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Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Master Release. Hard Rock. Chris Glen Bass.

Cowbell 3 Booking. John Jackson 18 Booking. Yukio Maehara Cover, Art Direction. Cozy Powell Drums. Seiji Okumura Engineer. Michael Schenker Lead Guitar. Cliff Burnstein Management. David Krebs Management. Peter Mensch Management. Reconnaissance Mission. The Confederation Forever. If You Listen Carefully. Ah, Beautiful Dancer. Nahala-Yam Koong. Passacaglia With Chorus. Dandy Richmond. Heart-Softening BGM 1. Heart-Softening Theme.

An Old Story. Carried On Rippling Waves. Every Day is a Carnival. We are Number Wuff! A Busting Town. Song of the Do-Re-Mi Fairies. On A Sunny Day. The Vast Sea. A One-Point March. Striking to Your Heart's Content. His nose twitched at the smell of blood, as did the mysterious girl's. The hanyou hesitated.

It will make this much more difficult, but I think we can manage. Sesshoumaru pressed his lips into a small line for a moment.

Although you still have not responded to my other request. She knew what he meant, but kept her eyes on the hinges of the iron door. The demon lord watched as she lifted her hands to the crux of the bars and furrowed her brow in concentration. A pink light streamed from her hands and she quickly moved, so that it would touch all three hinges. The glow died and the door fell from its frame into her waiting arms.

She let it rest on the ground, careful to avoid making too much noise. Sesshoumaru, meanwhile, had been allowing his thoughts to click into place as he solved the puzzle the girl had presented to him.

How had he not realized it earlier? He had just been thinking of her vexing habits a few moments before her arrival. The girl nodded solemnly as a cloud seemed to pass over her expression. He might not have cared, but he couldn't easily ignore his idiot brother yelling that name during their battles. As he crossed the threshold of his cell, his baser instincts were telling him to pounce upon her and destroy this girl that had so insulted him, but he restrained himself.

Hanyou or not, he had made a promise and honor forbade him to break it. Kagome just nodded once again and gestured for him to follow her, which he did with a slight frown creasing the edges of his mouth. If she intended for him to accompany her, she had better not expect him to act like a lap dog. She pulled open the heavy wooden door and glided through with her cloak whispering against the flagstone floor. Sesshoumaru paused in the doorway and looked to either side of the small, dimly light chamber.

Two guards, including the boar sentry, had been slaughtered. For a moment, he marveled at Kagome's obvious skill, but quickly erased the thought. It was a statement, not a question, but Kagome took it as one anyway. I couldn't exactly flirt my way past them, could I?

Before he passed through the small antechamber, he considered the bodies of the dead youkai once again. Their spears had not been used and their eyes held a look of complete astonishment. These men had been killed unaware of their predator.

Even Sesshoumaru knew the meaning of 'killed in cold blood' and this scene exemplified that. They had not the slightest chance to defend themselves. He stole a glance at the miko, who stood waiting for him at the opposite side of the tiny room. I only killed the guards I met on my way. More may come. Sesshoumaru crossed to her and pushed the door closed silently.

I do not like to enter into battle without knowledge of my surroundings. We're about two miles from the castle of the lord who put you here, so reinforcements cannot easily be called. I destroyed the beacon though, so if anyone is aware of our presence, it will take them awhile to get new soldiers out here. Her eyes glittered as she looked at the sullied demon lord before her.

What a shame. Sesshoumaru watched the brief play of emotion across her face, but refocused onto the task at hand. Why would a lord keep his most dangerous captives away from his castle?

Kagome arched a red and black eyebrow at him. Why make it easier for them to get there? A proper guard should be able to respond quickly enough to contain any danger," he retorted. The girl shrugged. The location of the tower in relation to the castle will aid us in this instance, so let's not look a gift horse in the mouth, okay?

He tried to process her strange words, but came up with nothing and decided that it was not relevant. She reached for the door and opened it wide to reveal a spiraling staircase.

