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Children's Middle Grade Hardcover best sellers Previous page. His friendship crossed political boundaries. His living monument is the Bribie Bridge he campaigned against his own County party to have the bridge built remember the old barge?

The Redcliffe Hospital was his dream come true. He introduced Questions without notice to the house. His boxing ability gave him a distinct Jeckyl and Hyde aura. How could such a gentleman be a pugilist? A politician who proved himself to be a good bloke and used his position as a Speaker of the house without fear of favour.

In his younger days, he was always part of the boxing troupe at the local show and was in demand to call the ring events and broadcast announcements at the Country Shows. From , to he was a professional motorbike rider. What a shame. Many have fought hard to win our democracy — I urge you to exercise to the full , that democratic right to vote. A real fair dinkum question time, to keep ministers on their toes. Not prearranged questions to score political points to denigrate and personally character smear, those in the opposite spectrum of politics.

These groups enjoyed a considerable amount of social interaction, especially at the time of the bunya feasts in the Blackall Range and the Bunya Mountains. During the mid 19th century, Dalaipi was a distinguished elder of the North Pine clan of the Turrbal people.

It was Dalaipi, then nearly sixty years of age, who encouraged one of the district's best-known pioneers, Tom Petrie, to establish a cattle run in the North Pine area during the late s. Archaeological evidence, as well as the oral traditions of Queensland Aboriginal people, indicate that these first inhabitants occupied the land for many tens of thousands of years.

Ultimately, however, the local Aboriginal population rapidly declined in numbers due to the effects of introduced diseases, alcoholism and dispersal. Although James Cook and Matthew Flinders sailed past Moreton Bay during the late eighteenth century giving names to some features which are still in use today, land exploration did not commence until the early s when a search was underway for a suitable site for a convict settlement.

It was at this time, on 1 December , that a party under the leadership of John Oxley first navigated the North Pine River, landed at Oxleys Inlet and climbed a hill in the area now commemorated by the John Oxley Reserve in Murrumba Downs. During a second visit a year later, Oxley collected samples of the Hoop Pines which were growing prolifically in the area. It is believed that these pine logs were the first items exported from the northern area of New South Wales that was later to become Queensland.

Although there is no record of Oxley naming the Pine River anything other than the Deception River, the former name was in popular usage by the early s. Settlement of the Pine Rivers region had to await the closure of the Moreton Bay convict settlement in , although some preliminary surveying of the region had already been carried out in preparation for free settlement.

In the middle of , Francis Griffin, by establishing the Whiteside run on the north bank of the North Pine River, became the first free settler to occupy Pine Rivers land. He was joined shortly by other members of the Griffin family. This run was purchased by William Joyner and William Mason during the following year.

Nearly the whole of the area now occupied by the Pine Rivers Shire was divided into these two runs; the Samford run in the upper reaches of the South Pine River was not taken up until the mid s. In , as the era of closer settlement approached, Tom Petrie purchased ten sections of land from the Griffins to form the Murrumba run.

Contact leith. By the mid s, surveyors had reached an area not far outside the present Shire boundary which became known as the Bald Hills Farms Subdivision. During , the first lots of agricultural land in this area were offered for sale.

In many cases, however, new settlers simply sought out portions of land which had not been claimed as runs and leased land in the hope that they would be able to establish more secure tenure at some stage in the future. James Cash, who settled on the south bank of the South Pine River around , was one such person who became well known in the Pine Rivers area.

Eight years later, he became the first freehold landholder in what was to become the Pine Rivers Shire. Land Selection In , a major change in settlement commenced following the passing of the Crown Lands Alienation. This Act provided for the resumption of at least half of the leased areas of the major runs and the land freed up was then made available for selection. The prime areas of Whiteside and Samsonvale were soon subdivided and occupied and there was renewed interest in some of the districts in what is now the southern part of the Shire where fertile pockets of land had become available.

