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Cubana Chant Magic Island Tropical Kinkajou Fascination Bahia Jungle Jalopy Legend of the Rain Bamboo Return to Me Caribbean Nights Quiet Village Tropical Happy Voodoo Busy Port Beyond the Reef Maui Chimes CD4 Taboo 2 Taboo Tu Ebb Tide Babalik Ka Rin Sakura Moon of Manakoora Forty tracks in all. Each volume is a two CD set includes 40 tracks in total with over minutes of music. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 V. Comes in deluxe cardbord packaging. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Enjoy!!!

And if You Like it Buy it!!! Slave - 2 albums Slave is one of The Baddest Bands from the 70's. Slave - - Slave. B4 Shine B5 Warning Tight bass-heavy funk from Slave - still working here in that excellent compressed style that was their unique contribution to soul music.

There's probably a bit more of a vocal-heavy sound here than on other albums, but the groove's still strong, and is reaching a bit towards an 80s club sound. But when Slave provided its fourth album, Just a Touch of Love, in , it was clear that the Midwesterners were determined to soften their approach.

This excellent album left no doubt that Slave was still a funk band, although it wasn't as in-your-face as the Slave that gave listeners "Slide" and "Screw Your Wig on Tite" in Arrington, who first recorded with Slave on 's The Concept, played a major role in its evolution — and two other lead vocalists who make important contributions to this LP are Starleana Young and Curt Jones both of who went on to form Aurra, the group that hit big with "Are You Single" in Arrington, Young, and Jones weren't original members of Slave, but all of them proved valuable when Slave opted to embrace a smoother style of funk.

And all of them do their part to make Just a Touch of Love one of Slave's finest albums. It's hard to think so - given the near-perfect sound of this album, and its unique blend of soul, vocal, and mainstream modes. It is easier to define Dionne Warwick by what she isn't rather than what she is. Burt Bacharach and Hal David were always there for her. Amazing artist. Dionne Warwick followed up the lukewarm reception for On Stage and in the Movies with her ninth long player for Scepter Records in less than four years.

Conversely, Windows of the World would garner a favorable impression thanks in part to "Say a Little Prayer" and the hauntingly poignant and politically-tinged title song, "Windows of the World. The team also provided the secondary read: filler "Walk Little Dolly," sporting a gliding waltz arrangement that is custom-fit to Warwick's lilting and expressive vocal.

Warwick's deep gospel roots are drawn upon as she unleashes one of the most striking performances of her career. Matz gives West Side Story's "Somewhere" a jazzy and fully orchestrated reading that takes advantage of Warwick's innate timing and commanding pipes -- especially when holding that final " On the lighter side, O.

This double album is brilliant from start to finish. Side 1 is the funky stuff to dance to. Side 2 is the more chilled out ballad side. Side 3 is yet mo' funky stuff. I never get bored of this album! Brown's early-'70s run of classic singles and good-to-great albums is still impressive.

Hell was the double album released a year after the gold selling The Payback. To some, the title might put this effort in the realm of kitsch, but in many ways Hell was one of Brown's strongest albums. From the tough and nimble Latin rhythms of "Coldblooded," and "Sayin' It and Doin' It" to the title track, all are prime pre-disco Brown. The biggest surprise of Hell is that no matter how odd the song choices seemed, practically everything worked, excluding a few key songs of course.

Ballad-wise, Brown fares better. Although Brown did roll snake eyes on all of side three, he did leave Hell on a good note. This album arrived after "Payback" had shown that JB had lost none of his powers, despite the death of his son, troubles with the IRS and a commercial slump that had started when he lost much of his US crossover audience in the wake of "Say it Loud Hell is a less cohesive album then Payback, perhaps because the latter was conceived as a soundtrack containing as it does covers, re-recordings and re-interpretations, as well as new tracks.

Because of this, we do see sides of JB that had not been glimpsed for a while ever? Stepney's gorgeous production of jazzy bossanova and lush strings are a perfect fit for Minnie's angelic voice. The songs are at once romantic, dramatic, engaging, relaxing, joyful, and sweetly sad The best way I can describe this sound is progressive easy listening -- but even that's unfair.

This is music that is a far cry from Minnie's later hit-driven work. It is music to come home to relax to. It is music to chill out to with a special one. It is music to challenge your way of thinking the trippy lyrics. The album builds off the now famous sound of Rotary Connection -- but takes it to the next level, with arch-baroque production by the great Charles Stepney -- who couches Minnie's fantastic vocals in a suite of shimmering soulful tracks that mix strings, horns, jazzy piano, and slight touches of bouncing rhythms.

The album's pure genius all the way through -- one of the highlights of the Chicago scene of the 60s -- and proof that Riperton, Stepney, and crew were shooting for the outer limits of soul music! I really love Mrs. Riperton ,I really honestly do Call Stepney's singular approach "chamber soul" -- the nimble melodies and insistent grooves swell with orchestral flourishes, while the jazz-inspired rhythms courtesy of Ramsey Lewis' group at times evoke Van Morrison's masterpiece Astral Weeks. An excellent bit of modern soul from The Detroit Emeralds -- one of the few older Westbound groups who successfully made the transition to the label's smoother sound of the mid 70s!

