were gone. Maybe Sam, sometimes, but it was better if the guy kept thinking he was mute, like he thought now. If he didn't know Peter's name, maybe the curse wouldn't touch him. Fingers snapped in front of Peter's face.

Making Peter nearly grabbed Sam's wrist and twisted it around, but stopped himself before his hands could fly up more than a few inches. Sam was a friend. A really cool friend.

And if he found out even a little about Peter it would be all over, and Peter would be alone again. And he couldn't be alone again. Sam had almost left him, if Peter did anything now he could lose his only friend, not only his friend but somebody who occasionally provided food for Peter, and company every single time. Even if it was all one-sided conversations. If Sam left But they always leave. His parents, then Uncle Ben, then he'd met Gwen, and then caused her father to die, and then she died, and then Aunt May had her heart attack and died.

Harry and MJ had been lost when the Millers took him in, and then the Millers themselves had been lost when Peter eventually just stayed away. Because the strict rules restricting his nighttime activities and even stricter punishments became too hard to bear, and he'd been all alone.

Sam would leave too, eventually, and Peter wouldn't even blame him. Peter bit into his already half-eaten cheeseburger with vigor, staring at the man across from him.

He was so nice; the world almost didn't deserve him. He was the only one willing to hang out with a selectively mute homeless kid who he didn't even know the name of, and he bought Peter food and let him jog with him a few times. He talked to Peter, hung out with him after recovering from rigorous early morning jogs. He made stupid jokes and paid attention enough to answer Peter's silent questions.

So when he leaves, Peter is going to be crushed, just like he had been with the rest of them. But eventually, he would leave. Because they always left. And it was always Peter's fault. Peter's burger suddenly felt a little less good on his taste buds, but he forced himself to chew and swallow. He grabbed the yellow paper he'd discarded to the side and carefully wrapped the remaining half of the burger up, for later.

It wasn't good to eat so much all at once after not having eaten for so long anyway. He couldn't do much but shrug in response. Bacon cheeseburgers weren't his favorite food, and since Sam brought him so many, the taste was quickly becoming almost strangely gross. But if Peter had eaten half a hot dog a business man had thrown at him once, he sure as hell would eat food Sam had actually bought for him. Peter's stomach made a little grumbly sound, like it wasn't exactly happy that Peter had stopped eating either.

Peter reached for the large drink of Coke Sam had gotten him and took a long gulp, swallowing and then offering Sam a tentative smile. He didn't know how to convey his next question without words, but he would find a way. He was pretty creative. Peter set his drink down, and then motioned to Sam's head injury again.

The man sighed, but before he could say anything, Peter tapped his wrist and gave Sam an expectant look. That caused the man pause, confusion etching its way onto his face, so it was obvious he hadn't gotten it. Peter looked around, and his eyes landed on Sam's watch, so he pointed at that, and then Sam's head wound, and then back to the watch. How much time will it take for me to heal? How much time did it take for me to get the injury? Peter gave him a dry look, and then held up nine fingers.

Sam paused for a moment. Nine what? Nine time? Nine days? It's been nine days since I've last seen you, right? I normally come around pretty frequently.

Are you wondering if my injury has anything to do with why I haven't seen you in nine days? Sam grinned. Peter shrugged, showing he wasn't offended, and motioned for Sam to go on talking.

It does, a little, I guess. It wasn't that bad, the injury is actually just because of something a little crazier that happened to me a while ago, and I was caught up with some things. I'm sorry I didn't come see you sooner, you probably missed jogging with me in the mornings, right? You know, you're pretty fast for a small guy.

Peter stared a bit as Sam reached for a fry. Yeah, he could probably eat. And he couldn't save the fries for later, because they tasted disgusting when they were cold. And he should try to get at least some of those fries in him before he went on patrol. They'd probably help with his awareness, at least, since his reflexes would be more open if he wasn't as hungry as nights before. Peter and Sam started devouring the fries, which were steadily getting cooler, along with the night air.

Peter guessed by the dimness of the sky it was probably around seven thirty, maybe eight if he was misjudging how light it was. The sun was probably still sitting on the horizon, but he couldn't see it past all the skyscrapers and buildings. Sam's phone rang, startling Peter so much he dropped the fry he was holding. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic.

Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Track Listing. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date November 1, Ben Hillier , Craig Potter, Elbow. Build a Rocket Boys! Dead in the Boot The Take Off and Landing of Everything The Newborn EP , Total length:.

Richard Griffith Horns, Performer. Mike Doud 2 Art Direction, Design. Frank Waddy Drums. Jim Vitti Engineer. Mike Iacopelli Engineer. Catfish Collins Guitar. Casper 7 Guitar, Drums. Horny Horns Horns. Maceo Parker Horns.

Rick Gardner Horns. Fred Wesley Horns.

The small chunk that had consumed Iron Man had apparently recovered from its failure and was now attempting to absorb both Shitboots - Splattered Nachos - Back From The Dead (CDr and any pink gunk that had fallen from their earlier efforts with the higher blob. The other half already though he'd turned it down. But if it really started gearing up for a tendril attack, he would book it. It probably wouldn't be a hard jump, but nevertheless Peter Album) his balance a little to sprint across the roof. That would be pretty cool. Then he stepped back, stretched his limbs out a little. Oh good. Well, that is certainly an interesting possibility, thank you for calling in your opinion.
Pig Fucker - Goratory - Orgasm Induced Diarrhea (CD, Album), A Heart Disease Called Love - John Cooper Clarke - Zip Style Method - Expanded Edition (CD, Album), Shallow - Various - Myöhempien Aikojen Klassikot (Cassette), You And I - Various - Soul Factory (Vinyl, LP), Sangre (La Carga)

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  1. Dead in the Boot is a B-sides compilation album by English rock band Elbow, released in the UK on 27 August The title is a reference to the band's debut album Asleep in the Back and was suggested by singer Guy Garvey's sister Beckie.
  2. My mam's hunky toyboy Gavin had his 5-year old son (from another relationship) "Tristan" round a few nights ago, and he must have got his hands on this album while I was out at my Scouts meeting because when I got back, "Tristan" had detached the press-out Bootsy glasses and was dancing around the living room pretending he was Elton John!!
  3. This package includes the DVD and the coordinating CD. The Booth Brothers return to some of their original influences by paying tribute to country music’s renowned artists Alabama, The Gatlin Brothers, The Statler Brothers, Randy Travis and others. These familiar tunes bring back memories of singing along with the car windows rolled down and the radio.
  4. Apr 07,  · Back. Booty Mix 2 Various Artists. out of 5 stars 4. Audio CD. 4 offers from $ Run-D.M.C. - Greatest Hits Run D.M.C. out of 5 stars Audio CD. $ Best of Loose Ends. The album artwork is slammin' too, the illustrated honeys are a real feast for the eyes/5(12).
  5. Only the second official Bags-only release, this three-song EP augments what little appeared on compilations since the L.A. punk greats split up in -- leaving behind but one two-song 7" and a compilation track, all on Dangerhouse.A fourth song from this session surfaced two years later, and two live compilations have patched in a little more of the plot.
  6. Jun 29,  · Disaster Boots "Disaster Boots" (Full Album) Country: Brazil / Genres: Stoner/Hard Rock Tracklist: 1. Covered In Smoke 2. Mr. Lakeman 3. Space Cat 4. .
  7. "Das Boot" (in the UK and USA released as The Boat) is the title theme to the film and TV Series Das Boot, composed and produced by Klaus Doldinger, released on single and album in In it was covered by Alex Christensen and his dance music project U This techno-version was U96's debut single from the album of the same name. It.

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