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Witness Toyota in the 70's. Much better then the Pintos and Vegas for less. Is Pearl River the piano builder who wants to give complete value and build reputation or do they want to crank out cheap product cutting corners to gain the most profit ala the American way. I want to believe they care and would love to be known as a great value. Its a tough decision. This has been confirmed by seeing what others have paid for the same here and elsewhere.

I happen to think a low end Yamaha and "professional series" whatever that buys one Pearl River might be in the "splitting hair" category. Originally posted by Baxxon: Thanks Norbert. Joined: Aug Baxxon wrote in the other thread: It's not so much a matter of affordability as it is we feel there is no need to spend that amount for the result we want Which is a playable piano that will last for 10 or more years.

The reason you haven't seen a 10 year old Pearl River is because they only began mass export to the U. Unfortunately, saying you're buying a Yamaha is like saying your buying a Chevy. There are 4 different levels of Yamaha Grands, the S series high-end , the C series Yamaha's standard home piano , the GC model the lowest end Japanese built piano and the GBwhich is built in Indonesia.

Of course, if you look at the price difference, it's obvious that Yamaha had to take away a number of features from it's C series in order to make the GC1 competative with the Chinese product out there. With regards for Pearl River, I've been to their factory and these guys know what they're doing. The Yamaha series they model their pianos after is the C series, and they only have one level of piano.

There GP series is their one and only flagship line. Wouldn't you rather have a piano that is a company's best built piano, than a company's cheapest built piano? I know I would. Incidently Axtremus--there are no 20 year old GB1's out there. The GP has been around much longer than the GB1. Piano consultant. Incidently, I agree with you Ax on the 'trusting her judgement' part.

Touch and feel are the most important thing. Originally posted by Utrumpet: The reason you haven't seen a 10 year old Pearl River is because they only began mass export to the U.

If name recognition and 'track record' are the only or even major factors to consider when buying a piano, nobody in the world needs to even try or even consider a 'newer' type brand. The downfall or possible disadvatage for the prospective buyer in this case is, that it's exactly the newer type pianos on the market today which put pressure on the older makes resulting in an ever increased competitive market situation for all consumers.

INHO, very few do. As a result, it's perhaps well worth to look at all options out there today and carefully weigh the particular advantages of one option over the other,certainly on an individual basis. Otherwise everyone may as well just buy a Sauter.

After all, it's the oldest and obviously - 'most proven' - pianomaker in the entire world. It is still a Yamaha piano and is built to withstand Yamaha's reputation for value and consistency in piano building. From a person who sells the brands you do , Norbert, that says a mouthful. I respect your opinion.

Just a few years ago Hyundai was considered a terrible car. I think it is possible for an upstart to "compete" on quality if not brand.

If that company seeks to create a brand, as many Asian companies have done and do with mega success, They will be up to the task. I betting I suppose that Pearl River is not going to rest on their minimal laurals and sneek up on many piano builders with a quality product for the masses If Im wrong They HAVE to deliver more for less.

All start ups in a new market have to. That said we still have to give a listen to the new 5" Grand Pearl River built The dealer said it has longer strings then a standard 5" and is more squared off in the back we shall see as we compare one side by side to the GB1.

Utrumpet wrote: Wouldn't you rather have a piano that is a company's best built piano, than a company's cheapest built piano? Both pianos will not have the best of resale and will sell to those looking for a basic playable piano. Interesting point regarding resale. I suppose I'm betting in 10 years Pearl River might become as the Hyundai and actually have name value as a quality entry level piano.

They are certainly doing their best to do so regarding their materials and asthetics in their lowend. They don't seem to cut corners from their higher end GP pianos. That said we will not make a final choice until we play both side by side. Actually my wife will indeed make the final choice. Not sure we will post a picture of a Pearl River here. Don't want to sully up the forum Sauter, while has a long history of existence, do not have the track record of wide deployments in a wide ranges of environments and usage patterns.

Write a Review Your Rating:. Your Rating:. Email Address. Subject required. Comments required. The Premium models feature solid spruce soundboards, Renner hammers, hornbeam wood actions, beech rims, and real ebony sharps, among other higher-quality features. The brand-new Premium UHX Series features an innovative new vertical piano action inclined at three degrees toward the player, allowing for a faster, more sensitive and controlled hammer blow, and improved dynamic range.

The Performance models feature unique scales, ebony sharps, high-quality hammers with German felt, and a veneered and tapered all-spruce soundboard. Does anyone happen to know if the model gp uses the Renner action???

