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Traveling by boat with his belongings, he searches for a new training ground. In his ending, he defeated Hsien-ko after she had promised to lead him to the perfect place to train. After Hsien-ko berates Akuma if anyone ever taught him to hold back his punches, she keeps her promise, leading him deep within a forest to an area where zombies dwell at night.

Akuma accepts this as his new training ground, seeing them as the perfect targets to brush up his killing techniques, and engages the zombies as he continues his quest to become the world's mightiest warrior.

Akuma appears as one of the four characters working alongside Galactus as his Heralds, though his motivation is the same as in most appearances. In his ending, he is shown to have defeated Galactus as well as many others from the "other dimension" that stood in his path.

Seeing as how the "Planet Eater" himself could not defeat him, Akuma decides not to wait for strong opponents to appear, but rather to seek them out. Capcom 3 , he also appears in Dormammu's ending, as one of the Capcom villains opposing the dimensional overlord's advances on the Capcom universe. He also shows up in Ryu's ending where Ryu, who has recently been appointed as Iron Fist's successor, defeats him. He appears in one of the trailers of the game, where he confronts Ogre while the meteorite falls, calling him a "pathetic whelp".

The places they are standing on elevates in the air during the crash. At the end, they both charge at each other. Akuma appears in Street Fighter X Tekken as a playable character and as one of the final bosses, with his Tekken counterpart being Ogre. In his story, he senses the meteorite before it actually comes crashing into the Antarctic.

When it finally impacts, he reappears at the Antarctic, seeing the Pandora as a "new era of chaos" as fighters from all over the world are gathering together to find it. In his boss cutscene, Pandora is seen for a few seconds, and then the camera pans out, showing Akuma descending to the ground from the sky from an unknown location.

He then lands while punching the ground in the process, creating huge pillars of snow. Akuma then walks towards the player's characters menacingly, declaring that he will bring a new era of chaos with his fists, and then the fight begins. In his rival cutscene, Ogre appears before him and Akuma calls him "pitiful creature" and tells him to prove his worth. Ogre launches a wave scream that Akuma completely shrugs off before taking his fighting stance.

The fight then begins. In Ogre's rival cutscene, before he gets to the box, Akuma sends him a Zanku Hadoken that he stops but gets pushed back in the process.

In his ending, Akuma approaches Pandora, but when it opens, it manifests a Pandora version of Oni before him. Recognizing this form as a raging shadow of himself, he moves in to attack. He also appears in Steve and Hwoarang's ending, where Pandora spawns Akumas 1 Akuma and 99 Shin Akumas in response to Hwoarang's overconfidence, all of them attacking at once with the Raging Demon.

In his epilogue, Akuma engaging Pandora Oni causes a storm that lasts several days. All organizations seeking the box are forced to return home due to the storm. But as they leave, a huge crack running along the ground swallows the box. Eyewitness claim to have seen a human-like creature in the middle of the storm but it was dismissed as an ephemeral mass of energy. To the outside, those events still remain a mystery. Akuma, along with Ryu, both made appearances in Capcom and CyberConnect2's collaborative beat-'em-up title, Asura's Wrath.

The Angriest. Much like Ryu's episode, it uses the Super Street Fighter IV engine while shifting to the traditional battle system for the second half. The story picks up after Ryu's episode, where Akuma suddenly appears.

To prevent distractions, Akuma immediately executes the Demon Armageddon on Ryu, but instead of piercing him, he launches him so hard it forces Ryu through a wormhole back to his original timeline.

When Akuma learns of Asura's name, he reveals himself to be familiar with the deity's background as a being of wrath and challenges him. At the end of the first half, he transforms into Oni, starting the second half.

At the end of the battle, Asura and Akuma reverting from Oni somehow continue to fight, with the fight apparently lasting for years.

In the timeskip, both combatants are still facing each other in a standstill and have turned to stone with developing moss. Eventually, both statues begin to move at last to finally finish the fight, ending in a cliffhanger. To face him, the player must have 4 or more perfect wins over the previous eight bosses.