Closer settlement and smaller holdings brought about a radical change to the primary industry of the area. Although the viability of the larger grazing areas was dramatically reduced, timber-getting small crop farming and dairying were soon prosperous activities carried on in many parts of the region. In , the opening up of a coastal route to Gympie allowed Cobb and Co. As Tom Petrie's Murrumba homestead was the location for the first change of horses after leaving Brisbane, a mail office and hostelry was established.

This was the beginning of what became the North Pine later Petrie township. The s saw the establishment of provisional schools in the Pine Rivers area and the commencement of local government.

The railway to North Pine was opened in with stations at Strathpine and Lawnton serving the eastern areas of the Shire. The western areas of the Shire were provided with a railway service to Samford in and Dayboro in This line, however, was closed beyond Ferny Grove in World War 2 During World War 2, large numbers of troops were stationed in the Pine Rivers Shire for varying lengths of time; it has been estimated that over 50, men spent some time in the Shire in training or rest and recreation camps at a time when the civilian population was only about 4, As well as Australian troops, considerable numbers of American and other allied troops were also stationed in the area.

One detachment of 15, Americans, the 1st Cavalry Division, spent over six months at Camp Strathpine before being posted to the frontline in the Pacific. The Shire also had three operational airstrips, the most significant of which was constructed in the area now occupied by Spitfire Avenue. Although several American and Australian squadrons occupied these airstrips at different times, they have become closely associated with the activities of the RAF Spitfire Squadrons and The supply of electricity to households, which had commenced in the s, had been provided to most areas of the Shire by This stimulated the economy of the area and caused a massive surge of population in Petrie which had remained a small farming town with a hotel, two stores and only a small number of houses.

Construction of the mill was accompanied by the damming of Sideling Creek to create Lake Kurwongbah in The lake provided a reticulated water supply which further encouraged urban development during the s. PGH Brickworks opened in using locally obtained supplies of clay. Extractive industry had also been occurring for many years along the floodplains of both the North and South Pine Rivers.

Urban Growth During the s, the rural nature of the Shire began to change rapidly as sustained residential development commenced. The changing character of the area was particularly evident along Gympie Road where a ribbon of scattered houses and assorted businesses evolved into the Shires major business district, and in the Hills District Ferny Hills, Arana Hills and Everton Hills , where the first suburban lots had been sold in the late s.

Around , the first residential subdivision also took place in the Albany Creek area. By the early s, the Shire's population had exceeded 25, and the main industrial area at Brendale had been established. Further rapid residential development accelerated during the s.

The water body created by the Dam, which was opened in , was named Lake Samsonvale in recognition of the historic property, a substantial part of which is now inundated. The urban expansion of the s, s and s from a population of only 8, at the Census, climbing to 13, in , 26, in , 45, in and 62, in dramatically changed the economic character of the Shire; the rural economy diminished in relative importance as the. With the expansion of industrial and commercial development at Brendale, Strathpine and Lawnton, however, opportunities for local employment increased and the Shire's economic base became more diversified.

Retailing expanded rapidly in the area, culminating in the development of the Westfield Strathpine shopping centre which was opened in Step Back in Time In order to discover our origins and learn more about our pioneering past, visit Old Petrie Town in the North Pine Country Park, situated on Dayboro Road, Kurwongbah, via Petrie, which is the home of many of the Shire's historic buildings and the site of many community activities.

Visit the Pine Rivers Heritage Museum, also in the North Pine Country Park, to discover more about the heritage of the Shire and to enjoy a constantly changing range of travelling displays. From , locals took over the run that eventually became the Albany Creek Post Office, run by Mrs Alton from her front porch.

Noel Alton is a third generation family member residing here in Dolcoath Street. You pass the previous Post Office almost every day. Power Failure In , Thomas Mort pioneered the export of beef — canning and freezing, from Brisbane. Another first for the world. Electricity without blackouts is a critical element in the Smart State mix.

