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Sure as hell no 'Insta' anything. It literally starts immediately with the first one ending. I get that these a quick shorts but at least give them an actual connection with a bit of emotion. One person found this helpful. So Far The Books Are Terry is a firefighter that worked along side April's husband Allen. He has feelings for April as well. April is now a widow.

She struggles with her feelings of guilt. Even though her and Allen were going to get a divorce before his death she still feels guilt. Terry steps up and tries to be there for April. Even suggesting that they get married when she finds out she is pregnant with her dead husband's baby. I loved Terry's character, he was so patient and understanding with April. Even when it was hurting himself to do so.

So sweet. They finally do get a HEA. There are also 2 epilogues. The second epilogue is a lead into the upcoming 3rd book in the series featuring another firefighter Zach. This is a heart-warming story and well worth reading. I thought since Allen's death was what kicked off the series that his widow's story would have been later in the series.

Although this can be read alone, I think to really round out the story it is best to have read the first book in the Alpha Hero series to appreciate that background of what brings these two together. Hope Ford is skillful at tying her stories together in a series. Hope Ford's series books are great because you know something about the main characters.

However my copy was little confusing for the first couple of chapters. I couldn't figure out where Tyler came from and why his sudden appearance. But Tyler eventually became Terry and the rest was history. Another excellent Hope Ford steamy book. My last 10 reads were all Hopes writings. Terry has an amazing heart! When his fellow firefighter dies he steps up to help his wife. They take care of one another. April marriage was on the rocks when her husband died.

I won't say that the writing is bad because it wasn't. I wasn't bored , neither did I entirely hate this book. I did like it. My earlier googlyness could be because I've already mentioned it a thousand times and I'll say it once again , I love Lisa Schroeder. This was well like any other book. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. So would you want me to recommend this book to you?.. But if I were you , I would go ahead and read other books by her which are in the verse format.

There is more to appreciate and more to like. But I still love you Ms. Schroeder and I know that next time you will hit me with your fabulousness.

But just not today. This review and many other cool things can found at YA Fanatic. View all 21 comments. Apr 26, Ari marked it as to-read. Oh, that cover.. It looks movie alike ;. Dec 31, Kelly Hager rated it it was amazing. I read The Day Before Lisa Schroeder's most recent book before this one in and then read everything else she'd written almost immediately thereafter and then was heartbroken to learn that there wouldn't be a new release until As in I would have to wait over a year.

And if you know anything about me at all, you know that I do NOT do well with waiting. But oh, this was so worth the wait. Like all of her books, this book will completely gut you, but it will also put you back together. And while you will probably cry, you will also be so, so happy that you ended up reading this book. I think Rae may be my favorite of her characters. Her life is far from perfect abusive stepfather, creepy and over-controlling boyfriend but she never stops insisting to herself and to the world that she deserves better.

And while she gets metaphorically knocked down a lot, but she never stops getting back up. The best part of this book is the way that it proves that words can change everything. A kind word, obviously, but also standing up and admitting that life is not perfect.

Once we let people in enough to help us, we tend to learn that most of the time, that IS people's primary impulseto help each other, not to mock each other. Highly, highly recommended. May 06, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult. Falling For You was Lisa Schroeder's first full length book and I was so psyched because I've been a huge fan ever since Chasing Brooklyn , that it was an instant favorite.

Lisa Schroeder is best known with her heartfelt, very poetic YA verse novels, so coming from her I certainly didn't want to pass everything she writes. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did her other works. I think she's better off with verse novels, in my humble opinion.

The story line was not strong, and the Falling For You was Lisa Schroeder's first full length book and I was so psyched because I've been a huge fan ever since Chasing Brooklyn , that it was an instant favorite. The story line was not strong, and the narrator has problem with being consistent and I think her character is a little immature for her age and her situation. This book is full of incompatible characters. Rae, Nathan, Leo, even Dean were missed up to begin with but that's all there is to know.

You see, the problem was, Nathan is suffering from something in his past and along with his parents having no care for him and with his father having an affair. From that alone, it was not elaborated.

Nathan is a tough character in the book but whatever he's going through was not put into detail. That's why I'll always refer to him as the 'creepy ex-boyfriend' and will always be. I would have understood what's going through him if he would have opened more with Rae. As for Rae, she didn't even gave Nathan a chance for explanation. She would always shun him an way possible and honestly I feel sorry for the guy. While he's chasing her for attention, she was also running for someone who better understands her.

That's where Leo comes to the picture. There are still a lot of issues I'd like to point out but don't even get me started. Honestly, this roller coaster of drama is something I will consider petty because a lot may have happen and problems do escalate but these people didn't even try to take action as a matter of fact. I am suppose to root for Rae since she whines why her life is so missed up but she can't even say 'no' to her step dad for stomping all over her and her mom.

I was very disappointed with this. I thought it would be as intense and cordial as her other books but I digress. This doesn't mean that I will not look forward to whatever she writes in the future but quite the opposite.

This author has a very keen way of writing powerful stories. This one wasn't just it. View all 3 comments. Feb 21, Krystle Lopez rated it really liked it. I wanted to dislike this book because it started off slow and I felt like the writing was not up to par to other books I read.

