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While we were producing six or less units per day on one production line, we learned that the optimum roll time was approximately 90 minutes. When we reached six a day, we decided it was time to reopen the second production line. At present we are running six on one line and four on the other. With the quality numbering system that we use, we have found that not exceeding the minute roll time produces the best results as far as quality and production are concerned.

We know that the key to keep quality up as we increase production is a well-trained work force and roll times that stay within 80 to 90 minutes. I am getting a lot of questions about when the Allegro Breeze will be ready. We are extending the chassis development time for the Breeze because we are engineering the problems out of it before it goes to the assembly plant. We are beginning to start slowly on the assembly line production of the Allegro Breeze.

In the chassis shop the Breeze has a separate production line from the chassis being produced for the Bus and Phaeton. We are going to do the same in the assembly plant. The larger Class A coaches have a U-shaped assembly line, requiring two passes through the assembly plant. Extra time spent now will produce a better motorhome and much happier Breeze owners.

Keep in touch with your dealer to check on deliveries. Let your passenger do the talking. Experienced RVers offered many reasons for downsizing and there were questions, too. We would like to have a downsized version of the Allegro Bus so we can stay at state and national parks. Can you build a coach lower to the ground?

We all have heard the famous maxim: Less is more. Less is more is also a cooperative venture. The user must be willing to change his RVing modus operandi. Downsizing is not something that ingenious design and deft manufacturing make happen while we continue with our old habits of hauling everything from home to assure our ultimate comfort. Downsizing means reducing the amount of cargo carrying capacity. We can enjoy the freedom that having less stuff brings while enjoying a wonderful vacation or a long, long trip to see this great country.

Ah, yes — a four-step entrance, not six. The new dash is a show-stopper! The Cockpit The instrumentation and switch presentations are outstanding. The entire upper half of the wheel is an open arc. The gauges use bold white characters against a black background and are easily viewed at night and in any level of daylight.

The speedometer takes center position and is flanked on the right by the two air pressure gauges. The left side presents the RPM and fuel gauges. Warning lights are positioned around the top circle of the speedometer. The instrument package is recessed into a black hood that is 19 inches wide and 8 inches high. The upper part of the dash slopes slightly away and provides the location for HVAC ducts on either side of the instruments.

The upper dash is a handsome matte black. The lower portion of the dash slopes down and slightly forward. Its light buff matte finish perfectly matches the Halo Leather used on the Flexsteel driver and passenger chairs. The solar and opaque night shades are one-piece motorized units that extend across the entire inch windshield.

Another surprise: the Breeze does not have jacks; it is leveled by air bags. At ankle level, the side panel has a large map box and a third HVAC duct. A center console approximately 16 inches wide presents the Triple Vision monitor for the side and rear cameras, a high-end radio, and large radial knobs for the automotive HVAC. An extended tray in the console provides the space for two large cupholders.

All of the console instrumentation is framed by an aluminum-color bezel. The side console for the passenger seat features a map light toggle switch, a large cupholder, a map box, and both and volt outlets. The dashboard offers the passenger two HVAC ducts. The forward vertical panel of the console faces the entry door and houses the switches for the ceiling lights, the volt master control, porch and door outside lights, door and patio awnings, and entry steps.

Saving the best until last, the on-board dash computer has very practical programs. First, an operating checklist prompts the driver to review 18 items before driving the coach. The mode selector allows checking of records on the chassis and house batteries, trip distance meter, engine trip fuel which deducts the amount used by the generator , average vehicle speed, average fuel economy, genset hours, engine hours, and engine temperature.

At night a privacy screen covers the same area. Both the entry door and the passenger window have full, opaque privacy shades. The driver and passenger chairs have two hatch storage boxes at ceiling level in the sidewalls.

An optional inch LCD television was centered over the dash. It is flanked on the passenger side with an entertainment control center for cable, plus inputs for roof and tripod satellite receivers, and antenna rotator control.

