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Unsure of the length of their stay, packing had not been an easy task—both of them opting to travel light. Kirk figured since Pohl was being so tight-lipped about the assignment, if they needed more clothing, they could buy it and charge it back to Starfleet.

As they took their places on the pad, McCoy came in on crutches. Despite trying his best not to, the engineer laughed and earnt himself a withering look from the doctor. McCoy gave Kirk a mock-glare. Kirk laughed as McCoy rolled his eyes heavenwards in pretend exasperation and then fixed a glare on Spock. Had you been speaking Vulcan McCoy held his hand up. A soft beep pulled their attention back to the transporter console. A few moments later, Kirk and Spock were standing face to face with Lt.

Larsen was a tall, thin man, with piercing blue eyes who looked to Kirk to be in his late-thirties. The room they stood in was some kind of briefing room. Windowless, it was dominated by a long table with 12 chairs around it and a series of monitors down the middle. Larsen looked from Kirk to Spock, whose face was schooled to neutral. The screen flickered to life, to reveal Pohl seated behind the huge desk that dominated his office on Starbase 2.

When they were through, they looked across the table to where Larsen had sat. As Larsen had correctly anticipated, Kirk had a number of questions. Larsen momentarily looked away and Kirk picked up on the unconscious body language.

When another scientist on the team got back from a visit to his home planet yesterday and realized Wong had vanished, he contacted Starfleet. Admiral Pohl immediately set up an investigation and has reprimanded the VSA for not reporting his disappearance earlier. I'll just bet they appreciated Pohl slapping them on their collective wrists, thought Kirk wryly.

He glanced at Spock and his expression told him he was thinking the same thing, which almost made him smile. Knowing what he did of Vulcans, it made sense. While ill, he could imagine they would not want anyone to witness them when not in full control of their body. With what Kirk believed was flimsy evidence of a conspiracy, Pohl had pulled him and his First off their ship to tail Wong to Dracor in the neighboring Corvus system. A small craft would be dispatched to pick them all up and return them to Rigani II.

Because Dracor was a neutral planet with no extradition treaty in place, the assignment was to be undertaken in the utmost secrecy. Kirk did not like it one bit and was fighting to keep his anger in check. Spock and I are hardly of the caliber of your people. Larsen addressed Spock directly.

A Romulan would draw as much attention as a Vulcan, so we intend to pass you off as a Grusian traveler. You'll find the style of their clothing will conceal certain of your more obvious physical characteristics. Figures, thought Kirk. Why this elaborate charade? Kirk pushed harder. Larsen, what would you do in my position? He was obviously one of Pohl's 'yes men' and the less he revealed his opinion of this mission to this man, the better.

I'll issue you with false ID cards. Time is of the essence. As Kirk and Spock entered the departure lounge for their shuttle flight to Dracor, the captain spotted Wong already occupying a seat in a corner.

According to their brief, he had arrived on another flight from Beta Taurus III a few hours previously. They sat down in seats as far from their target as possible and away from anyone who could overhear them while they waited for the boarding announcement. Kirk looked down at his hands tightly folded in his lap. However, I am in no doubt that you are more than capable of carrying out this mission successfully.

Kirk looked at Spock and saw the warmth in his eyes and smiled, despite his anger. However, I did not believe voicing them would have persuaded Lt. Larsen to cancel the mission. Had Dr. McCoy been with you as originally planned, I am certain he would have expressed his feelings on the matter. What was Pohl thinking about sending in McCoy?

Their flight took a little over five hours and Kirk was glad when they finally touched down on Dracor, since the age and condition of the spaceship did little to fill him with confidence. Spock in his disguise wore the traditional Grusian headgear, akin to that worn by Terran arabs, which served to hide his Vulcan physical traits. It was ideal since Grusians never appeared in public with their heads uncovered. His ID showed his name to be Belar Grinkh. Both men carried heavy overcoats to combat the planet's low temperature as well as cases that cunningly concealed the tools they might need.

Dracor was a cold, desolate planet in the outer reaches of Federation space, although the Dracorians chose to maintain their neutrality from the UFP. The planet's main income was generated from the wealth of mineral and ores it mined, many of them rare. It was sparsely populated, with the majority of the indigenous population , humanoid in appearance although very hairy by Human standards , living in the large cities that lay mainly in the slightly more temperate equatorial belt.

Despite the low temperature, the cities were always bustling. Because of the large numbers of off-worlders who visited to ply their trades and export the minerals, law and order was strictly maintained in order to prevent the dregs of the galaxy attempting to overrun the place - a system that worked well. It was against the law for any off-worlder to carry any type of weapon, with heavy penalties for those caught with one in their possession.

