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Surprising tempo changes, great melodies, tragic "ballads" and even the odd touch of reggae are typical for the band's approach. Johnny Moped's first album since 's 'The Search For Xerxes' is a sixteen-track mixture of fresh material and older live faves that never got recorded back in their heyday, f. The contributors on this volume include Deicide feat. Malevolent high speed thrash riffs tumble and crash into a swamp of sludgy old school British doom, bringing to mind the savage lo-fi lunacy of Bathory and Venom with the hooks and claws of vintage Electric Wizard and '90s filth such as L7 and early Nirvana, all as if beamed to us straight from the set of 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'.

A very limited edition on clear vinyl! VI' is the fifth studio album by heavy metal band 'Black Label Society'. This album is a much more mellow affair than any other Black Label Society album, and some fans have recognized it as a nod back to Zakk Wylde's solo effort, Book of Shadows, from The album contains a piano version ofProcol Harum's No.

It is one of the band's most commercially successful releases selling over , copies in the U. The track 'In This River' was written before the death of Zakk Wylde's friend and fellow guitarist Dimebag Darrell, but it has since been dedicated to him.

Unlike the albums that followed, this album still possessed a distinct Southern rock overtone that up to this time had predominated Zakk Wylde's solo writing style. With this album he returned to his earlier hard rock sound.

Cult Of Luna and Julie Christmas bring you to the outer rim of the ever expanding boundaries of the cosmos. For their eighth effort, post-metal pioneers Cult Of Luna join forces with the talented Julie Christmas from Brooklyn. Her haunting voice has fronted vital bands such as Made Out Of Babies and Battle Of Mice, and is one of significance in the underground sludge and post-metal scene.

The full-length by a notable Finnish grindcore outfit. What sets ROTTEN SOUND apart from other protagonists in the field is an obvious intelligence that shows in the to-the-point songwriting, arrangements and subtle inclusion of choice death metal elements in the band's massive sound. SINISTRO's musical moods vary from abrasive thickness to a perfect sense of stillness, which portrays the urban landscapes of the band's Portuguese homeland.

Here are seven eclectic tracks that are bound to appeal to lovers of various musical genres. The third full-length by the Spanish sci-fi tech death prodigies tells a dystopian cosmic story for which the lyrics and music are combined into an overarching concept. These outstandingly skilled musicians don't shy away from odd-time signatures, complex rhythmical patterns and double-bass assaults. The band's amazing debut album, 'Unortheta', presents a newly formulated expression of black and death metal, sludge, and other heavy and dark ingredients.

Zhrine should defintely be regarded as a cornerstone of a burgeoning Icelandic scene. Broken Down's music mixes industrial and metal with hc punk mosh parts and pop music. The CD includes five bonus tracks, a 3. The style is a mixture of AOR-moods and powerful, melodic hardrock. The album presents previously unheard dimensions of form and structure.

V A remastered reissue of the band's third album , including a 3. The style here is somewhere inbetween the band's Led Zeppelin affected early days and the more progressive-tinged think Rush later era. The great cover art is based on Nancy and Lee's original picture sleeve. Having bravely regrouped after the shattering blow of Duane Allman's death in October , the Allman Brothers hit the road with a vengeance in ' The set-list featured tracks from all the albums they'd released up to that point.

Edition on gram vinyl including a printed innersleeve. WE ARE This legendary indie-pop artist was one of the original names on the Creation Records roster. The tracklist includes hits s. Following the departure of Tanya Donelly, the breakup of The Pixies and the return of Kelley Deal to the fold, The Breeders' hit the alternative big time with their second record and its hit singles 'Cannonball,' 'Divine Hammer,' and 'Saints. Walking a fine line between the alluring and the surreal, it features driving, club-centric electronics nestled against lush organic instrumentation, woven with vivid songcraft.

The result is a hauntingly familiar sound that is never complacent in scope. Limited edition of copies on white vinyl with download code. This reissue on LP includes a download card for a treasure trove of demo material!

