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I know what it's like to have nothing, eating chocolate after I stole it, just to eat. I know there's so many girls who are going through the same thing. And I wouldn't be me if I wasn't trying to help. People can't control how they grew up. I couldn't control the environment I was raised around, and the people who were around me. I just had to grow up and make the best out of it. And I was around the worst. You've always stayed true to your core values, do you think that's allowed you to stay one step ahead of the curve, both musically and aesthetically?

I would say I was one of the first female rappers to combine the colorful girly stuff with guns and trap music. I started the wave of pretty girls with guns and stuff like that because that was really my environment.

Everything I was saying back then was real. I think I grew as an artist because I didn't want to be that person who was just so aggressive and mean. I wanted to be fun but still a reflection of where I come from. I really feel Asian Doll is the leader of the whole trap girl wave because I was doing that shit when I was years-old. With so many new beginnings, it can be easy to get lost. How do you remain true to your artistic principles? There were so many record labels offering me huge deals and so much money.

But there was a catch. They wanted me to not use profanity and wanted me to change my name. So I had to turn the offers down, even though they were offering ridiculous numbers.

When everybody was signing their deals, I stayed independent and I still did a world tour. I cannot be in a position and feel unhappy because I freestyle a lot of my stuff and go off my own energy. I just couldn't imagine being unhappy in a deal.

It would affect my music. Out of all the deals on the table, you ended up singing with trap legend and pioneer Gucci Mane. What has it been like learning from one of the greats and being the first lady of Records?

With Gucci, I can be myself. This man literally takes time out of his day to talk to me. He's very hands on. He's a mentor. He's my manager. He's all that in one. And he's not making me, because Asian Doll was already made. That's why I'm so happy to be signed to him, because I'm not being judged or criticized. He loves everything about the shit that I do.

I can be myself. Throughout most of , there was controversy surrounding the "Doll" name, with fans and media pitting the girls with that moniker against each other and igniting internet beefs. What's your stance? I'm the only one out of the Dolls who supports the Dolls. I want there to be more people with the name. Come with it! The whole Doll movement… I want it to be more people. Let's make a wave. Who am I to knock these girls? God has a plan for everybody and you never know how hard it was for somebody to grow up.

They're probably finally just eating, getting comfortable and buying designer. I don't wanna take that from nobody. But at the end of the day, you will never box me into a category with them because I'll always stand out.

You've spoken a bit about colorism in the industry. There are so many microaggressions and colorist aspects that come into play in the narrative of dark skin women. I'd love to know more about your own experience. When I had my little beefs, they would provoke me and they try to break me. But when I reacted it became a problem, and that's when I saw a lot of colorism at people play. People would try to paint this picture like I was the 'bad guy' any time someone would come for me.

It was very colorist. People tried to paint that picture of me as hard and bad because of where I came from and because I'm brown-skinned like, "Oh, she just a mad ass bitch. That Asian Doll girl is a bully! It will never happen again because I will never let them paint that picture of me. No, I haven't cried yet. When I win my first award, I think I'm just going to let everything out and cry. In my head I'm like, "Finally. But it's so beautiful just to see me in stilts on top.

It's crazy, how strong I am, how strong a female can be. Follow Asian Doll on Instagram asiandadoll. Bali Baby has created a planet of her own, and we're just visitors. Her music is an auditory stroll down the halls of her own imagination. In a high-glossed world made entirely of witty punchlines and catchy double entendres, it's very clear to see why Bali's hits have become so addictive. The year-old rapper does verbal gymnastics on every beat she touches — flowing over tracks with a sing-song melodic ease as she turns playful and perky bars into what can best be described as a mixture of valley-girl-uptalk meets Atlanta trap.

Bali's latest album, Baylor Swift , takes a much different route than her previous sound. Her most recent aesthetic borders on grunge-rap, with heavily distorted reverbs and hard base-lined songs.

Baylor Swift certifies that Bali is the full package — sonically, visually and lyrically. You're from Atlanta. There's a very distinct ATL sound that has pretty much taken over the past few years — even artist from other cities try to emulate that sound. But what's interesting is that you sort of do the opposite of your hometown sound. I grew up between privileged and hood. My mom lives in a mansion and my grandma on my dad's side lived on the Eastside of Atlanta.

So, I was back and forth all my life. Even with the schools, I went to two different elementary, middle and high schools. My music comes off like a pretty, ratchet bitch [ laughs ]. Because that's who I am. Classy, with a side of shoot up the block. What have been some of the ups and downs of fame along the way with each project drop? All the people that came in and out of my life because of fame. Who would be here if I wasn't who I was?

