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Before the oath, we protectors usually found demigods once they had crossed the age of Now it's so much better. What kind of flowers would you like, Percy? I kind of have unlimited access to them.

The gods and Chiron watched the children walk out. Once they were out of hearing range, the gods looked to Chiron with a questioning gaze. They saw a lot of their siblings and friends die. It's finally taking its toll on them. Chiron's tail flicked nervously as he said in an uncharacteristically steely voice, "That's for them to tell you, if they want to.

Do not push them. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to visit this particular Olympus. Some gods wondered if they lost any children in the wars. They decided to go talk to their children. The first ones out of the throne room were Percy and Annabeth. Percy made a beeline for the nearest river that he could feel and Annabeth followed him, not wanting to leave him alone for even a minute.

They sat down on a big rock at the river bank, dipping their feet in the water, after rolling up their jeans. They knew. In our timeline, our parents know. Still none of them did anything.

Percy turned to face his girlfriend and cupped her face with his hands. That's why we are doing this, remember? Plus, didn't your mom bless you with dreamless sleep? They care. They just suck at showing it. Looking down and sighing, Annabeth admitted, "I know. It just gets hard after a point of time. I mean, I am not the only one who has been having problems. My siblings are going through the same things, different memories, but essentially the same thing.

Nodding, he kissed her forehead and pulled her into his side. They sat in the peaceful silence for a few minutes before they heard someone clearing their throat behind them. Spotting Rachel and Reyna in the distance, she bowed to Poseidon and ran off. I know you both have the rivalry, but Annabeth and I are not like that.

Well, not anymore. They sat in awkward silence for a few moments, before Poseidon voiced his thoughts, "You are uncomfortable with me? Taking a breath, his son replied, "This you. Not the one in my time. I don't know this you? It's safe to say we are closer than what the other Olympians are with their children. Poseidon chuckled. It wasn't my string that they cut. It was a friend's, whose fate was connected with mine.

Grover and Hedge were standing under a grove of trees, talking about Chuck's upcoming one month birthday celebrations it was insisted by the demigods , when Pan found them. I mean, what happened that I would require a Lord of the Wild?

Sensing their apprehension, the god dropped the topic and talked with them about the protector duties and what all satyrs did in their time. Thalia, Jason, Hazel, Nico and Frank were standing in a circle, exchanging embarrassing stories of each other.

Well, the four of them were talking and Nico was sulking and occasionally rolling his eyes. He had started talking more to people other than Hazel or the dead, but it was still a work in progress.

He usually talked to Jason, who had won the ghost king's confidence when he didn't judge him because of his sexuality or Percy, who he had bonded with over their experience in the pit or Will, but only when the son of Apollo started a conversation. The group broke apart as Lady Artemis and her Lieutenant, Adrianna, approached them and took Thalia away.

They walked till they reached the courtyard of the palace, which wasn't really that far. Thalia replied, "I don't hate boys.

And these boys," she jerked her head towards her demigod friends, "are my family. They were my family before I joined the hunt. And barring a few vlacas, most of them respect the hunt and the hunters. They just like to irritate us. Lady Artemis spoke, "All of them are like that. Just like my brother. But all I will say for now is that I needed to escape my fate and you helped.

Annabeth stopped walking towards Rachel and Reyna, who were petting a white Pegasus, when her mother called her. She slowed down and walked towards Athena who was sitting at a bench in the garden, dressed in a light green chiton. The young architect sat next to her mother when Athena motioned with her hand. Annabeth sighed and took a deep breath, "Mother, Percy… he… Why do you hate Poseidon and his children?

I mean I get the whole Medusa thing and maybe even Athens, but even then why do you hate his children? Athena bristled at the mention of Medusa, but said in a tight voice, "It's an old rivalry. You might not understand. All of his children, except Triton and Theseus, are exactly like him. Enough said. You will see. And in the future, in my time, you do tolerate him, mostly. Please, I do not want to talk about this, seeing as we have a similar discussion in my time period.

Reluctantly, the goddess changed the topic. During the first war that we fought, most of Olympus had been destroyed. You could have used magic to restore it, but decided to let me build it as a reward for protecting Olympus. Athena studied her daughter. She looked proud of her achievements, as she should, but there was a latent wariness to her posture, as if she was expecting an attack at any time.

She was guarded and Athena needed to know the reason. She hated not knowing. As she walked back with Annabeth making small talk, she realized that there was some sort of a commotion in the throne room. In the middle of the throne room, stood a girl in a white top and dark blue jeans, her caramel hair in a fish braid over her left shoulder, her dark intelligent eyes drinking in the room.

They heard a shout of 'Sunshine', before the son of Hephaestus embraced the girl in a hug. Meanwhile, all the gods stood, some with their mouths open as they had one thought in their heads, "What is Calypso doing here?

Once the gods got over their shock at seeing the Titaness who was supposed to be confined to Ogygia, they all walked to their thrones in confusion and watched the demigods greet Calypso as if they all were friends. Finally the demigods sensed their parents' confusion and Percy Jackson informed them that after the second war, Leo had found Calypso for a second time and released her from her island prison, which in turn made her a mortal.

None of the gods understood how could they be okay with such a thing in the future, but they figured that they would probably understand everything in the books, so they swallowed their pride and nodded and the children settled down and explained the happenings to the former Queen of Ogygia. All around the room, snorts and laughter could be heard and some immature people were gagging.

Grover looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him as his friends looked from Percy to him and then back. I'm with kelp head. That would freak anyone out. Poseidon perked up but tried not to show it. He wanted to know what kind of person he would fall for at one point. Amphitrite on the other hand was just about controlling herself to not destroy something.

She noticed the slight shift in her husband's demeanor and pinched his forearm. Percy had a goofy smile on his face and so did a few of the other demigods, so Hestia assumed the mother would be a good person. Sally is amazing. She is clear sighted and one of the few mortal parents who know the truth about us. She once even let all the hunters stay in her house because it was too late in the night and we didn't have transport to reach camp.

