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Pump This Party 12". EBE Company Germany. Watch Out 12". Future Dance. Not a million miles from Ham's recent party sound, "Watch Out" is an absolute demon of rushin' synths and crazy hardcore energy. Future Dance continues to gain supporters thanks to its pure party sound and fresh slant on modern hardcore - keep an eye out for the next EP from the one and only Arkitech.

And Punishment For All!!! SubConnexion France. Muss Menscheit Vernichten 1-sided 12". Terrornoize Industry Switzerland. Split EP 12". Motormouth Recordz. Hardcore Underground Volume 2 mixed 3xCD. Hardcore Underground mixed 3xCD. Getting Busy 12". The Hitmen 12". Sy and Unknown have been really hitting the quality of late, and this remix is typical of their recent work - uber punchy and bouncy hardcore that goes straight for the jugular. A nice slice of retro stabbage and the signature Sy and Unknown percussion bed has made this new remix a sure fire winner on the dance floors, and was instantly snapped up by rave god Stu Allan for the recent "Hardcore Nation 3" compilation.

Oochie Coochie 12". Dopest DJ 12" promo. Dopest DJ 12". Getting Higher 12". Don't Go Part One 12" picture disc. Traxtorm Italy. Endzeit Balladen 12". It's difficult to say "nyet" to the Russians. In these strange economic times, it's also hard to turn down free money. Plus, there are only a handful of people that I admire and respect in my industry, so I tend to gravitate towards those people I'm thrilled to collaborate with a Russian editor friend of mine, but, one year ago I would have declined the last-minute assignment.

Times are changing. The shorter the time period for a particular assignment -- the greater edge that I have over my peers -- because I'm a faster writer and can effectively work without sleep.

Imagine if I were an actually speed freak? The overall quality of my copy would diminish, but I would be able to tackle dozens of more clients and assignments per week that in the end I'd end up making more money.

Sheer volume. My client in Russia paid me for last month's work before I had the chance to invoice the magazine. Let me tell you These guys must have a positive cash flow.

Or they probably knew that they were about to pull a shitty move and dump a last-minute assignment on me when they know that I'm swamped with other work, so they decided to pay me for last month's work as an appreciation of my stuff.

Regardless, I was thrilled that they paid me before I asked for it. When I get paid in a timely fashion, I snap to it. Most of the time I have to wait several months to get paid for freelance work. I always have nag clients to pay me on time. Shit, Fox Sports took me nine months once to pay me and they finally paid me after I hit them with a late payment clause. A handful of delinquent clients try to make me seem like the bad guy for harassing them -- but I never let them bully me.

They set a writing deadline and I met their needs. Why can't they do the same with a prompt payment? In the last 18 months, I dumped those extremely late clients. It wasn't worth my time. And when things got rough, I played hardball and hit clients when they are the most vulnerable I call this the "Fed Ex" move which I resort to drastic circumstances.

When I reach a threshold with a client who hasn't paid me for months, I send them an email three days before my next deadline saying that I am withholding my piece I tease them with an excerpt until I am paid in full within 72 hours. An apology followed by one of two things; 1 immediate transfer to my online poker account or 2 they forward me a receipt for a Fed Ex tracking number for a package send by their billing department containing a check for past due services.

I have never had to call out the big guns Those two guys are extremely effective at debt collection. Yes, don't invoke the wrath of my bag men. I know -- the irony of a magazine billing themselves as "High Roller" that can't even pay their writers. They better watch their backs because The Rooster and Derek are cagey mofos. Tuesday, October 13, Yesterday morning, I gushed about the awesomeness of writing in the October with the morning breeze soothing my soul. Within an hour of hitting publish, I was kicked in the junk.

Living in the slums of Beverly Hills also means that we have a slumlord. Cheap is a strong word, but it aptly describes his spending ways trying to upkeep of his luxurious seven apartment structure that I'm worried won't survive anything over a 5. There was a leak in the basement last month. I could hear the hissing sounds underneath the floor boards in my office.

It was a scene out of the Tell Tale Heart. Hissing at odd hours. I know that I was not having auditory hallucinations. Nicky confirmed the sounds, which confirmed my sanity. Parts of the floor boards started to curl up, which wasn't good, yet my office did not incur any more damage than a few warped floor boards.