Dracor rotated on its axis only once every fifty seven hours, so each day lasted two and a half Terran days. Since the two Enterprise men arrived only a few hours after daybreak, it would be some time before they would see the sun set again. Wong sat two seats ahead of them. As they disembarked, Kirk noticed that the young man was compelled to borrow a blanket from the shuttle to protect himself from the bitter cold, as he was considerably underdressed for the harsh climate.

With over fifty people separating them, Kirk and Spock followed him across the tarmac and into the busy spaceport terminal. After clearing all entry formalities, they stood by the shuttleport main entrance and felt a blast of cold as one of the doors opened to let someone out.

Kirk smiled. At least your headgear will stop your ears getting frostbite! Spock gave Kirk a look which told him he was not looking forward to going outside. While he went off to collect the key to an aircar that had been booked in advance for them, Kirk hung around as inconspicuously as possible, keeping his target in sight as Wong made several purchases and spent some time at the ticket desk.

Finally, sporting a new coat, Wong went outside to hail an airtaxi and Kirk jumped into the aircar Spock had waiting. With Kirk at the controls, the two Enterprise men followed at a discreet distance. Twenty minutes later, they hovered close to where Wong's taxi had pulled up in front of a motel.

Wong entered the reception and shortly after, went to his room. The motel was laid out on three sides of a square that was covered by a transparent thermodome.

The central courtyard comprised of a small garden with a fountain and several seating areas, divided up by large plants, all kept at a temperature that was considerably warmer than the ambient air where Kirk and Spock stood.

As soon as Wong was inside, they parked up and retrieving their baggage, entered the reception where several terminals allowed customers to book rooms and check in and out. A thermoderm is a luxury and likely costly to maintain in this climate. Kirk grinned. Their accommodation was laid out as a suite, divided into sections much as their quarters were on the Enterprise , although there the similarity ended. Thick cream-colored carpet covered the floor and the spacious living area contained an office with a desk complete with computer console with a built-in vidphone.

Next to it were two very comfortable-looking couches and a coffee table. A small dining area contained a servo, with a table and chairs. The sleeping section was dominated by two double beds, beside which was a door that led to a bathroom with a large, half-sunken bath that could easily take two. Kirk smiled wearily, too tired to argue, as it was gone 1 a.

It was just like Spock to sense his fatigue and in his own unobtrusive way, encourage him to get some rest. Kirk was very aware that culturally, Spock would find the idea of eavesdropping on someone a gross invasion of privacy, even though in this case, the victim was alleged to be a spy. Opening his suitcase, Kirk located a carefully concealed listening device and stepped out of his room.

Spock had already assembled a tiny receiver and was listening via a small ear piece by the time Kirk returned to their room. He asked a silent question. Kirk appreciated how easily they understood each other, even without words. After several years of working together, they seemed to be able to read each other easily. Walking over to his suitcase he removed a number of items. Larsen had given them two stunners. To avoid the possibility of being arrested at the spaceport had they been caught with them, they were cleverly designed to be assembled from what looked like innocuous random objects.

He gave them to Spock to piece together and then from a concealed compartment, pulled out the hypo they had been given to keep Wong and his accomplice out after stunning, and put that on the bedside table.

The last thing he pulled out was his toiletry bag which he carried into the bathroom. His ablutions completed he tiredly walked up to where Spock was sitting with his back to him and squeezed his shoulder.

Wake me up if anything happens; if not, then in a couple of hours or so. Spock nodded in response. Kirk lay down and pulled a loose cover over himself and a few minutes later, he was asleep. Wong has been asleep as long as you have as remains so. There seemed little point disturbing you since you required rest. Kirk grinned and blushed, not about to ask his First Officer for a description. He enjoyed these rare occasions when Spock teased him.

After that, they took it in turns to monitor Wong, but since concentration was necessary to the task, conversation was difficult.

Over the course of the next five hours, while the other was monitoring, they each took a shower, and while Kirk took the opportunity on his down time to catch up on more sleep with brief naps, Spock elected to spend the time meditating. When their body clocks told them it was morning, they ate breakfast in a companionable silence. So far, Kirk thought, it was not being able to talk that was the most frustrating part of their mission. It was rare that he got Spock to himself away from the rigors of daily life aboard the starship, but monitoring required keeping distractions to a minimum.

At least he had their up-coming shoreleave to look forward to, whenever that finally happened, although he would be sharing Spock with McCoy. Meanwhile, to stave off boredom, they settled at the desk where the computer supplied them with a virtual 3D chess game.

