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Gillian, a talented pianist in her own right, opted for a career in academia. One of his few clear memories of that period is meeting another jazz great, Ella Fitzgerald. Brown did reconnect with his grandmother when she moved to Berkeley a month or two before her death on Sept.

Brown has made one trip to the East Coast to gather material for his project. His biggest booster is his spouse, Akana Nobusa-Brown, executive director of the Japan Pacific Resource Network, an Oakland-based non-profit organization which seeks to build bridges across the Pacific on issues of community empowerment and social justice.

Brown is also working to assemble a complete discography, a listing of all the recordings his grandmother made over the years. That too is proving difficult, he said. Compounding his difficulty is the simple fact that most of the musicians who played with his grandmother have died. There was a lot of crossing of color lines in those days, and those were the folks who set the stage for what followed.

PhilipsMarine, jazz, at 7 p. Plena Libre, from Puerto Rico, at 8 and 10 p. James D. Reception at 6 p. Exhibition runs to Dec. Anne Sofie von Otter, mezzo-soprano, at 8 p. Whiskey Brothers, Old Time and Bluegrass at 9 p. Tribute to the Conga, salsa music, at p. John Hammond, acoustic blues, at 8 p. Reception at 4 p. Tina Marzell Trio at 8 p. Dhol Patrol at p. Bhangra dance lesson at 9 p. Dee Dee Bridgewater at 8 and 10 p.

Initiative, MacDonald, Richmond. Marvin Sanders, flute and Lena Lubotsky, piano, at 8 p. Elaine Kreston, original compositions for early and contemporary instruments at 8 p. California Bach Society, choral music, at 8 p. Mariz, Portuguese fado, at 8 p. La Familia Son! CD release party at 9 p. Damond Moodie and Dave Lionelli at p. The Avenue Winds, woodwind quintet at 8 p. David of Wales Church, Esmond Ave. Gypsy Soul, acoustic rock at 8 p. Company of Prophets, CD release party at 9 p. Pickpocket Ensemble at p.

Yancie Taylor Quartet at 8 p. Loveless at 9 p. Reception from 3 to 5 p. Exhibit runs to March Geraldine Kim and Malia Jackson read from their poetry at 8 p. Sequentia, medieval music, at 7 p. Upsurge Jazz and Poetry Celebration at 8 p. Mitote Jazz with Arturo Cipriano, saxophone, at p. Fall warbler identification on our flyway is easier than back east, where you have to contend with a myriad of species and some really nondescript first-year plumages.

The technique has its limitations, though. No matter how many songbirds you band in their summer habitat, the odds of detecting banded birds on their wintering grounds are vanishingly small. Radiotelemetry has also worked with hawks and albatrosses. The best clue, it turns out, is feather chemistry. An isotope, remember, is a stable form of an element like carbon or hydrogen, with a specific atomic weight.

Carbon can be either C12, with six protons and six neutrons, or C13, with an extra neutron. Add a neutron to plain hydrogen and you get deuterium. The ratio of heavy to normal carbon and hydrogen isotopes is related to latitude: the nearer the North Pole, the higher the proportions of deuterium and C These elements follow a path from rainfall to plants to plant-eating insects to insect-eating-warblers.

When a warbler goes through its summer molt after nesting, the new set of feathers it grows contains a distinctive isotopic signature. The technique was apparently first used by biologists at Dartmouth with the black-throated blue warbler, an eastern species that winters in the Caribbean. The San Francisco State group also looked at genetic patterns for a finer-grained resolution. Colorado warblers, on the other hand, migrate to comparable latitudes in eastern Mexico. And I could only hope that it found semi-intact habitat when it got there.

But it would find a cornfield, or a beach resort, less than ideal. In a white tent erected on the parking lot north of the grandstand at Golden Gate Fields, Los Angeles developer Rick Caruso unveiled his preliminary plans for an open air shopping complex he wants to build at the site. The colorful drawings and carefully scaled plans projected on the screen behind Caruso as he spoke offered up the vision of a development with open spaces and plazas—including a modest amphitheater sculpted into the slope leading up from the shops to the race track grandstand area.

