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Reid slides the garment down her arms and off with less hesitation than she expected. Ooh, spanking Reid. Have to save that thought for another time. In an attempt to forestall any protests, she hangs it neatly over the back of a chair.

He surprises her by shedding his pants, too, draping them over the shirt. Possibly never. There was a time in her life — a long time — when she would have been deeply uncomfortable even keeping the lights on.

But Reid never loses that innocent look of awe on his face, even as his hands pass over her curves, the softness of her belly, the ample flesh of her thighs. He bends in closer, awe transitioning into fierce concentration. She expects his touch, wants his touch, but instead he closes his eyes and breathes in deeply. She recalls one of his little tangents about smell being the sense linked most strongly to emotion and memory, something about the limbic system and possibly the hippocampus, and shivers at the thought of him encoding her somewhere deep in his brain.

It makes him gasp quietly, and he repeats the motion, a little firmer this time. She has to rest her head back on the pillow and shut her eyes, because watching the look on his face is too much, feels almost more intimate than his touch.

And he keeps touching her, learning her folds with the tips of his fingers, which are no doubt getting wetter and wetter as she does. When he reaches her clit, she can feel the switch from exploration to stimulation as he rubs his thumb gently over her. She props up a little on one elbow and reaches down to hold his fingers in hers. In a circle, like this. This she has to watch, and the absence of stimulation on her clit allows her focus on the sight and the feeling of two long, agile fingers sliding into her.

When he finds the right spot, her whole body jerks so hard he looks a little alarmed. Finish your homework and you get a gold star. He quirks an eyebrow at that and she giggles, a sound which turns into a gasp when he begins fucking his fingers in and out of her slowly, dragging them against her sweet spot with varying amounts of pressure. The first lick over her clit makes her yelp.

She looks up to see him raising his head, startled, and she promptly reaches out to push his head back down where it ought to be. She feels what might be a smile against her most sensitive flesh just before he starts licking again, this time running his tongue around his thrusting fingers. She breaks away, breathless, and he looks utterly stunned when he actually has every right to be smug as hell, after that.

They both seem to realize at the same time that his fingers are still in her, and she only whines a little with loss as he draws them out. But then he looks at them, glistening wet, and without hesitation puts them in his mouth to suck them clean. She rolls back to the bed, victorious, holding up the condom with pride.

He makes a soft, desperate little noise, and she makes sure to use a light hand. He bites his lip. She cuts him off with a shhh and two fingers pressed against his lips. Reaching down with one hand, she guides his cock into place and pushes down a little against him. He looks a little surprised, like he expected there to be a bit more ceremony to go along with the whole thing.

A wild sound tears its way out of his throat and his hips start into motion, she can tell, before his brain can even start to process it. But she shifts against him and he settles into a more even rhythm, moaning steadily as he pistons into her over and over. Just let go. Eyes closed and gasping, he thrusts weakly into her a few more times before his elbows buckle and he collapses.

She holds his sweaty, trembling body close and strokes his hair. But there are practicalities to think of, and she lets him just enjoy the afterglow as she holds the condom tight at the base of his softening cock when he pulls out. Garcia grins as she hops back into bed and pulls the sheet and blanket over them. Of course, most everything about him could be classified as uncanny.

Surprisingly, outside of her apartment, not much changes. Not during work hours, anyway. It helps that she has limited contact with Reid anyway, and he does have a master poker face when he wants to.

Not everything stays the same, though. He was so adorably serious about it that that particular night ended with her rolling him over, kissing him senseless, and riding him until they were both exhausted. Opening instrumental "Baptismal Vessel" introduces the addition of a keyboard, the sci-fi of which winds through a series of night terrors "The Beast Most Evil" and incubus attacks "Surge Frequency".

From the bohemian psychedelia of "Between the Lines" and "Headfull of Devils" to the cosmic country bent of "End Game" and Velvet Underground-like dirge "Skincrawl," Sleep and You Will See achieves a dark, strange cycle of rapid eye movements. The closing ballad, "Psychosomatic Reasons," slows things down a bit, like that last flutter of unconsciousness before waking, as though trying to lull the listener back to slumberland.

