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Mad Love Tom Ferry Remix. Mad Love Bayza Remix. Lucky Interlude Interlude. Mad Love Dope Ammo remix. Mad Love Heroless Remix. BAm Bam. Land Of Sex. Mad Love Heroless Flip. Come To Light M.

J Moonlight Mix OK. Mad Love Acoustic Acoustic. Don't Let Me Down. J Moonlight Mix. One Shot Japan Bonus Track. Bum Bum M. Alternative Mix. Plus One remix edit. Living On My Own. Hey I Love You.

Mad Love Stripped Version. The Shower M. Water Radio. Create playlist. Catalog Recent searches. Profile Best songs Albums Similar music Playlists. Related artists Solid Base. It is also a process of self-discovery. Some of us lean into […].

Self-care has gotten a bad rap. Bubble baths. But what does self-care really look like? My Current Experience of Self-Care When Ed was in the hospital, self-care to me meant going home every night to sleep in our bed. The alternative was a hard, too […].

And out of that would come the writing. Some people had freckles or olive skin, but they all had […]. Exhale with Words In meditation, we follow the breath in and out. We track body sensations, thoughts, and the movement of the mind.

Meditation wakes us up to our lives. It offers a way to see the world in a clear, neutral way. When we write, we breathe in sensory details, digest them, and […]. Your Words are Your Wings As writers, we often feel responsible for speaking out, speaking up. In times of strife, pandemic, revolution, both silence signals complicity. What if you could make it easier for readers to write reviews? Instead of requiring our readers to scroll and scan an Amazon page to find the review page link, what if we could send them directly to the page where […].

They were Italian. Despite […]. It says I have nothing to offer since I have barely written all month. Ed, my husband, continues his amazing recovery […]. I could relate. The second week my husband was in the hospital, after they closed the doors to visitors and implemented […]. This is an excellent strategy. Many writing contests offer publication as the prize. But even winning […]. Write 50, words of fiction during the 30 days of November. No problem, right? But how? The single most effective way to win National Novel Writing […].

But How Do You Start? Not only had he read the book, but he surprised me during the interview […]. I was born August 28th, so yesterday was my birthday. Deadline is October 31st, Poetry should be no more than 40 lines. Insecurity is the price of living. I pitch journalists, podcasters, radio […]. The Name. But […]. My […]. I really appreciate your thoughtful response and encouragement. Read the entire review here! Another time perhaps. Be sure to head over […]. Please note the trigger warning.

Be sure to follow Beka on Twitter! With little fanfare or notice to anyone except Ed, the onehundredpercentgoodhusband, my sister Amy and I hopped in her convertible and drove north up Route 23 to Putnam County, the part of Ohio where […].

I cannot think of one single legal thing you should not do when you hold that very first brand spanking new copy of your very first, brand spanking new book in your shaky hands. But what should you do? New Website Coming Soon! As I previously mentioned, I have the best friends.

Thanks Stephanie for the fabulous unicorn mug! Sorry my hand is over the image. You can see it on Amazon [Affiliate Link]. The joys keep coming! Check out that badge! The marketing wizards at Mango Publishing continue to amaze me. We love Preorders!! Last night this happened! I am so grateful to Mango Publishing for the care with which they are taking to launch my precious book baby into the world! Feel free to preorder now and please, stay tuned!!

A reporter for Healthline. I normally do. Morgan was always up for a cold-weather workout as well. The right gear makes all the difference.

The article explains my usual winter running attire: Sweeney will put on two […]. The upper respiratory infection aka common cold that has laid waste to most of central Ohio struck me as well. When I asked the onehundredpercentgoodhusband to pick up some bone broth at the grocery, he arrived home with this selection. Ed, the onehundredpercentgoodhusband, and I long ago stopped giving each other presents on holidays. Instead, we go to a nice restaurant.

I may have squealed just a teensy bit when I saw the daily […]. We like to run on Monday mornings, usually three miles. I often run an extra mile, but not today. I was still tired from the weekend and there were only two of us. Another regular was recovering from […]. It was deafening! Eventually, […]. Be led by the dreams in your heart. Bennett, The Light in the Heart The holidays are over. Perhaps you have extra time on your hands. Maybe you also have an Amazon gift card burning a hole […].

I was recently interviewed for an article on Health. I failed to tell her that I also sometimes wear funny hats to stave […]. Last night, the onehundredpercentgoodhusband made pork tenderloin with pomegranate.

It was luscious. He substituted carrots for the sweet potatoes suggested in the photo since I prefer them and they are slightly lower on the glycemic index. It […]. Yellow Labrador retrievers like Morgan and Scarlet the ninetyninepercentgooddog have a distinct color pattern on their backs called angel wings.

I […]. After I graduated from law school, when I was first a research consultant and then […]. Since I know […]. My poor husband. I probably snore. The onehundredpercentgoodhusband is kind enough not to complain about that. But I am definitely a writer. As such, I keep a small notepad, a flashlight, and a pen by the bed. You know! To capture those brilliant insights that pop into my head in the moments before I fall […].

