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Now they have put together this wonderful, and somewhat over the top book as a love letter to our music and the family that has formed around it as well as the venue, town and people who have made HeAthen's Homecoming what it is. I spent an hour looking through it it will take far longer to actually take it all in while staying with Dr.

Contovasilis and family and I was moved to literal tears. I don't know if anything like this has ever existed in any other band's community but I was blown away by the enormous amount of work and love that obviously went into its creation. It has made me want to strive even harder to be worthy. I urge you all to check it out.

The proceeds go to Nuci's Space and their mission of suicide prevention and musical artistic resource. The HeAthen's Homecoming has grown to four nights this year and is looking to completely sell out. We feel beyond blessed. I have this weird trait where I can remember strange random things vividly. Minute details of forgettable things, set list quirks from specific dates of random shows.

I set foot in The 40 Watt Club for the first time on Feb. Don't try that shit now though. The 25th Anniversary of that date corresponds with what is probably the 19th Annual HeAthen's Homecoming.

We're going to celebrate that and so much more by having a special show on Wed. It'll be an early show with Jay playing at 9pm and AHC on by so people can plan their late night festivities accordingly. The AHC shows last month went fantastic and we just had to do it all once again. If you haven't already done so, make sure you grab the yellow vinyl of " Town Burned Down ".

It Kicks Ass! Thursday Feb. His new album is Fantastic! Don't Miss. Friday Feb. They opened for us last time we toured Europe and have a great new album. Saturday Feb. She is totally Badass and we're super excited to have her do her thing. Last year's HH is a tough act to follow, but I think we're up to the job and hope you'll be there to help us make it all happen.

In addition to Homecoming we are thrilled to be about to hit the road one last time this year, kicking it off with 3 nights in Birmingham AL at Saturn! The first show is November 6 th , Election Night!!!

After that we head to Nashville where both Lilly Hiatt and T. Hardy Morris join us for shows and continue on with T. We can't wait! Hardy Morris. Their songs and friendship became the foundation on which DBT was built. Their one and only "lost" album from was remixed by David Barbe, mastered by Greg Calbi and is now available for the first time xwith archival photos and extensive liner notes from Patterson Hood.

Get some now! There's no resisting that. The final product is a smooth cup of coffee that has a subtle, sweet chocolate body and a smoky, nut finish. Cups of Dawn hydrates the palate making it a refreshing, morning coffee. Cups of Dawn comes in a limited edition keepsake can featuring a custom illustration by Wes Freed. For years, Freed's illustrations have become the visual equal to the Drive-By Trucker's music having appeared on countless posters, t-shirts, stickers, and every album cover since the critically acclaimed Southern Rock Opera.

Founded in Athens, Georgia in , Jittery Joe's Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that selects and roasts only the highest quality arabica beans from around the globe. Jittery Joe's Coffees are available at 20 Jittery Joe's cafes in the Southeast, specialty grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and through their online store.

For more information, visit the Jittery Joe's web site at www. No rest for the wicked as they say. I wrote it this summer in the wake of the horrific events in Virginia and the White House's shameful response. Jay Gonzalez is hitting the road this month with his band and our friends Eyelids for an east coast tour.

Cooley and I both have some solo dates after Thanksgiving. Filters optional but recommended. Our new song will be released in December on our favorite medium, a 7" 45 with The Perilous Night on one side and our live version of What It Means recorded this past summer at the Newport Folk Festival on the other, we're very proud of it. We are really excited about this run and will be rested and revitalized and ready to Rock and Roll. If you haven't already gotten her record, get on it. It's definitely on my Top 5 for and some of the best songwriting I've heard in several years.

Tickets for all dates are available on our website. Today is Election Day in many places. Make yourself heard. Resistance starts locally. It's not just political, it's personal. Here's to a safe Veterans Day. See you at The Rock Show! Patterson Hood Drive-By Truckers. It was the highlight of a powerful, energized set - and a crowning moment in the past year of the bands life, touring behind the politically charged and critically acclaimed American Band in Trump's America.

Patterson Hood tells Rolling Stone : "When we recorded [the album] they hadn't even had the first primary yet. We were writing about this dark time that I honestly thought was going to get better. You can also find it on iTunes. It will be backed with a new track entitled " The Perilous Night " which Patterson wrote in the wake of Charlottesville and which the band recorded last week in Athens, GA. They'll be performing that song and many others! Watch all three parts below! Had the honor of performing a Tiny Desk Concert recently.