In short, the functionality and design of the cockpit is absolutely superb. How did they do it? Natural light; multi-purpose, custom-designed seating; light cream enamel cabinetry; and storage in all of the right places. Nothing makes a small area look larger than good lighting. Tiffin has become expert in designing and manufacturing recessed barrel lighting.

Each light is positioned by engineering into the roof manufacturing process. This area has 21 ceiling lights with six control switches for creating the exact mood or functional lighting needed. Another nine barrel lights controlled by four switches are recessed into the overhead storage cabinets above the dinette, sofa, and galley. It The Bedroom Another piece of very functional design! It accomcan seat four seat belts for three. When the dinette table is lowered, the ovalshaped dinette folds and fills the cavity of the C.

A cushion fills the inset and you have a bed that can sleep a 6-footer or two children comfortably. The inch oval table can serve four for lunch. A switch at the back of the dinette sofa adds three barrel lights for reading. Three lights are recessed into the overhead storage cabinet.

The overhead cabinets in the living room area offer 13 cubic feet of storage. The optional surround sound system can inject soft background music for your relaxation and pleasure, or bounce you out of your seat with the volume that makes an exciting DVD movie come to life. Of course, downsizing means a smaller galley, too. But this one steps up to the job with all of the features you had in your Phaeton: a 2-burner cooktop with an outside vented exhaust, stainless steel sink, microwave-convection oven, four barrel lights above the solid surface countertop.

Try 3. Next to the refrigerator is a double-door pantry see picture. The six cubic foot refrigerator-freezer can be ordered with an optional icemaker. Storage that is often overlooked is the space under the galley sink. The Breeze has 6. The box receives high definition broadcast input from the optional inmotion satellite system which pulls programming from network satellites while you are traveling. Additional input comes from 1 an enclosed rotating digital TV antenna receiving local programming, 2 HD programming via cable service, and 3 a 5-disc DVD-CD player with high quality picture and digital sound technology.

The surround sound system is optional on the Breeze. The mid-section TV is standard. The overhead dash and bedroom TVs are optional. The Bath Again, ingenuity created generous spaces.

To keep the floor lower, Tiffin engineers allowed the wheel wells to extend four inches up into the cabin area. The shower and toilet-lavatory compartments are positioned over the fully concealed rear wheel wells.

To provide extra headroom, large skylights were located over each compartment. A vanity with solid surface countertop and lavatory, storage underneath for towels, three curved shelves for toiletries, a medicine cabinet and two mirrors, a Thetford foot-flush toilet, three towel racks, and a hand towel ring make this compartment perfect for the Breeze.

Hardware in both compartments compares favorably with that found in the Phaeton. At the forward end of the box are four large drawers, each In the middle of the bed box, the design engineers built 4.

The mattress platform lifts easily with air struts. Each side of the bed has cabinetry for a closet that is Under each closet is a Each cabinet has a drawer 5. The wallpaper above the chair rail is a dark brown dappled patchwork pattern contrasted with a light cream and brown wallpaper with a rain-washed pattern under the rail.

The bed comforter is light brown with philodendron leaf prints, accented with dark brown pillows with similar prints. The headboard, the focal point of the bedroom, was created with raised, fabric-covered, chocolate brown panels framed with cream enamel wood molding. Above the headboard are three storage compartments with the raised panel doors that are used throughout the coach. The other two provide 4.

At night, eight barrel lights in the ceiling brighten the bedroom along with two reading lamps. Both windows serve as emergency exits. The Chassis, Infrastructure, and Outside Storage Today most Class A motorhomes are built on common chassis manufactured by four companies.

The Breeze is built on a custom-designed Powerglide chassis that was integrally designed for this coach. Every component in the chassis infrastructure is specifically located for a reason—usually overall balance or proximity to the supported item in the coach itself.

As with the larger Powerglide chassis built for the Allegro Bus, the new technology of multiplexed cables is used for excellent reliability and a much smaller wiring harness. The chassis rails, the outriggers, and the basement framing are all assembled with huck bolts, each one individually installed at a measured PSI and individually torqued.