While the square footage of both projects is similar, Caruso said the Emeryville complex is built to the wrong scale and suffers from a variety of other problems, including poorly conceived architecture and complicated traffic ingress and egress. He said he will not be involved in any development on the southern parking lot area that lies over the Berkeley border, which is already scheduled to include the Gilman Play Fields and has also been proposed as the site of a hotel.

Caruso acknowledged some major issues still need to be addressed, including traffic along the heavily traveled bayside corridor. Two were held in the tent later in the day, and the third is planned for 3 p. The project still faces considerable opposition from environmental groups, who see extensive development and extensive water sports near the state park land at the Albany Bulb and along the shoreline as a threat both to the margins of the bay and to the habitats of endangered and threatened species like the clapper rail and the burrowing owl.

We want open space. He waged an expensive electoral campaign to win the approval of voters in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale to build the Americana on Grand in the heart of the downtown. The measure Glendale voters approved authorized the demolition of 22 buildings to build , square feet of commercial space, including shops and a 3,seat cinema complex.

The project also includes rentals and condo units—all offered at market rate—constructed over the retail. All but two of the buildings have been leveled and Caruso said he expects the final legal challenge to be resolved in the coming weeks. The two are also paired on a similar project at the famed Santa Anita track in Los Angeles County, which Caruso said is further along in the development stage. A friend of and major contributor to Gov.

On Aug. He was also a major contributor to George W. Caruso was born into a wealthy family and grew up in Trousdale Estates, perhaps the poshest section of Beverly Hills. Bankrolled in part by his father, he launched into a new career as a developer.

For his first ventures, he bought land near airports, then leased it back to car rental agencies. Some call it a mall, others, mixed-use retail. Whichever the case, tensions were mounting in Albany as city leaders prepared for the unveiling of the latest development plan for the acre Golden Gate Fields property on the Albany waterfront. A presentation of plans by the Magna-Caruso partnership took place Thursday, but the Albany City Council decided to take action of its own earlier in the week.

The Albany City Council gave their approval to establish an advisory team to explore the idea of developing at Golden Gate Fields. The city will use its own staff and consultants, while Caruso will cover the costs. City officials stressed the importance of exploring options that would strike a balance between maintaining revenues and open space. Passed in in response to previous development proposals at the waterfront, Measure C forces a city-wide election on any application for a use not authorized by the waterfront zoning district.

Commercial retail is currently not an authorized use, therefore Magna-Caruso will have to convince Albany residents if they are to move forward. With the growing popularity of simulcasting taking race fans out of the grandstand, Magna is seeking new ways to boost sagging revenue and track attendance. Proponents of the retail development plan argue that it would provide a stable source of income for the city as well as business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Cheasty and others are solidly against major retail development at the site. Environmentalists and open-space advocates desperately want to protect one of the last underdeveloped spots in the Bay area. For them, the area presents a rare opportunity to preserve waterfront property as parkland.

CESP is promoting an alternative plan that favors tearing down the track to create more open space. As a compromise, the CESP plan would build a hotel conference center on a smaller portion of land close to the freeway. On Thursday all eyes were on Caruso as residents and officials awaited the announcement of their development proposal. The South Berkeley drug wars came to Small Claims Court in Berkeley this week, with opposing witnesses arguing whether an aging Oregon Street homeowner was the knowing matriarch of a drug-dealing family or the elderly victim of abusive children.

In the case, Paul Rauber, et. In a three-hour hearing, Court Commissioner John Rantzman took testimony from witnesses from both sides, and then adjourned the hearing until Nov. While small claims court was traditionally designed for plaintiffs and defendants to present their cases without having to rely on outside counsel, both sides in Rauber v.

Moore are relying heavily on outside assistance. My daughter can no longer use the front room of the house because the large window facing out on the street makes it too dangerous. When I visit her, I cannot park in certain areas. My daughter was physically attacked in her house by a man who was associated with [Mrs.

The thought of this fills me with terror. Home owners and renters should not have to live in fear of this kind of violence. But Stegman argued that Moore had no control over her adult children, and that she was as much a victim of the drug dealing and violence as the other neighbors.