Set It Out 5. Take It Or Leave It 6. Feel The Need In Me 7. Wednesday 3. This collection does an excellent job compiling Shannon's key 60's work, and also features some of his later work including two tracks from the solo album he was recording with producer Jeff Lynne before Shannon's death.

Del Shannon wasn't just influential Elton John, Lynne, Tom Petty, and Mark Knopfler are just a few of those who sing Shannon's praises he also created some memorable music-he was equally at home with pop, country, and psychedelia-and this set does his legacy proud. She began releasing country LPs in before anyone had created charts for country music albums. That album, "Songs Of A Love Affair," is also regarded by many as the first country music concept album.

This excellent release gathers that album and the three after that all on Capitol for a collection as important as it is engaging. Required listening for anyone interested in country music or the human heart. Get it if you ain't got it. Open The Door, Richard! Originating in African-American vaudeville in the early years of the 20th century it devloped into a skit that was made famous by Dusty Fletcher. In saxophonist Jack McVea added a musical riff to it and recorded it.

The success of his recording led to Dusty Fletcher recordings his musical version in which was also succesful leading to a slew of other versions over the next few years and this set features no less than 16 versions of the songs - in addition to McVea and Fletcher there are versions by Count Basie, Louis Jordan, Hot Lips Page, The Charioteers, Walter Brown, pop vocal group The Pied Pipers and others.

I must confess that hearing 16 versions in a row of the same song can be pretty wearing though each performer lends his own distinctive approach with, often significant changes in the comic dialogue. Some tracks are taken from pretty worn 78s and on those there is overuse of digital noise reduction. The booklet goes into depth into the history of the song and phenomenen surrounding it as well as questions of authorship. Not for everybody but definitely of interest to popular music researchers.

Most of the performances are solo vocal and guitar and the most interesting artist here is Alan Moore who has some very fine performances - he was an excellent singer and guitar player and doesn't slavishly imitate Rodgers' approach. The same can not be said of Al Runyon whose approach is closely based on the original Rodgers. He is featured on 11 songs and is a pretty limited performer - both vocally and instrumentally.

Riley Crabtree also adheres closely to Rodgers style but is a much better singer and guitar player. The label issued around 15 singles between and '57 before calling it quits. The most well known artist here is Ernie Chaffin who had previously recorded for Hickory and subsequently recorded for Sun.

His two sides for Fine are fine sorry but not as impressive as his Sun sides. Most of the other artists are unknowns but recorded some excellent honky tonk country including Dan Seal one of the best artists here with four excellent sides , Jim Owen, Johnny Bozeman, Hanna Faye, Ann Raye, B. Johnson two bluegrass flavoredd titles and others. Nothing really outstanding but some enjoyable music. And this collection brings us two discs worth of candy coated confections from both sides of the Atlantic; running the gamut from Buddy Holly-a likes Gary and Billy's Working After School to would-be teen idols Danny Rivers, Scotty McKay, and Scott Engel to name a few , the music here gives a fair approximation of the pop charts during that mostly toothless musically speaking era.

Overall, though, these throw-backs to pre-rock 'n' roll are for fans of, exactly what the title says, "cheesy moments". Here's a chance to build up a rockabilly collection for very little money. Another one of those low priced sets from the German Documents label, this one features tracks recorded between and - mostly rockabilly along with a smattering of straight rock 'n' roll and rockin' country. Like most sets in the series each disc comes in it's own cardboard sleeve with list of artists, titles and year of release and they are packed into a compact 5"x5"X1" box and so set counts as three CDs foir shipping.

Long time rockabilly fans will probably have most of these cuts but if you don't have much this is a perfect collection to keep you rockin' all night! But by , the national hits dried up, so Robinson concentrated on releasing his productions on labels owned and operated by himself and his brother Danny.

They never managed any more hits, but they did give exposure to artists that otherwise would have never been heard. There's a lot of material here that has not apeared on previous Bobby Robinson compilations - many making their first appearance on CD.

Finally, the fine fellow from The Sleepy Lagoon contacted me and notified me that he had posted Legend of Pele to his wonderful blog. Please pay him a visit, survey his numerous treasures, and thank him for his heroic efforts. This great man, when all others failed, produced a copy of this Holy Grail Exotica record.

Give him your love. Legend of Pele is fairly similar to Bwana A , albeit a bit more soulfully rhythmic, and entertains the loose concept of describing the Hawaiian legend of Pele.

I wish I had a copy of the back cover notes, because they're fantastic. Sadly, my copy of the record is not with me at this time or I'd type it right up. One of the best things about Lyman is the way he can take aspects of Hawaiian music a musical tradition pigeonholed and beaten to death during various periods of Hawaiiana enthusiasm and find wild, exciting new ways to incorporate them into his vision of exotic jazz.