A great album by Belgium's cassette pioneer, also known for his work with many bands such as Polyphonic Size, The Misters, de Lama's. Luna Velvet's music however is a unique blend of acoustic, indie, folk, rock, pop and country. There are guest appearances from members of a. The Waterboys, Shed Seven and Nightwish. The full-length from this lo-fi industrial wave act from Scandinavia is affectionately viscious and vulnerably sharp. In january , two Seattle-based mega-groups reunited for a hometown show with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

This was the band's first show in 20 years. The record comes with background liners and rare archival photos. Thru Fade Away 2.

Captain Hi-Top 3. This Is Shangrila 4. Bone China 5. Heartshine SIDE 2: 1. Danny Boy 2. Stardog Champion 3. Half Ass Monkeyboy 4. Crown Of Thorns 5. Holy Roller. The B-side offers an etching of artwork Mark did as a kid. Here the band stretches further to explore its interest in the intangible fringes of fate and synchronicity. You also get a poster and a free download card. For this record, Pop collaborated with Ivan Kral, who is best known as the guitar and bass player for Patti Smith in the s.

The album consists of nine songs which were recorded at Homme's home studio in California. Iggy Pop described the album as discussing issues of what happens when your utility is at an end, and dealing with your legacy. A true missing link in the Mid-South pop underground that lots of folks are unaware of. Think Bon Scott fronting a rowdier Big Star, and you have a vague idea of what to expect!

Live recordings R. The tracklist includes songs 15 in total from the albums 'Life's Rich Pageant', 'Document' and 'Green'. MY WAY UH HUH BABY Fortunately "not-goth" sounds like cold wave with a bit of synthpop.

Singer Jasmine's vocals switch from low and smokey to the exploding rock ballad mode at the change of a verse. The music is surprisingly upbeat, like an optimistic Joy Division with more synths.

Limited edition of copies on white vinyl with a free download code. Expect a blend of minimal-, electro-, synth- and new-wave by mostly Belgian artists, with the exception of Dutchman Ton Lebbink and the American Marina Swingers.

Tipical Me - Claustrofobian 2. Solid State - Recalling You 3. Van Lukas - The Riot 4. Karman - Poker 5. Silent Corner - Number One 6.

Bene Gesserit - Kidnapping 7. Tipical Me - Pope No Hope 2. Rive Gauche - Friends Are Friends 3. Marina Swingers - I'm A Swinger 7. Blister In The Sun 2. Add It Up 3. Mosh Pit 4. Confessions 5. Kiss Off 2. Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah 3. Girl Trouble 4. Gimme The Car 5. Please Do Not Go 6. Waiting For The Bus. Get ready for four tracks spanning an hour that are at once subtle and joyous, hitting huge emotional peaks around moments of serene gentleness and heartbreaking sadness.

The music features sonorous guitar, meticulously crafted string arrangementss and soaring vocal harmonies. He won widespread recognition with his album 'Voice Memos', which was recorded entirely on his mobile phone whilst on tour across Europe. Rolling Stone wrote that he has "a golden voice".

The near whimsical romanticism of a young singer-songwriter has not completely gone, but a new matured sound has emerged, a new pop sensibility with powerfully beautiful and vast arrangements and lyrics full of life and hope. This reissue on CD includes a treasure trove of demo material!

Preacher's Daughters 2. Secret Power 3. Dreams I Dream Of You 4. Reason To Believe 6. Nantucket Sleighride To Owen Coffin 9. High Heeled Sneakers. Initially remastered and included on vinyl in the 'Elitism For The People ' box, now the tracks are also available on CD.

Heart Of Darkness 3. Final Solution 4. Cloud 5. Untitled 6. Street Waves 7. My Dark Ages 8. The Modern Dance 9. Think Bon Scott fronting a rowdier Big Star! Egyptian music with Arabic language and influences of trip-hop and psych rock. The duo has developed its own blend of traditional Arabic songs, hip-hop and electronica, which unites to produce raw, energetic and sophisticated music that reflects the contemporary political situation.