I hope so cause I have heard that it is one of the best out there. I know some of pearl river's pianos use them just not sure on this particular model gp Thanks: so your going to china you say? I'll let you know how I am enjoying my new pearl when I get it. I know its not going to be sounding like it will even a year from now.

But that is the beauty of pianos they just get warmer and richer mmmmmmm. Thank you TwinkleFingers for your reply. I am not sure whether a Renner action is used in the model that you are getting but it is used in some models. The specifications suggest that it is a quality piano and certainly the best piano made in China.

A major reason for the low price of the Pearl River piano is that labour costs are very low in China. I am sure that you will be delighted with it and indeed it will sound richer and sing better with use. Best wishes, Robert. I need help in making a decision between samick 5' and pearl river 4'7" grand. Both are the same price. The samick that I tested was out of tune cause they just unpacked it. Also it needed to be voiced. Anybody play or own around a 5' samick that also tested a pear river around the same size recently?

I know good luck getting a response to that question. Oh well worth a try. Dont just say they are both crap. Tell me a good entry level quality piano to get at or around 6 g's. Trust your own judgement on this one. The Samick is marginally longer but they are pianos of the same quality. Do not prevaricate but sit down and play both pianos for some time and decide which one you like best.

You are the person buying the piano and the piano will tell you if it's yours or not. The Samick has not yet settled so it will not be sounding at its best. Regards, Robert. Twinklefingers, how many pianos do you have? Just 1. A cheap wurlitzer spinet that my mom got for christmas or her birthday over 20 years ago! I need to test the samick again once it is voiced and tuned and maybe regulated.

That will be my final decision. I wish the 2 pianos were side by side in the same showroom so I could jump back and forth. I tested other samicks they had that should of been prepped already.

You can sign in to vote the answer. Superficial scratches Traccia 02 Take Care All. Pearl river in concert. Joined: Jul Posts: 15, Surrey, B. Customers can optionally download the regular PianoDisc app to build their own music library. Unless Yamaha falls. I personally would wait four to six weeks.
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  1. Piano Pearl River Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Ltd. Yu Wei Xi Road South Hua Di Da Dao Fang Cun – Guangzhou China. Cincuenta años de experiencia acumulada tiene ya esta relativamente joven compañía, su gigantesca fábrica que mide mas de noventa mil metros cuadrados está situada en la ciudad de Guangzhu, uno de los grandes centros industriales del Sur de China, en la rivera del rio.
  2. Feb 08,  · i want to buy a piano and my teacher suggests a pearl river. Am apprehensive coz it isn't a big brand like yamaha and the sound quality of the one i play (my teacher's one) isn't very good. Couldn't talk to an expert directly as people experienced with piano are very rare at my place. Also, tell me if i could get a good yamaha around Rs , ($ approx).
  3. Pearl River is the World’s Best-Selling Piano, with the world’s largest, state-of-the-art factory. Affordably-priced with features of expensive pianos. Recommended world-wide by teachers, performers and technicians. Internationally certified for quality and environmental standards.
  4. Year after year, Pearl River sells more pianos than any other brand. The reason is simple: The World's Best Selling Piano We produce pianos with exceptional craftsmanship and value that can be heard and felt with the very first note. Pianos for Artists Since The World's Best Selling Piano Piano Name: Pearl River Website: Pearl River Model: GP Made in: China Parent Company: Guangzhou.
  5. Sep 19,  · Anyone who owns one of the newer models (>year ) please give me some feedback. The pearl river(gp) I demo'd seemed to be of great quality and sound. and what really sold me was the exceptional value. I paid brand new!!!! Also I have found out that pearl river .
  6. Pearl River has perfected the grand piano to deliver a range of fine instruments producing the ultimate in rich tone and responsive touch. By combining the finest materials with a well-acknowledged design and technological expertise, Pearl River offers grand pianos in a variety of sizes, finishes and cabinetry, all distinguished by superb resonance and exceptional presence.
  7. Nov 24,  · Like New, demo model - Pearl River 7 foot Grand Piano, awesome sound - special price, call
  8. Pearl River first acquired the Ritmuller brand, they put out a handful of old Pearl River designed pianos, with the Rit name on it Comment filtered because it came from a piano dealership. Reply. Grant April 24th, Thank you for visiting and for the kind words about the website and this blog. Reply; Martin January 1st,
  9. Pearl River Pianos available at Miller Piano Specialists. For more information or for help selecting a piano for your home, studio, or educational institution, call Miller Piano Specialists at () or visit our website at

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