Four times a year, I go to a weekend writing retreat. I love my husband and dog. I love my friends and family. And, sometimes, I just need to be alone. My rat terrier, Tony, and I won first […]. After a long day of traveling, hubby and I found ourselves ten minutes from home at dinner time.

We stopped at the new Hen Quarter in Dublin. Fried chicken. Shrimp and grits. Brussel sprouts. Macaroni and cheese. And, happiness! Lemon ricotta ravioli with rainbow chard filled the void! As my husband and I age, the thrill of attending Ohio State football games at Ohio Stadium has waned. But today, we made […]. On Wednesday nights, a small contingent of my running pace group meets for a few mid-week miles.

This week we did four in the thick, humid, central Ohio air. Still green trees and three small deer cheered us on. After, some of us often go out for a meal, but this week, everyone else needed […]. Yes, I would like some cheese with this whine. The timing for illness is never good, but wow. It did not disappoint! Featured: The onehundredpercentgoodhusband in his much […]. This is a serious first world problem, I know, but I prefer to leave the house and write in coffeehouses and libraries.

Writing takes both physical and mental […]. It was delicious. Sports fans often ask their athlete idols what they eat. Do readers wonder what famous writers eat? Thankfully, Ed, the one hundred percent good husband, does most of the cooking. Sitting in the classroom at Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, New Mexico, I watched as best-selling author Natalie Goldberg picked up her cheap spiral notebook, flipped to the back, and showed us […].

We did a little running today — ten miles. And there were unicorns to cheer us on! Up close and personal! Does your running group have unicorns? If not, maybe you should join ours! Some days, days like today, when the new computer is unsatisfactory and needs to be returned, the old computer is on the fritz which is why you bought the new computer , but the new computer has not yet been returned and the even newer computer has not yet arrived, the roof is leaking and must […].

I entered a contest. I thought the picture of the prize was ugly. We had to name three ingredients to include in a sushi roll. I listed the three most disgusting things I could think of. But, the joke was on me. I won! The pupperina that is. She broke the TV. The TV was on a table. She was tethered to the table. But this time, she jumped just right and pulled just right and whirled just right. And crash, down went the TV. It fell — just […]. And no, I am not writing.

Sometimes you need a day off. No one ever said it would be easy. But no one told me running would be easy and many tried to warn me about how difficult writing could be.

When I first began blogging in April of , I thought of each title the way a poet might. I was idealistic and much younger then. I was still in MFA school. And, I […]. A polite rejection is followed by placement as a finalist in a contest which is followed by a not-so-polite rejection which is followed by an email telling me that a different contest has decided not to select a winner at […].

In a previous post, I explained how agents and editors expect authors to have a social media presence before pitching a book. I did not mention how daunting I found this fact. For fourteen years, Morgan aka Mr. Dawg , served as my writing helper. But Scarlet, the ninetyninepercentgooddog, is up to the task. Eight months later, […]. It is not news that editors and agents want a writer to have a following.

Today is back to school day for many kids in our central Ohio neighborhoods. My brother just texted a photo of his grandson my great nephew heading off to first grade. My sister posted photos on Facebook of her grandchildren. Two are going to elementary school and the oldest to his first year of middle […].

My dog is too adorable. Will you look at those paws!! I must share photos. Today, I spent a fabulous afternoon in the company of writers. I only recently discovered the lovely Red and Howling collection of prints and collectibles by Amy Luwis. Project Precious Rescue was created for the countless animals, who without shelters, rescues, volunteers and […]. From her experience raising funds for San Luis Obispo NightWriters, she shares tips and shortcuts to make your event a success!

According to a Facebook comment clearly NOT fake news : The common principal psychoactive ingredient in cacoa is anandamide, a proto-endocannabidiol similar in synaptic action as THC.

Today, the Columbus Dispatch published yet another letter to the editor written by Ed Sweeney, my husband. In this retreat we read the writers of […]. I love how my friends look out for me! Recently, a friend asked for my best writing advice. Like me, she is bipolar.

Perhaps she expected me to talk about craft or […]. She had a lovely birthday party at the fabulous local doggy daycare, Puptown Lounge. I have to wait until her growth plates are completely closed […]. Back in , I reported that sitting hence writing might be killing us. Register online here. She has studied with me […]. Do you dream of studying with my long-time teacher, best-selling author Natalie Goldberg?

It was my dream for many years before I made it a reality. Nat has updated her website with new workshops. It was life-changing for me.

Five miles done. The internal censor usually squelches them, so we live in the realm of second and third thoughts, thoughts on thought, twice and three times removed from the direct connection of the first fresh flash.

Columbus has a thriving poetry community as well. Follow her on Facebook. Yes there are sometimes life circumstances that exacerbate the disease, but not always. In […]. Rewrite sentences containing those words by using active verbs. The resulting sentences will be stronger and tighter. In one scene, young Quenton Cassidy, the main character, learns basketball tips from a famous one-on-one player.

The professional […]. I am not. I use cheat sheets like this. I also hire editors or ask friends to read my work. My tired legs were intermittently cramping and the bottoms of my feet ached.