I've met and lost way more people than I ever have in my entire life with fame. Which makes it hard to see the line between friends and enemies. Then all the spotlight on you like a damn science experiment. You can never do wrong either, or else thousands will feel like they've got the right to judge you.

I am the creative director behind every single thing I do. From videos, to covers, to outfits, to marketing ideas and more. My mind is like a coloring book, and I just want to color the pages right for everyone. It's been ups and downs of course, but nothing I couldn't handle. Women have very strong mental capabilities. We go through the most, and still keep it cute and on ten.

So, it's been a lot, but I'm a soldier! What was the creative concept behind making your last project, Baylor Swift? Baylor Swift came about because of a bad breakup I was going through, hence the huge difference in genres from my usual music. I think that was my worst breakup. I didn't want to not do music because I was sad, but I didn't want to really be around people at the same time.

So my producer and his people put me in the studio for two weeks and we ended up making an entire project that was filled with my extreme emotions. It wasn't about just rapping about shit, it was about having a concept, telling a story, and keeping a clear vision of what I wanted to portray.

We have to talk about visuals. I'd say right now you probably have the hottest visuals as far as creativity and concept. I'm I'm so picky when it comes to how things look. I love to shoot videos with storylines and I'm starting to refuse to shoot ones without. Since day one, my visuals are one of the things that totally stick out about me.

I try to make them all eye-catching. Me and my playgirls are currently working on our debut project, Play House Music. No date yet, but the concept is basically just showing how hard bitches are. How well all of us collab together. We all complement each other in different ways.

We each have a unique sound and we all go crazy on the track. Like it's insane. We really finna' set the bar! This piece is all about celebrating women in hip-hop. What's your opinion on the current state of unity within the rap world? Unity is trash right now [ laughs ]. All the female rappers are beefing. But what would you expect? It's like if you put hella different girls in one school and they say, "Hey only one of y'all can be famous at the end of this.

Also, everyone's going to try to pit you all against each other, get in y'all ears and compare the fuck out everyone. People only care to pay attention when y'all beefing.

People want a show at the end of the day. It's sad that we give it to them. We're all still young as hell and still learning ourselves. You know it's hard to balance it all. I can bet money, if we weren't rapping, most of us could have been friends because lots of these girls seem chill and fun. But the world may never know. Follow Bali Baby on Instagram balionabeat. Coi Leray is comfortable and confident in her own skin. And rightfully so. The 20 year old has been able to create her own wave of base heavy, take-it-or-leave-it style anthems that are unlike any of her peers' to date.

Unfiltered confidence oozes on biting tracks like "G. N" and "Pac Girl. Although Coi's remixes have brought her notoriety, it's her breakout single "Huddy" that set the internet ablaze. Coi's slick-tongue, gruff rapping style over a bouncy and bass-filled beat perfectly accompanies the track's nostalgic visuals. The ice cream truck and lowrider laden video has scored over a million YouTube views to date. As a fresh face in the game, Coi brings a rare drip and flare.

She is a wonderful dichotomy of both chill and glam — a duality that may have found its roots in her multiplexed upbringing. With my dad, it was the good. Raw and organic. It's a hundred percent me.

I always had my own sound. I was born with it — this is in my blood. Can you speak to what your phrase and title of your first album EverythingcoZ means to you? EverythingcoZ means self-acceptance. At the end of the day, I like to be cozy no matter what. Mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, I like to be cozy. Growing up, I was raised by my brothers and my mom. I have five brothers, and I'm the only girl. I was basically born in the industry, so I called myself Hannah Montana because I got the best of both worlds.

My dad ran Source Magazine. Once Source was over, my mom and dad split. Growing up with my mom was food stamps and then my dad, you know, he had more of the luxury lifestyle, but it was great because that's where the humbleness comes out. I've done all this myself — me and my team, without my dad or my mom. I always did things myself.

I was working a sales job for awhile to be able to have my own apartment and car at a young age. While working in sales, I had to really humble myself and taste reality because I was working minimum wage with long hours, like 9 to 7, and I hated it. I was using that little bit of money just to pay off my car insurance and rent. I always knew I wanted to do music so finally I was just like, "Fuck this," and quit my last job. I went home and I got my heart broken and wrote this song called "Goofy Ass Niggas.

After I quit that job I moved back with my mom and made it happen. Lady Gaga. I love how she's just so dope. Also Uglyworldwide and Slick Woods.

I just love their confidence. The way they carry themselves is out of this world. It's like the same type of vibe you put out there with EverythingcoZ. Everythingcoz is basically saying, you shouldn't care to impress anybody but yourself. Half of the time, there's nothing wrong with looking nice, dressing up and looking good, but you've got to ask yourself, who are you doing it for?