Maryam Saleh and Zeid Hamdan's work together includes original music by both artists, alongside covers of classic Arabic songs. With a total running time of 66 minutes, the CD includes stunning versions of tracks s. With a line-up that included ex-members of Hot Tuna -most notably bass player Jack Casady, best known for his days with Jefferson Airplane-, the musicians sounded more punk'ish on stage than on the handful of 7-inches and the sole LP they released back in the day.

The CD comes with expansive liners, interviews and rare archival photos. Dirk Dirksen Intro No Regrets I Can See I Walk The Line C'mon Everybody Heart Of Stone Price Of Sex The Last Word Modern Living Talkin' Bout Girls Rock Reich You Don't Rock Me I Wanna See You Cry I Can't Feel Any Pain Sex Attraction Background notes and rare images are included. King and others. Expect recordings of Grinderswitch playing Long Island in , Lynyrd Skynyrd live and acoustic in , Blackfoot captured live in Denver in , The Outlaws performing in Denver in , and a stunning acoustic performance by Gregg Allman.

Disrupted by political conflict in the Sahara, this album was years in the making. The soulful call and response traditions in a charged reclamation to the origins of Tuareg guitar are messages to a people divided. These are songs about change, nostalgia, and hope from Mali's band-in-exile. With surprising instrumentation and sounds, the five-piece band charts an original path influenced by the classic psychedelic pop bands and albums they love best.

Think of The Beatles sharing a special pot of elderflower tea with The Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things and future members of The Millennium, circa , and you may catch a fleeting glimpse of where things are going. True Sounds Of Liberty. The words every 80's punk knows by heart. Dark, punk, and a lot of new wave angst with singer Jack Grisham's trademark baritone. Festival organizer Varo Paloma and Outro Records teamed up for the release with the idea of creating somewhat of a theme song for this year's event and expect more than half of the copies will be sold at the three day festival.

The L. A carefully paced and deeply satisfying journey, Mercury Retrograde begins in earnest with "Summer's Fling," a persistent, shimmering instrumental track that showcases perennial Chandeen collaborator Florian Walther's intrepid, David Gilmour-channeling space-rock guitar flourishes. And toward album's end, semi-spoken manifesto "Cause It's Slow" floats along, propelled by sputtering drums, eventually fading into the cosmos like an astronaut on an ill-fated spacewalk.

Mercury Retrograde is an unapologetic downtempo-burner, heavy with the gravity of fate, but at once weightless and sparse enough to allow one's imagination to fill in the blank spaces between notes, making for a highly personalized listen. The group is known for their marriage of EDM, Pop and Punk influences as well as their rabid fan base who seem to hold an incurable obsession with unicorns. Their second album, Galactic Conquest, cemented them as a staple of pop rock in Asia resulting in chart success and extensive touring in Japan.

Their 6th full length album is a dark swirl of grinding synths underneath soaring pop melodies. The most sonically ambitious record they've released to date, Basic Glitches is a swirling mass of dark grinding synths driving Langston's soaring pop melodies.

SKIP DIZZY This live album is an intimate experience with JMSN. Featuring a full band and string quartet. Will take you through select pieces of the journey. LEVY II Remixes will be available in a vinyl white vinyl edition limited to copies worldwide. Their sound has become even darker and, just like the artwork it's covered in, more occult while adding synthesizer and slightly descending musically from the 60s towards the 70s and 80s. The video for "Shades" premiered on BigTakeover.

The contributors on this volume include Deicide feat. This album features the last song recorded and performed by the late Flattus Maximus Cory Smoot and the late Oderus Dave Brockie , so needless to say, we are proud to release this small piece of Gwar history. The Deicide track featuring Rob Barrett is a bit of a historical collaboration, as well. One of the most innovative music acts of all time back in with 'Target Earth' after the demise of writer and mastermind Denis 'Piggy' D'Amour.