You can watch the video here. Dates this year are February , Tickets go on sale starting tomorrow Oct 18th via our fan ticketing and Friday Oct 21st via the venue. As usual proceeds from these shows go to benefit Nuci's Space. Please know that hotels around this time are booking fast in Athens so if you plan on coming please plan accordingly.

While a few hotels are already sold out due to events at UGA there is still a lot of other hotel options as well as many great AirBnb options. We expect these rooms to go fast so don't wait too long! Grab one from your local independant bookstore or buy it from Avid, our beloved local store in Athens, GA.

She has written this wonderful book about her experience. I was honored to write the forward and highly recommend it to everyone. Chess LP - Look! Later reissued in electronic stereo as LPS Series becomes Chess only; Checker series continues with LP The mono copy has a black label with silver print, but the stereo issue has a gold label with black print.

LP - Walkin' by Myself The following album, Chess LP, was issued in four variations. The main version was the first of a series of Murray the K discs issued on Chess, this one called Murray the K's Golden Gassers with the catalog number of LP, with no suffix. The catalog number for this one was LP SF. All four versions had the same track lineup. Reissued as LPS in electronic stereo. It was reissued four years later with a new cover and the title More Chuck Berry see below.

Reissued in electronic stereo as LPS with the light blue lates label. LP - On Stage - Chuck Berry [] , 29 Although this purports to be a live recording, it is actually studio recordings with audience noise overdubbed. Originally issued in mono only. Reissued in electronic stereo as LPS, with the orange and blue label. Side 1 of the reissue is in "Duophonic"-type rechanneling, but side 2 is not. Reissue has no banding on side 2.

There are a few different ways this can go down, some much more expensive than others. Obviously, going all digital is the cheapest way to go since it cuts out this cost. If you do decide to press physical copies, try to keep your spending in check. Special packaging, colored vinyl, and things like that may be fun, but they also jack up your costs. A common mistake is to assume that if you shell out extra for these kinds of bells and whistles that your album will sell more. Probably not.

Another thing to keep in mind in terms of pressing costs is being smart about how many copies you manufacture. Sure, you'll get a better per-unit price for larger orders, but it's best to press only what you think you truly have a chance of selling. Pressing , copies to save 30 cents per unit is a false economy if , end up sitting in your mom's garage. Want to be really depressed? Open your credit card bill while looking at boxes of unsold CDs.

If you have a distribution deal, your distributor may pay for manufacturing up front and then recoup the costs from sales. However, one would have to be a pretty big fool to mistake brevity for lack of substance.

The searing songwriting that made her an indie darling with her previous two albums hasn't disappeared with the presence of a larger audience or with the introduction of synthesizers and more electronic elements. Mitski keeps listeners at somewhat of a distance with songs clearly written in a different guise than the more direct songs on her first two albums.

Be the Cowboy bubbles with energy and is even flat-out fun, at times, but the lyrics depict a tightly-wound character whose emotional shields unravel as the album progresses. It's a pretty dramatic reinvention that is pulled off spectacularly, and it further solidifies the notion that Mitski can really do anything. Country's premiere triumvirate — the Pistol Annies are solo artists Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley — could have knocked off something fun, something with a little snark and a little wink and attitude to go with a few memorable songs.

Instead, they put together Interstate Gospel , an album in which each of the songwriters reflect on some serious topics without losing any of their energy or humor. If "Stop Drop and Roll One" gets silly, it only balances the serious look they take at their world, a place full of hurt and missed opportunities, but never without the spark of something better. In a time when Nashville is figuring out what to do with its wealth of strong women artists, the Pistol Annies have thrown down a collaborative, fully realized record that commands proper attention.

The former Guardian Alien member is a vocal contortionist, her voice skyrocketing into a keening upper range reminiscent of Henry Cow's Dagmar Krause when she's not rapping, screaming, doing bone-dry valley-girl impressions or stacking her voice into layers that'd make Julianna Barwick jealous.

In keeping with electronic full-lengths' recent trend towards holistic, filmic experiences, the short tracks here blur into one another, using start-stop tension to keep us on our toes. It's almost like a beat tape, and though hip hop looms large there are also hints of the squishy, organic microhouse of Ricardo Villalobos.