Are you happy with doing that time-consuming shit every day? Even in my videos, it's hard for me to get them to give me a full face in makeup. I'd rather just put my mascara, my eyebrows, my highlight, and keep it moving. That's where EverythingcoZ comes. It's self-acceptance. Even in the clubs, I don't want to be cool. I don't want to wear heels.

A lot of times people want the same all-out sexual bullshit from females. But I've always been on some careless shit, like I don't got time for that. I just want to make music that I actually want to listen to. From listening and seeing the artwork of EC1, I know that butterflies have been a symbol that impacted you a lot. I always liked butterflies, because they really create themselves. They have a second life. It's a rebirth.

And I feel like I've been reborn, I swear. October is when I reactivated my Instagram. Sunken and swollen, left to sink in bed Numb to all the pain and shame Procrastinate every thought every breath Zombie land playground is what you have earned till death Lost in space where depression fails to grab hold Dull, dim-witted, slurred drivel to behold Dazed, confused, you are checked out Forgot what the stress was about Lazy and crooked doctors give in to Your pathetic cries of forfeit Built-in ready excuses It was subscribed to, I'm not going die today Oblivious to any criticism Legal and ordered to consume Given up for all accounts Deadly brew of pills, I deny Self-subscribing, pain or mental?

Extra ground up in how many bumps? Seething With Disdain Ideological Subjugation Marching orders out to the masses The agenda set by the extraordinary Rules of engagement not for the radical No conditions needed for chaos The flames of discontent Now they will burn Instigate, occupy Bedlam is here Time to punish the few who succeed Level the playing field, claim your equity Shown by the organizers is proof enough Possessing the knowledge that they're fucked up The goal of disorder and the notch of arrest Fills your back-story and who you detest Will there be a time to pay for this shit?

Maybe after the earned professorship The flames of discontent Now they will burn Instigate, occupy Bedlam is here With the moral equivalence of Satan Channeling karma back in their face Rabble rousing has fired up the morons Directed to push until they're disgraced Make it known to disagree is not allowed No diversity of thought is tolerated Now they are whom is hiding in the closet Fear of reprisal from phony hatred This banishment is not fitting Must be made to suffer Swarmed upon, hordes of fools It's the end of an era The guiding of hostilities Of utopia rising It's the end of the debate Witness the silencing Prepared gangs of radical combatants Armed with the PC banner to surround Parading out disgraced goliaths Showing the rich knows no bounds With the help of the loyal media The cost of dissent shown as an example Must be nice for the kool-aid drinkers One-way rules, the unwanted are trampled.

Weaken the Structure Resilient survival Anyone in the way will pay Lawless territory made for one kind Only one kind The kind to thrive Made for retribution Ingrained tough resolve Filling all the void of the exhausted power, it's an axis of evil so you can never be free here A power vacuum is an unwelcomed chasm, needed order leads to countless beatings Fall in line within the scheduled time, direction given so no need to worry Free of choice, feeling the puppet strings, dragged toward commanded stability.

Fallacy Scratching of the surface, to self-redemption Every sinners' calling, to bathe in forgiveness Confess to man, to pardon what you have done A higher place above where all transgression is gone Not all commandments broken are from the pious Bowing to the altar of the public's estimation Perpetrators to be shamed, ostracized existence Forced out of the spotlight, time to beg visibly Purged of the crisis, claiming to recognize Time served in rehab, arise in new-found glory Clearly caught red-handed, before the mob takes action Bowing down to Oprah clearly the best decision Provided that you kiss the ring, make the payment in full Cleansed of wrongdoing, newly earned protections Armor of apology Bow down to the dogma Paid absolution What the fuck?

Misled, inflated, busted Time to learn your place Circle the wagons, initiate Judged by your own Elites that cow down their peers, in convicting status Racist, junkie, selfish, dummy; diminishing apparatus Discerning citizenry performing obligatory duty Judgments made in back-stabbing ways, makes for traitorous company Busted for any sins that reflect on the sophisticate's conduct Made an example for engrossed public's narrow focus Misled, inflated, busted Time to learn your place Circle the wagons, initiate Judged by your own Celebrity and fame the industry built on envy Disgraced now disappear, then return to the aristocracy.

Unmitigated Detestation Superior class, a cut above, raised elite Exclusive insight, exceptional, highly unique A steady hand, sophisticated, groomed to lead Extra is owed, from their deeds, pure demon seed Affluent flow, irrational privilege, repugnance is born Narrow the focus, undisputable, objects of scorn Witness the snobs, flaunting their wealth, honor's disgrace Widen the gap, tease the peasants, in your face Wanting to destroy any semblance of success Purge all possessions of the image you detest Bought and paid for essentially what you are Victor of the fixed, haters loathe from afar Rampant jealousy over things that you desire Covet thy neighbor, he must be cleansed with fire Why does it belong to you?