That's horrible. She had met Sally almost a week ago and had taken an instant liking to her. All of them had. Sally is currently writing a book. Athena nodded her approval. She liked people who showed ambition especially in anything related to education. The Queen of Seas looked at her husband with narrowed eyes.

She knew it was no use feeling jealous because 1. It hadn't happened yet and 2. She was kind of used to it. But she could be angry at him. He had the decency to look embarrassed. Trace of smile? You broke our rules to visit him? And anyway, if it's so important to you then, yes, I usually try to visit my children or at least keep an eye on them.

Zeus huffed but didn't say anything. After all, he too tried to look after his children. Now, if only Hera would give him more time to be alone, he could do it properly. Percy felt pleased. His father did visit him! But, the other demigods, other than Nico — who usually lived with his father and knew that Hades had hidden him to keep him safe, felt jealous. How come they don't get parents who tried to take care of them!

No wonder you never stopped talking about her. Percy smiled at her. Even though he had been elated to see her when Leo returned with her two weeks ago, Percy couldn't help but think of the curse the Arai had given Annabeth, every time he looked at the former Titaness.

He guessed he would never forgive himself for leaving Calypso like that. He was ultimately the reason for the curse, and Calypso would always remind him of that. Poker is a betting game played with cards. Horrible game really, I don't like it.

Television is a machine that shows moving pictures? And beer is a type of alcoholic beverage, like wine. I don't like that either.

Beer is nothing like wine. Wine is way better. There was a deafening silence in the room. The gods did not understand the phrase, but looking at various murderous expressions on their children's faces, Hestia had stopped reading. She felt as though this phrase held a lot of meaning for the children.

Percy's intake of sharp breath was all the answer needed as the silence was broken with shouts varying from disbelief to anger to sympathy from those who had gone through the same thing.

Looking at his father, Percy tried to assure him, "It was a long time ago and it wasn't that bad. Apparently, that was the wrong thing to say because the next second he felt himself being lifted off his couch in a bear hug by Tyson, who was crying softly. It's ok. Don't cry. I am fine. Finally, after almost a minute of calming the gentle cyclops, Percy was allowed to return to his couch. On his other side Annabeth clutched on to his hand and kissed him on the cheek.

Poseidon had a small smile on his face as he tried to picture Sally, but was brought out of it as his wife nudged him, particularly hard, in the ribs. Ares didn't bother voicing that he thought Percy was a momma's boy, not after hearing that his mortal step-father abused him.

The child deserved one good parent, even if he seemed to be extremely attached to his mother. She is happily married to Paul. You should tell her. He didn't understand. Triton in the future hated his guts, well from the two times that he had met his elder half-brother.

Once, during the war and another time, shortly after the war when Percy was returning a 'mer-baby' who had swam off and gotten tangled in a fishing net. Nico decided to go to and find Gabe's soul in the Underworld Percy had said something to him about his first step-father being dead and dole out some punishments. Over the past few days, Percy had slowly become somewhat of a big brother to Nico, after he had calmed Nico down from the aftermath of particularly violent nightmare, and the son of Hades couldn't believe he ever had a crush on Percy.

Bribery always works. This is clearly not to save money. Nico looked at the son of Apollo sitting next to him. When they had returned from their little break, Nico and Will had ended up sitting next to each other. Nico had a little suspicion that Will had purposely sat next to him rather than with the Stolls and Katie as he had been earlier. But for the love of Hades, he couldn't figure out why, so he let it be. He turned away just as the healer turned to look at him.

Apollo and Aphrodite saw this non-verbal exchange and smirked. Have you gone there? You have gone to Percy's special childhood place?! Percy swam all the way to Montauk and Rainbow the hippocampi took me and followed.

Once I swam halfway to Antarctica before remembering that I had to come back in time for dinner. I get bored. Most of the gods groaned inwardly. They all had, over the years, witnessed the famous Poseidon rebellious streak in his children. If this child had inherited it from both his parents, well, things would not be easy for any god who had to deal with him. Even if half the things they say are false because they don't know our parent's real identity.

Poseidon gave his son a small smile. He didn't know whether he would be proud of his child or not. Regardless, he decided, he would always love his boy.

Percy nodded. The hug after the Second Titan War had been proof enough, not only to him but to everyone in the throne room. Percy thought of reassuring his father that he did not resent him anymore when he saw the hurt flicker on his face for a second before he regained composure, but then voted against it. It would go against the whole purpose of sitting through this torture of his thoughts being broadcasted like some show on the radio, which was to improve the relations between the gods and their children.

The bad ones would kill brother dead. Father does send out his people to watch over his demigod children. He hated being compared the so called best-hero-of-all-times. Zoe Nightshade seethed with anger and snapped her head up from where she was sitting in the middle of the hunters to look at Percy. She hoped, for the hero's sake obviously, that he was not anything like Hercules. So far he had shown himself to be caring and loving, but then so had Hercules in the beginning.

Artemis caught on to the anger and dislike in the boy's tone and wondered whether the boy knew about the true nature of her father's most celebrated demigod child. Cue groans from all the demigods. Even Chiron made a face. He was the one who would have to wake up a camper if they got caught in a nightmare, and that was enough to give him nightmares. Now everyone except the demigods who knew the real story, turned towards Hades, who was busy whispering to his wife.

Feeling everyone's gazes on him, he looked up and rolled his eyes. As long as they don't kill each other. A couple decades ago, one of their fights had gotten a bit out of hand and it ended when Hades stepped in to stop his brothers from permanently damaging each other.

Zeus smirked, but stopped when all his siblings turned to glare at him. It sucked being the youngest. Nico chuckled silently at the exchange and Will blushed, but smiled seeing his friend read crush laugh, even if it was at his expense.