Accessing convenient storage quickly, the first basement door opens up a cavity of 7. The second door presents the pass-through storage area with The third, fourth, and fifth doors give access to the wet tanks, cooling infrastructure, and the chassis batteries and electrical infrastructure. All are side-opening doors. The rear cap and door are really a nice piece of design and engineering. The second door houses the amp service cord.

It makes shore hookups really easy. The fourth door is the pass-through access that connects to the second door on the passenger side. The propane tank is located in the fifth compartment and the sixth compartment houses fuse blocks and electrical components, all neatly labeled. The 6. His report follows: I took an active role in personally testing the prototype by driving it approximately miles. The steering is very responsive. If you have been driving a Phaeton or a Bus, it may take a little getting used to.

In a high-wind situation, you may get moved around just a bit, but that can also happen with larger coaches. Overall I was well-satisfied with the way the Breeze handled. Keep in mind that the prototype I tested had leaf springs, but the production models will have independent air-ride suspension which will certainly make it handle better.

The Breeze stops better and quicker than anything we build today and without any nosediving. Its acceleration is very good—no problem with ramp acceleration to merge into interstate traffic or with moving into the passing lane to get around slower traffic. In a separate test, I drove miles to test fuel economy. I was not towing and did not have any significant cargo.

The result was I drove the speed limit on every segment of the trip, but did not get over 65 anywhere. Not bad for a diesel engine that had less than 5, miles on it. I will speculate at this point that the Breeze will get between 13 and 16 mpg, depending on load and individual driving habits. Just a few more features that may interest you: we chose a V-8 MaxForce International diesel engine built by Navistar. It has hp with lb.

That in itself is a formula for good fuel economy. The size of this engine will exempt it from the urea additive requirement that affects our larger brands with the Cummins diesel engines. We used a 6-kw Onan Quiet Diesel generator that will provide power for everything in the coach.

I think the Breeze will satisfy a very significant market demand. What is really satisfying to me is — I think we may be in a class by ourselves! Front GAWR — 8, lbs. Rear GAWR — 13, lbs. GCWR — 26, lbs.

UVW — 17, lbs. CCC — 2, lbs. Trailer hitch capacity — 4, lbs. Manufacturer reserves the right to change or discontinue models offered, standard features, optional equipment, and prices without prior notice. Dealer prices may vary. UVW This is the approximate weight of the vehicle with a full fuel tank, engine oil, and coolants.

Because of progressive improvements made in a model year, specifications, and standard and optional equipment are subject to change without notice or obligation. For the ultimate motorcoach lifestyle, visit our Signature Resort at Bay Harbor. Your only obligation is to enjoy yourself and tell your friends about us. Some restrictions may apply. Subject to resort availability.

Offer good through October 31, With views constantly blocked by the protective levees, the road is no longer a scenic drive that includes the river. In fact, the opposite side of the river roads are not scenic either. But these oases offer fascinating histories of a multi-cultural society whose planters with inventiveness, good agricultural practices, ingenious business management, and slave labor successfully produced sugar in a sub-tropic climate.

But they had no interest in claiming the area for Spain. In Louis Antoine Juchereau de St. Denis, a French- Canadian, founded Fort St. Jean Baptiste, the first permanent settlement in Louisiana, which is present-day Natchitoches. New Orleans was built as a company town and by had a population of In the s French settlers acquired a Spanish land grant on the property now occupied by the Houmas House Plantation, and were living in the area with the Houmas Indians. The French government decided its territories west of the Mississippi River were too remote and unprofitable, and in ceded the area to Spain.

Twenty-three months went by before the colonists in Louisiana learned they were no longer French subjects. New Orleans, where the great sugarcane plantations began to flourish over years ago. We dedicate this story to Billie, a wonderful lady who loves Texas, German Oktoberfests, and traveling with her best friend and high school classmate, Norman Spray. For nearly forty years Spain tried to make the colony profitable to the crown, but failed just as France had earlier.