With regular service of turbines on a 2 — 4 year rotation basis at New Farm, Tennyson, Howard, Rockhampton, Tully, etc, power was reliable. Within days a major conflict was resolved and workers agreed, via Trades Hall icon, Jack Edgerton, that no disruption of power would occur and the Minister entered into a written agreement. Do we ever learn? The public have little interest in how the National Grid works, how Energex competes and why the power profits have been diverted.

Since GST, the states have windfall income. In fact two floods in three months. Our office has a copy of the original flood map, for your viewing. Squatter Ernest Baynes warnings were ignored, despite his desperate hair raising home ride from the Brisbane Valley to North Pine. Norris Point the Brisbane Powerhouse Museum was washed away forever.

The water covered the full extent of the Alice Street Botanical Gardens and a certain Government owned Vessel ended up high and dry, in the gardens, after the water receded. The financial fortunes of William Collin, the enterprising pioneer of the transport business were enhanced when he won a tender refloat the stricken ship. Alas, for Government, the ink on the tender document was barely dry, when the second flood of , floated the vessel back to its mooring.

William Collin claimed his considerable fee, without any exertion and went on to pioneer the coastal shipping trade. And over years ago, it was William Collin to set up the first enterprise bargaining agreements. A remarkable man, prepared to have a go.

Thank you to Noel Field for the background information. The late Fred Campbell, a devotee, could walk into a room of and greet people, individually, by name. I myself, a less successful student, use music to prod the brain to clearly recall events. Robert George Akers died as a result of cancer in October , just making his 65th birthday. In the fiery competition of political life, Rob could mix it with the best but always with good manners and a quiet, reserved dignity on his side.

He was our local Pine Rivers political rep, on and off, for two decades. I fondly remember his failures and successes and at the end of his life, he left this community with lots more than dozens of other politicians before and after him.

An amazingly private man to be in the public arena with an almost retiring nature, by quiet constancy and using a vast network of acquaintances in and out of the public service, he built a reputation of trust and confidence and ultimate achievement for his beloved Pine Rivers. Many now lay claim to his creations that came from the regimented mind of being a professionally trained architect.

Numerous ribbons were cut at official openings of his achievements by brash pollies. No others. Many groups benefited from his concept designs, personal financial guarantees and his ability to convince others to prise open the public purse. Met is wife, firebrand Rosemary Kyburz. Was part of the unsuccessful ginger group to promote Terry White chemist as leader of an autonomous party. We knew on the eve of the State Election that he was a certain loser at the polls the next day to Yvonne Chapman.

We knew in , that as sitting Pine Council Mayor, history was to repeat itself. His beloved Lions Club and family finally received his full attention and his memorial service of November 3rd highlighted some of his achievements. I am immensely proud, as I conduct my business and community work around Pine Rivers, of what I achieved as your local councillor in some 5 years.

Rob has left a brilliant legacy to our community from his 20 years as leader of local public affairs. He was a quiet, dignified man, who made it happen. Vale - Rob the Builder. The Petrie dynasty explored South East Queensland, purchased broad acres and virtually controlled the design and building of early Brisbane. It was about the same time in , that our foremost local farm was established which, to this say, provides the last remaining cluster of original farm buildings in the shire.

Well, almost. The homestead was carted off in to be replaced by a version steel shed that subsequently burnt to the ground and has been replaced. The creamery and slab sheds still exist by the swimming pool. But, for how long? Sign into Wantima, the friendly club, and have a meal and a couple of pots, overlooking the golf course Phone for bookings.

In my earlier days, Wrights Farmhouse was a great place to visit. Where were you on January 28th ? Nothing is truer than local real estate agencies.

Over the school holidays, many readers will attest to the existence of this cult movement our children , whose foreign dialect and umbilical cord is to the computer and their Internet provider. It is most unfortunate that, in the main, the communication expertise of the younger,does not extend to parents and older generations. However, from Kindy they have been encouraged to develop self esteem confidence and potential. From there ranks will rise the leaders of tomorrow, where expertise will make space life beyond 15days at a time, a reality.