Jason and Percy saw this and turned to each other. I suppose this could be the last chapter for the day. Then the demigods should eat and go to sleep. All of you look extremely tired. Demeter took the book from her eldest sister saying, "In that case, let's finish this chapter soon so you all can get some rest. Get me a bazooka. I will blast you out of the sky! Why would you do something like that? One in every of us lives with hepatitis Immunohistochemical and molecular study on the protective effect of curcumin against hepatic toxicity induced by paracetamol in Wistar rats.

Health workers returning to their home countries after working in Ebola-affected areas are being asked to place themselves M ultiple pregnancies, hepatitis C, and risk for hepatocellular carcinoma in Egyptian women The reasons for the worldwide sex disparity in the incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma HCC remain elusive.

We investigated An overdose of paracetamol is a frequent reason for liver and renal toxicity and possible death and curcumin has hepatoprotective A randomised trial of treating fibroids with either embolisation or myomectomy to measure the effect on quality of life among women wishing to avoid hysterectomy the FEM M E study : study protocol for a randomised controlled trial Uterine fibroids are the most common tumour in women of reproductive age.

Kidney function as an underestimated factor for reduced health related quality of life in patients with Fabry disease Impairments of health related quality of life HRQoL are frequently observed in Fabry disease FD and are known to be related Explainer: what is traumatic brain injury and how is it treated?

Life-threatening brain injuries are thankfully rare in cricket and other sports, even those that involve collisions. Testing the sexual imagination hypothesis for gender differences in response to infidelity Evolutionary psychologists hypothesized that men are more upset by sexual infidelity than women are, whereas women are more Palliative distal gastrectomy offers no survival benefit over gastrojejunostomy for gastric cancer with outlet obstruction: retrospective analysis of an year experience.

Prophylactic intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation in cardiac surgery: it is time for clear evidence In the previous issue of Critical Care, Yu and colleagues report increased morbidity and mortality in patients after myocardial Boosting Wnt activity during colorectal cancer progression through selective hypermethylation of Wnt signaling antagonists There is emerging evidence that Wnt pathway activity may increase during the progression from colorectal adenoma to carcinoma Either palliative distal gastrectomy or gastrojejunostomy are the initial treatment options for locally advanced gastric New immune targeting cancer drugs show continued promise Drugs that allow the immune system to recognise PDFmyURL - online url to pdf conversion.

An American family embrace after they hear the heart of their year-old loved one who died in a house fire beat in the The Ebola virus has been found in semen up to 82 days after the onset of symptoms, the World Health Organization says in British scientists announced trials on a minute Ebola test in Guinea as French President Francois Hollande arrived in British-led scientists trial minute Ebola test in Guinea British scientists announced trials on a minute Ebola test in Guinea as French President Francois Hollande arrived in Johns Hopkins docs, researchers explain why you and your family should get vaccinated against the flu One little stick can save your life.

The flu shot remains critically important to fight off the influenza virus, both around Johns Hopkins docs, researchers explain why you and your family should get vaccinated against the flu. One little stick can save your life. Arizona man hospitalized over Ebola concerns tests negative Reuters — A Phoenix man who became ill after returning this week from Sierra Leone, one of the three West African Hollande visits Ebola-hit Guinea 28 November Last updated at Ebola patients are taken to dedicated treatment centres across Guinea French President Sperm can carry the Ebola virus for at least 82 days, the World Health Organization said Friday, urging men recovering from The Ebola scare has subsided in the United States, at least temporarily, but an Alabama manufacturer is still trying to catch Deep in Amazonia, Raimundo Pereira expertly cuts a gash in a rubber tree to collect white sap destined for the nearby factory Three cases of myiasis have been reported near Damascus, marking the first appearance of the flesh-eating maggot disease Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday his government would provide support worth hundreds of millions of dollars It was the night of Thanksgiving and you overate.

You are not alone. According to the Calorie Control Council, Americans Christmas trees are a beautiful way to welcome in the spirit of the holidays, but, be warned, they bring with them an element Moscow has already stuck the boot in. Citing the protests in Ferguson over the police shooting By Shereen Lehman Reuters Health — A twomonth program combining gentle yoga with meditation techniques, Gay couples in Finland The things you do right before bed can have a big impact on your life.

Parents, take note: The lunches you pack for your children may not be as nutritious as you think. His passion for walking complemented his general valorization November 28, , PM Knowing your family history can be critical when it comes to assessing.

College student killed by nut allergy Someone at the apartment baked peanut butter cookies. Reuters Health — Police officers are at increased risk for sudden cardiac death when performing. Here in the U. A time of family, thanks, and lots and lots of food. Sederer, M. Ninety-seven healthy girls, Yesterday, prior to the Thanksgiving tummy-stuffing festivities, families and friends suited up in turkey. If you ate a big Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, you probably felt drowsy and sluggish afterward, a.

A survey of metal concentrations in food and beverages commonly eaten by Western Australians has turned up mixed results. As a Pilates instructor, I.

Tracing the Ebola outbreak Ravaged by a year violent civil conflict, that ended in and saw the near-total destruction of its infrastructure, The recently published Italian study suggesting women can only have clitoral, rather than vaginal, orgasms raises important Key statistics on operating characteristics of the information and communications, financing and insurance, professional and business services sectors in A CBC Marketplace investigation has found that some alternative health practitioners are offering.

China has drafted its first national law against domestic violence, with activists hailing it as a step. The findings undermine the conventional wisdom that the brains of older people lack flexibility, or.

Systematic identification and quantification of phase variation in commensal and pathogenic Escherichia coli. Fatty acid-amino acid conjugates are essential for systemic activation of salicylic acid-induced protein kinase and accumulation of jasmonic acid in Nicotiana attenuata.

