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Whenever children hear Thomas coming, they stand on the bridge to wave at him. One day, Thomas is waiting at a signal to talk to some children. Percy is waiting too and teases Thomas that if he is late, the Fat Controller will substitute him. Thomas scoffs at Percy but is secretly concerned. The next day, Thomas sees an inspector waving a red flag as he approaches the station.

He sees some children waving at him on the bridge too, and he becomes concerned as it is a goods station. Monday 1 June Tuesday 2 June Thursday 4 June Friday 5 June Saturday 6 June Sunday 7 June Monday 8 June Tuesday 9 June Monday 15 June Tuesday 16 June Wednesday 17 June Friday 19 June Saturday 20 June Sunday 21 June Monday 22 June Tuesday 23 June Wednesday 24 June Thursday 25 June Friday 26 June Saturday 27 June Sunday 28 June Monday 29 June Tuesday 30 June Wednesday 1 July Thursday 2 July Friday 3 July Saturday 4 July Sunday 5 July Monday 6 July Tuesday 7 July Wednesday 8 July Thursday 9 July Friday 10 July Saturday 11 July Sunday 12 July Monday 13 July Tuesday 14 July Wednesday 15 July Thursday 16 July Friday 17 July Saturday 18 July And Dr.

James Harvey opts for the latter in a lovely shade of hunter green. It's a good look when we first meet the "therapist to the dead. But any adult who opts not to smell like a nursing home knows a thing or two about rotating your wardrobe. By the halfway point in the film adults will be perplexed at the fact that Harvey is still wearing the same green cardigan.

The same one from the TV interview way back when. The same one he wears while traversing the country in his station wagon. He wears it so much that even when he kicks the bucket, his ethereal form bursts onto the screen rocking that same cardigan. Now, we know parents are busy. Having a favorite outfit to lounge in is as normal as it gets. But sliding into the grave with your identity directly attached to that one cardigan you love sounds like its own source of eternal torment. At breakfast, Casper's uncles whoosh in with their wispy tails whipping up the kitchen in the style of military helicopters while the "Ride of The Valkyries" is playing loudly.

Stretch leans in and bellows, "I love the smell of fleshies in the morning! In fact, Casper is packed with references that come rapid-fire in some scenes, such as the mirror scene where we get Clint Eastwood, Rodney Dangerfield, and then the Crypt Keeper.

Adults watching Casper will also enjoy the slew of clever jokes that writers sprinkled throughout the film. Kudos to them. After all, the weight of parenthood has its perks, and knowing more than the kiddos is a guilty pleasure, like eating ice cream after midnight.

The kid-friendly antics throughout Casper are complimented by plenty of adult-based wordplay. Our favorite has to be when Harvey realizes he has to have "the talk" with his daughter. When he begins to lecture on the topic, Kat stops him and says, "You're a little late for that, Dad. After a thoughtful pause, Harvey responds, "How late? Being an inventor is almost an integral part of any childhood.

Our fresh minds have vivid imaginations, firing on all cylinders and urging us to create. How wonderful would it be to never let that go and then build a mansion on top of it. Well, that's exactly what Casper's dad got to do. Throughout the film, we learn more about Casper's life, and a large part of it has to do with his father, a renowned inventor.

His lab is kept underneath the mansion's library via a secret lamp shade lever and a lounge chair, which launches its passenger into a wacky morning routine. It seems all good and fun to any child looking for more out of their normal breakfast experience. But adults will have trouble seeing any practicality in any aspect of it. Inspector Gadget arms flail around and fling powder and unkempt bow ties at anyone who goes through the Haunted Mansion roller coaster.

The entire process can't do much more than make you glad you're headed underground. Getting the ball rolling in the morning is best done with minimal stress factors, which makes it confusing why an inventor would create a scenario where he needs to dodge razor blades each morning.

If those blades truly did give him an accurate shave, the man must've been made of steel. After much hazing from the ghostly trio, the spirits realize they've pushed the doc to his limits. He's fed up with their antics.