I have put out quite a few of them. Moore and her husband. The 10,square-foot lab at University Ave. The lab, which opened in August, will focus on making it simpler for web surfers to post pictures, stories, videos and music to the Internet. Davis said he wanted to add context to the data on the Internet to expand the capabilities of the Yahoo search engine. Rather than just offering information based on priorities determined by a webmaster, Yahoo is working to customize each search for users by analyzing where they are connected on the Internet and what their on-line activity is.

Such information would then be available for self-created community groups on the Yahoo portal, so when members run searches they will receive data most relevant to their interests first. Yahoo has hired several interns from UC Berkeley to help staff the lab. The company, which is still hiring full-time staff, declined to say how many workers would be stationed in Berkeley or how much money it was investing in the facility.

Yahoo also has research labs in Pasadena and at its headquarters in Sunnyvale. Student researchers will also analyze user trends to determine how to make the media technology accessible to different types of users. The Berkeley lab originated from a speaker series earlier this year when Davis addressed Yahoo executives with his vision of the future of Internet searches.

The city will still be able to collect taxes on the property, which is privately owned and rented by Yahoo. University-owned property is off the tax rolls—a major source of city-university tension. Last week the Daily Planet published a first person account of the party leading up to the Cal-Arizona football game from pro-union demonstrator Zelda Bronstein, who is also a Daily Planet Public Eye columnist. Judy Shelton, a frequent picketer outside Berkeley Honda, said she also witnessed employees giving free beer to passing students without carding them at the tailgate party.

Berkeley Honda General Manager Steve Haworth contended that the party, one of many approved by Cal, adjacent to Kleeberger Field, was an adult-only affair.

Haworth has close ties to Cal athletics and hosts benefit auctions for the football, baseball and golf teams. Since buying the dealership this summer, Berkeley Honda owner Tim Beinke, a resident of the Blackhawk subdivision in Danville, has become embroiled in a bitter strike with union mechanics after the dealership dismissed nearly half of the staff and stopped contributing to the union pension funds.

Talks with union officials have been sporadic and the two sides remain in a stalemate. UC Berkeley Police Capt. Mitch Celaya said that after hearing second-hand accounts of Berkeley Honda giving out free beer he asked the athletic department to review campus alcohol rules with the dealership. Campus rules allow for private tailgate parties with alcohol.

To distribute alcohol to people not affiliated with the party, the dealership would have had to apply for special permits, according to Celaya. He added that police had also asked Berkeley Honda to remove dealership banners on trucks used to shuttle tailgaters from Berkeley Honda to the party.

Celaya said the banners made it difficult for officers at the scene two weeks ago to determine whether the event was a private tailgate party or an athletic department sponsored event, in which case the sponsors would have permits to distribute alcohol.

Although the university would not be liable for any violations, Gomez said ABC would charge the person giving out the alcohol in such a situation. He added that ABC has patrolled the Oakland Coliseum parking lots and Memorial Stadium before football games to cite minors possessing beer. So white people tend to appoint white people without really thinking about it. We all need to be prodded. Latinos 9. The study shows that the initiator of the study, Worthington, had both the highest percentage of minority appointments 69 percent and college student appointments 50 percent of any member of council.

Following Worthington, the two newly-elected African-American councilmembers have the highest percentage of minority appointments, with Max Anderson at 56 percent and Darryl Moore at 28 percent.

Moore also had the second-highest college student appointment percentage at 11 percent, followed by Spring and Olds 6 percent and Wozniak 4 percent. Maio and Anderson did not have a college student appointment. According to the report, Mayor Tom Bates appointed 23 percent minorities to commissions and 17 percent college students, while Councilmember Laurie Capitelli did not have a minority or a college student appointment.

The Marsh, which has been delighting audiences and introducing hundreds of young people to the full range of theatrical arts, crafts and business savvy for the last 16 years in San Francisco, is the newest commercial tenant in the Gaia Building in downtown Berkeley. The company is the creation of Stephanie Weisman, a native of Poughkeepsie, N.

The name comes from an interlude when Weisman lived on the edge of a marsh while she wrote, discovering that the environment teeming with life served as a metaphor for her own creative processes. The final move came in , when the ever-growing The Marsh moved into the jazz club Bajones at Valencia St.