Bacteria have been shown to generate constant genetic variation in a process termed phase variation. We present a tool, based Herbivory induces the activation of mitogenactivated protein kinases MAPKs , the accumulation of jasmonates and defensive The government A trial looking at the safety of an Ebola vaccine has had encouraging results, says the chief executive.

Two studies identify a detectable, precancerous state in the blood [ E-mail ] Contact: Veronica MeadeKellyveronica broadinstitute. Upon tissue injury or inflammation, Experimental U. The department FDA allows marketing of non-invasive device to help evaluate heart blood flow The U. Transcriptome analysis during berry development provides insights into coregulated and altered gene expression between a seeded wine grape variety and its seedless somatic variant Seedless grapes are greatly appreciated for fresh and dry fruit consumption.

Parthenocarpy and stenospermocarpy have been Capacitation and acrosome reaction differences of bovine, mouse and porcine spermatozoa in responsiveness to estrogenic compounds Endocrine disruptors are exogenous substance, interfere with the endocrine system, and disrupt hormonal functions.

Distribution and treatment of clavicular fractures in monotrauma and polytrauma patients Although extensive research for the optimal. Health Minister Rona Ambrose says she will meet as soon as next week with thalidomide survivors, Canadians who were born Vaccines: Busting common myths For parents, making a decision about vaccinating your child can be tough, given the cacophony of opinions out there.

So what Rethinking nature vs. The first doses of an experimental Ebola vaccine developed partly in Canada were injected into the. Italy suspended the use of a flu vaccine made by Swiss pharmaceuticals giant Novartis on Thursday. Education is key to climate adaptation [ E-mail ] Contact: Katherine Leitzellleitzell iiasa. Notre Dame biologist leads sequencing of the genomes of malaria-carrying mosquitoes [ E-mail ] Contact: Nora Besanskynbesansk nd. I deeply Seven years ago today my mother Ann passed away 26 days after being diagnosed with four types of cancer.

My mom was my rock, Everyone has a different take on why the holidays are so stressful. For some people the holidays are. As many find around. Fewer American adults are smoking cigarettes than ever, health officials said.

In fact, the rate of cigarette smoking has Purdypurdym wustl. Jet lag can nearly ruin a trip and totally throw you off. Dibbits mmu. Protons fuel graphene prospects [ E-mail ] Contact: Daniel Cochlindaniel.

To travel solo or with a group is an age-old debate. While we might be biased, we think there are a. Thirty years ago this fall, I moved into a tiny single room in an all-girls dorm at the University of. Photo Courtesy: Tania Leskovar-Owens. I love the holidays. Yet with all the bustle between holiday-shopping-parties-school When it comes to setting our Thanksgiving table, most of us know very little about the history of the elements that decorate Hydrothermal settlers [ E-mail ] Contact: Kaoru Natorikaoru.

Chef Steve Badt was exhausted after spending eight years working at upscale restaurants in Boston, New York and Washington, A school board official in Michigan made a public remark about shooting kids with food allergies — and it caused her Young scientist discovers new method to achieve ultra-narrow laser linewidth [ E-mail ] Contact: Tao Zhuzhutao cqu. Tao Zhu and his team of researchers Hacked emails slice spam fast [ E-mail ] Contact: Albert Angpress inderscience.

Gileskgiles geosociety. Giving back has become a hobby for Gunner Robinson. The 9-year-old from Wilmington, North Carolina, has collected pounds Obesity is associated with close to , new cancer cases worldwide each year, and nearly two-. November 26, , PM Arthur J. Reynolds, of the University of Minnesota, says kids in full day.

Reuters — Open enrollment for the second year of Obamacare individual health coverage brought in. Saving ovaries does not help prevent prolapse for women after menopause [ E-mail ] Contact: Eileen Petridisepetridis fallscommunications. Copper on the brain at rest [ E-mail ] Contact: Lynn Yarrislcyarris lbl. University of M innesota engineers make sound loud enough to bend light on a computer chip [ E-mail ] Contact: Rhonda Zurnrzurn umn.

Meet Una Vida — a jazz singer from New Orleans confronted with the daunting challenge of caring for. Oplingeraoplinger niaid. Diem Brown — MTV reality star, cancer warrior and patient advocate — was only 34 years old when she. New measuring system to objectively ascertain the fatigue level in physicians through eye movement. The Academy of Nutrition A report in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour describes an unusual field trip made by Canadian.

More than half of Americans say they need at least eight hours of sleep to feel at their best — but. Or the outof-this-world leftover breakfasts on Black Friday. Christensen dartmouth. North America leads the world in obesity-related cancer November 26, , AM Researchers say that one-quarter of obesity-related cancers in North America are avoidable. The Lancet: M ost comprehensive global study to date shows wide gulf in cancer survival between countries [ E-mail ] Contact: Press Officepress lshtm.

M issing gene linked to autism [ E-mail ] Contact: Press Officepressoffice leeds. Winston biomedcentral. Overweight and obesity is now causing nearly half a million new cancer cases in adults every year,. Among women, 8. The Institute of Medicine defines health literacy as the degree to which a person is able to obtain,.

Turning your body into a fat burning machine requires a few important factors: strength training,. Try this: Set a timer for 10 minutes and go for a very slow walk. Letting your gaze wander, look for things.

Senate Democrat said on Tuesday that President Barack Entrepreneurs will not always run from venture capitalists with a reputation for unethical behavior. A yogurt a day may help keep the doctor away Eating a serving a day of yogurt may lower your risk. November marks the official start of the holiday season, but for office workers across the country, it.

By Shereen Lehman Reuters Health — High levels of benzene, a chemical in crude oil and gasoline, are Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay: Phoenix VA Medical Earlier this week, my therapist noted that it has been three years since we first met. Her name was on a small strip of paper With Thanksgiving here, now is the time when many of us pause to reflect on all that we have and give thanks. But research Thanksgiving Day is no time to start planning a hard-core diet regimen.