Between 'Katorz' the last studio effort of D'Amour as a guitarist and 'Target Earth', Voivod wrote another album Infini as a gift from D'Amour, who left a decent amount of riffs and draft ideas so the band could work on the songs on his absence. This was the moment where guitarrist Daniel Mongrain from the band Martyr joined the band.

A fair replacement if at all possible to fill the gap of Denis' masterwork. Reissue in gatefold double picture disc, limited to copies. Once again they open the release with a happy, upbeat melody - perhaps rooted in Hungarian folk music - but an odd choice for the vicious thrash that they pursue, starting with a bestial groan and dark, brooding riffing at the beginning of the next track. After the intro though, perhaps a national homage, though a mystery to me, they follow through on their intents, ripping through vicious thrash with more developed snarls and growls that sound like an Eastern European imitation of Venom and Sodom.

One of the more notable features of this demo is, while still playing relentless thrash, the incredibly rough production enhances the dual-guitar efforts, adding a haunting quality to unisons and harmonized fourths, as well as enabling the band to back some leads with some percussive hits from the rest of the band.

One moment, it feels like an even more grating tribute to early Bathory, an uncomfortably over-trebled sound akin to Morbid Saint, the next it's deliberately breaking that atmosphere for a nearly incomprehensible reason.

While these subsets of metal are not incompatible, it seems as if a combination must rely on a stronger control on atmosphere to channel the feeling the band intends, to capture the atmosphere and convey their intents. Instead, their vicious intents are apparent, but disrupted by these happy-sounding melodies that have a sweet guitar sound that simply doesn't fit the extremely abrasive sound of the rest of the production, from the sharp guitars to the snarling singer.

They sound almost circus-like, something that would be in a "fun" wiffle thrash song from a jokester band like Scatterbrain or one of the countless recent pizzacore skater rethrash bands. Even if they're a somewhat minor feature in the songs, it completely changes the atmosphere and feeling of the evil Eastern Bloc onslaught here. There is a lot of unrealized potential here, both captured and disrupted by the rawness. It is simply the unleashed fury of aggressive 80s thrash on one side, and the other side of the same coin is unrefined ideas that disrupt each other in not focusing the entire effort into a singular presentation of atmosphere and theme.

That is simply a harsh reality of 80s demo tapes, where one hears what could have been with a little more control. However, the harsh reality of vicious thrash metal is also one of the upsides. This is a demo and band that intrigues me, but can't enthrall me as they always seem a step away from doing.

The hokey melodies have been tamed, even transformed into an interesting exotic lead or two that fit the music, the dark atmosphere they always grasped at is in their holds now that the edge of thrash is no longer their target, and the vocals have been handed over to another band member who seems to fit them in more than have them stand out.

Though it wraps up their somewhat lackluster and brief career with some satisfaction, this isn't their strongest effort - perhaps the most listenable without cutting the treble, but a bit dimmed by the loss of their reckless abandon.

The grating, vicious edge of their earlier works has been smoothed out and the band has a meatier tone, still lo-fi, and the vocals have had enough reverb added to make their Hungarian countrymen Tormentor blush. It is certainly a welcome change and an interesting conclusion to their career, seeing how they focused and refined their earlier efforts. The overall notability factor is pretty low though - it's a thrash demo from that's not particularly impressive nor embracing the extremity that their intents seem to require to be realized.

Drenching the vocals in reverb is a nice touch, a sign of the times in that they're taking some of the edge off of thrash for the atmosphere as they hadn't done in the past, but it's also quite behind the times for primitive yet extreme thrash - Tormentor were five years ahead of them on the vocals, and more intense, while Bathory seemed far ahead of this band as a whole, with both of those bands being much better.

Perhaps the reason music like this is enjoyable is because it offers some potential that it could sound really good had their ambitions led them to the right places - something those bands are exemplary of.

Though they appear out of order on the "Angel Ripping Metal" compilation, it is an interesting journey to listen through Angel Reaper's demos - a journey through a few years for an extreme band that was neither an innovator nor particularly impressive, but offers us some insights into what metal was beyond those who became the most famous.