By , tourists will be able to enjoy a 90minute suborbital flight at an altitude of more than km. Because of the lack of transport, and as there were only gravel roads to Strathpine and Aspley, the district was isolated and residents had to make their own entertainment.

The school grounds in those days were much smaller than they are today, the western fence would have been where the tennis court is. The ends of the veranda on the southern side were enclosed to provide some protection from the weather. School Facilities The front of the desk behind us was a backrest but we were told to sit up straight and not lean back. In the desk there were slots for slates, holes for inkwells and racks for books underneath.

In the younger classes, slates were used, and in the higher classes, pen and ink, or pencil, and paper were used. Copy Books were very much a part of school life.

Teaching aids as you have them today just did not exist. No radios, television, slide or movie projectors and no computers — there was no electricity to operate them even if they had been available.

No pocket calculators, just our fingers and toes — and a belt over the ear if we were caught using those. There was a ball frame to teach the little ones to count. There was a large wall chart with similar sentences and words and the teacher used to point to each word in turn, and the pupils would chant out the words like a flock of parrots. If a child made a mistake, there was a possibility that he or she would receive a poke from the pointer.

On Arbour Day in May, a picnic would be held. Not much schoolwork was done and parents used to. Not many of those trees have survived. Break-up day was similar — not much work, but plenty to eat and drink, with races for children and older folk.

These picnic days would end with a dance in the school, and how everyone managed to fit into such a small room is hard to imagine. Music was provided by a man playing a button accordion.

We had no piano and there was no record players as we know them today. Nevertheless, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Of course, there was the usual fight or two outside, but everyone had fun. Supper was served on the trestle tables under the school and tea was brewed in a kerosene tin over an open fire at the back of the school. The school was originally on low stumps some years prior to my attending school.

It was under 6ft 2metres because as I grew up, I would bump my head. When I first attended school, the area under the school was open, but shortly afterwards was enclosed with corrugated iron on the southern and western sides for a protected play area. It had a gravel floor and became quite dusty at times. Benches were fitted around the open sides and we could use them during lunchtime. Hooks were provided on the closed walls for our school bags.

We would leave our lunch in our bags and, sometimes, we would hear a bumping noise under the school. The horse would have escaped from the horse paddock.

As there was only one room, all classes had to be taught together, which made things rather difficult, particularly when there were two teachers. The stairs to the school were to the west of the two camphor laurel trees at the existing parade ground. The District To give you some idea how the district has changed since I attended school, I will tell you of the homes that used to exist then. From Albany Creek Bridge in the right hand side there was the house now occupied by Mrs.

School Days Part 3 Albany Creek State School From the mid-twenties to the mid-thirties, As seen by a student of as presented by Matt Campbell II to the year 7 class of Enrolments The maximum number of children on the roll during my time at school was just under 70 maybe 67 , and the minimum was about New enrolments ranged from 23 in to 19 in with the lowest, 5 in Whenever there was only one teacher, older children would often supervise the junior classes.

Although there were classes from one to eight, sometimes these would be combined to reduce the workload on the teacher. To reduce confusion in the classroom, some classes would be moved out on to the veranda, weather permitting. Teaching and Subjects When a child reached eighth grade, if he or she showed promise, they would be prepared for the Scholarship examination, and if they passed this, they would go a high school or college.

The Scholarship examination was abolished some years ago when Grade eight was transferred to High School. Subjects taught were the ones required for the Scholarship examination, and differ somewhat from those taught today. Teaching methods were completely different, many things being learnt parrot fashion. The cane was a much used teaching aid and was frequently wielded when homework was unsatisfactory. Projects On one afternoon a week, the boys would tend their garden project — dig out the weeds, dig the garden beds, gather horse manure, and carry water.