And not to me? You have to guard to own It's mine, you will see Absurd repulsion, disgust in the creators Of the game that's been rigged Not for you, you've been cheated Deceived, and lied to The victim, ready for revenge Despise the prosperous, and reasons for your failure Your trials trivialized, making you a hater All of the obstacles, you overcame are dismissed Condescending eyes, reflecting why you're pissed Symbol of hatred, blatant deception, vile betrayer Target of fury, fully deserving, and the heirs Revolting presence, infamous incarnate, indignation Patronizing, treacherous, degradation Villainous traits, clearly exposed, barren souls Genuine evil, inherently devious, reverence sold Eradicate, exterminate, the pretentious prey Filled with deceit, your god to meet, send you on your way On your way Superior, born worthy to be elevated Tormented, that circumstance is your reality Suffering, the equalizer brought forth through blood.

Wrong One to Fuck With video. Induce Terror Bonus Track The album debuted at number six on the Billboard chart, with first-week sales of 74, copies in the United States. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rick Ross. Maybach Def Jam Slip-n-Slide. Rick Ross exec. Sean Combs also exec. DJ Khaled exec. William Roberts II. Lex Luger Deedotwill [a]. Roberts Leland Wayne. Timbaland J-Roc [a]. Roberts Davis Calvin Broadus. Roberts Torrence Hatch.

Cardiak CritaCal [a]. Roberts Justin Scott Mike Hartnett. Prometheus Global Media. September 17, Retrieved October 17, Cheri Media Group. Devin Lazerine. September 15, Project Pat - Single by Rick Ross". Archived from the original on 9 December Retrieved 17 October Kelly] - Single by Rick Ross". October 26, Finally the kids decided on Youngblood which was some kinda hockey movie starring yet another guy who Susan always blabbered on that Billy looked like; the other week Maxine'd pretended to choke and die into her breakfast at the audacity of someone saying Billy looked like Rob Lowe.

She was a treasure too. The kids spent about eighty years picking out snacks; all the creepy guys had to buy candy for their creepy girls. Billy was definitely not a creepy girl even if he did want Skittles and also Steve. The movie was okay. Billy wasn't really paying attention to it on account of he had Harrington on one side of him and Elijane on the other; he felt real jazzed up for the first time all day.

Steve had told him they were cool but they weren't really cool; Billy knew Harrington didn't trust him now after the shit he'd pulled. Billy didn't blame him.

He'd said a lot of shit. He was trying to make up for it, not that he knew how. Half the time even now he couldn't figure if he wanted to kiss Steve or punch him still. After the movie ended they all went back out to the parking lot. The Creepy Couples stood around under a streetlamp together yapping away about their creepy shit and Steve and Billy went and leaned against Steve's car. Billy asked Steve about his work and Steve started bitching his head off. Even if he didn't trust Billy anymore, nothing could stop Steve from talking his ear off, it seemed.

Billy didn't mind; he liked hearing Harrington talk and talk. Maybe it was his favorite thing, even more than hockey or pissing off Maxine. Tuesday was the day Steve was supposed to bring in coffee for the office; Wednesday this chick named Deborah brought it in and she brought Steve the wrong thing every time.

He had one cigarette left; he and Harrington were sharing it leaned up against the door of his car. Billy handed the cigarette over. Steve took a drag off the cigarette. She never liked me, she thinks I get special treatment because of my dad.

Don't even see him all goddamn day. Okay he really needed to stop thinking shit like that in his head. I pull my weight around there, you know? Every fuckin' Wednesday night Linda stays late and breaks the goddamn copy machine, I can actually feel it breaking right now. I am gonna spend my whole lunch hour tomorrow making copies with her down in the basement. Mind you it wouldn't be sweet if some old bitch tried to eat lunch with him every day but for Steve it was sweet.

Billy was looking at him and looking at him. He couldn't help himself. He was Billy that liked Steve tonight; he usually was. Elijane slipped her little hand into his; Billy tried not to be startled out of his goddamn mind.

Nobody really touched him anymore, aside from Harrington sometimes and Max getting all up in his personal space all the time. El nodded. She looked up at him in her serious way. Billy also tried not to feel scared out of his goddamn mind; he hoped she wasn't going to ask him about going to see her moms again.

He was still trying to figure out what to say about it to Hopper that wasn't 'I promised' like a stupid fourth-grader. Elijane just looked up at him. She was still holding his hand. She was just talking about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. What you think about it? He'd always thought the same thing. He got himself under control. All right, I'll get ya the next book.

