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I tried to update my browser Safari 3. Anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? I much prefer Megaupload, I've very often had problems with Rapidshit. Pleeeeaaaase, could you upload part 2 on Mega? Same for me. The access code doesn't appear so download's impossible for part 2. Perhaps use rapidshare. Thanks anyway for all the good work. I got part2 at last! Here's what you can do if the access code doesn't appear : Right-click on the "?

Really looking forward to this thread and discovering more about RH and his music! But as a person who inwardly revolts all the time, I'm a raging success. OK, got a few minutes, here are my short answers I discovered Roy's music in I'd read an interview with Jimmy Page in some guitar mag about how the thought some of his best acoustic soloing was on the Roy Harper album Stormcock. Being a huge Zep head my curiousity was piquipt sp.

Turns out the Valentine was a US Chrysalis reissue from , non-gatefold, no lyric booklet. The Stormcock was also a non-gatefold and without the uber-rare UK lyric sheet.

I was hooked and began looking for his records and Cds in every store I visited, and over the years amassed a large collection, which took years because his records and Cds, stateside at least, are "rare as hen's teeth," to this day And I was off into British rock and Folk Rock en masse See above All of them on LP and Cd, but not all labels, countries, variations etc He has not lost me yet, not just yet, but I am getting tired of waiting for "One Last Masterpiece" and no stateside shows in freakin' eons What are your favorite Roy Harper songs?

A few times, 4 or 5 between , all in Calilfornia. Bye the bye, I was in the front row of that Roy show at McCabes too, if it was early That one requires more time and energy Location: Iowa City. When and how did you discover Roy's music? I'd read about him for years.

I guess it was about 10 or 12 years ago I decided I'd heard enough good things about him I had to start checking him out. Stormcock, Valentine, HQ. Stormcock, HQ.

He didn't. Still discovering him, actually. Pretty much every one on Stormcock. The Same Old Rock is probably my favorite. The guy who inspired the Led Zeppelin song. I'm looking forward to this thread. I suspect I'll get some good ideas about which Roy Harper stuff I should check out next. Greg Carrier , Sep 17, This version apparently dates from The notes on the sleeve mention three previous issues - Strike Records , Youngblood and Birth It's quite nice, actually.

There are strange moments included like Roy flubbing the start of a song because he spots a spider on the microphone. The listing at discogs. I was not aware of that fact. Despite the fact that the cover notes that this album was recorded in mono and has been "electronically enhanced for stereo", that is actually incorrect. When I switch from stereo to mono mode, the sound is exactly the same. Hate that faux stereo garbage. ChrisM , Sep 17, In came Harper's acclaimed album 'The Unknown Soldier' Harvest which included 'You', a duet with Kate Bush, who has claimed Harper as one of her major inspirations.

On the cover of her 'Never For Ever' album, she thanked him for 'holding onto the poet in his music'. With the Harvest deal at an end Harper formed his own label in , and recorded 'Work Of Heart' Public which was chosen by the Sunday Times as album of the year. Harper's liaison with Awareness Records began in with 'Born in Captivity' Awareness which included the acoustic demos for 'Work of Heart', and marked the beginning of a comprehensive programme of re-issuing of earlier releases alongside inspiring new work.

I hate the first track, but, if the acoustic version had been put on and Desert Island changed to what it was originally was, plus one or two other little changes, it would be one of my best records. It's over-recorded and produced. The album restored to Harper the status of his most successful years, with almost unanimously favourable reviews and a renewed interest from the media. Asked, in the wake of 'Once', if emotional turmoil was a fertile breeding ground for musical creativity, Harper replied with typical candour, ''I've never known anything but emotional turmoil I go from day to day in a kind of frenzied state.

I can't wait to do this, that and the other. Having accompanied Roy on the 'Descendants Of Smith' tour, and at other sporadic gigs, he brought a new dimension to the concerts with his elegant and intricate guitar playing. Perhaps ever. The album dealt with a traumatic ending of a nine year relationship which caused Harper to look at himself again, take apart some of his pieces and put them back together after a fashion.