While we know the history of metal by the top tier classics, even the second and third tier classics, and the steps in between for the bands who put those out, listening to the bands who never made it to that level provides a great perspective in what the differences between good, great, and decent bands are. This is a band that, had things gone a little differently, had they come a little earlier, might have managed to make a solid thrash album, or even a black metal album, rather than being swept into the dustbin at the downfall of thrash in the early 90s.

Their mistakes are as interesting as their successes, and this is largely because the music oozes honesty - despite the goofy, happy melodies, they were intent on making evil sounding thrash metal. They pushed their music as far as they could, but their limitations kept them short of being more than a collection of artifacts that wouldn't regularly be on display at a museum, rather dug out for interested historians studying a broad range of things that includes the insignificant.

Not quite a current release, but one from a few years ago that is certainly worth noting. Thursday, July 11, Countess - Sermons of the Infidel. Ebony Tears - Evil as Hell. Ebony Tears - A Handful of Nothing. Ebony Tears - Tortura Insomniae. Wednesday, July 10, Sentinelles - L'envol. Clocking in at just over twenty seven minutes, I wouldn't put money on more people considering Dimentianon's Collapse the Void being a Full Length album rather than an EP. I definitely view it as an EP and it's a decent one at that, with the Long Island - a location I loathe due to traffic driving to the airport today - gang that put this together showing off melodic skills, rhythmic acumen and creative will.

I think the last aspect is their best attribute however. The inclusion of keys and an entire keyboard driven track shows that Dimentianon is more interested in creating than copying others. The release is out on Paragon records which is not a surprise at all, considering that vocalist M is Paragon owner Mike Zanchelli. I like the artwork on the release as well, featuring a looming shadow over what looks to be a planet being broken in half or something.

As I'm familiar with the band, I can say that I've always thought their logo was cool also. Thursday, July 4, Paganfire Interview. CT: The production on the album is the best I've heard from you guys yet. It really does your material justice which, sadly sometimes on the previous splits suffered from some pretty harsh production standards.

Why have you decided to now try and get these tracks sounding as good as they possibly can? Why haven't you put as much effort into the sound on all the other splits, demos and promos you've done? Karachi police official Rafiq Gul said Shah pointed a pistol and wanted to steal cash and cell phones. Thursday evening, Pakistani television stations were abuzz with the shooting.

Journalists accused the security forces of serious breaches of human rights. They brought up the torture and killing of journalist Syed Saleem Shehzad, an expert on al Qaeda killed in late May. Shehzad had told Human Rights Watch about threats he received from the ISI and the global monitoring agency has urged a complete investigation.

Also in May, police and paramilitary forces in Quetta killed five Chechen citizens who were labeled at the time as suicide bombers but turned out to be unarmed civilians.

Yusuf said one of the slain was a woman who was seven months pregnant. But part of the problem, said Yusuf, is that Pakistanis feel that often, security forces act with impunity without ever having to face justice. Yusuf acknowledged that Pakistan is rife with terrorist incidents and that security forces often must act swiftly. He pointed a pistol at two women and then he tried to rob them. These are the criminals that create problems for the public; but it does not justify killing like this.

Nobody, she said, knows anymore whether they will be next. A Russian colonel who was jailed for murdering a Chechen teenager has been shot dead in central Moscow. Yuri Budanov was killed on Friday by an unidentified gunman on Komsomolsky Prospekt, a busy avenue in the capital, state prosecutors said.

In a court upheld his year jail sentence for strangling an year-old girl in war-torn Chechnya in But he was released early from jail in January — a move that angered human rights activists. Russian media say the gunman, wearing a blue jacket and hood, attacked Budanov at about GMT , shooting him six times with a pistol, then fled by car. The Mitsubishi Lancer getaway car was later found abandoned and on fire, the reports said. A pistol and silencer were found inside.