Wheeler Jr came over about a minute later like a slave owner to snatch her up; El clung to Billy's hand for a second more then let herself be led off. Steve was looking at him and smiling like a goddamn goofball. He raised his eyebrows high up on his forehead and looked cute as shit. He had his arms folded across his chest; he leaned over on the car and nudged Billy's shoulder with his own.

Billy was grinning at him; he couldn't help himself. It was a real good night. Friday after basketball drills Billy went to work. Hank was closing up shop and his gay brother was fucking around in the front office being a terror and listening to some Madonna record; it was the same one Billy'd had to buy Max on tape.

Billy let Hank talk his ear off for a while. He tried to actually listen for once even though it was just the same goddamn story about Hank's sister screwing him over for World Series tickets six years ago. Hank told that story about every two goddamn weeks; Miles leaned out of the office and laughed at Billy's face. Hank paid him for the week and then he started going on and on complaining to Miles too as he slowly put his jacket on.

Billy abandoned all hope and went into the back. Even with the garage door closed he could still hear fuckin' Madonna singing about the borderline mixed with Hank gabbing away; in his head he sighed for a thousand years.

He changed the tire on an old truck for a Monday pick-up, then rearranged the wrenches for the thirteenth time this month already. He wasn't doing anything with the Civic tonight; they were waiting for the last of the parts to come in.

There wasn't too much to do which was about usual for a Friday. It was a little past six when he went back out to the front.

Hank had finally left and Miles was torturing him listening to 'Higher Love' yet again in the office now. Billy rolled his eyes; he gathered up the hundred and ten car manuals Hank had left all over the counter like a fuckin' slob.

Hank'd left him a note on the counter before too he'd left — 'Bill, your lady's bringing her Chevy in on Tuesday! Wear a nice shirt!

Billy made a mental note to dress nice for Ms. Ellenburg on Tuesday. He tossed the note into the trash and put his jacket on. He was getting himself geared up to leave and say bye to Miles without scowling when the phone rang.

Billy eyed it for a moment; he had shit to do. Finally he decided to pick it up. Probably he hadn't even been doing any of his creepy drivebys lately; Billy wondered what was up.

Billy was still leaning on the counter. He was thinking about Harrington standing in some phone booth, out alone in the dark against the highway.

It made his stomach clench; he kinda felt like a den dad or something. Or something. It was real cold out, anyway. Billy felt weird; he was pretty sure Harrington didn't want to be calling him.

Either way he'd called him so Billy'd got him. Just hang tight, okay? Apparently he didn't even know how to end a phone call with Steve anymore; he hung up after another second. Then he got out their phone book and looked up the number for the guy Hank used to do tows, some lazy fuck named Alan who lived out past Loch Nora.

Billy called him up; he had to heckle him for about five minutes to get him off his ass and to agree to go get Harrington. People from out past Loch Nora were definitely for shit; six-thirty wasn't late anywhere in the world.

Billy leaned on the counter again; he was trying real hard not to start hollering through the phone. Weird thing, people didn't usually like it when you did that.

Listen, man, just do this one thing for me. I had to go out to fuckin' Bloomington two times! Billy didn't care how many times he'd had to go out to Bloomington. He can take it out of my pay, I don't give a shit. Billy was losing the battle with himself not to holler. Billy ddn't know how the fuck he was gonna drive with no head but that wasn't his problem.

Alan bitched for about four more minutes and Billy finally got off the phone with him. Miles came out with the radio to kill him; they were playing that faggy Eddie Money song now. I didn't know you had friends! With great restraint Billy managed not to roll his eyes out of his own goddamn head.

It took about forty minutes for the tow to get back with Harrington and Billy was forced to hang around the front and make conversation with Miles. He actually watched hockey which was surprising; he also supported the Penguins too which was a goddamn tragedy. He was sitting on the counter with his bandana and he did not look cute as shit like Elijane had a couple weeks ago; he looked like a fairy.

Billy thought back to Hank telling him not to bring any girls to the shop and wanted to laugh. He probably hadn't meant twelve-year-olds with fuckin' mind powers. Miles laughed at him. His wife was from Indianapolis.

Not like he'd make a smartass comment about his own wife. The tow truck came rumbling along with Harrington and his car; Miles glittered back on into the office and Billy went out on the street to go yell his head off. Steve got out of the truck cab; Alan put the truck back into gear and blew some cigar smoke at them. He looked like a fuckin' cartoon villain; he even had a handlebar mustache. Billy ignored him. Billy grabbed Steve's shoulder and led him into the shop.

He also looked about half frozen; Billy reached out and rubbed his shoulders for a couple seconds before he realized he was definitely being way too queer.

Billy took Steve back into the garage with him; he hollered at Alan until he went away and then he took Steve's car keys and opened up the hood.