He still doesn't know if it's the right fashion, but he feels stronger. First to come out of this venture was the re-issue of 'Flat Baroque and Berserk', in the form of a limited edition CD in a presentation box, each individually signed, and including a 40 page booklet in which Roy recalls the making of the album and those involved.

At this point most of the back catalogue was again made available, with additional sleeve notes from Roy along with previously unpublished photographs. July of the album 'HQ' is made available for the first time on CD re-mastered from the original tapes, and again including additional sleeve notes from Roy, reviews and previously unpublished photographs.

May - a concert recorded at Les Cousins in London is released after being discovered in the Abbey Road archives. Recent work: The album, The Green Man was an entirely acoustic effort, with help from the Tea Party's Jeff Martin on guitar, hurdy gurdy and numerous other instruments.

In June , Harper celebrated his 60th birthday with a concert at London's Royal Festival Hall, featuring many guest artists. A recording of the concert was released as a double CD shortly afterwards. In , Today Is Yesterday, a compilation of rare and previously unreleased material from - , was released. In , Harper published The Passions of Great Fortune, a large format book containing all the lyrics to his albums and singles to date, including a wealth of photographs and commentary on his songs.

This 13 minute song is a critique of the Iraq War and features guest guitarist Matt Churchill, who has also joined Harper on-stage at his live performances. May saw the release of Harper's latest album Counter Culture, a double compilation album featuring songs from a 35 year songwriting period. It received a five star review from Uncut magazine. Harper has admitted being influenced by many forms of music, ranging from Miles Davis to Indian Raga to Stravinsky. As a musician, Harper is known for his distinctive, sophisticated fingerstyle playing and lengthy, complex compositions.

He has released a large catalogue of albums as an artist, most of which are available on his own record label Science Friction.

Harper is also known for his guest lead vocals on Pink Floyd's song "Have a Cigar". Harper has been referred to as? After the death of his mother, Muriel, during childbirth, he was raised in Blackpool by his father and stepmother, with whom he became disillusioned because of her Jehovah's Witness beliefs.

Harper's anti-religious views would later become a familiar theme within his music. At the age of 10, he began playing skiffle music with his older brother David, "Davey" on the album Flat Baroque and Berserk , as well as becoming influenced by blues music. He left school at the age of 15 and joined the Royal Air Force. This eventually resulted in his rejecting the rigid discipline, feigning madness in order to obtain a military discharge and receiving Electroconvulsive therapy as a result.

Upon his eventual discharge, he busked around Europe until when he returned to England, gaining a residency at London's famous Soho folk club, Les Cousins. The album consisted of Harper's poetry backed by acoustic guitar and recorded with a Revox tape machine by Pierre Tubbs. The 11 minute track "Circle", was notable for marking a widening of Harper's musical style away from the more traditional folk music heard at the time. In May , Harper began to make regular appearances at free concerts in London's Hyde Park attracting a cult following of fans from the underground music scene.

Harper also toured the UK, performing at numerous venues that would later become recognised for the variety and quality of their musical acts; Mothers in Birmingham was one venue to which Harper would frequently return.

Harper's first tour of the United States followed the release of his fourth studio album, Flat Baroque and Berserk, in The album also featured The Nice on the track "Hell's Angels". Its ethereal sound was achieved by a wah-wah pedal attached to Harper's acoustic guitar. This time the band and stings add needless intrusion and distraction and the song sputters along, losing its force and focused message for the begging, bring in instead more harpsichords and all… Once we get back to just Roy and his guitar and his mixed messages things get back on surely footing, as it were.

Lots of various voices emerge, parodies of his elders, his peers, his Self. This poem is actually a very strong statement on the futility of war, on the hypocrisy of legalized murder, usually for profit and or resources.