The opening track, "Pele", starts with what seems like a musical description of the rumbling of a volcano, drops out to a female vocal Ethel Azama, perhaps?

Every track on this album is good except the fucking march at the end, sadly , finding unexpected avenues into the savage and dreamlike qualities of Hawaiiana.

These two tracks are followed by a great version of "Scheherazade. Lyman's band is just firing on all cylinders for this record, and while the pianist whoever he is, I should probably know is the standout for me, Lyman's own masterful work on the vibraphone is superb he uses a four-mallet approach, two in each hand. The percussion is perfectly applied, and the bassist is brilliant, playing deep, woody lines and teaming up with the piano to bolster incomparably subtle and fascinating rhythms.

The sound quality of the recording, of course, is perfection itself. This is in my top 10 Exotica albums, easily. Top 5, probably. All 26 tracks are digitally remastered by Ted Kendall and are previously unissued on CD. This is a wonderful collection which gathers the oldest recordings of Sol Hoopii, one of the legendary pioneers of Hawaiian steel guitar.

These tracks are taken from of rare 78s recorded in for the microscopic Los Angeles-based indie, Hollywood Records. They are among the rarest West Coast 78s, and highly sought-after by vintage vinyl uber-collectors. More importantly, the music is stunning: these recordings capture Hoopii early in his career and show how advanced his technique and style were, and how seamlessly he fused Hawaiian elements with the jazz and pop of the day.

The sound quality is excellent -- Grass Skirt Records, which also has put out a wonderful collection of Sam Ku West, and did a stellar job remastering the music. Pick this collection up while you can DJ Joe Sixpack - Slipcue music reviews.

Del Shannon wasn't just influential Elton John, Lynne, Tom Petty, and Mark Knopfler are just a few of those who sing Shannon's praises he also created some memorable music-he was equally at home with pop, country, and psychedelia-and this set does his legacy proud. Straight ahead, no nonsense, down home Chicago blues with powerful vocals and tough and distinctive guitar. God's Little Acre Let me rephrase that a bit Pegasus 5. Best Things in Life Are Free 3. This double Hilo March - Ape (11) - Jungle Gems (CD) is brilliant from start to finish. Posted by nicholab at AM 11 comments: Links to this post.
Hey Girl, Fleas - Jane Jane Pollock - Jane Jane Pollock (Vinyl, LP), Got More Rhymes - Young MC - Bust A Move (CD), Slaughter On Memory Lane - Marc Bonilla - EE Ticket (CD, Album), Honey Hush - Paul McCartney - Rock Devil Rock (CD)

9 thoughts on “Hilo March - Ape (11) - Jungle Gems (CD)

  1. Tracklist: CD1 Leis of Jazz () Leis of Jazz () Trigger Fantasy () The Lady Is a Tramp () Body and Soul () Gypsy in My Soul () Lullaby of the Leaves () On the Street Where You Live () My Funny Valentine () The Way You Look.
  2. Jun 6, - Compact discs in my personnal collection that would fall generally under the "exotica" or "beautiful/easy Hawaiian" category. This board includes only releases that either are not available on vinyl or I do not have on vinyl. See more ideas about Compact discs, Beautiful easy, Hawaiian pins.
  3. Stunning post-Wire work from the duo of BC Gilbert and G Lewis – both members of that important punk band of the late 70s, but sounding completely different here on their first album as Dome!In truth, Wire always had something going on that was different than most – especially on their second and third album – and this set kind of has those lower-level sonic elements taking center stage.
  4. THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN – A TRIBUTE TO RON GOODWIN Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines – March, Freefall, Monte Carlo or Bust – Selection, Luftwaffe March – Aces High, Theme from ‘The Trap’, Prisoner of War March, Frenzi, City of Lincoln March, Suite: Time Traveller, Squadron, Where Eagles Dare, Battle of Britain March.
  5. Wifed her Feb got me march through April I got my health and I’m grateful Badman [?] Slide through the darkness Moon on my back Big batty girl I’ma spoon up and that Get my hair twist [?] lemonade causal I’m a starboy you could never read it in a manual [Jae Stephens:] What a man, what a .
  6. My Mind is a group from Philly, born from the belly of the hydra that eats forever. " Fed Up with My Self – De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum is the second "proper" record from Ph.
  7. 3. Hawaiin March - Sol Hoopii 4. Melani Anu Ka Makani - Frank Ferera 5. Song Of The Range - Jim And Bob, The Genial Hawaiians 6. Chimes - Jim And Bob, The Genial Hawaiians 7. Kaui Kahio - Biltmore Orchestra 8. Jake Bottle Blues - Lemuel Turner 9. The Cat's Whiskers - Pat Patterson And His Champion Rep Riders Train Song - Sol Hoopii
  8. cd $ 22 tracks, 45 mins, very highly recommended Superb collection featuring all the early recordings of this obscure but outstanding artist from Kentucky recorded between 19including three originally unissued songs and three demos.

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