He was found guilty of the kidnapping and strangling of Elza Kungayeva in An allegation that he had also raped her was dropped. The murder provoked outrage in Chechnya, where many civilians have died at the hands of Russian forces and the local pro-Moscow militia, during the long war against rebels. Budanov was acquitted at his first trial in December , when the court accepted his plea that he had been temporarily insane at the time of the killing. But the Russian supreme court ordered a re-trial, where he was found to have been of sound mind at the time.

He was found guilty and stripped of his rank and the Order of Courage, which he had won in breakaway Chechnya. Budanov told the court he believed that Kungayeva was a Chechen sniper and that a fit of rage had come over him as he interrogated her. Last month a court in Moscow sentenced a Russian nationalist to life imprisonment for the double murder.

His partner was also jailed. Ryan Royall, a year-old basketball star at Hillcrest High School in Country Club Hills, Illinois, was shot in the back while he was preparing to get in his car and drive off, according to friends. Witnesses said Royall was hit by a stray bullet that came from a group of people fighting in the parking lot of an event hall in Lynwood after a party early Sunday morning.

Royall had hoped his talents would earn him a university scholarship. College coaches had shown interest, friends and family said. The center had been the site of a birthday party attended by to people, authorities said. Royall was pronounced dead at a. Margaret Health hospital in Dyer, Ind. The other teen was wounded. But God has a plan. Royall is survived by his mother, Wanda Royall, four brothers and two sisters his father, Charles Harris, died of an illness years ago.

Trying to get away. Stray [bullet]. Name recognition. Inter nationally known. High profile. Household name. Public life. The security guard suspected of killing a year-old American student in Costa Rica has been charged with simple homicide, authorities said Friday.

The suspected gunman worked as a guard at the hotel where the boy was staying in La Fortuna, a popular tourist spot famous for the Arenal volcano. The boy and three others left their rooms after curfew Wednesday night and went to another section of the hotel to visit some friends, according to Marisel Rodriguez, spokeswoman for the Judicial Investigation Organization OIJ , which investigates crime in Costa Rica. Around 4 a. The security guard saw them, apparently mistook them for robbers and fired his weapon, said Rodriguez.

The year-old was shot in the chest and died. No other students were injured. Family and friends of the boy gathered for a prayer service at a church across the street from his school.

He was a very good kid. He always did good. He loved sports. Simple homicide in Costa Rica is the equivalent of manslaughter in the United States. The guard did not have a permit to carry his gun, as required by national law, said Rodriguez. He will be incarcerated until his trial, she said. He was one of a dozen students on the trip. It was a nine-day trip. Johnston and his friends were coming into the hotel the La Cangreja Lodge at about 4 in the morning.

The students were returning to their rooms when a dog barked, which consequently caused the students to break into a run. Jorge Guevara, the hotel guard, allegedly shot a shot in the air, using a. An elderly man shot and killed five people in Yuma County in the US state of Arizona before taking his own life, officials said.

In addition, Dyess shot and wounded a friend of his ex-wife, a police official told the Yuma Sun newspaper. The shooting spree occurred Thursday morning over a stretch of Arizona desert about 20 miles 34km north of the Mexico border.

The first shooting took place about local time GMT. That victim was in critical condition in hospital, police said. A man accused of killing a police officer surrendered to authorities late on Friday after freeing all the hostages he had been holding near a university in the southern US state of Georgia, officials said.

Five people, who were hostages, came out of the apartment before heavily armed police went in and brought out Hood, who had been communicating with police throughout the day. Hood requested live media presence before he surrendered, fearing he would be gunned down by police. Hood ran to another police car as it pulled on to the scene and fired two shots at close range at officer Tony Howard, who was wounded in the face.

There is a funeral scheduled for Sunday for Christian, 34, who was the father of two small children. Hood freed four people from the apartment around 8. Five others came out just before he surrendered. He was born in , one of 8 brothers.

On July 30, , Hood was arrested for armed robbery. The day before, he held up a pizza deliveryman at gun point. He was arraigned September On March 1, the trial began.