So far, their target has shown no evidence of being a professional spy. His dossier was sparse, saying little more than the fact he was a twenty five year old Terran, born in Singapore of very wealthy parents who were both scientists. He had spent most of his youth on various planets living in small scientific research communities and had been identified as a childhood genius, speaking ten languages by the age of eight.

He was working on a hush-hush project for Starfleet who would have carried out very thorough background checks before assigning him to the team.

No, there really was nothing in his background that revealed any obvious reason as to why he would want to defect. Kirk and Spock had just started a light lunch when Spock, who was currently on surveillance duty, picked up on Wong making a call to order an airtaxi. Abandoning their food, they donned their overcoats and prepared to leave.

They each took a stunner and Kirk stashed his, together with the hypo, in a hidden pocket. When Wong entered the main building, they slipped out of their room. Ahead of them, Wong alighted and entered a bar while they searched for, and quickly found, a place to park. Underneath that, a huge pair of animated lips blew kisses at any passersby who cared to notice.

Shit, thought Kirk, this is all we need. He'd been into a few gay bars with friends during Academy days and had noticed then that neither modesty nor privacy were high on the list of priorities of the average customer. He was unsure what going into a place like this would do to Vulcan sensibilities. But he could hardly object to it in theory, he reasoned, as it fell within the principles of IDIC.

Oh well, he thought, looks like he was about to find out. Despite it being broad daylight outside, the establishment was dimly lit with a long, old-fashioned bar along the wall nearest the door. It was lined with rows of bottles and shelves of glasses and came complete with a real barman. Tables and more private cubicles hugged the other three walls, with only a third of them occupied. Slow, seductive music seemed to waft around from no particular direction, not too loud to make conversation difficult.

In the middle of the floor, at least twenty male couples holding each other close, danced slowly around in circles, many kissing and fondling. Divesting themselves of their overcoats, they went up to the bar at which several men were seated.

Wong was at the far end being served, and as they waited their turn, Kirk watched as another member of staff approached their target and had a conversation with him, guessing him to be Max. Next to Spock sat two men, one of whom was dressed in skin-tight pants and a top that had a 'V' neck reaching his naval, its cap sleeves emphasizing his hairiness and showing him to be a native of Dracor.

I wonder where she's from. Kirk sensed Spock tense at the scrutiny. Kirk quickly glanced around, but no-one other than the man's companion seemed to have noticed the altercation. Spock moved further up the bar and together with Kirk, ordered his drink. Kirk saw Max introduce Wong to a man who was seated at the bar near him and then showed them both to an empty table.

He evaluated the man as he engaged their target in conversation, wondering if that was his contact. He looked human, about forty, Kirk estimated, and was tall and slim with long dark hair that framed a hard, angular face. They circumnavigated the dance floor and when they got to their table, Kirk noticed there was only one double seat. Spock sat closest to Wong since his hearing was superior. All the staff here will do our best to encourage some action between clients.

Now, I will give you a warning. The two men confirmed their understanding with a nod and apparently satisfied, Max left them alone. Perhaps it is known for its guarantee and attracts a certain He fully intended to leave with a free drink ticket. He left Spock to concentrate on what was being said at the next table as he began to study the place more closely, noting an emergency only exit on the opposite wall to the entrance and no windows.

All the seating was arranged like theirs, with a double seat on one side of each table. The slow beat of the music encouraged close dancing and there seemed to be a regular stream of men, mostly in pairs, coming and going.

Everyone at tables appeared to be paired off with most of the single men sitting at the bar. Each time the door opened, they all looked around hopefully. From where he was sitting, Kirk thought Wong looked decidedly miserable and began to wonder whether the man might be being blackmailed. He turned his attention to Spock. In order to maintain our cover, I would suggest a closer arrangement would look more convincing.

A feeling of sympathy welled up in him for his friend. I imagine you found being touched in that way offensive. Kirk found himself surprised by the answer and what it implied, although it made sense. While Vulcans as a rule avoided touch, clearly that would not be the case with people close to them, and bondmates would obviously freely touch intimately.

Spock had given him permission to sit closely and perhaps this was his way of saying he was not offended by it. Kirk glanced to where Wong was sitting, noticing he and his companion were sitting in silence, watching the dancers. Since there was nothing to monitor, conversation-wise, he continued to talk. However, as you are aware, culturally, Vulcans are private by nature and do not engage in such public sexual displays as a rule. Having such a personal discussion with Spock was a novel experience.