It might seem crazy now but before Ital Tek's masterpiece Hollowed was released, few, including its author, thought it was going to be a success. The subsequent critical adulation that followed may have taken him by surprise, but it also afforded him the freedom to explore more deeply the cinematic, immersive soundscapes that he had created on Hollowed. Written in quick bursts while working on other projects, the music on Bodied is closer to avant-garde, classical music than anything remotely approaching traditional electronic music.

Ital Tek takes the physicality and geometry of his sound and creates complex, atmospheric, otherworldly soundscapes that feel as if they are actively eschewing any common physical rules. Each song feels like an attempt to extricate himself from the limitations of time and place, creating atemporal, amorphous tracks that exist somewhere wholly new. The indeterminate nature of the music he created, added to the general sense of wonder. Sounds seem to drift in a non-definable void yet are so vividly and meticulously constructed to leave an album of breathtaking scope and vision.

There's a speaker-rattling, show stopping moment that comes early in Beach House's seventh album. The album opens with "Dark Spring", which serves just fine as a leadoff Beach House track.

It's an emblematic Beach House song, complete with Victoria Legrand's shimmering vocals and Alex Scally's squalling guitars. However, just as the song ends, there's a disorienting sonic dip that leads into "Pay No Mind". It's an intoxicating shift, partly credited to producer Peter Kember's collaboration with the band.

The disorienting segue into the second track hints at the sonic risks Beach House take on their latest album. Equally as impressive is "Dive". Clocking in at just over four minutes, the track has no problem taking almost a minute before a hint of guitar surfaces, only to have the last third of the song pummel you - and not a second sounds out of place. It's still the Beach House that has created some of the best dream pop landscapes over the last 15 years, but 7 represents a more thematic cohesion than almost any other of their albums.

It may seem incompatible for an album to boldly challenge everything that made its creators so beloved while still giving listeners the musical equivalent of a security blanket, but 7 did just that in Who's your favorite Her?

Perhaps it's fiddlin' filly Sara Watkins with her arrhythmia-inducingly beautiful vocals. Or maybe it's Sarah Jarosz due to her mastery of octave mandolin, guitar, and clawhammer banjo and the warm poise of her vocals. Or you could go with Aoife O'Donovan, whose snow-dappled vocals and fragrant, sensual songcraft deconstruct traditional folk songs into shadowed electric folk-grass, textured Irish-influenced meditations, and exquisite breeze-borne ballads.

Together, the three evoke olde-tyme vernaculars weaved into a lush, contemporary tapestry, a sublime one-of-a-kind musical hybrid. Better yet, take in the lush three-part harmonies, and the profoundly gorgeous song-building on what one can only hope is just the beginning of an amazingly talent-rich siren summit.

Years picks up where the band's debut Sidelong left off presenting raucous, brawling songs like "New Ways to Fail" and "The Bottle Never Let Me Down" while also introducing new wrinkles to their sound, like the pop-leaning "Heartache in Hell".

Having spent most of the previous two years touring, the unit has grown as tight as they come, and they demonstrate both the breadth of their chops and the broad expanse of country music's potential by refusing to limit themselves to a singular sonic palette. Eric Peterson and pedal steel player Phil Sullivan offer jaunty riffs that bring an uplifting lilt to the proceedings while the rhythm section of bassist Aaron Oliva and drummer John Howie, Jr.

Years is a new country classic, plain and simple. Blood Orange's third album Freetown Sound was Dev Hynes' "everything but the kitchen sink" style album. Sit back and listen. Negro Swan is a more emotionally direct effort, but it's just as focused on the themes of black identity, queer identity, and the general feeling of not fitting comfortably into any identity. The opening track "Orlando" touches on the scars of bullying, but it also is a not-so-subtle response to the Pulse nightclub shooting in that city, especially given the imagery of its bookend track "Smoke".

Negro Swan is a dreamy, jazzy meditation on depression. It's not a single-listen album to tide you over until the next unannounced release that's due to drop this week. That said, there are plenty of instantly appealing moments on Negro Swan. A line like "feelings never had no ethics" may take a few times to absorb, but damned if you don't feel that declaration's impact on first listen.

Like many of us, the members of London three-piece Benin City spent their formative years in nightclubs. Therefore, they understand how these places shape us. How the interactions with the characters that frequent our favorite hangouts become crucial dots on our timeline. They can also see how those profound, wonderous spaces are being systematically closed down all in the name of gentrification. As clubs shut their doors, important acquaintances disappear and personal plotlines end, leaving only a rich bounty of nostalgic anecdotes.