The apartment next door is a different story. The apartment sat vacant for at least six months, maybe even as many as nine. A thirty-something female rabbi lived there for a while. I don't think she liked all of our devil's music and the random aromas of medicinal marijuana wafting through our windows.

Maybe she didn't like the guys upstairs screaming at the TV during random sporting events or playing Guitar Hero to the wee hours. Who knows for sure, but the female rabbi bailed and our slumlord could not find anyone to take up the one-bedroom apartment with shitty plumbing.

I guess the economic crunch did not affect our slumlord in his ivory tower. Why else would he raise the rent of a one-bedroom apartment when the Rabbi left?

There are much nicer apartments Since our apartment building is more ghetto that urban chic, he thought he could charge a couple of hundred over the mean-price of other apartments. The over-priced apartment sat empty for months, despite the large For Rent sign in front.

He even tried to hire a third-party real estate agent to try to rent the apartment. That didn't work. That's when he finally decided to lower the rent. Then another. And another. After the ninth month, he finally found someone who was rich or desperate enough that they didn't care about the rent I'd be pissed if I were her That's what happened over the weekend.

The slumlord arranged a crew to fix it on Monday morning. Par for the course, he never told us anything about it. We found out the hard way. I first heard the guy in the straw hat loudly talking on a cellphone when he loudly knocked on the front door of the apartment next door. When I went to investigate, I noticed two thuggy looking Mexican guys in hoodie stroll past my window and peak around the corner of the building.

Just in case they were thinking about casing the place in these parts of L. I gave them the patented-NYC-subway stink eye. They stopped in their tracks and scurried back to the guy in the straw hat who continued to bang on the door. The slumlord's assistant showed up and that's when I realized that the guy in the straw hat was the contractor and the guys in hoodies were the illegal workers doing all the grunt work.

A few minute laters, there was a knock on our door. The slumlord's assistant asked me if we could store our neighbor's table while they worked on the entire hardwood floor in the apartment.

Mind you, he never said that they were going to do work nor did he apologize for the eruption of noise that was about to come our way. He just wanted to use our apartment because it was supposed to rain that day and he couldn't leave any Ikea tables outside.

I agreed. Did I have a choice? The slumlord's assistan invited me into the sparsely furnished apartment. All of the woman's furniture was stacked to the ceiling in her tiny kitchen -- minus the table that was moved into my apartment.

The remainder of her apartment was empty. The contractor showed me the twisted and mangled bedroom floor. It looked like a week's worth of work yet I was told that work would be going on through Wednesday. The slumlord's assistan never bothered to ask me if I work at home.

In fact, both Nicky and I work from home. The ear-piercing sounds began at am and didn't stop until pm. I did what I could to drown out the bedlam from across the hall. Lot's of power saws.

Lots of hammering. Lot's of sanding. All the music in the world cranked up at the highest volumes could not tune it out. Nicky and I gutted through our assignments and made plans to work somewhere else on Tuesday. Of course, this could not come at a worst time. I mean, the writing gods out there are plotting against me. I'm on the last few chapters of the re-write for Lost Vegas. As if I didn't have enough bullshit and obstacles and setbacks to deal with over the last four years, I was blindsided by a "worse-case-scenario" for someone who works at home -- construction next door.

I'm used to working in cramped spaces or hectic environments. I accept those drawbacks when I'm on the road. For home? I expect a higher level of comfort. After all, I'm at home. That means writing pantsless, blasting music, and smoking copious amounts of dope while I write. I like to pace. I like to wander throughout the apartment in order to kick start my brain when I hit a stagnant part. All of those activities become hindered if I work in a different place such as a library or Starbucks.

I'd love to sit at Starbucks but I don't think they'd along me to bring me bong. Would a library let me blast John Coltrane? I don't have a choice today and must gut through the noise or hope that our alternative office -- Nicky's parents house -- is a better alternative. When we go there, I have to wear my pants and I'm not thrilled about that prospect.

Of course, we have to bail before Nicky's father gets home from work. He's a life-long Dodgers fan and hates the Yankees. Monday, October 12, The morning breeze makes you reach for a hoodie for an hour or two until the Impressionist-grey-splotches of clouds that make up the marine layer burns off and the friendly California sun bakes everyone's brain from the rest of the day.