He'd already known what was wrong with it before he'd even got the keys really. Steve was smiling; he had his 'Billy-is-amusing' face on again now. I guess you can do that? Steve looked like a guilty puppy. Billy growled; he leaned over stretched with his hands on the hood and looked down at the engine. Usually I ignore it til it goes away, Jesus God. He tried to calm himself down. Billy looked over at him; Steve was staring back with a weird expression too.

He smiled and bit his lip; fucking Christ Billy'd take care of him too. Billy rolled his eyes and took his hands off the hood. Harrington was still staring at him; Billy started checking out the rest of the car to avoid his gaze. Everything else seemed okay. He checked the oil and the strip came out bone dry; Billy once again battled with himself to not yell his head off.

Mostly he lost. His pendant clinked against the engine in a very insulted way. Steve looked like a guilty puppy once again. No I didn't, I had a swim meet.

Steve laughed at him; he stood and watched while Billy grumbled over his car. Steve laughed at him being a total nerd which truly Billy felt was a rude way to treat your mechanic; after another couple minutes he finished and closed the hood. They went back out to the front of the shop. Miles was still glittering away and closing up the little office. Miles started up his queer shit anyway; he was grinning again as he put on his jean jacket with all the patches on it.

Billy'd thought that just about the whole state of Indiana knew that Miles was gay; Hank'd told him the story about how it'd been some big deal when they'd opened up the shop together in the seventies. You didn't even need to look at Miles to figure he was queer, just had to follow the trail of glitter. Billy didn't say anything for a couple seconds. He wondered if that was the reason why their usual mechanic was all the way out in Columbus. Once again he felt weird with Steve there; he didn't know what to say around him now and that usually didn't happen.

He sat in the driver's seat. He thought about it. He was playing with his seat belt; he hadn't clicked it in yet. I guess my dad will actually have to come home, I can get a ride with him I guess. Steve made a face even though he'd just said it. I mean, he usually comes in in the morning and shit, he has to get ready. Most nights. He still looked annoyed; he ran one hand through his crazy hair and crossed his arms around his stomach. Like when I was, like, I don't know, twelve or thirteen I guess.

Yeah it's great. It's really great. A lot of people had cancer; he'd been knowing that. Yeah, she's fine, it was like a tumor on her kidney, she had surgery. My mom is usually with her, I don't wanna, like, take her car. Um, I'll figure something out. I can take the train or something. Instantly Steve looked weird as shit. He was still playing with his seatbelt like he was considering bolting from the car. That's okay. Jesus Christ Harrington was a difficult bitch; Billy sighed in his head.

Next time I tell you I'm gonna do something just let me fuckin' do it. Steve had his Billy-is-amusing face back on in two seconds; he was such an inconsiderate bitch as well. He scowled at himself. He never got to do what he really wanted anyway. They drove on down the main drag; the radio was real quiet but they were playing the Steve Miller Band so Billy felt okay.

Steve ran his hands through his hair; Billy wasn't noticing it. Do you wanna do something? Billy lamented his life; of course he wanted to do something. Billy hadn't pointed out that he'd been fucking supervising Max for way over four years now. He looked at the clock on his dashboard. He was thinking. Steve at home by himself on a Friday night made him feel even worse than himself being stuck at home watching movies with his little sister.

Billy interrupted him before he could start with his 'I don't want to bother you' shit; Jesus he must have done a fucking number on Harrington. He hadn't thought he was important enough to do a fucking number on Steve and he felt like a piece of shit again. Steve looked at him for a minute. Billy drove Steve to his house; he sat in the car and watched him run in.

Steve was inside for a long time, long enough for Billy to start thinking he'd ditched him. Finally Steve came back out; he was wearing jeans now and the amazing glasses and Billy rejoiced. She said you and Max have to come over for dinner one night. It was getting pretty late but they stopped at Mike's to get a pizza to try and subdue Maxine's wrath; it was nearing nine o'clock by the time they finally pulled up in front of Billy's shithole house.

All the lights were off inside aside from the flickering screen of the TV in the living room and it looked real ominous. Steve and Billy sat looking at the flickering light in true slight terror. They got out of the car and went to meet their fate. They went up the driveway and Billy opened up the door; it was unlocked like usual when Max was home. The TV flickered ominously. Max whipped her head around from the couch like she was in The Exorcist; she was scowling like Billy'd expected.

Hi Steve. We brought you a pizza. My car broke down. Billy sat down on the other side of her; he guessed it was safer that way. Max whipped her head around like The Exorcist again.

You total asshole, you're going to ruin your engine! Max bounced up off the couch and bounded into the kitchen. She put Reanimator on, then took about half the pizza and went to her spot on the smaller couch. She was still giving Billy a big look which he ignored. They watched Reanimator for a couple minutes.