Location: San Luis Obispo, Ca. Thanks Mr. Hard to say anything more about this album. As they say, the first album is based on a lifetime of experience and songwriting. The second on a few months. The next album's "McGoohan's Blues" somehow takes everything he is trying to say here especially on "Circle" and the title track and puts it together perfectly.

I listened to the album several times and actually found it to be a painful experience at times. I did come away with an appreciation of "Beautiful Rambling Mess" which is great compared to the previous songs.

So buy it and put "What You Have" and "Highgate Cemetary" on your Roy mix tape of the 60's and thank god he was allowed to develop into a great artist. How many artists now would be allowed to put out three albums before hitting their stride for the following five? Roy really is a late bloomer. No spring chicken at the start, he was into his 30's before firing on all cylinders. How many artists took this long?

Leonard Cohen maybe, but his first album is a masterpiece. Location: Moscow, Russia. Great thread. Thank you very much Mr. I have RH's albums from to and love them, the later stuff I'm yet to discover. When and how did you discover Roy's music? And at what age and stage in your musical evolution? Later, in mids, I accidentally found a used, eh, suspicious CD pressing of Stormcock at some small store and immediately grabbed it.

Thus it began. What were your first Harper albums? Stormcock, then Whatever Happened To Jugula? Which are your favorites now? All between and Which do you own, on what formats? When did he 'lose' you, if ever? In fact, I'm going to discover more of RH music, so never What are your favortie Roy Harper songs?

He has some real doozies So far I haven't heard any bad RH songs. Have you ever seen him live? Harper was forced to drop it from future UK copies of the album, though it reappeared on a later CD reissue and remained on the U.

In April , Harper began writing lyrics for the next Led Zeppelin album with Jimmy Page, but the project was shelved when Robert Plant returned from a self-imposed sabbatical after the death of his five year old son Karac from a stomach infection in Between and , Harper spent a considerable amount of time in the United States.

Chrysalis also modified the title of Harper's next album, Bullinamingvase, changing it to One of Those Days in England. For much of the Seventies, Harper was managed and produced by British manager and record producer Peter Jenner. Harper began the decade with the release of The Unknown Soldier which was to be his final Harvest release. The album contains a duet with Kate Bush on the track, "You". Of Bush, Harper later stated - "Kate is a fantastic musician and very professional as well.

Working with Kate is a very smooth operation because she always knows what she wants to do, surprising you too, which is what good musicians always do. Harper's album, Work of Heart, marked the formation of Harper's own record label with Mark Thompson, son of English historian, socialist and peace campaigner. Thompson entitled Public Records. The original demo version of this album was later released in on a limited edition copies vinyl release entitled Born in Captivity.

Contrarily though perhaps more to do with Harper's financial situation at the time of this period, Harper stated - "There is no doubt in my own mind that the early eighties were the nadir of my life in music. In , they released an album called Whatever Happened to Jugula?. This album caused a resurgence of interest in Harper and his music.

This version later appeared on the David Gilmour Live concert film. Harper also provided backing vocals on Gilmours newly released album, About Face. Perhaps due to the popularity of Whatever Happened to Jugula? The relationship between Harper and EMI did not last and from more of his earlier albums became available on the Awareness Records label. The Nineties was a highly productive decade for Harper that saw the release of 4 studio albums: Once , Death or Glory?

In much of Harper's back catalogue became available on CD through his own record label Science Friction. If Harper's public profile had been relatively low since , 's Once was a tour-de-force, featuring contributions from David Gilmour, Kate Bush, Nigel Mazlyn Jones, and brought him more attention. In the spotlight was also on Harper after the end of his marriage to Jacqui. On tour, Harpers' emotional reactions to his loss were clearly, and very publicly, visible.