Sports and sporting facilities Because of the small numbers of children, it was not always possible to participate in competitive sports with other schools, although on one or two occasions we did field a cricket team against Bald Hills and Strathpine Schools.

Generally, games were confined to those requiring small numbers. There was an earth cricket pitch between the school and the road and the surface was so tough that one never knew which way the ball would turn. It was a trial to bowler and batsman alike. Because of the shortage of numbers it was often necessary to include girls in the game, so that we could field two teams. There was a bare earth tennis court between the school and the side fence; this was surrounded by a wire netting fence supported on bush timber posts.

The classrooms now cover the old court. The court was used quite often until the fence wore out, then it was too much trouble to chase the balls. Sporting For a while we played basketball — boys and girls playing together. Athletics as you know them today did not exist for us. On picnic days, there were flat races, wheelbarrow races, sack races, potato races, egg and spoon races, but none of the other events which are held these days. Sporting equipment was difficult to obtain. We were lucky to be given a new cricket ball, and there was much excitement when a new cricket bat or tennis racquet was purchased.

I spent my total school years at Albany Creek with one teacher for approximately 50 pupils attending. Mr Clem Bleakley - he had us scared. No talking in school or the cane was regularly used. I was generally top of the class and here I am, still shovelling fowl manure, whilst others who played a bit dumb at school went on to much more lucrative employment. I remember when electricity was connected and in those days the Scholarship Exam existed.

So generally we left school at 14 having passed through Grade 7, going home to help on the family farm or seeking employment, which was extremely difficult to secure. If you lost your job it was a calamity. The butcher also delivered, as vehicles were few indeed. A horse and cart were generally used. There were about 30 pupils, most of whom walked to school; some rode ponies. At this time there were only two motor vehicles in Albany Creek — both Ford utilities and one belonged to my Farther and the other to Mr Morgan.

The big event of the year was the School Picnic held at the school. With only one teacher, the older pupils would often have to teach the younger children.

I rode my horse to Zillmere and then took the train to the school in George Street, Brisbane. Fred Campbell was minister for Industrial Development in the Queensland Government from to and Minister for Labour Relations from until his retirement. M Campbell was very proud of the school and in was asked to plant a tree to commemorate the Bicentenary.

It still flourishes and in situated between the Admin. Lets look at the prices of the average established house in Brisbane since In considering the hundred students here today aged 15 and think about where they will be in 50 years i. Before you enter the workforce it is important that you determine who you are going to be in the future.

Are you going to be one of the 38 who are dead broke or are you going to be one of the 24 who will reach financial independence? It is fundamental for prosperity within life, to have a strong educational background coupled with budgeting. We all have different incomes. Some of us will prepare to survive on the dole. A good money manager may be typified as follows — 1 save something of every pay, 2 have a definite goal, 3 work to a individual written plan 4 know that budgeting is a must, 5 seek professional advice in purchase and investments, 6 keen to learn and 7 invest in items that gain value.

What are you goals in life? School Days — Part 8 Tom and Margaret Simpson had to live away from the school at Ubanks Farm for two years till a new house was built, after the school house brunt down in July Tom and Margaret were the Albany creek vice regals with Tom as headmaster from to , in every way they were great role models. A real team effort and a guaranteed couple to support every district every endeavour to ensure their charges got the chance.

Not just a career in teaching, a life dedicated to teaching. Top of mind experiences, outings to Strathpine Picture Theatres on the back of Eddie Meaghers pig truck holding on for dear life to the swill drums. Swimming at Leitches Crossing and swinging off a rope over the wall.

As I move around the schools and admire the leadership of Bronwyn Campbell Albany Hills , Lyn Rutley Albany Creek High , Clyde Campbell Eatons Hill and Rob Pearce Albany Creek , who tackle a far more complex set of demands, I admire the pioneering style of Tom and Margaret Simpson and often reflect upon their influence, inclusiveness and teaching skills, that helps me today and every day.

