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Walk Like An Egyptian. Sign Your Name. Terence Trent D'Arby. Love Of The Common People. Paul Young. This Ole House. Shakin' Stevens. Dionne Warwick. Who's Zoomin' Who? Aretha Franklin. Don't Stop Believin'. Can't Fight This Feeling. REO Speedwagon. The Hooters. Real Gone Kid. Deacon Blue. I Ran.

A Flock of Seagulls. Rain Or Shine. Five Star. Theme From S'Express. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now. Bonnie Tyler. Down Under. Men at Work. Africa [Single Version]. The Jacksons. New Kids on the Block. Going Back To My Roots. How 'Bout Us [Single Version].

Love Resurrection. Alison Moyet. Through The Barricades. Spandau Ballet. Deniece Williams. Dolly Parton. Toy Boy. See The Day. Dee C. Hold Me Now. And when my hearts are maxed out, it shoots an energy blade? I don't know how exactly that works, but that's okay with me. Eventually I'll find my way out of this maze. North, west, south, west, I'm on my way to the graves. You can't stop me from comin', I am the Hero of Time! You'd better run for your fuckin' life, I'm comin' inside.

Haha I'm here to destroy all of you one by one. Makin' you disappear, come here, you know you can't run! I got my magical shield, plenty of arrows to last me.

My boomerang is at full range, I'm a walkin' catastrophe. Don't test me you motherfuckers, you can't hide. You can try to run, but I got a map to where you reside. I am the legendary fairyless wearin' a green tunic killin' everything motherfucker! Goin' from dungeon to dungeon 'til every one of them falls. This is my destiny, and I'm comin' for you! It's a secret to everybody how I do what I do. Eight mini-bosses dead, and I'm on my way to Ganon. With all the weapons I got, who the fuck needs an arm cannon?!

I've died a million times and I'll die a million more, I'm at your fuckin' door! I see you've finally arrived. Watch me disappear and reappear before your eyes. Pleased to introduce you to my energy balls that will destroy you like nothing you've ever-!

I don't think so, now watch as I swing Hahaaaa I got the Triforce, bitch! I ain't got time for hide-and-seek! Come get some! Nooooooo, I think not. I'm Ganondorf, bitch! Get your fairy booties out of here, 'cause you ain't shit!

It's swine time, my time to shine, Hyrule is mine. Mine all mine! One, two, three times I hit you with my blade! Now it's time to shoot an arrow straight into your face! It's been a great time killin' you swine, I gotta say! But after all is said and done, I'm not even gettin' laid.

So I went through all that trouble and she's bein' a bitch. I just saved her fuckin' life, and what the hell do I get?! Fuck that shit, I should be gettin' some head, but Zelda's passed out early, layin' up in her bed. That's totally lame. The upside down triforce is a totally different game. That's cool, she'll come around eventually.

Besides, she's in a coma in the next game, G. For real Got my pajamas on, and I brushed my teeth. School's in the mornin' no time to waste. It's the first day and I can't be late. Now I'm off to a place with my homeboy Flip, with a pocket full of candy for them animals, bitch.

See, I can ride them for as long as I want, without delay! On a search for keys, and other shit along the way. This ain't a safe place for little kids to play But I'm dreamin' motherfucker, I'mma do it anyway.

Not like my parents can stop me, I'm fast asleep -unless they wake me up and get me somethin' to eat-. My alarm ain't gonna go off for another couple minutes.

So I think I'm gonna look for these keys before I'm finished. Little bit of fun is all I'm after! Chorus: I'm gonna go to sleep, gonna lay in my bed. Got candy canes and other shit runnin' deep in my head. I'm gonna go to sleep, gonna lay in my bed. You better get your butt in bed, mister.

Verse: Now it's the weekend I can stay up late But after I've eaten I'mma clean my plate. Then go upstairs and get ready to sleep. Comb my hair and brush my teeth. See, I got a playdate with my homeboy Flip, with a pocket full of candy for them animals, bitch. See, my name's Little Nemo and I am the shit. And if you don't believe me you can suck my dick. This ain't no 'Doki Doki Panic', deal with it. It's Super Mario, in the motherfuckin' house.

Gonna blast the sunglasses off that bomb-throwin' mouse. Yo Mario, don't confuse me with John Leguizamo. He didn't have a mustache, but at least he got the hoes. Like in 'To Wong Foo'. But when they cast him as Luigi, baby, that was just wrong. Yeah that was just wrong. The Princess is my character of choice. But my balls are too big for me to rap in that voice, and so I'll jump really high. Take a jog in the sky. Hit the Pow Block, throw a fuckin' bird in your eye. Anyway, we're on a mission to kill King Wart.

I heard a call for help That's what I get for counting sheep. Let's go! I'm in a cave now, tearin' this place down. With these bombs that I pulled out of the ground. L-L-Luigi's in the cave too, that is the truth.

P-Pullin' bombs out the ground like dentists pullin' out my tooth. R-Representin' in this cave, b-bringin' d-down the r-roof. I don't know anyone that plays as Toad! Now I'm leavin' the cave, it's time to get on my way!