I really love that space. As the San Francisco space grew, so did the programs to fill it. But public performances are just the surface. The Marsh Youth Theater in San Francisco under the direction of Berkeley resident and composer Emily Klion brings together public school youth, from lower-income families, with students from the San Francisco Day School in a program that provides instruction in drama, music, both voice and instrumental, staging, costumes and other theatrical skills that climaxes in a once-a-year major show.

Weisman launched her newest youth program last month, with the aid of grant from the Irvine Foundation. The second track features a series of month-long workshops where the young artists delve into fund-raising, marketing, production, promotion, business planning and the computerized end of the business.

As the programs grow, so do the performances. The scoping session for preparing the environmental impact report on the proposed condominium and retail development at University Ave. The project, by Urban Housing Group of San Mateo, calls for housing units built over ground floor commercial and parking space.

Some times the best ideas have unintended consequences. Measure B was a special tax measure that would implement a tax that would be used to primarily reduce class sizes. Now, with smaller class sizes and approximately additional classes at Berkeley High, some teachers have to share classrooms with other teachers.

By the time I get to a different classroom, the bell has already rung. I have no down time. According to Coplan, the South Campus project, which will likely be completed in a few years, will offer 10 additional classrooms.

These classrooms will most likely be used for one of the sm all schools. However, there are no plans in the making for building any additional classroom space. In November of , Opponents charged that the budget mess was a result of fiscal irresponsibility and asserted that Berkele y currently pays the most taxes of any city in the state. Kindergarten through third grade have an average classroom ratio of Fourth, fifth and sixth grades have a classroom ratio of 26 students to each teacher.

And seventh grade through twelfth grade have a classroom ratio of 28 students to each teacher. That is just another place where teachers could teach and students could learn. I think we should declare a Day of Mourning for West Berkeley for the loss of the arts community at the Drayage Building. I am deeply saddened we have lost this small community for artists in West Berkeley.

It is a great loss for West Berkeley that this has happened. When did we say only consumers were important and that people who actually create are not important? When did we turn a blind eye to the fact that maybe an arts community needed protection from the ravages of the marketplace and developers?

This is a sad day indeed and I hope we are all not naive enough to ignore it, and there should be a Day of Mourning for West Berkeley. I am outraged by some of the stupid letters you publish. I hate you, the writers. That the Daily Planet would even have the gall to print a letter from someone like me!

What idiocy! This is a waste of space. Also, the rebuttals to letters like this one are also a waste of space, as are the rebuttals to the rebuttal. I am appalled that Gov.

It makes them less than human beings. By getting rid of this name, American Indians can have good self-esteem. Schwarzenegger should be ashamed of himself for vetoing a bill that would have gotten rid of a name that is degrading toward American Indians.

Nice photo on the Sept. Imagine my surprise when the article had nothing to do with the picture. Imagine my growing irritation as I read.

And who is Don Oppenhiem and why did he move here? It seems weird for someone to move into a neighborhood and start hating the corner market. A fixture of the neighborhood, Grove Liquor was actually a well-stocked grocery store by ghetto standards with an old-fashioned neighborliness that will be missed.

Many of their customers will have a harder time now, having to go farther away. As for the Ashby Arts Community, I ask them to look at their location, at their surrounding ecology if you will A cafe? A pool hall? Maybe a boutique? Get real! The neighborhood itself sees to be changing, too. More litter on the corner, which used to be swept and cleaned daily And of course, no more causal chats with neighbors as we pick up our groceries.

The amount of alcohol consumed and the problem of driving under the influence around home game tailgate parties all over campus would be a scandal if it occurred in any other jurisdiction. As an employee of the campus grounds department, I have once or twice been required to pick up the tons of tailgate party trash, including empty cases of wine, beer and hard liquor bottles unceremoniously left behind by alumni and boosters who have a funny way of showing their love for UC; drinking and partying and trashing the place, then using the streets and freeways to drive home.

Of course, you folks are surrounded by people who glory in oppositional disorder compared to the mainstream views, yet even in Berkeley I have seen times when folks were honest with themselves.