Men were allowed to smoke at their desks — women were not. Today we live in a more enlightened society where numerous females purchase in their own right; contribute borrowing leverage to increase family affordability and take work, rearing children, and home making all in their stride.

When Ellen McConachie came to Albany Creek as a young bride in , it was from the robust inner suburb of Windsor with 15, residents to a quiet backwater of less than men, women and children. The closest bus stop to Albany Creek was outside the Royal Exchange Hotel Aspley Pub and vehicles were mainly produce carriers, not personal transport conveyors like today. If you wanted the bus you simply walked to it and many a time Albany Creek residents walked to Aspley or the tram terminus at Chermside.

Only the increasing cost of fuel and mayhem of road congestion will effect change. However, if the modern alternative is available, the quicker will always win, irrespective of the cost. Just drive past our local schools at start and finish times. Time moves on. The one and only, that carried everything from newspapers to groceries.

It is marked by two historical camphor laurel trees that flanked the front of the shop and refuse to die despite the best effort of council to poison them. The question is, are we better off? Do we really have more? Karl Marx preached that capitalist competition leads to capital concentration, i. The corporate boardroom pack mentality of today seems to see profit by acquisition and to a lesser extent, profit by margins trading and service. The European attitudinal approach as compared with that of the indigenous was as wide as the Pacific.

Prior to July 16, , the aboriginal culture was clear. In the real estate industry, the sales patter of the franchisee and marketing groups seems clone-like.

Numerous groups are now owned by non-agents. When you make your next purchase, invest in yourself and shop locally. Even if the short-term cost is greater by cents, its makes sense to support the passionate independents.

I would not have survived the rigors of life with the local Jagera Tribe. Sibling Help 1 Please email any property details to me so that it can be part of this ongoing research data on the property market.

I need your street address, date of purchase and price, date of sale and price. Email direct to peter petercampbellrealty. The first home owner needs a family assisted boost to buy in. The album struck a balance between the sinister keyboard-laden textures of Liquid Swords and the sentimental soul samples of Cuban Linx , while Ghostface himself explored new territory as a lyricist. Ironman was critically acclaimed and is still widely considered to be one of the best of Wu-Tang solo albums.

With their solo careers firmly established, the Wu-Tang Clan reassembled to release their second studio album, Wu-Tang Forever , in June ; it debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. The album's lead single, " Triumph ", is over five minutes long, features nine verses one from each member plus Cappadonna and excluding Ol' Dirty Bastard who appeared on the intro and bridge , and no hook or a repeated phrase.

The group's lyrics differed significantly from those of 36 Chambers , with many verses written in a dense stream of consciousness form heavily influenced by the teachings of the Five Percent Nation. Following Wu-Tang Forever , the focus of the Wu-Tang empire largely shifted to the promoting of emerging affiliated artists. Killah Priest , a close associate of the group, released Heavy Mental in March That same month, Cappadonna released his debut album The Pillage.

Affiliated groups Sunz of Man and Killarmy also released well-received albums, followed by Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm —a compilation album released in , showcasing these and more Wu-affiliated artists, and including new solo tracks from the group members themselves. The Swarm sold well and was certified gold.

Second albums from Gravediggaz and Killarmy, as well as a greatest hits album and a b-sides compilation, also eventually saw release. The second round of solo albums from Wu-Tang saw second efforts from the five members who had already released albums, as well as debuts from all the remaining members, with the exception of Masta Killa.

RZA also composed the score for the film Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai , directed by Jim Jarmusch , while he and other Wu-Tang members contributed music to a companion "music inspired by the film" album.

The avalanche of Wu-Tang product between and was considered by some critics to have resulted in an oversaturation that was responsible for Wu-Tang's decline in popularity, or at least in critical regard during that time period.

The group reconvened once again to make The W , though without Ol' Dirty Bastard, who was at the time incarcerated in California for violating the terms of his probation.