Meanwhile, like those that they were monitoring, they lapsed into silence. Kirk watched Max as he darted energetically about the room making introductions and encouraging men to get up and dance. Time and again, his eyes were drawn to the couples both sitting and dancing as they kissed and fondled each other.

After an hour Kirk and Spock were on their third drink. During that time, conversation between Wong and his companion had been sporadic and mundane. Meanwhile Max had been over twice in a bid to persuade them to dance but they, like the men at the adjacent table, had declined. Because of their proximity, Kirk was able to feel it when Spock's stance altered slightly as he suddenly became more alert. Damn, thought Kirk. As he stood, he swayed slightly and realized that having missed out on lunch, he was drinking on an empty stomach and was feeling decidedly light-headed.

Leading Spock across the dance floor, they found a spot close to Wong and his partner. Kirk turned to find the Vulcan standing, apparently waiting for some direction from him. Flushing and feeling awkward, Kirk took two steps forward until he was standing chest to chest with his First Officer, and put his arms loosely about his waist. If Bones could see us now, he'd never let us forget it.

He had no idea how Spock felt and he was not about to ask. In response, Spock wrapped his arms closer about his shoulders and rested his cheek against the side of his head. They had rarely stood close together and never for this long.

The two things that immediately struck him as different to dancing with a woman was that first, the body he held was hard, flat and sinewy, and second, Spock was taller than himself—he generally dated petite women. He felt no urge to talk and wondered whether even in private they'd ever refer to this incident in the future.

Kirk groaned inwardly as he looked up to see Max grinning at them. Why don't you try them? All right? Max turned to Spock. Max moved his face close to Kirk's. Now, if you're gonna cause trouble Kirk began to move away from Spock, who responded quickly. Keeping his mouth tightly closed, Spock's lips crushed Kirk's. As he began to relax, Spock eased off slightly. Even in the midst of this bizarre situation, a bubble of mirth floated up.

His indignation had come from not wanting to inflict something as embarrassingly intimate as a kiss on his First Officer and so there was a certain irony that it was Spock who had taken the initiative. He was acutely aware that Max had been on the verge of throwing him out, which could have put the entire mission in jeopardy. The danger was not yet over as Max was still standing beside them, watching. To make it look more believable, he slid his arms back around Spock, and closing his eyes, pulled him in close.

At his change of stance, the Vulcan let go of his arms and embraced him, running his fingers lightly through his hair. Kirk wanted to get rid of Max, so cutting off all conscious thought of who he was holding, he softened his mouth to make the kiss look more authentic, their lips lightly brushing, gently grazing.

At some level he acknowledged that this felt far less awkward than he would have imagined, that it was actually quite pleasant. He allowed his entire being to center on the sensations caused by the nuzzling kisses and the soft mouth pressed tenderly to his.

He took hold of Spock's bottom lip between his own, sucking, licking and nibbling, eliciting the quietest of gasps. He pushed past Spock's tongue and with a growing arousal, penetrated the moist, soft recesses of his mouth. Kirk closed his mouth on the tongue and began to suck on it and felt a tremor run through the Vulcan. They kissed, hotly, tongues twining, dancing. Kirk was, by now, deeply lost in sensation. If mental bells were ringing, warning him of what he was doing and to whom, he chose not to heed them.

If he needed it, his justification was that he was doing this for the mission to maintain their cover, the three brandies on an empty stomach allowing him to drop his inhibitions enough to carry it out. Pulling Spock in closer, his right hand slowly travelled down from the middle of the long, sinewy back to rest on a firm buttock. After a few seconds, the other one followed and began a light massaging action. He had seen that ass a thousand times on the bridge, black material pulled taut as Spock bent over the hooded viewer, and now he knew what it felt like.

Spock kissed him harder, with passion. Tongues dueled, seeking each other, swirling in an exquisite dance. Kirk pressed their lower bodies tightly together so that their groins met. A combination of a gasp and a groan unintentionally escaped his lips at the feel of erections touching through the layers of their clothing, pressed together, the contact, exciting and sensual.

He immediately felt embarrassed at the frankness of the utterance, at the full admission of the pleasure he was feeling, of the reckless commitment to the situation. The entire episode could have been reversible, they could have passed it off as role-playing right up until that gasp of unadulterated pleasure. Although he was keenly aware of it, he could not recall the moment when he had become aroused. The feel of that hardness rocking against his own should have alerted him that something was amiss, that responding to another man was not customary for him, that this man was his friend and colleague.

In that monosyllable utterance, Kirk had reached a point of no return, yet still he would not allow his conscious mind to fully acknowledge what he was doing and put a stop to it.

