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Even after the imposture was revealed, however, Taliban leaders remained positive that that their trick could still work. Shall it be of ignorance, simplicity, and facility; or of malice and imposture? Mr Francis gives us some interesting anecdotes of the casualties arising from this gigantic scheme of imposture. Without the acceptance of this principle democracy is merely an imposture.

I am informed that prosecuting authorities do not institute proceedings except where they are satisfied that there is evidence of fraud and imposture. The thing is an imposture upon our credulity. Better a naked and unashamed steel roof, than the imposture which has been decided on. I can only say that it will be a very average child that does not detect the imposture in it. The whole of this shop legislation from start to finish has been more or less an imposture. The objection to this practice is that it is an imposture.

Any measure is an imposture in the eyes of people who deliberately misrepresent its intentions and its scope. It is a policy of calculated imposture and organisd hypocrisy. Translations of imposture in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of imposture? Browse impossible. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

Favourites from France. Some of my favourite films of the current decade Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Laura Smet Alice Alexia Barlier Lili Pierre Perrier Paul Lafargue Adama Niane Charles Meyer Jacques Spiesser Alexandre Caussey Bastien Bouillon Logan Claude Lecat Sylvie Lafargue Yves Collignon Georges Lafargue Nicole Choukroun Evelyne Barthes Suzie Pilloux Marthe as Suzy Pillou Lou Gouimbault Alice enfant Lilly Muffat-Joly Learn more More Like This.

Drama Thriller. Mathias accidentally kills his lover. American Translation Wonderland, the Girl from the Shore Drama Romance Thriller. Crime Drama Mystery.

Murder in the Cevennes TV Movie While all these words mean "a thing made to seem other than it is," imposture applies to any situation in which a spurious object or performance is passed off as genuine.

While in some cases nearly identical to imposture , counterfeit applies especially to the close imitation of something valuable. The meanings of fake and imposture largely overlap; however, fake implies an imitation of or substitution for the genuine but does not necessarily imply dishonesty. While the synonyms fraud and imposture are close in meaning, fraud usually implies a deliberate perversion of the truth.

In some situations, the words humbug and imposture are roughly equivalent. However, humbug suggests elaborate pretense usually so flagrant as to be transparent. The synonyms sham and imposture are sometimes interchangeable, but sham applies to fraudulent imitation of a real thing or action.

See more words from the same year Thesaurus Entries near imposture impostor impostors imposts imposture impostures impotence impotencies. Accessed 23 Aug.

Trust her to carry out this imposture which now seems so Imposture. Dictionary apps. The bin Laden and Bush families jointly manage their wealth by means of Imposture Carlyle Group. Michel Vaillant Many women in history Imposture presented themselves as men in order to advance in typically male-dominated fields. Namespaces Article Talk. Murder in the Cevennes TV Movie Action Adventure Crime, Imposture.
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  1. ‘His imposture was an attempt to gain some self-esteem.’ ‘We do not accuse the authors of the imposture of relativism.’ ‘To be sure, force may no longer take the form of plunder and extortion, and fraud may no longer appear as deliberate imposture and chicanery.’.
  2. Aug 18,  · Imposture definition: the act or an instance of deceiving others, esp by assuming a false identity | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  3. Some common synonyms of imposture are counterfeit, fake, fraud, humbug, and sham. While all these words mean "a thing made to seem other than it is," imposture applies to any situation in which a spurious object or performance is passed off as genuine. their claim of .
  4. May 07,  · imposture (plural impostures) The act or conduct of an impostor ; deception practiced under a false or assumed character ; fraud or imposition , Charles Maturin, Melmoth the Wanderer, volume 1, page
  5. The literal meaning of the term prestidigitator is 'nimble-fingered', but its connotations extend to the idea of illusion, imposture, deception. From the Cambridge English Corpus Whereas authentication concerns the construction of a true or veridical identity, denaturalization foregrounds untruth, pretense, and imposture .
  6. imposture the act of deceiving by assuming a false identity; fraud, hoax, swindle Not to be confused with: imposter – charlatan, fake, fraud, pretender: He claimed to be a prince, but he was only an imposter. im·pos·ture (ĭm-pŏs′chər) n. The act or instance of engaging in deception under an assumed name or identity. [French, from Old French.
  7. Définitions de imposture. Littéraire. Action de tromper par de fausses apparences ou des allégations mensongères, de se faire passer pour ce qu'on n'est pas: Dénoncer les impostures d'un escroc. Caractère de tromperie, de supercherie que revêt quelque chose: Imposture d'une publication.
  8. May 25,  · Directed by Patrick Bouchitey. With Patrick Bouchitey, Laetitia Chardonnet, Isabelle Renauld, Patrick Catalifo. A literary professor who suffers from writer's block decides to kidnap one of his female students in order to promote her brilliant essay that reminds him of his own work as his own/10().

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