By the 3rd, he was being sentenced to 12 years in prison for armed robbery, without possibility of parole. He was released July 29, , having been previously granted credit for time served before the trial. Ages 27 to 54 are ruled by the 4th, 5th and 6th letters of the name.

Turkish singer Ibrahim Tatlises, famous also in Greece and across the Middle East, has been shot and seriously wounded in an attack in Istanbul. He was shot in the head by unidentified men after midnight on Saturday and left in a critical condition, reports said.

Mr Tatlises, 58, had just left the offices of private Turkish channel Beyaz TV with his spokeswoman, who was also hit. No group has yet claimed involvement in the attack, although newspapers said Mr Tatlises had been shot in the leg in and had escaped unharmed in another incident in Doctors treating him at Maslak Acibadem hospital said a bullet had entered the rear of his skull and had passed out through the front, Anatolia news agency reported.

Ibrahim Tatlises, who is of Kurdish origin and from the south-eastern city of Sanliurfa, has recorded more than 30 albums and has acted in numerous films. He also hosts a TV show. As well as being a major singing star, Mr Tatlises is a well known businessman with interests in Kurdish areas of northern Iraq.

Two federal marshals and a police officer were wounded Tuesday in a gunfight with a suspect who died following a standoff at a St. Louis home, authorities said. One marshal is in critical condition, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Earlier reports that he had died by the U. Marshals was incorrect. Sannita Vaughan said her brother was the dead suspect who had been holed up inside the house. She said his name was Carlos Boles. The two U. Marshals Service. One U. The other is in fair condition and is undergoing surgery, Keller said.

Louis police officer was hit in his bullet-proof vest and suffered a graze wound and injuries from a fall, according to a recorded statement on the city police media hotline. It said he was taken to the Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Earlier Tuesday, city police spokeswoman Schron Jackson said police were involved in a standoff at the property, but she had no more information. They blocked access to the property with police cars and vans.

Louis showed one marshal being carried down an alley by several officers and being put into an ambulance. Earlier Tuesday, Vaughan told reporters that her brother was inside the house and had been shot by police. She looked into television cameras and implored the brother to come out and surrender. As police began to disband, bystanders appeared inflamed and began shouting obscenities at police.

One officer with a police dog tried to quell the tempers. Police does not earn an easy living which shows today, with two of the United States Marshals as well as a police officer of St. The medical condition of the marshals alongside of the police officer has not been cleared till yet by the authorities but the only thing that has till yet being told apart to the media is that they have been taken on to the St.

Louis University Hospital immediately afterwards. The police officer of St. Louis was immediately taken the two the Barnes Jewish Hospital after he suffered from a bullet that hit him on his vest that was bullet resistant, but the bullet after hitting on to his vest hit him, and according to the reports he was far more injured when he fell down afterwards of the bullet shot.

A suspect was as well shot down by the police afterwards of the attack and as per to the authorities they are currently in a hostage situation at the house. According to a lady named Sannita Boles, it was her brother that has been shot by the police in a house whereby her three children aged eight; thirteen as well as fifteen-year-old were staying. The brother of the above mentioned lady named Carlos Boles was the man that has been shot by the police.

According to the authorities, they waited for the children to get out and go to their school and afterwards of that raided the house of Carlos Boles, whom as per to the same authorities is the man that has been found guilty in many cases of robbery and others of such nature. Pakistani Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti has been shot dead by gunmen who ambushed his car in broad daylight in the capital, Islamabad. He was travelling to work through a residential district when his vehicle was sprayed with bullets, police said.

In January, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who had also opposed the law, was shot dead by one of his bodyguards. The blasphemy law carries a death sentence for anyone who insults Islam. Critics say it has been used to persecute minority faiths.

In the streets where Shahbaz Bhatti was shot dead, the gunmen left their mark. We found bullet holes gouged into the walls. He told us Mr Bhatti was alone, away from his driver, when the gunmen struck. There was no security, no police at that time. Senior police officials said Mr Bhatti had been assigned police and paramilitary troops, but had asked them not to travel with him at the time.