Hey, is that cute little shop that sells communist propaganda still open in that little mall area near campus? On Tuesday, Oct. Sign-up for public comment begins at p. Way between Allston Way and Center Street. Gerta Farber writes that if every American of any color or culture was offered free education beyond high school, it would reduce crime. I question what kind of crime it would reduce. It certainly would not lower the now out-of-control white collar crime that is perpetrated in this country; it probably would not alleviate the number of drunk-driving accidents or occurrences of domestic violence.

This reasoning that education is always the answer is nonsense. Finland has a very high level of education and the best social healthcare system in the world—providing from birth until death with free university thrown in. Crime will happen whether it is done by the most illiterate or the most learned, that is the only truth. Rockett claims to be confused as to why the three children born to a mother who has a social worker deserve adequate health care.

He cites that the mother does not have custody of her three other children and that the father is apparently not present. Maybe Mr. Rockett could address something that is a source of confusion for me. It has happened once too often in Berkeley that a trusted Berkeley business has sold out to an out-of-town buyer who forces out the old workforce and replaces it with cheaper replacement workers. I no longer dine there. But, much worse than any other such anti-labor actions, Berkeley Honda has insulted the community by trying to capitalize on the good name of Jim Doten.

Tim Bienke and Steve Hayworth would have us believe that they are kind charitable people who are being victimized by the strikers and their supporters. Those people are only interested in taking their profits out of Berkeley and back to Blackhawk, where they reside away from public scrutiny.

We can be proud of the many family owned stores and restaurants that make Berkeley a special place every day of the year. Finally, Berkeley is home to many worker owned collectives that cater to almost every need. I cannot drive and will never own a Honda or any other car. But, I support the striking workers there because many of them, like me, live in Berkeley and are part of the community. They, like me, would like to continue working here. Certainly, people who live and work in the same city, like me, spend most of their income here.

Ron Dellums decides on a whim to run for mayor of Oakland, it seems the minute he stepped up to the podium. He also decided on a whim to quit his Congressional post midterm in thus costing the taxpayers of Alameda County close to a million dollars in a slew of special elections. Money much needed in an always cash strapped county. This not the kind of person I want running my city. He rarely made public appearances locally while Congressman. Is he going to be the absentee mayor, continuing to lobby in Washington while mayor?

However, I will never vote for him again I lost my respect for him in I am the lead plaintiff in the small claims suit against Lenora Moore repeatedly referenced in your Oct. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to respond to them now. Osha Neumann seems to think the problem is solved because of the multiple restraining orders Moore sought against six members of her own family well after our suit was filed.

Some restraint! American Authors. American Hi-Fi. American Nightmare. Amirtha Kidambi, Elder Ones. Amity Affliction, The. Amy Macdonald. Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse, Antonio Pinto. Anaal Nathrakh. And The Golden Choir. Andre Rabini With Strings. Andreas Schaerer. Andrew Cyrille. Andrew Jackson Jihad. Andrew Lloyd Webber. Andy Sheppard Quartet. Angelo Badalamenti. Animal Collective.

Animals With Eric Burdon, The. Anna von Hausswolff. Anne-Sophie Mutter. Anouar Brahem. Anthony Braxton. Anthony Green. Anthony Wilson. Anthony Wilson Trio. Anthony Wilson Trio, The. Antonio Carlos Jobim. Antonio Vivaldi, Cecilia Bartoli. Any Given Day. Aoife O'Donovan. Aphrodite's Child. Apocalypse Blues Revue, The.

Archie Bronson Outfit. Arctic Monkeys. Aretha Franklin. Ariana Grande. Armin Van Buuren. Arne Domnerus. Arrested Development. Art Of Anarchy. Art Of Noise, The. Arthur Conley. Arthur Duke Reid. Arthur Fiedler. Arthur Grumiaux Telemann. Artists United Against Apartheid. As I Lay Dying. Asia Featuring John Payne. Assembly At Dusk. Astor Piazzolla. At The Drive In. Atlas Losing Grip. Atomic Bitchwax, The. Atomic Rooster. August Burns Red. Authority Zero. Autumn Defense. Avalanches, The.