The sweltering summer is officially over in Southern California, as the October morning breeze flowed through the open door and escaped out the dining room window. This is the fall season. No foliage like the Northeast. The ground is not covered in multi-colored leaves save for a crinkled fallen palm leaf. The only way you can tell it's October in L. A few minutes past the lifting darkness of the 7am hour, the birds who live in trees in the alley had started their chorus of chirping an hour or so earlier.

The birds are the only ones up except a few dumpster-diving bums. The smart ones know that guys consume a significant amount of booze on the weekends, especially on Sundays during football season, so hitting up the recycle bins early on Monday is a sure-fire way to strike gold.

The lucky bums cart away their booty while the unlucky ones nibble of rock-hard scraps of crust from a discarded Papa John's box. I wasted a full Sunday devoting myself to the baseball playoffs and sweating all of my fantasy sports teams. I barely left the couch with one hand clutching the bong and the other maniacally flipping the "last" button on the remote as I toggled back and forth between football and baseball. The only moments of mobility included getting up to piss, getting up to retrieve more beverages from the fridge, and the odd times that I walk over to the dining room table to check the scores.

On some Sundays, I paid more attention to the laptop than the games. I vowed to flip that around. I welcomed the day off from the grind of being chained to my laptop, so I sprung out of bed on Monday to return to the old routine. First thing? I turn off the ringer then hide my cell phone. Bury it under a pile of clothes. The world will have to wait until I finish a writing session and I come up for air. I open up the front door and windows, which airs out the apartment and lets the morning coolness instead.

I wake and bake with a random jazz mix on low in the living room as the first inklings of morning light burst through the open curtains. I set up shop at the hardwood table and the chair creaked as I sat down. The dining room set belonged to Nicky's deceased German grandmother.

She ate thousands of meals off of the table. I wonder if she knows that I use it as my morning desk? Although I have a small office that my girlfriend was kind enough to redecorate for my birthday last year , I prefer to write at the dining room table in the mornings.

For some reason, it shields me from distractions. These days, there are so many to ignore -- the news updates, overflowing email, Twitter, and urge to browse the abundance of content on random sports sites. I usually stay in the same spot for an hour, maybe longer. Sometimes Nicky wakes up which is a cue that it's time for me to move from our common areas and retreat to my office for the rest of the day.

She likes to work in the living room and since she also works from home -- she gets free reign. Sometimes I write for several uninterrupted hours until the landscapers arrive at the houses or apartment buildings of the few clients that can afford to pay them for their manicuring services. The landscapers fire up their shrill-sounding machines. The echos reverberate down the alleys. Some days, there's a barrage of hammering and it sounds like they are constructing the Bridge Over the River Kwai.

I've heard their loud sounds as early as am. I snicker but never say anything. Those illegals are armed with machetes. I turn up John Coltrane or Sonny Rollins loud enough to drown out the gargling sounds of leaf blowers and weed whackers.

They have work to do and so do I. The early morning sessions are the best sessions of the day because most of the time those words are not for anyone -- except myself. Sometimes I save bits and once in a blue moon that fodder ends up here.

For example, I can't believe I wrote almost words about what happens in the mornings when I get up early to write. More importantly, I can't believe you actually read it. Sunday, October 11, And if you do follow my static, then you might have missed one or two of these Gore Vidal says "We'll have a dictorship soon in the U. Afraid to see the doctor. You Tube an open letter to the guy who put just a geek the audiobook on his website for people to steal Wil Wheaton That's it for now.

Saturday, October 10, However, I caught up on crucial life matters -- more importantly -- my schedule for the rest of final became crystal clear. I seized that opportunity to make travel arrangements and balance my budgets. Most of the evening was spent working magic on travel websites. In a few hours, I booked a series of flights JetBlue is my friend , made hotel reservations, and even reserved a rental car for a trip to upstate NY. Next to nothing. As my friend Girtz would say, "It's like free.

I booked my flight from Burbank to LA for Christmas I'm glad that I'm so busy the next few weeks that I don't have time to fret over that possibility. I crawled into bed late on Friday night so late that it was actually Saturday. Nicky had been asleep for a while.

I closed my laptop as a winner after a winning session of online poker. I had a mini-windfall against the Friday night amateurs. It was unexpected because I didn't expect to play. A significant amount of poker players get caught up in a pissing match trying to outdo each other.