Worn financially thin by propping up a poor business venture, Spain arranged to return the Louisiana territory west of the Mississippi to France in by the secret Treaty of San Ildefonso. The Spanish were also concerned with U. Louisiana was to remain under Spanish control until a transfer of power to France on November 30, Aware of the treaty through intelligence sources, President Jefferson sent Robert Livingston to France in to negotiate the sale of the port of New Orleans to relieve conflict between the two countries over their previous agreements to permit U.

Napoleon refused to negotiate with Livingston although the U. Jefferson decided to send James Monroe in March Surprised, but afraid they would lose the deal they needed to secure New Orleans, the two emissaries accepted on April 30 without taking the time to consult with President Jefferson which would have required two Transatlantic crossings.

They signed the treaty on April 2, The purchase was announced to the American public on July 4, The Louisiana Territory of , square miles was ceded to the U. They regarded the U. They treasured their Creole 1 heritage and culture. Their language of choice was French and the wealthier families sent their children to France for secondary and advanced education. As more Americans came to Southern Louisiana to seek their fortunes, cultural compromise slowly evolved, producing irreversible social change.

The Growth of the Sugarcane Industry The Southern Louisiana climate was at best marginally suited for producing sugarcane. Successfully grown for over years in the island countries of the Caribbean, the nineteenth century varieties required a frost-free growing season of at least days.

Sugar growers in Louisiana had to find new methods for growing and processing cane to make it a dependable and profitable crop. The Jesuits seem to have been the first growers who planted a significant quantity of sugarcane in , most of which was converted into syrup.

The first sugar mill was built in , but this and other mills produced an inferior product. There were setbacks. Weather and mistakes in processing the sugarcane often caused huge losses. By the late s sugar production in the state had almost ceased. After the slave rebellion and revolution in French-controlled Haiti in the s, many sugar growers and sugar masters from the plantations with experience in the granulation process escaped to New Orleans.

By he was shipping , pounds of sugar. By when Louisiana entered the Union as a slave state, over plantations were exporting their sugar to both American and European markets. By there were sugar plantations which required 21, slaves. Just three years later there were plantations and 36, slaves. The introduction of steampowered grinding machines in boosted the potential for productivity and allowed planters to expand cultivation, confident their new technology could grind their cane before the first hard freeze.

Nevertheless, the process for converting cane juice to sugar during the first third of the century was tedious and timeconsuming. Other plantations worked twelve to eighteen hours straight during grinding.

The plantation cooks provided the slaves with food and coffee. Destrehan used banks of four open kettles of graduated size, all arranged in line over a brick fire pit. As the sugar crystals appeared, the mixture was removed from the heat to cool.

After the last of the liquid, called molasses, was drained away, the brown raw sugar was placed in hogsheads 3 for shipment to a New Orleans sugar factory.

We Call It Acieed feat. Gary Haisman Rebuke Remix A3. Gary Haisman Mallgrab Remix. Gary Haisman Serge Santiago Remix. Double red and silver vinyl package includes never-before-seen photos from the live show. Prices on electricfetus. If you place an order for "in-store pickup" or "curbside pickup" we will call you when your order is ready. It may take several days over a weekend or if the item isn't in stock. In-store pickup is for the Minneapolis location unless you request otherwise in the comments section.

Orders containing titles that aren't released yet will be shipped together in full when the pre-order is released. Customs forms for international orders are marked as "merchandise" and we are not responsible for any additional customs fees when packages arrive at their destination country. Some items on our website aren't able to be shipped outside the U. Foreign orders for those items will be refunded.

Record Store Day Drops - Aug Category Title List Grid. Quick View. And Also The Trees. August Burns Red. Tommy Bolin Tommy Bolin Lives! Tommy Bolin Lives! Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Joshua Side B 1. Cominando, Reprise Side C 1. The Charlatans UK. Vroom Vroom 2. Eduard Van Beinum — J.

Mozart Philips A L. Arthur Grumiaux — J. Time Traveller 5. Little Ashes 2. Ash In Chains 3. Night Court 4. The Pit. God Save Us 2. Foul Thing 3. March Of The Dead 4. Whites Of Their Skulls 5.