In the House of Mouse episode " House Ghosts ", the Haunted Mansion ghosts perform the song after Pete unleashes them in an attempt to scare the guests out of the club , only to scare himself out instead. Be sure to bring your death certificate If you decide to join us Make final arrangements now We've been Girl: Boy, this place is creepy. Boy: Yeah. Girl: I wonder what weird things happened here at night? Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize If you would like to join our jamboree There's a simple rule that's compulsory Chorus: Mortals pay a token fee Thurl Ravenscroft: Rest in peace, the haunting's free So hurry back, we would like your company Donald as a ghost : in the Paris version Hello!

Hey, wait a minute! Well, buh-bye! Let's go. This one has a very cool scene where the biker storms a birthday party and starts biting the crap out of everyone, so it get's a good score of 8. It is about an Indonesian film crew who is shooting a documentary about a mysterious cult that lives in the country side. You may be thinking that this is just my opinion, but if you go read the critics reviews, they all say the same.

Safe Haven constantly makes you feel uncomfortable and disturbed, as through the film, more gore and hideous creatures are shown, including a monster than will be burnt into your brain for years. Safe Haven is the longest tape in S-VHS, running through 40 minutes, but it's definitely worth a watch, and it's probably the reason the Blu-Ray will be bought for. Not only is the title of this tape awesome, as the actual tape has some pretty spectacular scenes.

SPAB is about a group of year-old kids that are left alone with their big sister and her boyfriend at their lodge while their parents are gone for the day and night.

This tape is the most spectacular. This tape is shot through a very uncommon way: the kids strap around a camera to their dog, and he records the kids doing things like building skate ramps and provoking their sister.

Things go bad when creatures from outer space storm the lodge and everything gets noisy and crazy, with the creatures chasing the kids, while the dog is barking and going crazy. This is an anthology film, so character development can't be fully explored, but it's a good mix of adrenaline, fear and just pure fun, so make sure you watch this movie with a couple of friends, and not people that are snobs to this kind of films.

You may think that I was overreacting with the "Safe Haven" segment, but trust me, I'm not. It is the best short horror film, and is the segment that you would think "Damn, I wish that was an actual feature film", so I'm pretty sure everyone will buy the movie just for that 40 minute film that's packed with scares, disturbing scenes and an incredible atmosphere that will make chills run through your spine.

S-VHS gets an incredible score of 8. The first story involves a man who receives a mechanical eye transplant that soon allows him to see dead people. The second story has a biker with a camera on his helmet getting bit by a zombie and soon he turns into one. The third story takes place at a strange cult school where the leader is being interviewed when "it" happens.

The fourth and final story deals with a group of boys who keep playing a prank on one's sister when something joins them. I enjoyed the first film in the series and this one here is actually a tad bit stronger thanks in large part to the first two stories.

The majority of the camera work comes from the camera being placed on people head's and I must admit that this gave me a headache at times but I will give the filmmakers credit as this did allow some familiar stories to be told in new ways. This is especially true for the second story when we get the POV shots from the zombie as he goes searching for people to eat.

This was a rather unique spin on the genre and it really worked. The first story was also quite good, although this mechanical eye thing left some logical issues. Still, the episode is a good one and features some nice ideas. The fourth episode is one I won't ruin but there's a nice little twist along the way and I think it manages to be quite ambitious.

The third film is without question the weakest but it does contain some very twisted scenes and a high level of gore. Fans of gore will also enjoy that there's plenty of that going on here and especially in the third story, which is a downright bloodbath and even the second one contains a lot of the red stuff. For the most part the performances were just fine and at minutes the film goes by fairly quickly.

Everything is bigger, funnier, bloodier, but also shorter, with one less segment compared to the last film. However, less is more when it comes to this sequel. From the four segments that are included in this anthology excluding the wrap-around segment , two are excellent, one is good, and the "worst" one is pretty entertaining, providing a more consistent quality of shorts as opposed to the first.