I never fell into that trap. Playing against better players helps improve my skills, but the majority of money that I can make comes from horrible players, or more specifically, players underneath me in the gambling food chain. Against most pros, I'm the mark and I'm out of my comfort level.

But against a field of amateurs? I hold the edge. As Friday night bled into Saturday morning, I was on a good run of cards and had the urge to press my luck, but I knew better. I closed the laptop, listened to some music, zoned out, and then crashed. I still had that itch to play when I crawled out of bed. It was only a few hours earlier that I had booked a nice score on two different sites, so PokerStars was one of the first sites I checked as the first inklings of daylight seeped into the apartment.

I noticed that there was a satellite tournament to an event in Costa Rica that I was remotely interested in attending. I went for it. I had only one thing written on my "To Do" list for Saturday Lost Vegas. I would not be distracted by the baseball playoffs with today being a travel day for the Yankees, so I had set aside the entire day to write, yet called an audible at the last second and decided to play poker.

If my good luck continued, it would be an awesome way to start the day. If I had a shitty session, then I can accept that my fleeting luck had come to an end and it was time to hunker down and write. Instead of the morning Jazz mix, I dusted off an old "playing poker mix" that could be a playlist from any major classic rock station in America. The windows were open in the living room and the sounds of a domestic dispute from across the street, those shrill shouts died down and were overtaken by the sounds of children playing.

Wait, at 8am? Roaming the slums of Beverly Hills? Then again it could be some kids on their way to Hebrew school or temple services. By the time I made the final table of my tournament, it was mid-morning. The sun was out. Underground Warriors - Progressive Hardcore Mindcrimers - Throat Baba Nation - Brain Pumpin' Darrien Kelly - The Number Chronotrigger Vs.

Disruptor - The Higher Power OG's - Kings Are Coming 3. The Vinyl Junk - The Latest DJ Asecone Dorpzicht - Tina Liberation - Final Cravings Simtec Power Squad - Simmerstyle The Horrorist - In The Year Marshall Masters Feat. DJ Sim - Simbiosis 7. The Masochist - Masochizm 9.

Men Of Steel - Pain Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never Boombastic - Everlasting Tripax Feat. Bulldozer - A New Day Neophyte - No Worries 2. Nasty DJango Feat. Hardcore Elements Vs. The Masochist - No Newstyle? Underground Warriors - Digital Manipulation 6. Psylocke - Walls Of Mystery 7. Soul Assasin - Final Confrontation 8. Darien Kelly Feat. The Prophet - Bad Girls DJ Gizmo - Show Me The Masochist - Killing Scum 2.

Neophyte - Braincracking 3. Tschabos - Wir Woll'n Die Tschabos 4. The Prophet - Qfacterror Hardcore Brothers - Lost Minds Nasty DJango - Slam Miss Flower - Power Of Flower Brian Acardy - Methodz Of Madness 2.

The Prophet - Stomp 4. Buzz Fuzz - Millenium 5. Dennis M - A New Day 8. D-Spyre - 6. To D'spyre 9. The Masochist - OD Neophyte - Real Hardcore Sound Enhancers - Make 'm Dance The Headbanger Feat.

DJ Buzz Fuzz Mix 2. The Vinyl Junk - Dizzy 5. Ruff 'n Tuff - Party 'n Crowd Tripax - Swarm Tripax Mix Placid K - Too Many Bass DJ Dione - Suckerz The Prophet - Don't Quit Da Tekno Warriors - Yo 4. Thundergods - I Will Dominate 7. Marshall Masters - Return To Zero 9. Ruff 'n Tuff - Terror Daddy The Visitor - Vengeance Temper Tantrum - Still The Hardest Creatures Of The Occult - Terrorheads Mad-E-Fact - The Hustle 2.

Neophyte - Anybody Out There 4. E-Man - Bass Machine 5. The Masochist - MzKzM 6. Nosferatu - The 3 Worlds 7. Guitar Rob Feat. Mc Remsy - Hardcore Drag 8. Marshall Masters - World Evacuator 9. DJ Promo - Dancefloor Hardcore The Stunned Guys - Hymn The Stunned Guys - She The Headbanger - The Nightmareman The Masochist - Pump Me What? Leviathan - The New Generation Buzz Fuzz - Jealousy is M. Neophyte Remix 4. The Masochist - Won't Love 'Em 6.