When the player faces M. Bison, Akuma will appear, performing a Misogi on him and sending Mega Man to his stage for the final boss fight.

This later reveals in Story Mode that she was talking to him after recovering from a "fever" and attacking her husband, Heihachi in her devil form while trying to tend her sickness. Akuma has standing debt between him and Kazumi and she was responsible for saving him for unexplained reasons. Sometime after Heihachi reclaimed the Mishima Zaibatsu, Akuma confronted him at the Mishima dojo, but their battle was interrupted by a Jack-6 army sent by Kazuya. The two of them temporarily joined forces to defeat the onslaught of robots.

Afterwards, Akuma introduced himself to Heihachi and explained that he was sent by the late Kazumi to kill both her husband and son. Upon asked by Heihachi about why he waited so long to fulfill the promise, Akuma replied that he was waiting until Heihachi had become stronger. Emerging victorious, Akuma seemingly killed Heihachi and destroyed the Mishima dojo.

He later goes to the top of G Corporation tower to fight and kill Kazuya. Gaining the upper hand in the fight, Akuma forced Kazuya into a corner, prompting him to transform into Devil.

However, before there was a victor, their fight was interrupted by Heihachi, who had survived and faked his death. Akuma survived the attack, and confronted Kazuya once more in the volcanic pit after Kazuya killed Heihachi. With his opponent quickly transforms to his devil form, Akuma found himself locked in an intense fight. The battle reached its climax when Akuma fired a Hadoken at Kazuya's laser attack, destroying the volcanic surroundings. The final outcome of the fight is unknown.

During his victory sequence, he slams his palm into the ground similar to the Kongou Kokuretsuzan. When the player defeats him, Akuma glows in purple miasma due to the power of the Satsui no Hado is getting out of control and he unleashes his massive power in a flash of light before the start of the credits.

In the Kiwami Campaign event when all of the Tekken characters gain their costumes for their customization, Akuma's own costume from one of his customizations is one of his disguised forms in Pocket Fighter. He also gains his Swap Costume in Street Fighter X Tekken as part of his customization but without his footwraps and the white streaks on his hair.

His main appearance is from his crossover appearances in the games as both his 1-Star up to his 4-Star appearances is a reference to the color pallete change when the player would choose any characters in the Street Fighter main games. His featured act is the Demon's Path is a reference to his role in the main games for taking a path of a demon. In every modes, this will gain some bronze, silver, gold and crystal Akuma tokens to gain 1 to 3 pieces of 1-Star to 4-Star fragments in order to unlock him.

Akuma is a playable character in this game. As Rita Repulsa's hold on the Morphin Grid stretches across multiverses, Akuma is among the warriors who are sucked into the Grid, pitted against those from the Power Rangers multiverse. Akuma first appears in Ryu's mind when Ryu is suddenly overcome by the energy of the Satsui no Hado for a short time with Akuma telling him to "open his eyes to the Evil Hado".

He reappears later when Ryu and Chun-Li visit his island, in the middle of a field of wooden statues. He says that "the true fighter must walk into the arena with all his powers at the ready" and if Ryu is a pupil of Gouken, he must walk the same path as him and fight him with his true power or leave. His own Dark Hado influences Ryu's, the latter struggling against it.

However Ryu only asks a question: If he has a family or a son, to which Akuma responds "When I walk, I walk alone, when I fight, I fight alone" before walking away. In the movie's ending, he reappears to fight Ryu who seeks to prove he is nothing like him, much to Akuma's dismay. The movie ends with them both charging at each other. This movie gives Akuma a more personal backstory; he is also called Gouki. He is lying against a tree and is woken up by Sayaka, Goutetsu 's daughter. Gouken tells him that he had no choice since Gouki used the Dark Hado when his master forbid it while Sayaka tends to his wounds.

During sunset, he has an argument with Goutetsu at the dojo which Sayaka eavesdrop, asking why he forbids the Dark Hado and his master answering that he cannot use it. Gouki responds by saying that he does not want to follow a laid out path like his predecessors' teachings are absolute.

He also says that a true martial arts master will have the courage to follow a thorny trail to which Goutetsu responds that what Gouki is describing is not courage but arrogance.