The Deathcoaster 6. Ash Buckler 2. Skeleton 3. Soul Swallower 4. Manly Men 5. End Titles. For the entirety of her nearly three-decade-long career, globally acclaimed singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb has been exploring a variety of styles of music, moving seamlessly between creating family-friendly albums, including her Grammy-winning Feel What U Feel, and adult-focused studio albums like Tails, Firecracker, and The Way It Really Is.

It is her latest release, her fifteenth record to date, A Simple Trick To Happiness, that finds Loeb putting forth her most poignant and profoundly personal album in an exceptional body of work. The Record Store Day exclusive deluxe vinyl release of 'A Simple Trick To Happiness' features a deluxe tip-on jacket, poster insert, and gram vinyl pressing.

Doesn't It Feel Good feat. Michelle Branch 2. Another Day 4. This Is My Life 5. For The Birch 6. Most of All 7. Shine 8. Sing Out 9. I Wanna Go First The Upside Unique unissued takes form a virtual greatest hits from a band with zero digital footprint! While technically live recordings, these takes rival the studio cuts and even include some completely unheard compositions that will finally reach the ears of the Hand fans.

Who knew they could make a take on Machines with more horsepower than any version you've heard! Machines 2. Comic Strip 3. What Grows On Your Head 4. This Is It 5. Torture 6. Midnight Ranger 7. It Comes On Anyhow 8. Ha Ho 9. Today Is Only Yesterday's Tomorrow It's grail time. The product of the then-husband-and-wife team of Marcy and Dan, Electric Murder brought together both the former's American and the latter's Nigerian roots; recorded in London with UK-based session musicians, this mix of heritage and styles resulted in an Afro disco album unlike any other.

With original copies turning up for sale roughly once every few years, with an eye-watering four-figure price tag, Kalita Records save you the never-ending search for this true holy grail. Accompanied by a poster insert with extensive interview-based detailing Marcy's life and musical career. This time out the focus is tighter '60s to '90s. Also includes a bookmark hand-numbered and signed by authors Aaron Lupton and Jeff Szpirglas. The debut album from The Magic Numbers, the British pop band comprised of two pairs of brothers and sisters, originally released in and long out of print.

Color vinyl remastered reissue of LP recreates the exuberant, Latin-tinged funk and jazz of the San Pedro-based group that backed KGFJ's weekly Soul Search and spread its sound with itinerant flat-bed truck concerts throughout Southern California. Record Store Day Drops - Aug Category Title List Grid.

Quick View. And Also The Trees. August Burns Red. Tommy Bolin Tommy Bolin Lives! Tommy Bolin Lives! Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Joshua Side B 1. Cominando, Reprise Side C 1. The Charlatans UK. Vroom Vroom 2. Paradise feat. Hannah Diamond Side 2 1. Trophy 2. Secret Shhh. Christine And The Queens. Gary Clark Jr. Pearl Cadillac Feat. Vital document of one of the first bands to put serious cracks in rock's glass ceiling!

This is the first time either amazing cover has had a physical pressing. Gary Haisman Mallgrab Remix B1. Mardi Gras Day B Side 1. Angola Anthem. Drive-By Truckers. Ezra Collective Samuel L. Primacy of Number Naqoyqatsi Side B 1. Opening Glassworks Side D 1. Point Blank Naqoyqatsi Side E 1. Evening Song Satyagraha Side G 1. Gong Live! Split - Part One 2. Split - Part Two 3. Split - Part Three 4. Cherry Red 2. A Year In The Life 3. Junkman 4. Inner sleeve with lyrics from original.

Manufactured under license of Polydor International, Hamburg. Rattlesnake Annie. Red 7. Produced by Mike Rutherford. Aurelio Reinoso. La Voz De Aurelio Reinoso. Ruiz, Jr. LPA Genre: Cuban Pop, Latin. Heavy vinyl. Very rare. Vinyl: fair at the beginning of both sides there are small jumps, in many places there are distortions of a sound. Laminated cover: very good. Cliff Richard. I'm Nearly Famous. Melodiya The Moscow experimental factory "Gramzapis", pink label.