I kept reading it because even though it was slow, I felt like I could relate to the main character Rae. She is a 17 year old girl who has a weak minded mother who lets her be emotionally and physically abused by her overbearing loser stepdad. She is a writer inspired by her grandmother who passed away from cancer.

Truly, this book connected to me on a level I did not wa I wanted to dislike this book because it started off slow and I felt like the writing was not up to par to other books I read.

Truly, this book connected to me on a level I did not want to admit. I went through a similar upbringing but at a younger age and sans the male roles in this book, Nathan and Leo. I ended up not being able to put the book down and I finished it in a day. Rae is annoying in how selfless she is and how much she tries to keep the peace, but the annoyance is just a personal opinion.

Other people would find her rather strong and flawed with the potential to grow into the character that she does by the end of the book. The way the book was put together kept the story moving. There was suspense on what happened to this individual to land her in the hospital. Extremely great book! I would read it again. It had its moments of romance but not in a the world will end if we are not together.

Leo and Rae help each other out throw difficult times and become best friends who end up liking each other. Truly romantic and wonderful! I am a fan! Mar 31, Sarah rated it it was amazing. This review was originally published on Clear Eyes, Full Shelves. I hadn't had many people in my life who made me feel special. You know what happens after awhile?

You start to wonder if you matter. I mean, really and truly matter. And the more time that goes by, the harder it is to believe that you do. Lisa Schroeder has quickly become one the select few authors whose books I love to revisit. The Day Before , her novel in verse is one of my all-time favorites reads and I often pull it from the This review was originally published on Clear Eyes, Full Shelves.

Lisa's books work for me in a way that a lot of contemporary YA novels do not. She talks about families and life and friendship and love in a way that's universally understandable, regardless of whether you're 15 or 35 or There's a thread of goodness that runs through her stories, and each has left me feeling a bit better about the world. None of this is what's popular and trendy in teen fiction, so her books are a breath of fresh air on the crowded teen fiction shelves.

With that said, I was admittedly sad when I learned that her young adult novel, Falling for You, wasn't a verse novel. I love verse, and Lisa's verse novels are some of my favorites. However, after reading Falling for You, I'm actually quite happy that Lisa chose to write this novel in traditional prose because it will allow verse-averse readers to try one of her books and perhaps the numerous poems in Falling for You will be a gateway to her four verse novels. Rae is a teen in a small-ish town in Oregon.

She works hard at a flower shop, Full Bloom, where her coworkers and the other people who work at the nearby businesses are as much her family as her actual family--perhaps more. She lives in a challenging home environment where money is always tight and made tighter when her stepfather, whose job loss early in the novel creates further financial pressures and tensions in Rae's household.

At the same time, Rae quickly becomes involved with Nathan, the new boy at school whose devotion sends off alarms bells for Rae. She quickly realizes that this relationship is too much, too fast and the situation frightens her. Meanwhile, her friend Leo, who's home schooled and works in his family's coffee shop near Full Bloom, senses that things are wrong in Rae's life, and desperately wishes to help her, if only she'll let him.

Leo--whose life has a lot of complications as well--introduces Rae to his hobby of making YouTube videos and his positive outlet seems to subconsciously inspire Rae to take her poetry more seriously. These events all happen in the form of extended flashbacks, which make up the bulk of Falling for You. In the present, we know that Rae is injured and in an intensive care unit, clinging to life. Interspersed within both are poems written by Rae which are published in the poetry section of her school newspaper.

These poems lend further insight into Rae's real feelings about her family, her boyfriends, friends and job--through these poems we see the real Rae. I'm not the floor to be walked on or the hammer to be used. I'm the baby bird wanting to fly and the orchid starting to bloom. The overarching them in this surprisingly complex and dark story is the tension between darkness and light. It's a literal experience for Rae as she hovers between life and death, but it's true in terms of her daily life.

Her job at the flower shop and the people in brings her close to provides her with so much joy and happiness. On the other hand, she goes home to a family in shambles, where home feels unsafe, and her boyfriend is frightening and seemingly unstable.

Writing brings her comfort amidst these tensions, but that may not be enough to pull her out of the bleakness she confronts as the events of Falling for You unfurl. Falling for You not only deals with Rae's frightening relationship with her boyfriend Nathan, it takes an unflinching look at a troubled family. Rae's mother is a woman who married a bad guy in hopes that he would take care of her. He's lazy and demanding, expecting that Rae cook his meals while her mother works evenings.

He's unkind and that meanness escalates as he loses his job and the family's tenuous financial situation reaches a breaking point. He came closer to me. The first and the fifteenth, isn't it? I'll decide how much money you need for your girl crap. I tottered back and landed against the stove. My cheek burned. Tears pushed against my eyelids, wanting to escape. Too bad. I wouldn't let them. If I was trapped, so were they. I was surprised by what Dean, the stepfather, was involved in and the direction his story went, and I have to say, I'm glad to see this particular issue addressed in a novel for teens, because it's a common and destructive problem.