Wondrous Things I was bold, that got old. Now I sit and dream dreams of wondrous things, I've never told. We were there, she was fair. And all the dreams that I've dreamed of wondrous things, I then sold. I got old, or I was told. Now i'm looking back on dreams of wondrous things, I'll never hold. On the wall, in the hall. I wrote all my dreams of wondrous things, And dashed them all. I was bold, now I'm old. So now I sit and dream dreams of wondrous things, That can not be sold, That can not be sold, That can not be sold.

Poser Way We took South, Blunts blow my mind. Somebody tell why this guy's following behind. Oh, tell me is it a cop. Turn back on the light, Somebody turn on the lights. I need to find out if Yahweh's on my side tonight. Now it's the only turn that you've gotta take, It's the only mistake that you gotta make.

Then you're goin', The poser way to D-Town. Yeah, you're goin', The poser way to D-Town. We slip and we slide, While we drink and we drive. And we drink and we drive, Just to know we're alive. And it's snowing, The snow just won't stop falling.

Yeah, it's snowing, The snow just won't stop. Ain't Know Lie Now I don't know what to say, I hurt my friend today, By saying what I didn't mean to say. Full of rich, jazz-heavy beats and impeccable lyrics, and an iconic cover shot, Madvillainy is a unique hip-hop classic more than deserving of a spot on your shelf.

One of the greatest albums ever made period, it comes from a time when albums were mastered for vinyl by people who had mastered for vinyl their entire lives. Hmm, what else? If your plan was to purchase only one jazz album on vinyl, first I would tell you what a horrible decision that is; Jazz is one of the best sounding genres on the format, with original Blue Note recordings fetching hundreds and even thousands of dollars at auction.

However, if you persisted in your foolishness I would tell you to pick up Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. The musicians were given the basic outlines of the songs, but little else, as Davis wanted to capture the spontaneity he knew was at the real heart of jazz.

It worked perfectly and when played on vinyl you start to understand why great jazz is something you feel more than you hear. A defining work of the shoegazing genre, MBV recorded their second album over the course of two years in almost 20 recording studios and with multiple engineers.

If you can get your hands on the original LP, good for you, but if not there are several re-pressings that have garnered praise from critical fans in recent years.

Whichever pressing you end up with you can be satisfied in knowing that you possess an album that helped define Americana. Ironically, it required a Canadian-born musician to do so.

There are legendary albums, then there are albums full of legend. The second and final release by the Jeff Mangum-led indie rock band Neutral Milk Hotel belongs to an exceptionally rare breed of album that confidently straddles both.

The dreamy turn-of-the century sound organ, accordion, brass, pipes and accompanying album art alone provide fertile breeding grounds for a certain mystique, but the hazy connections to Anne Frank, whose diaries reportedly served as an emotional catalyst for Mangum, help push it into cult-like status.

Considered by many to be one of the greatest indie rock albums of all-time, In an Aeroplane Over the Sea continues to rank among the top sellers on vinyl year after year, despite being released over 14 years ago. One of the most accessible Animal Collective albums released to date, Panda Bear Noah Lennox created Tomboy shortly after the widespread appreciation of Merriweather Post Pavilion as a solo follow-up to his highly praised album Person Pitch.

Although it is a significantly different sound than most fans might have expected upon release, to this day it is one of the most listenable albums to come from the unconventional group of artists. And, just to make you feel like a philanthropist, all proceeds of the limited edition LP go to the American Cancer Society — as if you needed that as your reason to love Panda Bear.

Coming off a low point in his career, Paul Simon was given a cassette tape from a fellow musician containing the works of South African band The Boyoyo Boys. Instigators of the indie underground movement of the 90s, Pavement is one of the bands that flew under the radar of a 90s musical scene that was heavy on TRL, light on substance. Low-tech, low-cost, 90s rock that makes one yearn for the days when digital was just a pixel on Mario Bros.

The Chaos Theory of post-relativity physics tell us of Strange Attractors — inexplicable higher-order functions that provide a kind of boundary or shape or structural dynamic for chaos systems — and this model fits R.