It is these tales that Last Night tells. A paean to the nightclub in all its lager stained, sticky-floored, sweaty glory. Musically the album draws on a rich mix of garage, dubstep, and palpitating, classic house. From the murky electronics of "Take Me There" to the celebration of the night-bus on the exuberant "Bus", the trio draw inspiration from every facet of club life. However, this isn't all upbeat tales of nighttime excess.

Last Night is a multi-layered delight that relates the experiences of clubbers up and down the country.

The band understand that there are typical experiences that bind all clubbers together and they revel in detailing them. Last Night is not only the perfect soundtrack for one monumental night out, but it's also the soundtrack to the entire formative clubbing years.

Spiritualized's Jason Pierce has described And Nothing Hurt as "like a field recording that's made by Phil Spector", which is pretty accurate. Pierce painstakingly assembled this music on his own, in the spare room of his East London home, but make no mistake, the humble location has no bearing on the music he makes and it's as wide screen and cinematic as Pet Sounds , except, unlike Brian Wilson, he's landlocked and the noise of the occasional ambulance going by sometimes seeps into the songs.

The woozy, narcotic feel we've come to know and love from Spiritualized is intact here and there's a lovely Exile on Main Street feel to tracks like "I'm Your Man". When Pierce cranks up the tempo, he's just as convincing. There is a brace of rockers on And Nothing Hurt which would get even the most hardcore of wallflowers shaking a tailfeather. The latter track weighs in at 7. And Nothing Hurt is a soothing balm to apply when the world gets just a little bit too real.

That happened quite a lot in We need Spiritualized now more than ever. For Tim Hecker's latest album Konoyo , the process is just as intriguing as the result. While the experimental artist has continually built dense, blaring soundscapes for over a decade, his latest project practices restraint. Inspired by the late Johann Johannsson and the tradition of gagaku, Japan's imperial court music, Hecker softens his typically heavy-handed approach to electroacoustic music.

As a result, Konoyo delicately balances the medley of ancient instrumentation and modern synthesis. On the latter half, Hecker takes control with his masterful digitization of organic sounds, beginning with and most notably on the centerpiece "Keyed Out".

Konoyo was recorded in Tokyo's western Nerima Ward with a traditionally trained gagaku ensemble. Reciprocally trading compositional choices and communally improvising, their collaboration process gave creative agency to all actors.

Hence, Konoyo is not a simple deconstruction of gagaku, but rather it is an experimental result and ode to the ancient tradition. While Hecker's past albums followed the conventional model of electroacoustic manipulation, Konoyo approaches gagaku with restraint and respect for the millennium-old music. Supergroups tend to be bombastic and disposable by design, but neither of those words is in any way fit to describe what Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker have done with their first release as boygenius.

Over the course of five songs, the trio craft a tour de force of sorrow, rage, anger and perseverance as expressed through a particularly intimate brand of songwriting. Occasionally solemn but never frail or delicate, these songs display an emotional resonance that few songwriters could hope to achieve in their lifetime. While each of the three members of boygenius is brilliant on their own, the synthesis of their talents creates something truly special.

That this EP exists and is so fine is a joy on its own; what's even more exciting is what may yet come from this trio. It has been eight long years since Daughters released their last project, and as their latest album title suggests, a lot has changed.

While visceral guitars maintain the skittering treble assaults that trembled their prior mathcore iteration, an overwhelming sludging temper consumes the ultimate pacing of the album. So, shrieking guitars, slopping basslines, and escalating drums somehow coalesce in fragile harmony, taunting the threshold of complete discombobulation. As for the content, the unrelenting, minute anti-lullaby pulls boots against emotional mudslides until surrender.

The album begins with "City Song", a slurring moan about "betrayed yearn", and it ends with "Guest House", a hysterical reaction to abandonment.

With ten songs and no resolve, every manic word expands the definition of despair. From outstanding fear, depressing disillusionment, to deeply ingrained paranoia, the album releases eight years of pent-up emotions, creating one of 's most challenging but exhilarating projects. It's routine for Neko Case to produce masterwork albums, yet even by her standards, Hell-On is exceptional.

Top-to-bottom, it's her strongest record since 's Fox Confessor Brings the Flood and, though it may be too early for such a pronouncement, it could displace that title's distinction as her magnum opus. A spellbinding record, it finds Case employing her patented blend of the contemporary and the anachronistic, of zeroing in on modern social vignettes with naturalistic imagery and metaphors. While she has never shied from addressing hot-button issues, Hell-On is among her most topical and culturally outspoken.