Apologies for the vagueries--but it would be a significant spoiler to say what it is. Another notable element to Falling for You is Rae's relationship with her coworkers. Full Bloom's tiny cadre of employees and the owner are endearing and love Rae like she's family, and in a sense they are her family. YA novels tend to focus on just a few types of relations: family, romance and similarly-aged friends-- hooray for including the first work colleague relationships!

The sweet-smelling shop has walls the color of sunshine and shelves filled with potted plants and flowers. It gave me a warm, fuzzy felling when I walked in, like always. I could see Nina in the back workroom through the large picture window behind the long front counter. She sat with a pile of paperwork in front of her and her laptop. How's it going? Man, do I hate paying bills. But Uranus is finally leaving my second house, which rules earned income.

Uranus is volatile, so it's a good thing it's leaving. More money should start coming in now, right? I'll keep my thoughts about Uranus to myself. Despite that loose ends are tied up a bit too neatly for my usual comfort, there's emotional complexity to this story that reminded me of Sarah Ockler and Sarah Dessen's books. Because of that, I worry that readers may not pick up Falling for You.

Like all of Lisa's books, it goes against the trend that's so popular in contemporary YA fiction at the moment: the extremely dramatic storyline. There are some Big Things that happen in the book, but they're not self-perpetuated, they're not over-wrought. And in that sense, despite the darker themes of Falling for You, it's a gentle book that in the end left me feeling enveloped by a spirit of goodness.

Initial Reaction: This was so different from what I expected--in a really fantastic way. View all 12 comments. Feb 05, Angie rated it it was ok Shelves: ya. Originally reviewed here Angieville A couple of years ago I stumbled across a new-to-me book by new-to-me author Lisa Schroeder. I cracked open Chasing Brooklyn with what you might describe as less than high expectations, with the result that I was utterly blindsided by the reality.

I am a decided fan of well-executed novels in verse. Have been for awhile now. And this was just such a one--an expertly crafted study of grief and its aftermath, on survivors reaching out to each other. I read it i Originally reviewed here Angieville A couple of years ago I stumbled across a new-to-me book by new-to-me author Lisa Schroeder.

I read it in a single evening and looked forward to more from Ms. Somehow I never made good on that resolution, though. I think it was that I was nervous her others wouldn't live up to the perfect moment that was Chasing Brooklyn.

Like maybe I shouldn't go out on any more dates with her books for fear none of them would quite match that heady first date. So I held back. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Taylor Cole Lacey Hathaway Tyler Hynes Zac Malone Lini Evans Patty Hathaway Chris Shields Ben Harten Agape Mngomezulu Ty Christine Chatelain Dana Davis Alison Wandzura Sandra Madison Smith Max Buckman Matt Visser Lucas Buckman Alvin Sanders Pete Taves Brandi Alexander Beth Herman Catherine Lough Haggquist Debbie Bethany Brown Emma Kurt Szarka Ryan Michael Coen Chase Learn more More Like This.

Comedy Drama Romance. Comedy Romance. Drama Romance. Love, of Course TV Movie Season for Love TV Movie Drama Music Romance. Kate Murphy John Carroll Lynch Bud Morris Nic Bishop Samantha Baker Geoffrey Arend Ethan Gross Windell Middlebrooks Curtis Brumfield as Windell D. Middlebrooks Mary Mouser Lacey Fleming Nathalie Kelley Dani Alvarez Brendan Hines Marc Freston Patrick St.

Leonard Waxman Pedro Pascal Zack Goffman Brianne Davis Amy Patrick Ransford Doherty Detective Tim Bell Mim Drew Edit Storyline After a bride plummets to her death on her wedding day, everyone from the angry ex boyfriend to the over bearing father is a suspect. Edit Did You Know? Quotes Curtis Brumfield : [ On balcony holding a crash dummy ] Well, can we do this? Ethan Gross : Yeah, sure. So, do you think she was pushed or do you think she jumped?

As Rae feels that she finally has everything a teen her age could desire, she knows something is wrong with Nathan, something she can't deal with at all right now. The chemistry slowly growing between the leads. All Episodes But the thing is Falling For You her writing she can make anything usual to be so much unusual, Falling For You. Jan 02, Mel rated it it was Falling For You. Then a tragedy lands Rae in the ICU. I think the whole "moving in together" thing is a pretty concrete and serious indication that he's into it. How's it going?
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  4. Aug 03,  · Falling For You: A Sweet Small Town Romance (Sapphire Bay Book 1) - Kindle edition by Morgan, Leeanna. Romance Kindle eBooks @
  5. On Location - Falling for You Go behind the scenes of the Hallmark original movie, "Falling for You" starring Taylor Cole and Tyler Hynes.
  6. Jul 02,  · out of 5 stars Falling for you. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 23, Verified Purchase. Chance and Rory fight the attraction between them. Paige is the woman that Chance is supposed to marry, but they are not even dating! Another enjoable book and I /5().
  7. May 01,  · Falling for You is a love story with a mysterious twist that makes this a page turner you do not want to miss!" --Fresh Fiction "The moderate pace and suspense of the second installment of the Bradford Sisters series keeps you reading to discover what happens next We encounter and sympathize with both characters as they work out their personal internal struggles/5().
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