The food is delicious, the. Health workers spray themselves with chlorine disinfectants after removing the body a woman who died of Ebola virus in the June 26, A student waits for a bus behind a no smoking sign at the State University of New York. On Monday, authorities braced for the worst but hoped for the best ahead of the announcement that.

Many of us visit family during the holidays. We may look forward to their company — or dread it. Carrie spoke through narrow lips that looked like they were sewn on too tightly. She had the gravelly voice of a lifetime According to. Authorities in the St. Louis-area quickly stepped up security Monday as news spread that the grand jury reached a decision M anny: Authorities seeking to prevent second round of riots step up security in Ferguson Authorities in the St.

Photo Credit: Saeed A look at a tapeworm under a microscope. Surgeons successfully removed a tapeworm from the brain of a British man who was The researchers An official walks through a duck farm in Nafferton, northern England November 18, Bird flu was. The Weightloss Information A critical review of bi-dimensional and three-dimensional ultrasound techniques to monitor follicle growth: do they help improving IVF outcome?

Array comparative genomic hybridization analyses of all blastomeres of a cohort of embryos from young IVF patients revealed significant contribution of mitotic errors to embryo mosaicism at the cleavage stage.

Thousands of NHS workers in England and Northern Ireland, including nurses, midwives and ambulance staff, have been staging Embryos produced by in vitro fertilization IVF have a high level of aneuploidy, which is believed to be a major factor Transplant fears over kidneys deaths 24 November Last updated at Robert Stuart and Darren Hughes died after receiving kidney transplants People who IntroductionGastric adenomyoma is a rare benign tumor, known to occur in the antrum or pylorus of the stomach.

To the best Every ten minutes in Australia someone has a heart attack. Five food tips that could save your life after a heart attack Every ten minutes in Australia someone has a heart attack.

Ten-year experience with testicular cancer at a tertiary care hospital in a resource-limited setting: a single centre experience in Tanzania. Testicular cancers constitute major therapeutic challenges in resource-limited countries and still. Oh, the joy of family holidays. The time of the year that brings up those all-too-familiar feelings of. Adult survivors of childhood eye cancer experience few cognitive or social setbacks [ E-mail ] Contact: Evelyn Martinezsciencenewsroom wiley.

Healthy gut microbiota can prevent metabolic syndrome, researchers say [ E-mail ] Contact: LaTina. Additive found in soap, toothpaste and shampoo linked to cancer and liver disease The antimicrobial triclosan is found in hundreds of household products Has been linked with health problems and antibiotic Differences in antioxidant activities of outdoor- and indoor-cultivated Agaricus brasiliensis, and protective effects against carbon tetrachlorideinduced acute hepatic injury in mice Agaricus brasiliensis A.

We previously Eligibility criteria for intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer: study employing 12, patients treated in two cohorts.

We wished to estimate the proportion of patients with breast cancer eligible for an exclusive targeted intraoperative radiotherapy NHS staff stage four-hour strike 24 November Last updated at NHS workers, including nurses, midwives and ambulance staff, are staging four-hour Calorie-reduced diets affect activity levels of nearly different genes Genes have been linked to.

The Lancet: Universal health coverage for US militar veterans within reach, but many still lack coverage. Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a technique that allows ultrasound. Medicaid reimbursements for office visits to the doctor and for cancer screening tests vary substantially from state to state Islamic Fashion Festival has kicked off Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur and saw cancer survivors on the runway Event, named Can wearing heels into your 70s save you from deadly falls?

Running can be GOOD for your knees and may prevent osteoarthritis, experts claim Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease in later life Characterised by progressive damage to the joint cartilage, But if everyone followed along, the gym would be such a happier.

Comparative genomic analysis of nine Sphingobium strains: insights into their evolution and hexachlorocyclohexane HCH degradation pathways. Evaluation of mesenchymal stem cells in treatment of infertility in male rats the therapeutic effects of mesenchymal stem cells.

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If you give me that pipe, I wiU give you this golden staff with which I herd my cattle; m future you shall be the god of aU herdsmen and shepherds. Zeus warned Hermes that henceforth he must respect the rights of property and refrain from telling downright hes; but he could not help bemg amused. He was at once welcomed mto the Olympian family, whom he taught the art of makmg fire by the rapid twirlmg of the fire-stick.

Afterwards, the Thriae showed Hermes how to foretell the future from the dance of pebbles m a basm of water; and he himself mvented both the game of knuckle-bones and the art of divimng by them. Hades also engaged him as his herald, to summon the dymg gently and eloquently, by laymg the golden staff upon their eyes.

He then assisted the Three Fates m the composition of the Alpha- bet, mvented astronomy, the musical scale, the arts of boxmg and gym- nastics, weights and measures which some attribute to Palamedes , and the cultivation of the ohve-tree. This Daphms was a beautiful Sicihan youth whom his mother, a nymph, exposed m a laurel grove on the Mountam of Hera; hence the 66 ly. Pan taught him to play the pipes; he was beloved by Apollo, and used to hunt with Artemis, who took pleasure in his music.

A nymph named Nomia made him swear never to be unfaithful to her, on pain of bemg bhnded; but her rival, Chimaera, contrived to seduce him when he was drunk, and Nomia blinded him in fulfilment of her threat.

Daphnis consoled himself for awhile with sad lays about the loss of sight, but he did not hve long. Hermes turned him mto a stone, which IS still shown at the city of Cephalemtanum; and caused a foun- tain called Daphnis to gush up at Syracuse, where annual sacrifices are offered.