The essential character of R. But it is grounded in an implicit order: the rhythmic and melodic deep structures of North Mississippi blues. It is Radiohead taking everything about the genre, everything about themselves as a group, all the press, marketing, and corporate greed, dousing it with gasoline and breathlessly lighting the match.

The instrumentation is complex, inspired by everything from Aphex Twin to Charlie Mingus. The lyrics are intentionally cryptic for some lyrics Yorke reportedly cut up words and phrases and drew from a hat and at times nearly inaudible. The combination, however, captures not just the mood of the current times, but of those to come. The album offers nowhere to stand, nothing concrete to grasp, only fleeting thoughts and questions, but very intentionally so.

Swedish hardcore band - check.

Friday 6 March So before she can think it through, she tips up on her toes to press a kiss to his cheek. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. My blog is dedicated to all things gambling related. Get out my business, and keep your eyes on me End Game - The Strange Attractors - Sleep And You Will See (Vinyl a fairly mundane idea and something that was out there or extraordinary and merge them together. It ends in laughter and tickling and a truly exceptional blow job mostly to make up for the ticklingif she does say so herself. The other night. Reid never again knocking on her door, his hands shoved awkwardly in his pockets when she grabs End Game - The Strange Attractors - Sleep And You Will See (Vinyl and pulls him inside.
You Cant Stop Righteousness - The Gladiators - Live In San Francisco (CD, Album), To Jeszcze Nie Koniec - The Returners* - Nowa Stara Szkoła (CD, Album), Drug Music - Non Phixion - Drug Music (Vinyl), Qualchan. - F​.T​.​K. (File, MP3), Bloodstains - Agent Orange (7) - Real Live Sound (Cassette, Album)

8 thoughts on “End Game - The Strange Attractors - Sleep And You Will See (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Jun 09,  · End Game By The Strange Attractors. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. End Game. Featured on Sleep And You Will See. More by The Strange Attractors. Midnight At Xochil's. The Strange Attractors. Bred In Captivity. A Tribute to Bluesman Luke Jordan. The Psychedelic Sounds of the Sonic Duration: 3 min.
  2. Apr 01,  · "Strange Attractors" was the best book I have ever read. It is set for a younger group of readers, but adults will enjoy this book as well. I highly reccomend this book to anyone who simply enjoys reading. The first time I read it was in seventh grade. I have read it at least five complete times by now. This is a great book to do a school Reviews:
  3. We're moving! Hi. Johnny here. I'm just about to move Strange Attractor across to a different podcast hosting platform. Say what? Doesn't matter. Here's all you need to know: You shouldn't notice And if you did, that means I messed up. I'm sorry. This stuff can be fairly complicated. If you don't see episode 35 on the 13th January.
  4. 4 Strange attractors exhibit stable, non-periodic behaviours or dynamics that can be represented as a non-repeating (fractal) pattern in the system’s phase space. Put simply, strange attractors make fractals. In the case of the Lorenz attractor, the solution to that set of equations is the Lorenz Butterfly or Lorenz Attractor that we see here.
  5. Sep 29,  · Listen free to Mercury Rev – Strange Attractor (Love Is Pure, Taken Up Into Clouds, Changed and Rained Down and more). 11 tracks (). Snowflake Midnight, the seventh studio album from Mercury Rev, was released on September 29, in the UK, and September 30 in the US. Made available on the same day from the band's website was a ";companion" album, Strange Attractor.
  6. Summaries. An in depth look at the process and science behind creating a large scale dance piece that recreates naturally occurring fractals as Busby Berkeley-esque kaleidoscopes made of dancers.
  7. Strange Attractors synonyms, Strange Attractors pronunciation, Strange Attractors translation, English dictionary definition of Strange Attractors. n. Physics An attractor exhibited by some dynamic systems for which the approach to the attractor is chaotic. n maths a type of chaotic dynamical system.
  8. The Strange Attractors The Strange Attractors is a rebellion against the formulaic sounds dominating today's airwaves. A band based out of Omaha, NE. We started off as a recording project designed to discover the art of recording, how the sound changes as it moves through the wires, with the attitude of whatever it takes to capture the magic.

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