Although I enjoyed the first one greatly, I must admit it doesn't hold up as well on repeat viewings. In fact, some might be glad to know the misogyny that plagued the first film is toned down tremendously here. Additionally, the less you know going into this, the better, so I'll keep my reviews for each segment as vague and general as possible. They are shown in the following order: 1.

Everything is still pretty vague as to what the tapes are and where they come from. However, it's better than the wrap-around from the first because the ball gets rolling much quicker to get to the tapes that we all paid to see.

A guy gets a robotic eye implant that allows him to see ghosts. Directed by the talented Adam Wingard, this is the "worst" of all the tapes that are shown, but it isn't bad. There's an obvious gimmick here in the way the POV is handled, evoking the style of "Enter the Void," blinks and all, but it's entertaining and fun to watch as everything unfolds.

A guy rides his bike in a forest until he comes across some zombies. Just when you think the zombie genre is out of ideas, this segment provides a nifty twist to the situation, which I will not reveal. Although the idea is better than the execution, the segment is funny and very enjoyable, with an ending that will surprise you. As we get to the latter half of shorts, things go into full throttle. A group of reporters interview the leader of a cult when things suddenly go downhill.

Directed by Gareth Evans "The Raid" and Timo Tjahjanto, this is the best and the longest of the bunch, running about minutes. To reveal anything about this segment is a sin, but I will say that it's one of the best horror shorts I've ever seen. The slow buildup and expert pacing allows time for the characters to grow before all hell breaks loose, and when I say that, I really mean it. To say the least, my visceral reaction would be hilarious to see.

I was dying. While it's obvious to say this last segment won't top the previous segment, it's almost as good in a different way. A group of kids have a slumber party when it's interrupted by extraterrestrial beings. Filled with energy, humor, scares, and incredible suspense, it's the most fun segment to experience. I was legitimately scared.

While the previous segment is filled with dread and a sense of impending doom, this segment is more lighthearted and will make anyone giddy in their seats. It's like "The Goonies" with aliens, and boy will it have your heart racing. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack. It's clear the filmmakers are having fun and want to entertain the audience, and they've succeeded on that level.

We've got a rarity, folks. Instead of just ghostly tales presented in the found footage format we get infinitely clever approaches to zombies, aliens, demons and, for good measure, spirits as well. This sequel is leaner by a good 30 minutes, as I mentioned the segments are more varied in their sub genre, the framing story i. Also for round two, behind each story are better known directors, though of course notoriety isn't always an indication of talent, their experience behind the camera and in the genre is certainly on display.

Though I may be biased, my personal favourite is the former. Why you ask? One word: zombies. With my affinity for the flesh chompers through the roof, any unique take on the genre wins my affection to an extent and when it is as fun, gory and bittersweet as A Ride in the Park my heart belongs to it indefinitely. This segment follows a mountain biker with a helmet cam running into a hoard of the undead, is subsequently bitten, and then gives birth to zombie vision by far the best type of vision.

The camera work, dark humour and understanding of the tragic, damned nature of these creatures gels to truly wonderful effect. Safe Haven on the other hand is just balls-out insane, taking the kinetic blood letting of Evans' The Raid and blending it with the sensibilities of Rosemary's Baby and Martha Marcy May Marlene. When Evans isn't directing the hell out of his short, he's presenting us with some truly unsettling imagery before going all Cabin in the Woods and setting us down in a completely different place then when we started.

One scene in particular that showcases his filmmaking prowess comes during a sequence involving a car crash. How anyone could pull off such a shot is beyond me but to do so with no budget is another achievement entirely.

The other two main segments aren't quite as strong but what they lack in sustained ingenuity they make up for in straight up efficiency. Phase I Clinical Trials is essentially a mechanized blend of The Eye though the scares are certainly present. Alien Invasion Slumber Party is a fantastic exercise in the use of sound as a force of Greys terrorizes a group of teens at a lakehouse. Anybody versed in horror will be no stranger to how important sound and musical chords are and how often they're abused and their significance is literally amplified here.