DJ Dione - The Atac 7. Buzz Fuzz - The Powerpunch 8. Rave Creator - Wake Up 9. Miro - Shining THD - Something Wrong The Vinyl Junk - Fosile Leviathan - Step In The Light Unexist - Mentality Radium - Cavern DJ Dione - 1 Beat 2 Heaven 5. The Masochist - Anticipation 6. Tellurian - Big Bad City 7. DJ Promo - Counter Attack The Headbanger - No Law Bulldozer Project - Dieselwalz T-Wisted - Make Me Cixx vs. The Vinyl Junk - Forever 2. E-Man - E-Shifter 5. Joey Beltram - Gameform Remix 6.

Speedy J - Pannik 7. Leviathan - Drug Invasion 8. DJ Waxweazle - Dark Impulses 9. Dano - Reverse Gate Dione - Nuclear Device Catscan - Mindful Candy 3. Endymion - Payback 5. Peaky Pounder - Kreikkalais Kirkkoa 8. Dione - Pain Till I Die 9. Tommyknocker - The Revolution E-Noid - Destination Death The Outside Agency - The Resurrection Drokz - I Can't Be Dissed Hellfish - Mean Gene Member 1 - Thunderdome Intro 2.

Endymion - Rock The Party-E 3. Lekker Sindicat Tieum vs. Dr Macabre - Space Madness 6. Negative A - Edge Of Panic 7. Dr Z-Vago - My Destiny Voidsettler - Gnomes Tinker With Time N-Vitral - Kobiy Unknown - The Enmity Earthquake - Nada Remix Unexist - Deal With It Catscan - Clone 1 2. Art of Fighters - System:Reloaded 3. Tommyknocker ft MC Justice - Nocturnal rituals 6.

Noferatu - Disease 7. Evil Activities - Extreme audio 8. Hellsystem - Ex inferis 9. The Stunned Guys - You will die DJ Korsakoff - Pendeho Simple mix D-Spirit - The demon touch Tieum - What Chosen Few - Chosen paradise Producer's era of terror rebuild Unexist cs Tommyknocker - Step into our world CD2: 1.

Moleculez - M-Pire 3. Carnage ft Skully - The sign 4. Fracture 4 - Soon Almost gone re-edit 5. Life Runs Red vs Tommyknocker - Technoire overdrive 6. Zanthrax - Children of hell 7. Unexist - Reknocked 8. Mute - The Outside Agengy - Oscillation overthruster Chaosbringer - End of days Enzyme X - God's child Producer's era of terror rebuild Belief 2. When You Stop Caring 3. Lost 4. Song For Your Soul 5. Icarus 6. Trying To Find A Way 7.

The Light 8. Dust 9. The Western Sky Chosen Few - Introdrome 2. DJ Fistfuck - Tyrannofuck 3. Cyanide - String X 4. Technohead - Accelerator 4 7. Wedlock - One Day 8. Chosen Few - Maniac 9. Tellurian - Cocksuckers Vinyl Killer - F. Maniac Of Noize - Domestic Moves Analyzer - Victim Of Trance High Energy - High Energy - Terrordrome 2.

Re-Animator - Fuck This 3. Technohead - Accelerator 3 4. Speedloader - Fucking Speedloader Speedmix 5. Cyanide - Relatic 6. Maniac Of Noize - Mokummania 7.

Noisegate - Goddamn' Mind 8. Vitamin - In 16 Beats Time Second Strontium - Insane Milan - Psychic Triplet - Move It Faster Haardcore - Quetsch Strontium - Totally Tranceparent Jungle 2. Chosen Few - Ravedome 4. Annihilator - Into The Wild Style 5. Keng - Induce Trance 6. Tellurian - Get Stupid 9. Hyperact - House Aggression DJ Fistfuck - Pussy Poison Evil Maniax - 4xFunk Haardcore - Straight Up E De Cologne Die Extase Versprechen Chosen Few - Party!