Headin' to the Birdo to save the day! Defeated Fry Guy, Triclyde and Clawglip, bitch. As I enter the Bird Head I clench my fist I am a motherfuckin' Birdo, look at my face! I spit eggs motherfucker, straight into your face! I'm so hardcore, I rhyme face with face! I rhymed face four times, now get outta my face! Am I an Ostro or a Birdo? Nobody knows!

I eat orbs for breakfast with no milk, mofo! The inside of me glows; you suck and I blow. Don't throw those back, I'll shoot fire up your nose! How the fuck you gonna try and burn my 'stache, paisano?

You're tryin' to make me look like John Leguizamo? Have some unfertilized dinosaur, ho! Take that shit Hermaphrosaurus rex! Swing your arms from side to side! Oh wait you can't, that's right! King Wart, pullin' life support! I see you made it past all of my cohorts. Get ready for my bubbles! Hold it right there! Now it's time to turn this dream into a scary nightmare! I bet you're scared! I declare despair; not one life spared!

Well leapin' lasagna! You mean I'm dreamin' right now?! I thought it was real. Either way you're goin' down! I was wonderin' why the Princess wasn't taken this time! Eat your fuckin' vegetables, it's time to die On a quest from Dr. Light to make the city safe again. See all these robots were created to make the planet safe.

Wily double crossed us and set fire to the place. Wily had other plans to take over this bitch. Re-programmed my brother and stole all them shits. My name is Mega Man on my jet-dog Rush. Got a cannon arm for y'all to keep your mouth shut, c'mon! Wily: Ve interrupt the program vit terrible news. Megaman: Thanks Wily, it's not like I got shit to do.

Why not waste all of energy, fuckin' with you?! C'mon Rush we gotta go and save Dr. And then teach Dr. Wily the wrong from the right, alright? Protoman: Hey bro, Proto Man here, so what's up?

I got eight of my buddies built, for messin' you up. But who cares? I wish I did, but I'm just not built for that bro. I gotta fly, hope you're ready to go. PM : Choose carefully you motherfu-. MM : NO. PM : Why you gotta interru-? Don't think so. Megaman: If I'm gonna win I'll have to upgrade my shit. Remember when I beat 'em to steal their power chips. Charge my power beam when I enter the room.

And then boom-ba da-boom-boom boom-de-boom-boom. To the windows, to the wall. I'm beatin' ya down to the fuckin' ground. I got a Mega Buster for y'all, cmon! Metal Man: Metal Man will rock your shit!

You're hit don't you forget it bitch! Throw a saw blade into your face! Let's face it you will taste my razor blades! MM : Umm, whatever you're the first boss bitch. I don't even need a special power to take your shit. Metal : Yeah you're right, I'm no big deal I'm comin' to get you, fffucker. Wood Man: Stop yourself Hey there freak these freakin' woods are mine. The name is Wood Man, have some freakin' leaves and vines. Fuck Mega Man I'm the forest-a-destroya!

Wood : You'll never get passed my freakin' shield of leaves. MM : I'm Mega Man punk, don't you know me? Wood : I guess I'll just throw the freakin' thing at your ass. Two down, six more to go- beat you in a flash bitch, there 'ya-. MM : Ahh MM : No fair I'm frozen in the air. Flash : Time's on my side, no time to spare. MM : 'Bout to shoot these Metal Blade's straight in your face.

Put all of Wily's robots in their place! Flash Man: Leave you there so long you rust. When I'm done here all that'll be left is dust. My time to shine 'cause I'm better than most. The trendsetter with the blue suit, you're toast! Megaman: Umm, I got a blue suit too? At least I'm not as silly as you. I'm gonna throw this Metal Blade and cut a hole in your ass. Megaman: DEAD. I'm not fuckin' with you.

Air Man: Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane. It's Air Man bitch, and I'm bringin' the pain! I got a fan installed, in my grill, no lie. Megaman: Beat you breathe you make you Co2. Blow all you want my Leaf Shield repels you. So blow me phony, your whole act's baloney. You don't even pose a threat I'm not frettin' it homie. I'm as useless as Bubble Man. I'll sneak up, and hit ya like a fuckin' tornado. Puttin' Crash Man in the trash can like yesterday's tomatoes.

Crash : C'mon now MM : Crashin' the party it's Mega Man baby. Mega Man's in the house! Crash : Quit messin' around MM : It's all gravy. Crash : I I'monna fuck you up, Mega Man. You can't catch me! MM : Totally total your ass, I ain't messin' around. What's that sound I hear? MM : That shit's the wind and it's pullin' ya down.

Quick Man: I'm Quick Man dressed in red. I got a yellow boomerang, attached to my head. Megaman: Look without the guilt I'll fuckin' drink you in milk. For tryin' to destroy this planet we built. Quick : Oh c'mon Mega, don't be sour! Quick : You can't touch my turbo skill. MM : Anyone got a light? I need a cigarrette. PM : Here 'ya go bro. MM : Bitch you're gonna regret. PM : Uhh, one more boss, don't forget, I'd love to stay, but I gotta jet!