In recent weeks Mr Bhatti had been concerned about security. One of his friends said the minister had asked repeatedly for a bullet-proof car. It is the same security I was given when I became a minister. The minister had not been accompanied by his guards or the security escort vehicle that is standard for all Pakistani ministers, and it is not clear why.

Their fate will be the same. In January, Mr Bhatti told the BBC he would defy death threats he had received from Islamist militants for his efforts to reform the blasphemy law. Governor Taseer was shot dead on 4 January, also in Islamabad, by one of his own police bodyguards. The killer has been feted by many in the country as a hero.

But in the face of strident popular opposition, the federal government said it would not support the proposed reforms. Ms Rehman said last month she was receiving death threats every half hour by e-mail and telephone. Christians, who make up an estimated 1. She denies claims she insulted the Prophet Muhammad during a row with Muslim women villagers about sharing water. Although no-one convicted under the law has been executed, more than 30 accused have been killed by lynch mobs.

Critics say that convictions under the law hinge on witness testimony, which is often linked to grudges. For all the world to see. On the world stage.

There is a funeral scheduled for Sunday for Christian, 34, who was the father Prokletá - Flattus - Flattus (CDr two small children. July 8, A man suspected of killing seven people in Grand Rapids, Mich. He said the key question was whether Loughner posed a danger and that prison doctors, not him, were best qualified to answer that. EDT An officer responding to an apparent domestic incident at a downtown hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, was shot and killed Sunday, authorities said. Praise him, embrace him, and get the fuck out of his face. Backup officers arrived: Officers Figoski and Estrada, who had been partners for several years, Prokletá - Flattus - Flattus (CDr. Just raw unholy thrash metal that still sounds fresh after Album) these years and Jon you put one hell of a release and you got 2 albums on one disc which is extra cool. This limited edition pressing includes a booklet with essays, unpublished photos, collector postcards and a download card. The Rattles and The Tonics.
Bamboo - David Hudson + Tjapukai + Ash Dargan And Friends (24) - Indigenous Rhythms (CD, Album), Ill Miss You - Amanda Lear - Follow Me (CD), Plaisir Damour, Kill The Beast - Go Radio - Lucky Street (CD, Album)

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  1. Album Flattus. Umělec Flattus. Ke stažení ve formátu MP3 a FLAC. Obsahuje hity ♫ Prach ♫ Střílej ♫ Prokletá. Ukázky zdarma k poslechu. Hutné riffy, melodické refrény. To je eponymně pojmenovaná deska pražké rockové.
  2. This album features the last song recorded and performed by the late Flattus Maximus (Cory Smoot) and the late Oderus (Dave Brockie), so needless to say, we are proud to release this small piece of Gwar history. The Deicide track featuring Rob Barrett is a bit of a historical collaboration, as well.
  3. Flattus (2) - Amuse Yourself (CD, Album) Label: Not On Label Cat#: none. Media Condition: Media: Near Mint (NM or M-) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Near Mint (NM or M-) View Release Page: Seller: vibesmusic; %, 1, ratings ; Ships From: United States; $ +$ shipping $ total: Add to .
  4. Flattus je česká rocková kapela, hrající crossover, tedy směs převážně rocku, hardcoru, popu a folku. Těžištěm tvorby ale zůstává moderní pochází z Prahy, kde působí už od roku Její složení se od počátku několikrát výrazně proměnilo. Nyní kapela vystupuje jako čtveřice Jiří Hašek (zpěv, akustická kytara), Tomáš Jun (kytara), Jakub Aktivní roky: současnost.
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  6. Feb 17,  · Rob Barrett of Cannibal Corpse), Municipal Waste, Bullet Treatment (members of Faith No More, FEAR, Comeback Kid, and Cursed), Agnostic Front, SNFU, Death By Stereo and Gwar. This album features the last song recorded and performed by the late Flattus Maximus (Cory Smoot) and the late Oderus (Dave Brockie). PUNK/HARDCORE 16/04/ EUR.
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