Diodorus Siculus: v. Sym- posiacsxx 3. Diodorus Siculus iv. Varta Historiax, A tradition of cattle raids made by the crafty Messemans on their neighbours see 74, g and h , and of a treaty by which these were discontinued, seems to have been mythologically combined with an account of how the barbarous Hellenes took over and exploited, m the name of their adopted god Apollo, the Creto-Helladic civihzaUon which they found in Central and Southern Greece - boxing, gymnastics, weights and measures, music, astronomy, and olive culture were all pre- Heliemc see Hermes was evolved as a god from the stone phalli which were local centres of a pre-Hellemc fertility cult see Athene was first created with the invention of divinatory dice made from knuckle-bones Zenobius: Proverbs t.

The invention of fire-making was ascribed to Hermes, because the twirlmg of the male drill m the female stock suggested phalhc magic. Silenus and his sons, the satyrs, were conventional comic characters in the Attic drama see He was called an autochthon, or a son of Pan by one of the nymphs Nonnus: Dionysiaca xiv. The romantic story of Daphnis has been built around a phallic pillar at Cephalenitanum, and a fountam at Syracuse, each probably sur- rounded by a laurel grove, where songs were sung in honour of the sight- less dead Daphnis was said to be beloved by Apollo because he had taken the laurel from the orgiastic goddess of Tempe see Zeus had given her in marriage to Hephaestus, the lame Smith-god; but the true father of the three children with whom she presented him - Phobus, Deimus, and Har- monia-was Ares, the straight-hmbed, impetuous, drunken, and quarrelsome God of War.

R Hephaestus angrily retired to his forge, and hammered out a bronze hunting-net, as fine as gossamer but quite unbreakable, which he secretly attached to the posts and sides of his marriage-bed. He told Aphrodite who returned fiom Thrace, all smiles, explaining that she 68 l8. He then announced that he would not release his wife until the valuable marnage-gifts which he had paid her adoptive father, Zeus, were restored to him.

Apollo, nudging Hermes, asked. At this, both gods laughed uproariously, but Zeus was so disgusted tliat he refused to hand back the marnage-gifts, or to mterfere m a vulgar dispute between a husband and wife, declarmg that He- phaestus was a fool to have made the affair pubhc.

In the end, nobody paid, because Hephaestus was madly in love with Aphrodite and had no real intention of divor- cing hen 69 i8, e- He is a gardener and carries a prunmg-kmfe. Though Zeus never lay with his adopted daughter Aphrodite, as some say that he did, the magic of her girdle put him under constant temptation, and at last he decided to humiliate her by makmg her fall desperately in love with a mortal.

When diey parted at dawn, she revealed her identity, and made Inm pronuse not to tell anyone that she had slept with Inm. Anchises was horrified to learn that he had uncovered the nakedness of a goddess, and begged her to spare his life. She assured him that he had nothing to fear, and that their son would be famous. Zeus overheard this boast, and direw a thunderbolt at Anchises, which would have killed him outright, had not Aphrodite interposed her girdle, and thus diverted the bolt mto die ground at his feet.

Nevertheless, the shock so weakened Anchises diat he could never stand upright again, and Aphrodite, after bearing his son Aeneas, soon lost her passion for him. One day, the wife of Eung Cmyras the Cypnan - but some call him Kmg Phoemx of Byblus, and some Kmg Theias die Assyrian - foohshly boasted that her daughter Smyrna was more beautiful even t han Aphrodite.

The goddess avenged this insult by making Smyrna fall m love with her father and chmb mto his bed one dark night, when her nurse had made him too drunk to reahze what he was domg. He overtook her on the brow of a hiU, but Aphrodite hurriedly changed Smyrna mto a myrrh-tree, winch the descendmg sword spht m halves.

Out tumbled the mfant Adonis. Aphrodite, already repenting of the mischief tliat she had made, 70 i8. I concealed Adonis in a chest, which she entrusted to Persephone, Queen of the Dead, asking her to stow it away in a dark place.

L Persephone had the curiosity to open the chest, and found Adonis inside. He was so lovely that she lifted him out and brought him up in her own palace. The news reached Aphrodite, who at once visited Tartarus to claim Adorns; and when Persephone would not assent, having by now made him her lover, she appealed to Zeus. Zeus, well aware that Aphrodite also wanted to he with Adonis, refused to judge so unsavoury a dispute; and transferred it to a lower court, presided over by the Muse Calhope.

She therefore divided the year mto three equal parts, of which he was to spend one with Persephone, one with Aplirodite, and the third by himself. Aphrodite did not play fair by wearmg her magic girdle all the time, she persuaded Adorns to give her his own share of the year, grudge the share due to Persephone, and disobey the court-order.

Anemones sprang from his blood, and his soul descended to Tartarus, Aphrodite went tearfully to Zeus, and pleaded that Adorns should not have to spend more than the gloomier half of the year with Persephone, but might be her compamon for the summer months. This Zeus mag- nanimously granted. But some say that Apollo was the boar, and revenged himself for an injury Aphrodite bad done him. Once, to make Adorns jealous. Aphrodite spent several nights at Liiybaeum with Butes the Argonaut; and by him became the mother of Eryx, a king of Sicily.

Her children by Adonis were one son, Golgos, founder of Cypnan Golgi, and a daughter, Beroe, founder of Beroea in Thrace; and some say that Adonis, not Dionysus, was the father of her son Priapus. Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite , Theocritus. Idylls 1. ApoUodorus lu Apollonius Rhodius. Hesiod: Theogony , Nonnus: Dionysiaca xxiv. The later Hellenes belittled the Great Goddess of the Mediterranean, who had long been supreme at Connth, Sparta, Thespiae, and Athens, by placing her under male tutelage and regarding her solemn sex-orgies as adulterous mdiscretions The net m which Homer represents Aphrodite as caught by Hephaestus was, originally, her own as Goddess of the Sea see Priapus originated m the rude wooden phallic images which pre- sided over Dionysian orgies.