Eisner's contribution may not be as scary as some of the others, but its urgency and sense of dread make up for it. I already iterated the upgrade that was the connecting material featuring a pair of private investigators looking for a missing college student though it suffers from the same inherent fault of that from the first film, that in having to break it up, tension is lost along the way.

But far less then the original does it feel like a slog or burden — a watch-watcher while we wait for the next installment to begin.

Not only that it uses its found footage format not to pander to fans of the popular gimmick but to both enhance the experience and approach it as a barrier — one that needs to be overcome using creative means. This anthology is a blast from beginning to end and the rare sequel of any genre to recognize the shortcomings of the first and not only fix them but freshen everything else up as well.

Having seen the first one and being left unsatisfied with it , I decided to check this one out so I could give her my opinion on it. I haven't been more repulsed and let down by a film. To start, the story line outside of the tapes is pretty much the same as the first movie's. There couldn't be another way for someone to discover the tapes?

There's still not a way to connect all the tape stories together? That aside, my biggest problem with the movie is that the horror is not smart. There's no real psychological manipulation or realistic monsters. It's all just jumpscares and blood splashing around, because some filmmakers are still under the impression that abrupt loud noises and bodily injuries are scary.

The detectives in this film discover four tapes. One guy gets an eye transplant that lets him see ghosts He meets a woman with similar abilities, and then they have sex to techno music and that's never explained properly. The next tape is about a guy who gets turned into a zombie in the woods, then he eats some people, then they eat some people at a child's birthday party, then the guy kills himself.

This start with Camera on a dog and while mum and dad going and family get up silly pranks for first part of the movie. We did not evolve in a straight timeline fashion. But his initial reaction is a revelation that makes you think back on Glad To Have You Back - Various - Frozen Ghosts (VHS) TV testimonials from earlier, with that poor, sweet old lady who believed Harvey had dissipated her hubby into the ether with a smile. A young guy receives a test-phase robotic eye implant only to discover that the implant can pick up on things invisible to the human eye - like ghosts. All you need is some unfinished business, which has to be hard when you don't have any memory of your life before death. Friday 14 August James Harvey, played by a smirking Bill Pullman. I think this one was the best of all. Sunday 19 July
Fanfare 13 - Various - Entertainment 44 - Brass Collection (CD, Album), Moleculez - 10^-9 (File), Night And Day - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry* - A Long Way From Home (Vinyl, LP, Album), Help Me Make It Through The Night - Elvis Presley - Elvis Now (Vinyl, LP, Album), Two Of Us - The Beatles - Jamming With Heather (CD)

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  1. Trapped/Ghosts/High Winds is a UK/Australian VHS featuring three episodes the titular content. This VHS was distributed in by Castle Vision. The Z-Stacks must share the upriver jobs with the Star Tugs. When a Tramper Zorran and Zug are towing goes out of control blocking the river and trapping the stars, Zorran tries to take advantage of the situation to get more work for the Z-Stacks.
  2. VHS Tapes. Movie viewers in the s, s, and s remember the days of watching their favorite movies on Video Home Systems ("VHS"). While this format has been discontinued, many users still have blank tapes as well as their favorite movies on the VHS standard.
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  5. Want to hear more acoustic songs from #Ghost? Subscribe! Watch #Ghost's acoustic performance of #JIGOLOHARMEGIDDO: Ghost came in.
  6. Sheriff rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Arnold Lanni and bassist Wolf Hassel decided to form a new group, and Frozen Ghost was born. On their first two albums, Frōzen Ghōst and Nice Place to Visit, the band were originally a studio duo, with Lanni singing lead vocals and playing all the guitar and keyboard parts, in addition to being credited Genres: Pop rock.
  7. Aug 06,  · And among the tapes putting the family VHS player through the ringer is Casper, the successful adaptation about the story of a friendly ghost. The .

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