Ol' Dirty Bastard's vocals were recorded via the telephones used for inmates to talk with visitors, while in prison. The W was released in November , and was mostly well received by critics, [26] particularly for RZA's production, and also gave the group a hit single with the uptempo " Gravel Pit ", part of a trilogy of videos where the group would visit different eras with a time traveling elevator, which also included "Protect Ya Neck The Jump Off " and "Careful Click, Click ", which were then followed by "I Can't Go to Sleep" featuring Isaac Hayes.

The album would go on to reach double platinum status. In , Wu-Tang Clan released Iron Flag , an album which made extensive use of outside producers and guests. Its crossover vibe and features, including Ron Isley , Flavor Flav , and prominent producers Trackmasters , marked it as a lighter fare; while critically praised, it gained a less than stellar reputation with fans. This may be related to tension that arose within the group when it was revealed that Cappadonna's manager was, or had been, a police informant, a revelation that also brought on the manager's subsequent firing.

Around this time, Method Man began his acting career, along with close collaborator Redman , by starring in the stoner comedy film How High In early , U-God apparently left the group in disgust. A DVD titled Rise of a Fallen Soldier was released detailing his problems, which were mostly with his treatment by RZA, who he claimed had hindered his success as a solo artist.

He has since returned to the group. They embarked on a short European tour before coming together as a complete group for the first time in several years to headline the Rock the Bells festival in California [ citation needed ]. The concert was released on CD under the name Disciples of the 36 Chambers: Chapter 1 , and they also released a music-video greatest hits album, Legend of the Wu-Tang Clan. Ol' Dirty Bastard 's career in Wu-Tang was marked by erratic behavior.

In late , Ol' Dirty Bastard unexpectedly escaped near the end of his rehab sentence, spending one month on the run as a fugitive before showing up on stage at the record release party for The W in New York City. He managed to escape the club but was later captured by police in Philadelphia and sent to New York to face charges of cocaine possession.

In April , he was sentenced to two to four years in prison. The collaborative record received good reviews and played fairly well with fans, who by and large had been waiting to see the Wu step up the quality of their releases. On March 28, , Ghostface Killah released Fishscale , to much critical acclaim and some commercial success.

The album also offered an expansion of Ghostface's traditional sound—precipitated by the moderately successful club song "Be Easy" and battle rhymes in the Just Blaze -produced "The Champ". After its reception from fans, label Def Jam asked Ghostface Killah to release another album that year; the result, More Fish , excited fans and critics somewhat less.

On June 25, , Inspectah Deck released a street album entitled The Resident Patient , a prelude to his upcoming album, titled The Rebellion , which is said to be his final solo album. Despite what the rapper felt to be little promotion compared to other Def Jam artists, The summer of was the original release date scheduled for Raekwon's long-anticipated sequel to his debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx , entitled Only Built 4 Cuban Linx The album was to be released on Dr.

Ghostface Killah released his seventh full-length album The Big Doe Rehab in December , and exactly one week later, Wu-Tang released their fifth full-length group album, 8 Diagrams , [35] on Steve Rifkind's SRC Records , [36] whose now-defunct Loud Records released the group's four previous albums. This album marked the inclusion of Cappadonna as an official member of the group. Wu-Tang" without RZA production. Almost a year later, U-God released his third solo album entitled Dopium , which features guest appearances from several Wu-Tang members, and affiliates, among others, and was met with mostly lukewarm reviews.

This music is totally in the chamber, or in the mind-frame of Wu-Tang like in the [ Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers ] days. But it's not a Wu-Tang album. The whole Clan's not on this album. But it couldn't be in any other category but Wu-Tang. September saw the release of the long anticipated album; Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II which features guest appearances from several big-name artists, and Clan members, with Ghostface being the most prominent, and also production from RZA, Dr.

Dre , Pete Rock , and J Dilla , among others. Talk of the album Shaolin vs. Raekwon stated "[It'll] be alter egos challenging each other, really allowing RZA to fall back on the production and allowing us to give him a flashback memory to the things we know we need from the abbot [RZA].