In the earhest version of the myth he was killed, but m later ones he escaped: to make good the story of how pious Aeneas, who brought the sacred Palladium to Rome, earned his father away from burmng Troy see His name identifies Aphrodite with Isis, whose 72 i 8 , Tammuz was killed by a boar, hke many similar mytlncal characters -Osiris, Cretan Zeus, Ancaeus of Arcadia see The drops of gum which the myrrh-tree shed were supposed to be tears shed for him Ovid, Metamorphoses x fF.

Hyginus makes Cinyras King of Assyna Fabula 58 , perhaps because Tammuz- worship seemed to have origin- ated there. Hermaphroditus is the sacred king deputizmg for the Queen see 4 , and wearing artificial breasts Androgyne is the mother of a pre-Hellemc clan which has avoided bemg patriarchahzed, in order to keep her magis- tratal powers or to ennoble children born to her from a slave-father, she assumes a false beard, as was the custom at Argos Bearded goddesses like the Cypnan Aphrodite, and womamsh gods hke Dionysus, correspond with these transitional soaal stages 9.

Harmoma is, at first sight, a strange name for a daughter borne by Aphrodite to Ares, but, then as now, more than usual affection and harmony prevailed m a state which was at war.

Like her, he never favours one city or party more than another, but fights on this side or that, asmclmation prompts him, dchghting m the slaughter of men and the sacking of towns. All his fellow-immortals hate him, from Zeus and Hera downwards, except Ens, and Aphrodite who nuises a perverse passion for him, and greedy Hades who welcomes die bold young fighting-men slam in cruel wars.

Ares has not been consistently victonous. Athene, a much more skilful fighter than he, has twice worsted him m battle; and once, the gigantic sons of Aloeus conquered and kept himimpnsonedm a brazen vessel for thirteen months until, half dczd, he was released by Hermes; and, on another occasion, Heracles sent him rumimg in fear back to Olympus. He pleaded justification, claiming to have saved his daughter Alcippe, of the House of Cecrops, from being vio- lated by the said Hahrrhothius.

This was the first judgement ever pronounced m a murder trial, and the hiU on which the proceedings took place became known as the Areiopagus, a name it still bears. ApoModorus: hi. The Athenians disliked war, except in defence of liberty , or for some other equally cogent reason, and despised the Thracians as barbarous because they made it a pasame.

She IS the Goddess of the Hearth and m every private house and aty hall protects supphants who flee to her for protection. Umversal reverence is paid Hestia, not only as the mildest, most upright and most charitable of all the Olympians, but as having mvented the art of build- ing houses; and her fire is so sacred that, if ever a hearth goes cold, either by accident or in token of mournmg, it is kindled afresh with the aid of a fire-wheel. Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite , 2.

Ovid Fasti Yi 3. Tbs holy object, wbch has survived the rum of the sbme, is inscribed with the name of Mother Earth, stands 1 1 J inches bgh, and measures 15I mches across about the size and shape of a charcoal fire needed to heat a large room b Classical times the Pythoness had an attendant priest who mduced her trance by bunung barley grams, hemp, and laurel over an oil lamp in an enclosed space, and then mterpreted what she said. But it is hkely that the hemp, laurel, and barley were once laid on the hot ashes of the charcoal mound, wbch is a simpler and more effective way of produemg narcotic fumes see Themis fed him on nectar and ambrosia, and when the fourth day dawned he called for bow and arrows, with which Hephaestus at once provided him.

Mother Earth reported this outrage to Zeus, who not only ordered Apollo to visit Tempe for purification, but instituted the Pythian Games, m honour of Python, over which he was to preside penitentially. Instead, he went to Aigiaiaea for purification, accom- panied by Artemis, and then, diskkmg the place, sailed to Tarrlia in Crete, where King Carmanor performed the ceremony.

Leto, on hearing the news, came with Artemis to Delphi, where she turned aside to perform some private rite in a sacred grove. In Tartarus, Tityus was stretched out for torment, his arms and legs securely pegged to the ground, tlie area covered was no less than nine acres, and two vultures ate his liver 3 e Next, Apollo killed the satyr Marsyas, a follower of the goddess Cybele.

This was how it came about. She could not understand, at first, why Hera and Aphrodite were laughing silently behind their hands, although her music seemed to dehght the other deiues, she therefore went away by herself into a Phrygian wood, took up the flute agam beside a stream, and watched her image m the water, as she played.

Reahzmg at once how ludicrous that bluish face and those swollen cheeks made her look, she threw down the flute, and laid a curse on anyone who picked it up f. Marsyas was the mnocent victim of thus curse. This, of course, provoked the anger of Apollo, who invited him to a contest, the wmner of which should mflict whatever pumshment he pleased on the loser.

Marsyas consented, and Apollo impanelled the Muses as a jury. Turn it upside down, and both play and sing at the same time. This, with a flute, was mamfestly impossible, and Marsyas failed to meet the challenge. But Apollo reversed his lyre, and sang such delightful hymns m honour of the Olympian gods that the Muses could not do less than give the verdict m his favour. Then, for all his pretended sweetness, Apollo took a most cruel revenge on Marsyas: flaying him ahve and nailmg his skm to a pme or, some say, to a plane- tree , near the source of the river which now bears his name.

Another of his duties was once to guard the herds and flocks which the gods kept in Pieria; but he later delegated this task to Hermes. Though Apollo refuses to bind himself in marriage, he has got many nymphs and mortal women with child; among them, Phthia, on whom he fathered Dorus and his brothers, and Thaha the Muse, on whom he fathered the Corybantes, and Coroms, on whom he fathered Asclepius; and Aria, on whom he fathered Miletus; and Cyrene, on whom he fathered Anstaeus.