One of the most frequent questions I get in person and on-line is how to find a writing group. I found my first writing group by randomly walking into a coffeeshop and noticing two women doing writing practice. I walked right up and asked if I could join them. My second writing group I formed […]. You know, that thing you get when things are going well and people ask for stuff and if you give it to them your dreams might come […]. I created this list using Querytracker.

I began with publishers who only require queries, then […]. Like many folks I know, I spend way too much time on social media and possibly on […]. I hoped to revise Twenty-Six Point Freaking Two, the running memoir, and submit it to additional independent publishers. This will result in greater peace of mind. First, I wanted to complete last […]. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body.

It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. Because in writing, I become a little bit more of myself. We write anyway. I read carefully and with gusto. I read for pace and plot and character. I read to find holes and places where it lagged. The author had […]. My most recent present came in the form of an email from Cynthia Rosi, host of the podcast Word Carver which […]. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words.

Gratitude is shown in acts. I cannot remember a time in the fourteen year history of Write Now Newsletter when I directly asked. The newsletter has been my community service, a gift to central […]. Someone accessed my WordPress dashboard, began running some kind of storefront out of a secret page they had created on my site, sent fraudulent emails a Nigerian […].

It usually goes out on the third and takes […]. My mood had lifted. My arms and […]. This year when reviewing my writing skills, I looked back over the rules of writing practice as set forth in Writing Down the Bones.

And if I self-publish, what if no one wants to read it? If I had worried about these things before […]. To many folks this means pumpkin spice, football, marathons, and ghosts. To me, it means […]. But guess what? I met my goal of querying […].

I was complaining about the daunting task of sending query letters. And the rejections are so depressing. Considering […]. Make positive effort for the good. I had the honor of speaking in Taos at the thirtieth anniversary celebration of Writing Down the Bones, the best-selling book by my teacher, Natalie Goldberg.

Friday […]. Ed, my husband, is a fantastic chef. Instead, I share my experience. And my experience is that paralyzing self-doubt comes with the territory. The more I learn […]. After journalism school, law school, and an M. But after giving it some […]. There will always be people who are much better at doing this or that — but you are the only you. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.

And […]. Habit is more dependable. Habit will help you finish and polish your stories. Habit is persistence in practice. Butler Several writing habits keep me involved in the practice. The first is an on-line writing group I joined back […]. Teaching reminds me of all the things I forget between classes. I have to review the materials, especially the rules of writing […]. I continue to layer the mental health thread through it. Goodrich Daydreaming gets a bad rap.

In our culture, if your mind wanders, you are labeled lazy and unproductive, two of the worst things you can be called. Yesterday at the Capital City Half Marathon, my pace coach Lynne brought signs for those of us who were cheering.

Today as the dog and I ran through our neighborhood I wore a multi-colored skirt with attached shorts and a matching tech […]. You can get hurt, but you enjoy it.

Their words were sometimes difficult to hear, […]. Unfortunately it lists toward the negative. If my mind drifts too far into the future, it projects tons of excruciating work followed by showers of rejection letters not to mention the death […].

The ginormous manuscript about running my first marathon which was , words on October 31, now stands at 83, words approximately the length of many published […].

It was a tiny dictionary. Then, when you are certain you are on the verge of insanity…edit one more time! Webb I continue to remove as many words as I can from the crazy huge manuscript about running my first marathon. My latest trick […]. Sometimes an entire scene must go, but more often I whittle at the subcutaneous fat deep […]. It supplements the tiny eraser on the end of my mechanical pencil which would quickly run out if I used it […]. I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.

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This is an excellent strategy. If I had worried about these things before […]. Posted: December 4, Index Cards Posted: October 10, The Big Picture Posted: May 25, I spent yesterday in endnote-land. Sitting in the classroom at Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, New Mexico, I watched as best-selling author Natalie Goldberg picked up her cheap spiral notebook, flipped to the back, and showed us […]. Eight months later, […]. Wednesday 29 July
Speakerphone - Kylie* - X (CD, Album), Helt Off - Marknadens Soldat (File, Album), Olen Ikka Vahest Mõelnud - Jäägermeistrid - Bajadeere (Cassette, Album), Pliers, Mikey Melody - Pliers Meet Mikey (Vinyl)

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  3. Mabel - Bum Bum Home Tracks Mabel Bum Bum. Overview; Info & Stats; Mabel - Bum Bum ; Google Search Songstats Pre-Save To Collection: Short Link; tl/pvd Statistics; Total Tracklist Plays: 12x: First Played: Feb. The Trixx - The Trixxcast Trixxcast 29 .
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  5. MABEL - BUM BUM (CHANSON) Label: Emi Music: Entrée: 17/03/ (Position 36) Dernière semaine: 09/06/ (Position 95) Top: 32 (1 sem.) CD-Maxi: 20/11/ Alternative Radio Mix: Bum Bum: WEA Single CD-Maxi: 20/11/ M.T.J. Oh! Oh! Mix: Bum Bum: WEA Single CD-Maxi: 20/11/ AM/PM Extended.
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