He then leaves the room, followed angrily by his pupil who finds Sayaka eavesdropping. She tells him that although it's hard to believe, her father wants what's best for him. Gouki replies that he knows that but wanted his master to understand that he had his own path to follow.

But as he leaves, he start to cramp up again but tells Sayaka to stay away when she tries to help him before walking away. He is seen again in the evening, in the process of transforming into a demon while Goutetsu confronts him, saying that seeing him like this was a great dissapointment. Then starts a battle of cataclysmic proportions between the two. During that time, Gouken and Sayaka rush to the scene but Sayaka stops and shows nausea, implying that Gouki impregnated her.

Gouken then berates his brother for this act and tells him that his happiness was right there within his reach and yells for an answer. But Gouki just takes his master's prayer beads and walks away without saying anything. He appears again in the present day in Ryu's memories.

In their first meeting, and the day where he came to the dojo to kill Gouken, causing Ryu's Satsui no Hado to awaken. He reappears in the flesh at the climax of the movie where he fights Ryu. Gouki completely dominates the bout, while saying to Gouken that he was right to walk down this path and the fact that Ryu is here proves it. Cornered, Ryu gives in to the Satsui no Hado and manages to actually hurt Gouki, much to the latter's excitement. Their fight calls the spirits of former Satsui users from Ryu and Gouki's bloodline.

But as they trade punches, Ryu sees a vision of Fuuka which causes him to stop using the Dark Hado. Gouki scolds Ryu, saying to him that his path to a great warrior had been clouded and that through his teachings, he has forsaken his natural thirst to be strong to which Ryu replies that on the contrary, it made him strong, angering Gouki. Ryu tries to attack from above while Gouki sends a Messatsu Gou Hadou. Gouki's attack connects but Ryu strikes his chest with his Hado which results in purifying the entire forest along with the spirits in a light blue explosion.

Gouki's chest becomes clearer due to this and he walks away with visions of Gouken and Sayaka treating his wounds. After this, Gouki gets back up saying "My name is Gouki! The one who became strong! Someday, someday I intend to fight you again" to Ryu. As he says this, his eyes and appearance returned to human-looking, probably due to Ryu's attack making him momentarily regain part of his humanity.

During this time, the monk's speech to Ken implies that Gouki is Ryu's father. However, this entire movie is non-canon.

Akuma appears in the beginning of the movie, where he enters Ryu's mind and torments him. He inquires about why and how long Ryu intends to resist the Satsui no Hado to which he responds "Until my last breath! But Akuma dismisses this as foolishness of the highest order, given that Ryu doesn't know exactly what he seeks. Akuma goes on by saying that Ryu's blood is calling out to him and that he must answer it with his life. But Ryu keeps refusing sternly, prompting Akuma to tell him that he will murder him himself and states that this mundane world is of no concern to them as they grow stronger by consuming human life.

Having had enough, Ryu tells him off by unconsciously using the Satsui no Hado, causing Akuma to burst in laughter before vanishing. In the UDON comics, Akuma's storyline is alternate universe story then in the video games; however, it does provide a few interesting twists.

Akuma is still presented as one of the mightiest characters in the Street Fighter , though a few fighters were shown being capable of taking him out or at least able to stand their ground against him. Gouken has managed to defeat Akuma the first time he appeared to challenge his brother. By design, they are forced to obey the orders of the Earl and the other members of the Noah Family without question, even if it is against their will.

However, they have been known to go behind the Clan's backs on occasions when they are unsupervised. Akuma are created when a living human in mourning over the loss of a loved one makes a contract with the Earl to bring the soul of their loved one back.

Once trapped within the skeleton, the soul is then forced to kill the one who called it back and "put on" their corpse, using their appearance to move around among humans in disguise.

After the transformation is complete, the Akuma, whose soul is tormented and consumed by hatred towards the living world, goes around killing humans in order to grow stronger and evolve to better serve the Earl. As they grow through killing humans, Akuma evolve, the known levels ranging from 1 to 4, with 4 being the strongest as of yet. Akuma can also merge to form sub-levels, such as the Giant Akuma.