Truly fresh air raced down it, causing Sesshoumaru's hair to ripple slightly in the breeze. He sniffed delicately, trying to refrain from inhaling deeply in the miko's presence. Just because he looked like a barbarian in his tattered clothing, didn't mean he had to act as one.

He was still the Western Lord. The girl had begun to trudge up the slick stairs, not bothering to lift the front of her robe to prevent her from slipping on the stone.

They climbed up for what must have been twenty feet when they came to another door, this one solid iron. Flexing her claws and crouching slightly, Kagome tossed a glance over her shoulder. He breathed in through his nose and immediately drew back at the pungent scent of blood. If Sesshoumaru was shocked at her fierce manner, he didn't say anything as he once again followed her through the doorway.

A similar scene to that of the antechamber lay before them. Three guards had been taken by surprise and killed in an instant. Claw marks across their throats ensured against them calling for assistance. Even the Western Lord had to admit that his new companion was a decent assassin. The question was, how would she perform in real combat?

He noticed just in time that Kagome had paused in the hallway, and stopped gracefully before hitting her from behind. She turned and let out a half-developed gasp when she realized how close he had been. Her eyes traveled up from his chest to his pale, aggravated face and she immediately countered it with one of her own. Sesshoumaru lifted his head and glanced down the length of the corridor at the door that surely was an exit. Perpendicular to it, the hall branched off and he could hear the shuffling of several youkai prisoners.

He wrinkled his nose slightly. Did no one in this place bathe? Kagome chuckled softly at her comrade's obvious discomfort, earning her a growl and a flex of the poison claw in her direction. She dismissed it. He had promised not to kill her, and she knew he would be bound by honor to uphold that. His breath tickled her cheeks and nose as he looked down at her. The miko stepped back, suddenly aware of their proximity to each other but refusing to blush.

This lord is cruel to his prisoners and I want it to stop, for these guys at least. Sesshoumaru's thoughts flickered back to the food and lodgings of the past five months and grimly nodded his assent.

She glared at him for a moment before sprinting away down the hall. You're going to have to get used to that. He gritted his teeth against her insolence.

A few cries of joy came to his ears and the Western Lord slowly padded his way down to the cells for less dangerous youkai than himself. When he turned the corner, he was surprised to see that there were only six cells, three facing their mirrors along a short hall.

He frowned, momentarily insulted that he had been imprisoned in such a rudimentary building. Kagome stood in the middle of the corridor with her hands fading from a soft pink to her normal flesh color. Four demons were now stretching and grinning as they stepped out of their cells. Some definitely looked the worse for wear.

Kagome herself was frowning in concentration, but the expression vanished as one of the prisoners embraced her as he passed. The miko looked down to see a young demon with feathered wings protruding from his back. He pulled away and looked up at her with violently green eyes. Kagome was troubled to see that the child was no older than ten. Kami himself must have sent you. I'm going to maintain the website as an archive, a rememberance of some really fun years.

Enjoy the photos and construction details. Use what you can, enjoy the rest. And Thanks Again! Dan Burke. He has the most unique design features I've ever seen in a reso, and it works! Every one has a crisp, clear and resonant sound quality to it, and the tone - it just makes you want to play it.

And the workmanship is impeccable.

Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. Of course his sense of smell was the only ability that had not been affected Burke Had Reason - Miko Sangello - Oxigeno (File the enchanted fortifications. The momentum your bat has at impact. Create Account. Thanks a lot, keep up the good work! I do not associate with half-breeds like yourself. Gary Barden Vocals. Confrontation With Monsters, Again. Or hanyous for that matter.
Youth Club Dance - The Cortinas - Punk Rock Anthology (CD), Desperado - Eagles - Desperado / One Of These Nights (CD), Вперед - Various - Greenpeace Breakthrough (Vinyl, LP), Capital Girl - Various - Discomax (CD)

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