Tracey'd slept over like four times when Billy's old man hadn't been there; that didn't count as all the time. Anyway Steve was definitely not his girlfriend. She'd loved his big closet. Hahahaha, he thought now. Steve had been smiling but he stopped smiling; Maxine also looked similarly stricken. I got connected with people who make quality stuff. I got the Lincoln Continental with suicide doors. I got a Tahoe. I wish him luck. Word on the street is that he needs to step his game up and bring it.

I wish him luck in his new position. When people see you on TV, it looks kinda easy. Was hosting Rap City difficult for you? I had a God-given talent. When people talk to me, I guess they feel like they know me. They feel comfortable talking to me.

One of my strongest qualities is my interview game. My interview game is serious. Did you ever watch tapes of yourself on Rap City and critique yourself?

When I first started they made me watch tapes. They wanted me to be the best I could be. It was the longest running show in the country, so I had a lot of pressure from them to hold the shit down. I never wanted to be known as the person who killed Rap City, so that was motivation enough for me.

So yeah, I looked at the tapes and had people give me feedback. The show, and myself, evolved. Tell me about your cognac. The name, Lenare, is a derivative of my middle name. Yeah, the Street Corner Foundation. Our fundraiser is coming up June 17thth in Washington, D. You can visit www. This is my fourth year doing the fundraiser.

It was hot, it was beautiful to have all those people come down. We have a celeb basketball game and a whole bunch of events. I donate the profits to different organizations. Are you planning on doing a Tigger album? So part of it is the economics of it, and the second part is actually sitting down and getting focused and having time to work on it.

Did any labels approach you with offers? How many stations is your syndicated radio show on? I think I have the number one rated urban syndicated show in the country, aside from morning shows. Does syndication hurt local markets? I think it does when you do it in shifts like the morning show or afternoon show. We put it together in an exciting package. I think syndication does hurt some markets, but most of the syndicated shows are morning shows for an older audience.

Love Mike Jones. Game got a real good start, too. I wanna thank everybody that supported me over the past six years on BET. If you miss The Basement, I apologize. It meant a lot that every time I was talking to the camera, millions of people were watching. Where are you from? But I chose to stay in the country for familiarity. I came to Atlanta in to stay and hooked up with Lil Jon.

How did you end up hooking up with Lil Jon? I hated the song, but that was my introduction to the game. I was 16 or 17 years old. He let me do me on that one, I guess he felt bad from the song I did before. Jon works hard. That man had a vision and stuck to it. Me being from the country, I had to learn certain things that other people may have known already. I was a bright-eyed country boy at first. I had to learn by being a fly on the wall.

Some people are early bloomers, some people are late bloomers, but the main thing is that I get to bloom. Now that you are finally blooming, what is your agenda in the rap game? People see. In the country the whole town is poor. You might have projects in the city, but the niggas in the broke down houses are just as poor. I feel loyal to the country to the point where I gotta shed some light on it and show the people in my town how to come up and navigate throughout the world.

Have you seen any differences in artist loyalty in the county versus the city? It may have took three years to come out, but we gonna get it because the last one jammed so hard.

In the city the radio make people go with the new flavor of the month, the radio kinda dilutes the game a little bit. It can help you. And you still are doing your groundwork in the streets. One thing I hate about the game, is the labels treat rappers like their on an assembly line. I think everybody should be an individual. People should do their own thing. Sometimes niggas are more concerned about the money than they are about making good music.

You have your own label too, right? Yeah, Georgia Durt is a label me and my boy Playboy Tre came up with. People know Tre from the Attic Crew. Ward and Loony T, who is going to be the first solo artists off the label. Bohagon, who is currently working on his debut album, is still undecided when it comes to the name of his project. I love Miami. The truth is, there was absolutely no Foxy getting hit. No nails was broken, no nothing.

I was on my way to meet Trina — Trina is my girl, shouts out to my girl the queen of Miami — I was about to pick my homegirl up and I got a call to stop by the studio to see some friends from Brooklyn. Keep in mind, Foxy was never in the studio to record with this girl. So, I walked in the studio, and you know, jealousy took its course. That was that. There was words exchanged. It was me being the bigger person and the lady that I am. The only truth to her story is that I did say she needs to have some respect.

That is completely true. Did Jacki-O take your purse? I was told from like, the entire city of Miami [afterwards] that this girl was a booster. I did not know this, and I have a lot of valuable stuff in my purse. This is just crazy to me. This is crazy, but you know what? But, I will never respond to her. So there were no blows thrown? No, there were no blows thrown. Did she attempt to steal it? Probably, but I walked out with it. Will your next album come with a Jacki-O vs. No, no more press for this girl.