We want him to be involved [with the album as an MC], but the concept was for him not to be involved production-wise. Speaking to MTV. I want some feedback from the fans to see how they would take that. RZA produced tracks, some other outside producers, of course, and we gonna have Wu-Tang members on the album, but it'll be a Rae, Ghost and Meth album.

Soon after, Ghostface Killah cemented the details: the record—featuring other Wu-Tang Clan members—will consist primarily of him, Method Man, and Raekwon. The title, as announced in three separate trailers directed by Rik Cordero promoting the upcoming release, is Wu-Massacre. Speaking on their willingness to complete the album, Ghost said the three would begin recording within the next few months and estimated the release date to be the end of or January More recently, it was announced that the album would be pushed back from December to March 30, ; [47] the single, "Meth vs.

Chef Part II," was released after the announcement. Produced by Mathematics , it is an update of the song "Meth vs. It had been confirmed by Raekwon that Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang would in fact be his next solo album [48] and that Wu-Massacre is a separate project, while the rapper stated that he himself had petitioned to have Wu-Massacre ' s release date postponed in order to yield more studio time.

This included exclusive, unreleased freestyles. It was limited to downloads before the page was disabled after this figure was reached. In September , RZA announced that he had inked a deal with digital music company The Orchard to release the Wu-Tang Clan's back catalogue worldwide digitally, for the first time. In addition to forthcoming material, the Wu-Tang Clan's catalogue includes 13 previous releases that have been previously unavailable digitally, including recordings by the group as a whole, U-God, Wu-Syndicate, Killarmy, Shyheim, West Coast Killa Beez , Black Knights and others, and would be available online beginning September Hip-hop is alive in Wu Music, and with The Orchard, we've got a solid partner that understands our audience and is committed to doing all they can to help us reach the fans.

I'm definitely looking forward to working with them to see what else we all come up with. There's much more to come. On June 29, , Raekwon announced that the group were working on a new studio album, still in early stages. Members went back and forth on the issue. While GZA hinted that a new album was unlikely, [53] the RZA said a new Wu-Tang Clan album might happen after all, on the occasion of the group's 20th anniversary, [54] though Raekwon doubted it. On January 9, , work on the sixth Wu-Tang Clan album was announced via the group's official Facebook page.

Unreleased verses from Ol' Dirty Bastard will also be featured on the album. In August , a reporter from Forbes traveled to Marrakech to meet Cilvaringz and hear a second snippet of a song from the album, which featured Cher. The album is encased in a handcrafted silver-and-nickel box made by British-Moroccan artist Yahya and features never-before-heard music recorded over years.

The group's latest album The Saga Continues was released in He uses "the sampler more like a painter's palette than a Xerox. Then again, I might use it as a Xerox if I find rare beats that nobody had in their crates yet". He played much of the piano himself, with Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk as major influences; for instance, he created the piano part to "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" after watching the Thelonious Monk documentary, Straight, No Chaser.

West's own take on RZA's style [95] briefly flooded the rap market with what was dubbed "chipmunk soul", the pitch bending of a vocal sample to where it sounded as though the singer had inhaled helium. Several producers at the time copied the style, creating other offshoots.

West has admitted that his style was distinctly influenced by RZA's production, [96] and RZA has acknowledged his influence in an issue of Scratch magazine , saying he wished he had produced "Jesus Walks" and "Breathe", two hits produced by Kanye West and Just Blaze, respectively. Kanye West commented:. Me and my friends talk about this all the time We think Wu-Tang had one of the biggest impacts as far as a movement. From slang to style of dress, skits, the samples.

Similar to the [production] style I use, RZA has been doing that. Raekwon 's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx The landmark album touted a lifestyle patterned on drug dealing, regrets of living in harsh conditions, and partying including popularizing the Cristal brand of champagne which Nas , Mobb Deep , Notorious B.

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