It opens with the sparsely eerie anti-hymnal title track, reveling in its sacrilegiously cryptic lyrics quotable standout: "God is a lusty tire fire". On the more personal side, there is the tour deforce centerpiece of her duet with Mark Lanegan in "Curse of the I-5 Corridor" and the quiet, yearning heartbreak of her cover of Crooked Fingers' "Sleep All Summer" in which she shares vocals with the tune's writer, Eric Bachmann.

Musically, the 12 songs are all over the map, ranging from the unabashedly jubilant pop of "Bad Luck" and the surging portent of "Oracle of the Maritimes" to the rich, dour atmospherics of closing track "Pitch or Honey". All in all, it is the quintessential Neko Case album, giving each of her facets and songwriting strengths moments in the spotlight. Saxophonist and bandleader Kamasi Washington has been regularly referred to as a sort of "savior" of jazz music ever since he exploded onto the scene several years ago — with his own solo work in addition to high-profile collaborations with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, and Run the Jewels.

The good news is that it's not hype. On his second full-length album, Heaven and Earth , Washington's sprawling musical vision includes orchestras, deft arrangements, tight soloing, and a firm grasp of jazz' history while keeping an eagle eye on the future. Covering classics like Freddie Hubbard's "Hub Tones" and the theme to the Bruce Lee film Fist of Fury notably poignant in the age of Black Lives Matter , Washington also understands the importance of infusing jazz with plenty of soul and Latin influences, as he does on original tracks like "Testify" and "Vi Lua Vi Sol," respectively.

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On Saturday we will have a set from Five Eight. I love all of their albums and this one is one of their best yet. Out in the open baby That's how they doing it, so that's how I'm doing it. With his third solo LP POST-Jeff Rosenstock reminds us that in challenging times, what we need is not the music we expect, but something truly cutting-edge and responsive to the times. Album) "Good Kid Maad City" was a cinematic vision of street redemption, "TPAB" is an epic exploration of race and status and trying to keep it all together when everything gets a little too crazy. For a band that used the musical primary colours of drums, bass, guitar and vocals and chords that any learner could play, their artwork was allowed to be more avant-garde, with the covers of Wonderwall and Live Forever, in particular being Album) stark but hugely effective. Excellent group of songs from the Glossary frontman. It's captivating.
Ptačí Styl - Various - Nejkrásnější Country Dueta (CD), What Is This That I Feel - Jane Russell - What Is This That I Feel / Well Ill Be Switched (Shellac), Cruisin Music - Raspberries - Cruisin Music (Vinyl), Brad Love - Through Another Door (CD, Album)

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  1. Dec 03,  · > Mariah Carey arrived in central London Tuesday night and literally stopped traffic. Oxford Street, the busiest shopping strip in the capital, came to a virtual standstill as the.
  2. Oct 22,  · Well, that depends. Album release budgets run the gamut from bargain basement to top-of-the-line. It all comes down to the choices you make. Suffice it to say that you should have a realistic idea about how much you can afford to spend in advance, and you should take advantage of every cost-cutting measure you can find along the way.
  3. Label: Orchid Of Memphis - O • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Garage Rock The Tight Little Unit - Just Send Her To Me (, Vinyl) | Discogs Explore5/5(1).
  4. Concord is the independent, worldwide leader in the development, acquisition, and management of recorded music, music publishing, and theatrical performance rights.
  5. Feb 24,  · Although Roger Whittaker released his song “The Last Farewell” on his album New World in the Morning, it would take four more years for the tune to top the charts. Thanks to a lucky twist of fate, a popular radio producer’s wife heard the song while traveling in Canada and begged her husband to play it on the air.
  6. Steve Goodman was not a familiar name to me, but his best known song - "City Of New Orleans" - has proven to be an evergreen in folk clubs. It's one of the catchiest of train songs ever written, and strummers and pickers know it will be very well received if they sing it in their set. The CD arrived quickly and it was safely wrapped/5(10).
  7. An expansive, frequently updated list of upcoming releases in music. Our Upcoming Releases calendar includes upcoming albums, EPs, 7-inches, live albums.
  8. Killers and Stars was my first solo album. I recorded it in early and it was released on CD back in the summer of but until now has never been available on vinyl. That has finally changed as New West Records released it on vinyl with new liner notes on Nov. 4.

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