Throughout the decade, Harper's musical influence began to be recognised by a younger generation of musicians some of whom covered his songs or invited him to make guest appearances on their albums. Reportedly, Anderson said that the only reason he originally left Blackpool was because Harper did. In , Harper released an almost entirely acoustic album, The Green Man, accompanied by The Tea Party's Jeff Martin on guitar, hurdy gurdy and numerous other instruments.

Goldfish And so after two minutes of really stoned ramblings Roy and the band come crashing back in and once again the backing band does little to improve an already weak Methane Zone - Roy Harper - Death Or Glory? (CD lyric, all bitter and complaining. Of Bush, Harper later stated - "Kate is a fantastic musician and very professional as well. Part Zed. Cardboard City The second on a few months. Fortunately, some of the between-song banter is also recorded and, as anyone who' seen him live will know, that's half the fun of his shows. A beautiful Rambling Mess! Harper left school at the age of 15 and joined the Royal Air Methane Zone - Roy Harper - Death Or Glory? (CD.
Desafinado - João Gilberto - Chega De Saudade (Vinyl, LP, Album), Tony Bennett - Tony Sings The Great Hits Of Today (Vinyl), Rumor - After The Sludge - 20 Years After The Sludge (DVD), Taliat Nouhirase - Agali Ag Amoumine - Takamba (Vinyl, LP)

9 thoughts on “Methane Zone - Roy Harper - Death Or Glory? (CD, Album)

  1. Death Or Glory? is a music studio album recording by ROY HARPER (Prog Folk/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes Death Or Glory?'s: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, free MP3 download (stream), buy online links: amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by our experts, collaborators /5(1).
  2. Roy Harper - Death Or Glory. CD, MP3 and FLAC formats. "I used this motto as the title to this album because it's the way that I felt at the time". of the more self-indulgent sadder tracks has made it perhaps a more accessible record and the addition of 'The Methane Zone' has debunked it somewhat. I don't know that I wanted exactly that.
  3. Oct 31,  · Here is the imfamous UK-only back cover to Roy Harper's album Folkjokeopus. The first picture is the full back cover of the MONO Lp. The second is a detail shot of Roy's album credits notes. The third is Roy's track listing notes and various doodles. The fourth is the MONO and Stereo Liberty logos and then the reissue Sunset logo.
  4. May 14,  · Death Or Glory? Awareness, Perhaps Harper’s most emotionally racked album, written after the failure of his second marriage. “There was nowhere for me to hide,” he said later. The title track, One More Tomorrow and Waiting For Godot Part Zed are full of melancholy and despair, yet remain oddly luminous. It wasn’t all self Missing: Methane Zone.
  5. Roy Harper was spurred into making one of his best albums only after his wife abruptly left him in , thrusting him into a deep despair. The rawness of Death or Glory?, and the fact that it was conceived after the bitter dissolution of a decade-long relationship, makes it the emotional, if not artistic, heir of John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band/5(4).
  6. Death or Glory? The War Came Home Tonight Duty Waiting For Godot Part Zed Next To Me Methane Zone The Tallest Tree Miles Remains The Fourth World Why? Evening Star Cardboard City One More Tomorrow On Summer Day.
  7. Check out Death Or Glory by Roy Harper on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on The Methane Zone 7 The Tallest Tree 8 Miles Remains 9 The Fourth World 10 Why? 11 Roy Harper is one of the most ignored and underrated artists this country has ever produced, probably because he /5(4).
  8. Nov 29,  · Roy Harper (with Nick Harper) Bloomsbury Theatre, London The First Night (FLAC) (This post is dedicated to DLP) In January Roy played two shows at the Bloomsbury. This is the first one. A guru to his fans but with a tendancy to wallow in his own almost painful sincerity. I'm told it's an audience recording. If so it's a bloody good one.
  9. Roy Harper was spurred into making one of his best albums only after his wife abruptly left him in , thrusting him into a deep despair. The rawness of Death or Glory?, and the fact that it was conceived after the bitter dissolution of a decade-long relationship, makes it the emotional, if not artistic, heir of John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band.

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