He was acting purely on impulse. Thorough tongues eagerly probed each other's mouths, while one hot hand at the back of Kirk's neck stroked him cherishingly and the other seared his left buttock. He caressed and fondled, nibbled and lapped in a haze of naked sensuality and imagined what it would be like to have that hot mouth and busy tongue wrapped around his cock.

He felt his balls tighten and a twitching begin deep inside his cock, accompanied by a familiar mounting pressure The music ceased abruptly as they jumped apart, still panting from arousal.

Max, it appeared, had long gone, though Kirk had been so caught up in the kiss, he had no idea when. It might have started out as a necessity but it had gone far beyond when they had both become aroused. He felt a flush of embarrassment at what had inadvertently occurred between them and unconsciously wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Not daring to look at Spock he, along with everyone else in the bar, watched on as Wong and his partner harangued each other. His mind in turmoil, he forced himself to focus on the matter in hand. His erstwhile companion suddenly pushed him hard on the shoulder, sending him tripping backwards. You're just a fucking prick-teaser. Having finally pushed their way to the front of the crowd, Max and the doorman, who were both clutching phasers aimed at the two men, pulled them apart and held them firmly.

We can do without your type in here. Not wishing to attract attention to themselves, Kirk and Spock headed for the cloakroom as casually as they were able. As they collected their coats, they watched in dismay as Wong's adversary suddenly shot out of the door, looking furious. Pulling on the heavy garments, Kirk avoided eye contact. Not bothering to fasten their coats, they pulled open the door. Outside, the bright sunlight momentarily dazzled them, a frigid wind biting into their skin, as they searched the street for the young scientist.

Spock was the first to spot him, heading back in the opposite direction to the motel at a trot, with the other man in hot pursuit. Kirk paused, watching the two men running down the street.

It took only a moment to come to a decision. As he was about to set off, Spock stayed him with a hand on his arm. Kirk glanced up at the Vulcan, meeting his eyes for the first time since their shared embrace. Spock nodded and they set off at a sprint, with the Vulcan gaining ground fastest.

Kirk arrived in time to help a grateful but shaky Wong to his feet. I wouldn't be surprised if Max has called the law enforcement. Terrible At Small Talk is the most recent moniker evolved from Fertanish. The new name reflects an evolution to free experimental music, absent of vocals and blessed with a disintegration of common musical structure.

As it continues, contentment becomes the focus while chaos is welcomed as a supportive friend to maintain balance. The night was silent, only a small wind and the rustling of grass and leaves to fill the ears. One of the men spoke up suddenly: "Have you children heard the tale of the Monolith? Many have tried to reach it, and almost all of them have failed. Their ambitions were mountains of artifacts and gold, and anything else their greedy minds could think of. But their ideas had a reason; they all had heard and tried to get to the place most sacred for the Monolith bastards.

Mountains of artifacts, eternal glory, fame, hills of money, immortality - everything. Possibilities a man couldn't spend in a lifetime!

All the Wish Granter asks in return is a small payment, but what it is, children, I'll leave you to find out. In the morning, the elderly Stalker had left, leaving nothing but an echo from the story. Strelok , Ghost and Fang would never see the man again. Star Wars Marvel. Animal Crossing Doom Eternal Destiny 2. God of War Persona 5 Breath of the Wild. Filed under: Destiny 2: Forsaken guide Guides Destiny 2 guide.

Destiny 2: Forsaken guide: How to make wishes in the Last Wish raid. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email.

Finding the wishing room Grid View. Grid View. The Latest.

A chest will spawn in the open area after the Morgeth fight, at the very top of the rock spire to the right of the bridge. With that, he strode purposefully back towards his own cabin. But with the general air of fatigue, he felt Fertanish - Contemplating Silent Wishes (CDr) harm than good would come of it and so kept such activities to a minimum. So, how come you did that? He turned his attention to Spock. All the seating was arranged like theirs, with a double seat on one side of each table. Your subsequent distance towards me bears testament to the confusion and perhaps, embarrassment, you are experiencing as a result of your reaction. Bandcamp link : terribleatsmalltalk.
Countdown Fast - Unknown Artist - Jingles From USA - Volume 2 (CD), My Sharona - Various - Bad To The Bone (CD), Get Down (Again) (Falko Niestolik Da Bump Mix), Lena Horne - Lena Sings Your Requests (Vinyl), Sen Anla - Hande Yener - Nasıl Delirdim (File, Album)

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  8. Spock had already assembled a tiny receiver and was listening via a small ear piece by the time Kirk returned to their room. He asked a silent question. “He would appear to be alone,” Spock responded, “since I am unable to detect voices.” Kirk appreciated how .

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