Technohead - Jetset No. Cyanide - Feeling 6. Tellurian - So Damn Tough 8. Reyes - No Escape 9. Triplet - Hairy Speedfreak - Body Hammer Original Gabber - Oooh Oooh Technohead - Accelerator No. Cyanide - I'm Gonna Get You High Energy - Revolution Angerfist - Riotstarter Masters Of Ceremony - Dirt Evil Activities - Imperial Mc Alee - The Ultimate Project Nosferatu - Enemigo Del Estado Na-Goyah - Put It On Na-Goyah - Going Down Na-Goyah - Protect Ya Neck Day-Mar - No Prada S'Aphira - Apoica Amnesys - Catastrophes DJ Psycho - Motherfucking Pussy Enzyme X - Power Surge Phobos - Choirs Of Damnation S'Aphira - Reason To Jump VA - Megarave Hardcore Factory - Geniuses At Work Geniuses At Work VA - Forever Hardcore 2 Ruffneck - Da True Core VA - Always Hardcore 16 Da Future - Fuck Them!!

Bloody Factory mixed 2xCD. Noise Factory France. It's a real cool 2xCD featuring a live set and a mix, a kind of representation for the crew. The whole Noise Factory crew. Rotterdam Holland. Megarave Holland. Pray For Light unmixed 2xCD. Hardcore Heroes mixed 2xCD. Slammin Vinyl. Q-Dance Holland. Constant Mutation CD.

Chained Evil unmixed CD. Psychik Genocide France. Devil Face 2xCD. Hardcore Blasters Italy. Setlive limited hand-numbered CD. Farting Sheep. Hardcore Till I Die.

Myrmidon - Answer Me 3. Holographic - Terrified Validation deployment and migration. For You by The Speed Freak. I end up with my head down and focused on my fingers striking the keys. BL X 04 Dec 08 Gabba. Where can I buy a planetarium bochum tel? Mouthfuck (Lick It!) - The Speed Freak - Destruction Of Speedcity (Vinyl Title See all.
Black Rose - Eric Clapton - Another Ticket (CD, Album), Solarium - Cranioclast - Iconclastar (CD, Album), Bobby Helms - My Special Angel / Standing At The End Of My World (Shellac), Démon uvadlého ráje - Naurrakar - Apogeum (CD, Album)

8 thoughts on “Mouthfuck (Lick It!) - The Speed Freak - Destruction Of Speedcity (Vinyl, Album)

  1. Review: That's not another Hardcore's a real cool 2xCD featuring a live set and a mix, a kind of representation for the crew. First you'll get in the head a strong dancefloor live set by The Hardcoholics, Leloo, and DJ loky.
  2. Patricio Dj. Soy de Chile, de la ciudad de San Carlos, ubicada en la XVl region, me gustan todos los estilos de música, llevo mas de 11 años aportando y administrando Portalfoxmix, actualmente editor, adm y encargado de la programación de radio portalfoxmix, pueden seguirme en twitter @patriciodj correo de contacto [email protected]
  3. Wow. I need to start using Mp3 stuff. I never use it. Thats a lot of free music (I think?). I'm real dumb with comps so, anyway you can send me that Angel Witch stuff? Is that the entire "S/T" album? "Angel Witch your an Angel Witch!" I have the second album on vinyl, but it's not nearly as good. Let me know.
  4. Oct 30,  · Thom Yorke recorded a solo album a couple of years ago named Eraser. I'm sure you can find 1, meanings, symbols, and other mystical shit by over analyzing the name of the album. For musicians who play in a famous band, their first solo effort is a true statement of their artistic vision. The band? A group creative consciousness. The solo album?
  5. Dec 30,  · It's not a good look for him and he should really be wearing his trademark shades, as he has horrible swollen purple bags under his eyes all through the film (with that terrible blonde crew-cut he looks like mids Sally Can't Dance speed freak-era Lou Reed, but Lou at lest kept his shades on). The harder Mastroianni tries to pass his.
  6. This is your secret weapon when someone ask you to put the heaviest sound you have. here you have almost the complete album works of PainKiller. if do you don't know what is PainKiller you are missing the heaviest, gridding, disturbing sound you never heard. these guys mix jazz with grindcore with no mercy!!! this album contains two first recordings Guts Of A Virgin and Buried .
  7. The Speed Freak - Remastered (Destruction By Speed + For You) Artist: The Speed Freak Album: Remastered (Destruction By Speed + For You) Year: Genre: Hardcore Source: WEB Label: N/A Catalognr: N/A Tracks: 32 Playtime: Size: ,09 MB Format: MP3 Quality: kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint Stereo Supplier: n/a Url: [ Tracklist ]

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