Akumas seem to be able to instinctively use their newly-acquired ability as soon as they evolved though in the case of the evolution from level 3 to level 4 the Akuma needs a short while to be able to harness its full potential. Some Level 1 Akuma can just partially transform into their true form. This partial transformation mostly resembles their human disguise, but with a cannon for eyes and dark purplish skin.

Level 1 Akuma exhibit something of a transition from the deterioration of their human personality into an evil personality for level 2 later on as observed in their increasing obsession to kill, and some may therefore show zombie-like behavior in their human form.

A Level 1 Akuma will advance to a Level 2 once it has fulfilled a substantial quota of kills of humans and exorcists. Level 2 Akuma come in all shapes and sizes some have even appeared simply as a gas, fire, dolls, a demonic court jester, even a playing card, and they especially take form of animals and they have no common appearance. Thus far, Level 2 is the only state in evolution where appearance is varied as 1, 3, and 4 all maintain the same shape with only subtle differences.

They also have different powers, such as copying a person's appearance mirror image , emitting "ice fire" which hurts worse than normal fire, creating blades of air, emitting destructive sound waves, and creating bubbles that absorb water from everything they touch.

Some Level 2 Akuma even carry modern day weaponry such as homing missiles and various types of firearms that resemble machine guns and so on, as observed in the manga. After murdering enough people, it can evolve to Level 3. Overall 9 Story 8 Art 8 Character 10 Enjoyment More discussions.

Poll: Tenraku Akuma! More recommendations. AutoRec Durarara!! Popularity: Members: 3, Favorites: 4. Demon's Core 6. Edit Synopsis An exorcist has just finished defeating a demon, when one comes falling out of the ceiling. The world map is in an overhead perspective and features random encounters , which pit Akuma-kun against randomly appearing enemies.

During battles, the perspective switches to first-person and the player selects different types of attacks from a menu. During battle, the player can summon demons to aid Akuma-kun with fighting.

The player's party and the enemies then take turns attacking each other, similar to most other turn-based RPGs. When Akuma-kun enters a town, the view switches to that of a side-scrolling video game. By moving up at certain areas, Akuma-kun can enter buildings and shops. The game begins as a wizard explains to Akuma-kun that the world will be a better place if demons and humans establish contact. Akuma-kun then sets out to establish this connection. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This reflects his personality, as Akuma often holds back his power so as to give his opponents a fighting chance; when fought as a secret boss, Akuma effectively deems the player's character worthy, and 'powers Marche - Akuma (4) - 100 Demons (CD accordingly. Cross Marian is the only known individual capable of altering Akumas. This is designed as a contrast to his older brother Gouken's outfit. Harenchi Gakuen. Akuma appears in Street Fighter X Tekken as a playable character and as one of the final bosses, with his Tekken counterpart being Ogre. Most Marche - Akuma (4) - 100 Demons (CD the time, Akuma abides by the code of the warrior. However, their weakness was their poor mobility; being large and disproportionate, they couldn't move so well. When the player faces M.
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  2. Aug 06,  · Lore: Akuma is the lord of the demons. While demons are subject that places fear in peoples minds. But a regular demon is not a worthy comparison to Akuma. It is said Akuma wanders around in the woods of Japan. Lurking on every corner, hunting for what nobody knows. But in rare ocasions, someone, a farmer, a samurai, a monk, someone sees Akuma.
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  4. Akuma: Demon Spawn is a role-playing game similar in appearance to Diablo. The player indirectly controls the characters with the mouse, choosing spells or abilities through a menu or hot keys during battles - the player only needs to click on the foe and the rest .
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  6. Akuma-kun (悪魔くん, "Demon-kun") is a manga series written and illustrated by Shigeru fluneprefighretabperfmergupacorap.col versions of the manga exist, one of which was adapted into a live-action TV show, and another into an anime television series. In addition, two movies were spawned from the anime TV series: Akuma-kun: The Movie released in and Akuma-kun: Yōkoso Akuma Land e!! released in
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