All surface of a cover is pasted over with an adhesive tape. EMC The cover is cut off at an edge and below. Best Songs. The Rolling Stones. Tattoo You. COC Play With Fire. Archive Of Pop-Music No 4. Lady Jane. Archive Of Pop-Music No 5. All Together. Diana Ross. Baby It's Me. Nino Rota. Demis Roussos. Gatefold cover. Big Success Of Demis Roussos 1.

Big Success Of Demis Roussos 2. The Tashkent factory of records. Vinyl: g-. Anna Rustikano. Prendimi Con Te. Worlds Apart. ARR Leo Sayer. Leo Sayer sing. Manufactured under license of Chrysalis Records, Great Britain.

John Schneider. Too Good To Stop Now. Genre: Country. Styles: Country-Pop, Urban Cowboy. Animal Magnetism. Love At First Sting. P94 , ATR World Wide Live. P Breeze Music. Pictured inner sleeves: m-. The Searchers. Sire Records. SRK Liverpool's number two ranking group, second only to the Beatles. Style: Merseybeat. Vinyl: m- was sealed, I opened and played 2 time. Original pictured inner sleeve: m-. Records promo sheet: m-. Tomas Seidmann. Carovne Klavesy.

Cover: vg tape on left edge. Melodiya Riga factory of records, dark blue label , Vinyl: visually near mint. Original colored cover with photo: excellent. Melodiya All-Union studio of records, dark blue label , Original colored cover with photo different design of a cover with other photo : very good minus.

Vinyl: visually very good minus. Melodiya Aprelevka factory of records, red label , Ivica Serfezi Yugoslavia. Man's Lullaby. Original colored cover with photo laminated : excellent. Shocking Blue. The Shocking Blue. Golden Hits. Released in or Only Russian compilation. On black paper labels album title misspelled as "Greatest Hits". The Shorts. Comment ca va. Shtourtsite The Crickets Bulgaria. Only cover: m-. Oh, What Circus!. Alex Silvanni electric organ.

Disco Stomp H. Baglioni - A. Riccardi - L. Morali - H. Beiolo - B. Manzanero - B. Style: Easy Listening. Afric Simone. The Best Of Afric Simone.

Od Wschodu Do Zachodu Slonca. SX XL Polish band. Styles: Beat with Hammond organ, Prog, Ballad. Gyere velem [Come With Me].

Export version. Insert: e. P, ATR Rare Russian Unofficial Release. Felix Slovacek. Vinyl: visually e- on the first track there is an appreciable cross scratch. Stranice Naseg Vremena. Recorded and mixed at Chipping Norton studio, England, III - 8 on the yellow label - second repress, copies.

Smak "Samostalni Muzicki Ansambl Kragujevac" was a Serbian and former Yugoslav prog rock band, with strong jazz fusion and blues undertones. Small Faces. Styles: Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Soul. Greatest Hits. Sofia Bulgaria. Director Dimitr Simeonov. Stars Of Discos. Vinyl: missing. The Steamboat Stompers featuring Svetla Gosteva vocal. The Steamboat Stompers. Cat Stevens. Postcard: m-. Jiri Stivin. Status Quo Vadis. P Supraphon, Fun House. P91 S90 N. Barbra Streisand. Lazy Afternoon. Styles: Ballad, Vocal.

Subramaniam With Stephane Grappelli. Sun Ship. Follow Us. Super Grup Electrecord. Sugar Baby Love. The Very Best Of Supertramp. LD Swing Session. Laszlo Szendrey-Karper, guitar. Guitar Recital. LPX Across A Crowded Room. Style: British Folk-Rock. Tin Huey. Contents Dislodged During Shipment. BSK Influenced of Frank Zappa's jazzy numbers. There's also a power pop cover of the Neil Diamond-penned Monkees hit "I'm a Believer" that owes something to the Motors.