She bore him Am- plussus, who founded the city of Oeta and built a temple to his father; there Dryope served as priestess until, one day, the Hamadryads stole her away, and left a poplar in her place. Apollo was not mvanably successful in love. On one occasion he tried to steal Marpessa from Idas, but she remamed true to her husband. On another, he pursued Daphne, the mountain nymph, a priestess of Mother Earth, daughter of the nver Peneius in Thessaly; but when he overtook her, she cned out to Mother Earth who, in the mck of time, spirited her away to Crete, where she became known as Pasiphae.

Mother Earth left a laurel-tree m her place, and from its leaves Apollo made a wreath to console himself 8 l. His attempt on Daphne, it must be added, was no sudden impulse. There was also the case of the beautiful youth Hyacmthus, a Spartan prince, with whom not only the poet Thamyris fell m love - the first man who ever wooed one of his own sex - but Apollo himself, the first god to do so.

ApoUo did not find Thamyns a senous nval; having overheard his boast that he could surpass the Muses in song, he maliciously reported it to them, and they at once robbed Thamyris of his sight, Ins voice, and his memory for harpmg. But the West Wind had also taken a fancy to Hyacmthus, and became msanely jealous of Apollo, who was one day teaching the boy how to hurl a discus, when From his blood sprang the hyacinth flower, on which his initial letters are still to he traced n.

This was when his son Asclepius, the physi- aan, had the tementy to resurrect a dead man, and thus rob Hades of a subject; Hades naturally lodged a complaint on Olympus, Zeus killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt, and Apollo m revenge killed the Cy- clopes. Zeus was enraged at the loss of his armourers, and would have bamshed Apollo to Tartarus for ever, had not Leto pleaded for his for- giveness and undertaken that he would mend his ways.

Hygmus: Fahula ; Apollodorus: i. Aehan Varia Histona m i; Plutarch. Apollodorus: 1. Fabula 55; Homer: Odyssey xi. Pythian Odes iv 90 ff. Diodorus Siculus, ui , Hygmus Fabula ; Apollodorus: 1. Hygmus: Fabula ; Homer: Iliad 1. Apollodorus: i. Antonmus Liberalis. Apollodorus: 1 7. Hygmus: Fabula ; Pausamas. On Lycophron 6. Homer: Iliad n. So 2X. ApoHodorus: Hi. Homer: Riad L , Plutaxch.

On the Pythian Oracles ij. Delos was the centre of this Hyperborean cult which, it seems, extended south-eastward to Nabataea and Palestine, north-westward to Britain, and included Athens. Visits were constantly exchanged between the states united in this cult Diodorus Siculus loc. Moreover, Python is identified with Typhon, the Greek Set see The Hyperborean Apollo is, m fact, a Greek Horus. But the myth has been given a pohtical turn Python is said to have been sent against Leto by Hera, who had borne him parthenogenetically, to spite Zeus Homeric Hymn to Apollo , and Apollo, after killing Python and presumably also his mate Deiphyne , seizes the oracular shrine of Mother Earth at Delphi - for Hera was Mother Earth, or Deiphyne, m her prophetic aspect.

The invaders agreed to identify him with Apollo, the Hyperborean Horas, worshipped by their aUies To placate local opinion at Delphi, regular funeral games were instituted in honour of the dead hero Python, and his priestess was retained in office.

Brigit was patroness of all the arts, and Apollo followed her example. The attempt on Leto by the giant Tityus suggests an abortive rismg by the mountain- eers of Phocis agamst the mvaders. The Corybantes, dancers at the Wmter Solstice festival, were called his children by Thaha the Muse, because he was god of Music. The myth of Hyadnthus, which seems at first sight no more than a sentimental fable told to explam the mark on the Greek hyaemth see j and 2 concerns the Cretan Flower-hero Hyaemthus see Dorian 82 Fmally, because of his identification with the Child Horus, a solar concept, he was worshipped as the sun, whose Corinthian cult had been taken over by Solar Zeus, and his sister Artemis was, rightly, identified with the moon n, Cicero, m his essay On the Nature of the Gods m 23 , makes Apollo son of Leto only the fourth of an ancient series he distinguishes Apollo son of Hephaestus, Apollo the father of the Cretan Corybantcs, and the Apollo who gave Arcadia its laws.

The Hellemc priest of Apollo usurped the functions of the sacred kmg who, legiamately and ceremomally, had always killed his predecessor, the hero. The sudden concerted assault on the inmate of the hut recalls the mysterious murder of Romulus by his compamons It also recalls the yearly Buphoma sacrifice at Athens when the priests who had killed the Zeus-ox with a double-axe, fled without looking behind them see At Delphi, as at Cnossus, the sacred kmg must have reigned until the nmth year see 88 6 , The boy went toJTempe doubtless because the Apollo cult had onginated there.

She is the protectress of httle children, and of all sucking ammals, but she also loves the chase, especially that of stags. Unfortunately, women in labour will often be mvokmg me, since my mother Leto carried and bore me without pains, and the Fates have therefore made me patroness of child- birth.

You shall have all this, and more besides: not one, but thirty aties, and a share m many others, both on the mainland and m the archipelago; and I appomt you guardian of their roads and harbours. Artemis thanked him, sprang from his knee, and went first to Mount Leucus m Crete, and next to the Ocean stream, where she chose numerous mne-year-old nymphs for her attendants; their mothers were delighted to let them go.

The nymphs were terrified at the wild 84 Havmg captured ahve two couple of homed hinds, she harnessed them to a golden chanot with golden bits, and drove north over Thracian Mount Haemus She cut her first pine torch on Mysian Olym- pus, and ht it at the cinders of a hghtmng-struck tree.

Once the River-god Alphcius, son of Thetis, dared fall in love with Artemis and pursue her across Greece; but she came to Letrini m Ehs or, some say, as far as the island of Ortygia near Syracuse , where she daubed her face, and those of all her nymphs, with wliite mud, so that she became indistmgiushable from the rest of the company. Al- pheius was forced to retire, pursued by mocking laughter.

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