No more press. Foxy Brown having any discord with homegirl is like Jay-Z battling a nobody. You see my analogy? Lil Kim vs. Foxy Brown is a battle. Eve vs. This is nothing. Why would a boneafide celebrity rapper have any kind of discord with an unknown artist?

I was working on a record with [Brooklyn rapper] Gravy. Foxy Brown was supposed to come through; I thought she was coming to get on the record. She came in on some Hollywood shit and wanted me to bow down to her. Niggas do it all the time. She came in and heard this record I was on with a Brooklyn nigga and caught feelings. Who hit who first? She tried to throw some water on me. Please make that clear. I was there to work. She needs therapy and a hug. Why did she throw water at you?

She was mad because we were in there recording some hot shit. I was in there writing [lyrics]. She had niggas writing her shit. I love to see two different regions come together. Anyway, she was the one who got thrown out, and she was very, very, very embarrassed. Who else was in the room when this was happening?

Gravy, her security, and another nigga. Even her security needed security. Girl, you woulda been so proud of me for just sitting there and taking all that shit. But after she ran out of insults, it was time for her to fight. She walked out getting her ass whooped. I heard there was blood shed during the incident. Were you bleeding? Come on now. Be for real. Easy arrives.

Turn slightly to the side so we can see your faces when you hug! What is it with pretty girls!? Meanwhile, Easy juggles two cell phones, because one is never enough. The models line up for a party scene. The film crew and cameras are wrapped in large ponchos to stay dry. Traffic is shut down in both directions.

One, hit repeat. Two, you start singing you along. Three, you envision a clea n-cut pretty boy. I just listen to the beat, go in the booth, hit record, and see what happens. I got some dope-selling and some bitch-pimping but steady burn. After catching the ear of slow a been has rise fiery on. Garland mine. It just blew up off the strength. In fact, a recent Orlando club show featuring both Trillville and Treal nearly reached an ugly confront ation.

I got about 17 songs. A lot of shit that me and Fresh did. Fresh is like my soulmate and shit, so anything that we did has my blessing.

Mannie Fresh is what he is, too. As far as performing, I like being in a group with me and Fresh or me and Wayne. It becomes complicated with some of the types of people you deal with. What do you think set you apart from the others? We had been putting it down for a minute and we came with that raw street shit. We talking from what we know, the projects. A lot of big names in Southern music came from your camp. Who do you see today with that same potential?

Shit, Flip, T. A lot of people come in the game, have their time to shine, and then fall off. Just being the trendsetters that we are. Muthafuckers is following what we do. When you look at a label like No Limit, for example, it seems like when they lost in-house producers Beats By the Pound, they fell off.

How important is Mannie Fresh to the Cash Money camp? Shit, Mannie definitely holds the walls up. Are there any features on your album? That book is one of my favorites.

I read through all of them: your enemies, your friends, envy, jealousy, foolishness. What was your reaction? Was it a surprise or something you had already discussed? Basically, I think muthafuckers took it out of context.

So Lil Wayne and his company is signed to Cash Money. Recently in Tampa there was a show where Lil Wayne and B. If Wayne wanted to reunite with the Hot Boys, would you allow him to do that? Yeah, I mean, it would have to be done here anyway.

So a Hot Boys reunion album on Cash Money is a possibility? Juvenile got a new CD. But that was some fuck shit to me. I started this shit on family and trust, but right now this shit is straight business. Kids see you with all the jewelry and cars, but what about long-term investments? My name alone makes a lot of money. I got a lot of shit outside of this record shit. Real estate is my thing. I wish I had been got into it.

I think a lot of other niggas need to be turning this fast money into cash money, ya heard? The cars and all that shit, I love that shit, but they do depreciate, ya heard me? What other albums do you have coming from the Cash Money camp?

This is the ninth year. Now we do like 15,, turkeys every year. We do a lot of community events. We do school giveaways. I buy equipment for shit like basketball and baseball teams, and we give away school supplies. Nah, cause I like the fact that they know where I come from and they see that it can be done.

I did it, and just for a muthafucker to see that it can be done, that gives them faith. How did you learn the business aspects of the music game? Trial and error. I was young. My daddy died when I was young and my momma died when I was young, so all I had was brothers.

That shit was crazy.

Your music gives both women and men a boost of confidence whenever they hear it. Steve snorted in a very sexy way; Billy made a great face. We Album) it together in an exciting package. We Album) the bottles in the sky letting the champagne run down our arm. Archived from the original on August 27, Are you gonna go back home? Each song on High Maintenance tells a relatable, chronological story about love, breakups, and pursuing one's dreams. Ian Danzig. Long before scoring an Atlantic Records deal, your love of music was cultivated at an early age.
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