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Cannonball Adderley Sextet. Canzoniere Del Lazio. Captain Beefheart. Car Seat Headrest. Cardigans, The. Carlos Santana. Carly Rae Jepsen. Carolyn Hester. Carpenter Brut. Carrie Newcomer. Carrie Underwood. Cassandra Wilson. Cassie Taylor. Catfish And The Bottlemen. Catherine Wheel. Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds, The.

Cellar Darling. Cesaria Evora. Chain Of Strength. Chainsmokers, The. Chance Martin. Because of this, publishers were inclined to enter into new ventures with the store. Featuring both school and church choral music, this became a regular and well attended event that eventually moved to Mees Hall at Capital University to accommodate the up to choir directors involved. As the company grew so did its need to expand to a larger facility.

In John leased space at East Main Street which became a two floor operation. The first floor showroom was for piano and popular music, where teachers could pick up their teaching method books and find the latest popular arrangements for their students to enjoy. The second floor was for the band, orchestra and choral music, where directors would find stacks and stacks of music to peruse.

It was during this period of the company that John and Mary started to think of retiring and passing the business on to new leadership. John conducted a national search looking for the right person, but eventually he discovered that the one person who seemed to stand out was already a Columbus resident.

Program with the Pros! Tired of your well-used sacred piano books? Need inspiration? Looking for new and fresh sacred piano folios to play at church or your home? This online event is for you! Barnhouse Company Build-A-Band series makethemostmusic dedicationtoeducation programwiththepros sheetmusicspecialists stantonssheetmusic bewherethemusicis sheetmusic band concertband banddirector bandclass musiceducation musiced musiceducator musicdirector conducting music.

It's possible to make beautiful music even when far apart! After multiple virtual choir projects feat…. Sing Gently. Sheet music downloads available online.

His sister, Natalie, was living in Los Angeles, and she gave her brother's music to anyone she thought would listen. More customers were spending weekends at the store browsing and listening to recordings of new music, and the company was clearly growing out of the building. Student researchers will also analyze user trends to determine how to make the media technology accessible to different types of users. Sandy Stanton With His Rhythm Ranchhands* - We Made Our Plans (Vinyl) went through one bypass road and three checkpoints. A friend of and major contributor to Gov. Church Of Misery. Devendra Banhart. Proper Christians operate by the ethical equivalent of the Marques of Queensbury rules.
Trzy Bajki - Armia - Przystanek Woodstock 2004 (CD), Jump To This - Various - New York Tribe (CD), Еще Люблю - AStudio* - 905 (Cassette, Album), Feedback (Wideboys Club Mix) - Janet* - Feedback (DJ Promo) (CDr)

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  2. Contempo Collection by Stanton Style: Rhythm Fiber: 66% Wool/34% Polysilk Construction: Face to Face Woven Width: 13'2" Pattern Repeat: 13 1/2" x 39 1/2".
  3. Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about Sandy Stanton and Western Wranglers. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything yet. If you have any information you can share with us such as news or magazine articles, .
  4. Sandy Stanton, Stafford. likes · 89 talking about this. Singer/Songwriter with influences from all the music spectrum, from old to modern, with a clear individualityFollowers:
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  6. The first jazz recording was made in the year_____ "Rhythm section" is a general term for the instruments in any band that keeps the beat and plays the chords. ture _____ was different than earlier popular singing styles in that it was developed as a way to use the new invention of the microphone.
  7. Feb 16,  · Rhythm by Stanton a carpet made with a combination of wool and polyester fiber. This carpet is very durable, resistant, and soft available in Chrome, and Dune color options. Rhythm by Stanton will work well anywhere you need fade and stain resistance in rooms with strong sunlight, indoor/outdoor rooms, kitchens, children’s bedrooms.
  8. La résilience: «Que sais-je?» n° (French Edition) Trail to the Interior (Rm Patterson Collection) The Harvest A Maid at King Alfreds Court continue reading Meeting at Little Bighorn: The Lives and Legacies of George Custer, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse visit web page The Case of the Cheaters Chili: A Minute Brodericks Mystery (Minute Books Book ) click to see more click.
  9. SANDMAN Vinyl Records and CDs Psychedelic - goa trance music project from Givatayim, Israel. Sandman Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts.

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