Promotional Copy Not For Sale. Tolcsvay pre Fonograf. Ez Mind Elado. Traveling Wilburys. Pronit blue label , Export version for East Germany. All lyrics in roughly German translation on back cover for East German market. Twisted Sister. Come Out And Play. Conway Twitty. Still In Your Dreams. P C Island Records Ltd. Manufactured by Oasis Record Co. South Korea. Style: Pop Rock, Arena Rock. Info about this release. MZE Laminated cover. Woman, Woman. Columbia " Sound". Stereo CS New Way To Move.

Manufactured by Epic Records. Genre: New Wave. Styles: Electronic, Synth-pop. Uriah Heep. Live January Recorded during the British Tour. Return To Fantasy. P Bronze Records. Innocent Victim. Melodiya Moscow experimental factory of records, red label.

Different orange cover without a photo of the group. Melodiya Moscow experimental factory of records, green label. Different cover without a photo of the group color spectrum. Amazing World. P C Parole Records, Australia. Chrysalis Records. Styles: Pop Rock, Synth-pop. Cover: g scotch on bottom. Anthony Ventura Orchestra. Caroline Verdi. Vistula River Brass Band. Clifford T. CAS Muddy Waters.

Masters Of Blues 2. Recorded , , , , , , , Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra. From History Of Jazz. Archival records.

Laminated cover: vg. Aprelevka plant of records white label Genre: Jazz, Rock. Peggy Gou. Cover: m- shrink wrap. No other physical copies existed. He LP) for the French during the American Revolutionary War, and was appointed as a commandant in Spanish Louisiana after the war. The half tester bed shown here is equipped with mosquito netting, a necessity in summer when occupants slept with their windows open. Cover: g.
0.01 - Scatterwound - 0.0 (Cassette), Mørk Er November - Blue Train (6) - Under Stjernes Stilhed (CD, Album), Marty Wilde - In Dreams (Vinyl), Ectoplasma (3) - Amor por lo paranormal (CD, Album)

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  1. NEON - RITUALS (KinderGarten Records ‎– , VINYL LP, ) (FLAC / MP3) Primer LP de NEON con el que recogen la mayoría de sus éxitos desde Editado por Kindergarten Records en , RITUALS fue una excelente puesta de largo para el fluneprefighretabperfmergupacorap.cog: Henri De Haes.
  2. This limited edition compilation LP was curated from the classic Sun Record Company catalog by participating Record Store Day stores, and marks the seventh installment of the 'Sun Records Curated by Record Store Day' series. Volume 7, Sunrise on the Blues, highlights some of the incredible blues artists in the Sun Records fluneprefighretabperfmergupacorap.cog: Henri De Haes.
  3. Record Store Day was conceived in at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, Today there are Missing: Henri De Haes.
  4. RG CD Various Artists – From Latin To Jazz Dance, Volume 2 (Rare Grooves ) RG CD Various Artists – From Latin To Jazz Dance, Volume 3 (Rare Grooves ) RG CD Various Artists – From Latin To Jazz Dance, Volume 4 (Rare Grooves ) RG CD Various Artists – From Latin To Jazz Dance, Volume 5 (Rare Grooves )Missing: Secret · Henri De Haes.
  5. - The Volume 25 «Part 1» (DATA CDr) will be FREE and available ONLY, if you have previously ordered the other 24 Volumes, and will not be available in any other way! - Bonus YIN «Part 2» (CDr) will be FREE, if you have previously ordered the 12 Volumes of the 1 st series: «Constructive 21° Siècle». The CDr will also be sold separately within the limits of available .
  6. Indfødte lyde- Native Sounds - Denmark Record-Labels vol. 10 Shadderhands 01 - Baby 02 - My Money 03 - Down The Road 04 - A Man With A Gun 0.
  7. Mancini e os Dez de Ouro (LP) Albums - Monstrous 7 - Volume 2 Albums - Pausa. The Four Freshmen - More 4 Freshman and 5 Trombones (LP Reissue) Funny How Time Slips Away (LP Reissue) Individually Numbered Pink Vinyl LP) Henry Mancini, The Classic Soundtrack Collection (9-CD Box Set with Bonus Tracks).

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