Megaman: 'Sup Heat Man let's do this fast. My pussy-ass brother just bailed on your ass. It's time to blow bubbles, the bad kind though. Heat Man: Don't get too close, I might blow. Who knows what flows from the Earth? I'm gonna spew red goo all over your shoes. I got a face for radio and a box for a suit. MM : Capcom really didn't spend much time on you. Heat : NOPE. Megaman: Check it out, I'm tired of you.

I gotta get to Light before his time is through. I got my cannon ready, I got huntin' to do. Heat Man: I've got more hot than a cow has moo. I will burn you with my flame! Zippo is my middle name! Megaman: I'm done fuckin' around, eight-bit clown. Here's a bubble have fun six feet underground- DEAD. I'm comin' to get you, you German bastard! Wily: You will never make it through my fortress, Mega Man.

I'm taking over the world! Megaman: Shit, c'mon Rush we've gotta make it through the castle. Over the ladder and make it to the battle. Light needs our help and the world needs his genius. Wily can suck a penis! J-J-Jump over the roof.

Charge my cannon and shoot. Come and face me like a man you old coot. I'm tired of fightin' robots and cleanin' up your messes. I'm takin' out the trash, it's time to learn a lesson.

So come down to the ground out of your spaceship. After I take you I'll rip outchya brain! They won't even remember your name, c'mon. You fuckin' meanie, you pound weenie. To get the world you'll have to go through me. My name is Mega Man you can call me "Rock".

And that's how we ROLL. Roll: Need my help? Megaman: Nuh-uh, get back in the kitchen, shit is under control. Library and Archives Canada. Retrieved 22 March — via American Radio History. GfK Entertainment Charts. Offizielle Deutsche Charts. Retrieved 22 March — via Library and Archives Canada.

Music Canada. Retrieved 25 June Retrieved 22 March — via Google Books. Select albums in the Format field. Select Silver in the Certification field. Recording Industry Association of America. Greatest Hits Greatest Hits Samantha Fox Strip Poker.

Categories : debut albums Jive Records albums Samantha Fox albums. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Although featuring on the track - Tori Amos did not appear in the songs video. Posted by Pop Gems at 3 comments. Labels: Danny Tenaglia , East The Beatmasters feat. Posted by Pop Gems at 0 comments. Labels: Niki Haris , Snap. Posted by Pop Gems at 6 comments. Labels: Michaela , Michaela Strachan. Michaela - H. Sox - Go For The Heart.

Posted by Pop Gems at 4 comments. Labels: Samantha Fox , Sox.

Theme From S 2. Creep up on the enemies and seal their doom. Turn Me On Un-Break My LP 5. Antmusic Hot Boy. You nut sack don't fight back I'll embarrass you E. The trendsetter with the blue suit, you're toast!
I Cant Love You - Majestics (2) - All Is The Music (File, Album), Земляничная Поляна - На Мосту (File, MP3), Everybodys On The Run (Radio Edit) - Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - Everybodys On The Run (CD), Vapaus - Iso H - Lähelle On Pitkä Matka (CD, Album)

8 thoughts on “Hold On Tight (Radio Mix) - Samantha Fox - Touch Me (Vinyl, LP, Album)

  1. HOLD ON TIGHT Radio Mix. I’M ALL YOU NEED Single Re-Mix. DISC 2. 1. TOUCH ME (I WANT YOUR BODY) Extended Version. 2. DO YA DO YA (WANNA PLEASE ME) Extended Version. 3. HOLD ON TIGHT Extended Version. 4. I’M ALL YOU NEED Extended Version. 5. SUZIE, DON’T LEAVE ME WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND Single Re-Mix. 6. WILD KINDA LOVE Remix. 7. TOUCH.
  2. Baixar musicas dos anos 80 - TORRENT - MB Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (7_ Vocal Mix).
  3. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Samantha Fox -Touch Me - Title Track And Hold On Tight -VG+ 86 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Samantha Fox - Touch Me () Vinyl LP •PLAY-GRADED• Debut, I Want Your Body. $ shipping: Samantha Fox -Touch Me - Title Track And Hold Seller Rating: % positive.
  4. Label: Jive - YJPL • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Special Edition • Country: South Korea • Genre: Electronic • Style: Synth-pop Samantha Fox - Touch Me (, Vinyl) | Discogs Explore4/5(1).
  5. - Various - Timefields & Maritides (CD), Bones - John Smith (10) - The Fox and The Monk (CD), Momma Mia Che Vo Sape - Johnny Kay - Italian Sing Along (Vinyl, LP), No Love At All - B.J. Thomas - The World Of / Rock & Roll Lullaby (CD), All The Downs - Chelsea (2) - Alternative Hits (CD), Degrees In The Shade - Bobby Previte - Pushing The.
  6. Samantha Fox - Escucha a Samantha Fox en Deezer. Con el streaming de música en Deezer, podrás descubrir más de 56 millones de canciones, crear tus propias playlists y .
  7. Feb 28,  · I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Dub Mix) I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (Acappella Mix) Publicadas por DJ NONO a la/s 3 comentarios.

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