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Swarms of visual sounds sweep through the landscape, breaking down in electronic beats. Dead Body Collection continues to stand as one of the more serious purveyors of the Harsh Noise Wall scene. With the effective manipulation of rumbling static textures and deafening sonic intensities, these multitude layers of distorted monolithic noise frequencies eventually crush the listener into a state of hellish delirium.

More ballet-themed "wallish" harsh noise from The Rita! This 7-inch issued in an edition of individually numbered copies is presented in a cardboard sleeve with an insert.

The Traumatone underwater contact mics attached directly to the lures meant that every sound after the various lingcod took the lure and mic inside their throats was captured for further analogue manipulation. Dead Body Collection merges two noise genres with unique creative sound methodologies, amplified and redefined to an even greater level of sonic brutality. A subtle alchemy which evolves progressively with loud layered rhythms, psychedelic synths, crackling noises and unexpected breaks.

These 2 tracks combine the unique and creative characteristics of each individual artist, resulting in an album of densely treated concrete electronic sounds of Dedali, and over-layed by the harsh noise elements of Merzbow. This release displays the constructive culmination of both artists working seamlessly together to produce an album that builds up at different junctures the calming ambient drones, to the interweaving of apocalyptic and tormenting soundscape of claustrophobic resonating frenzy.

Singapore import. A solo release by prolific experimental and harsh noise artist Richard Ramirez, who works under many aliases including Werewolf Jerusalem and Black Leather Jesus just to name a few , and is one of the earliest purveyors of the Houston experimental noise scene. This album contains two tracks. At times resembling 'Metal Machine Music' steeped in psycho-sexual dread and reshaped into something much more malevolent, 'Pursuit' is filled with cancerous black electronic pulses and bursts of erotically-tinged horror created with an array of distorted guitar, k-pads, autoharp, violin, percussion, electronic sound generators and synthesizers.

Lots of photos and memorabilia are also included. C - K 2. Quaxar - Ominous Scrab 3. Neo Zelanda - Morgana 4. Zumbi-2 - Frecuencias 5. Formed in , the noise project presents a Giallo horror-slasher themed work, with the cooperative input of Canada's The Rita a.

Sam McKinlay. Expect nothing less than a double dose of relentless textural noise intensities as they put you through the aural abuse of pure abrasive harshness. The 3 tracks build up from low rumbling and metallic screeches to the ultimate culmination of ear shattering shrills and dynamic reverb. Leo Sabatto, a frequent collaborator and partner of Macronympha doesn't hold back and delivers more than an hour of ear blasting tirade of violent frequencies that guarantee to exacerbate any mental anguish.

Expect an aural journey of post-industrial influences with modern sonic elements, all beautifully written and creatively arranged through complex electronic manipulation. This mind trip, almost dreamlike and surreal, reveals a soundtrack-like atmosphere that overwhelms at many junctures throughout the album.

This second chapter sees him move away from the earlier stages of chaotic electronic incongruity into a religious and philosophical environment. This album entirely revolves around a meditative soundscape of calming ambience. A mortuary refrigerator containing high dosed autolytic treatments and segmental aponeuroses.

This intriguing project marries sound experimentalist Justin Wiggans' immersed expedition of field recordings, samples, treated loops and drones manifested through the calming nature of Maurizio Bianchi's almost ambient soundscapes. The basis of this album revolves around the churn of machinery and throbbing pulses of mechanized loops. The overall ambience of analog sounds derived from field recordings, tape loops, radio static from a compact stereo and a damaged vinyl ebb and flow through the various layers, exuding a bleak reality of an industrialized dystopia.

Edition of copies. Akin to what your worst nightmares are made of, nightmarish visions of nefarious delirium manifest through the extreme electronic soundscapes and eerie chants to low frequency growls of hatred.

This darkened industrial noise release absorbs you into a sonic environment of relentless nihilistic mayhem that destroys the human soul. Free As Dead is another project of prolific French harsh noise wall artist Romain Perrot, who deviates from his other known projects like Vomir and Falot. Free As Dead builds its disturbing ambience with harsh funeral organ noise, and together with the collaborative efforts of Andy Bolus Evil Moisture 'Tombeau Vital' creates an almost soundtrack-like horror story revolving around Perrot's pervasive alter ego of a B-grade masked monster and his doll captive.

Independently, they both deliver their own trademark styles of audio mayhem that have been personally developed and reinvented over the years through active participation in the experimental noise scene. Sean E. Matzus of Black Leather Jesus a. K2 each contribute roughly half an hour of extreme electronics to this split-CD.

The endless noise from Vomir versus the composed noise for laptop and bass guitar by Toeplitz. Eedition of copies. Submit your senses and sanity to extreme provocation. Macronympha has been creating sonic violence since at the hands of Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella with the occasional assistance from Tim Oliveira and Dominick Fernow.

These abstract sound collages, comprising synthesizers, tape loops and noise samples, have all been completely remastered and reworked by Siegmar Fricke from Pharmakustik. This album is presented in its full ambient richness through both artists applying varied techniques from sources such as old electronics, magnetic tapes, electroloops and other obscure found and forgotten objects.

Recorded in Goa, India, these 6 tracks reflect the vibrant biodiversity of flora and fauna of the place, all brought about by the complex electronic textures and treated audio samples of piano sounds, chirping birds, fading footsteps and distant echoes. The journey into the audio slaughterhouse begins with two harsh noise tracks presented by prolific Japanese noise artist Masami Akita, better known as Merzbow, and Serbia's harsh noise artist Raven or Djordje Miladinovic.

As the title suggests, 'As Anti As Possible' is certainly no easy listen and will be a challenge for all but the most die-hard of noise fans. TNB and Incapacitants have been mutual admirers of each other's work since the mid-'80s and have since that time occasionally discussed the possibility of a collaboration. However, no such collaboration has occurred until now. Includes new artworks by Rupenus TNB. NULL, K. Deviating from his usual genre style, he unleashes two tracks full of percussive blast-beats.

The juxtaposition of electronic percussive noise tempo against layers of interweaving swooshes and electronic bleeps provides a captivating ambience of sound, which reflect K. Null's unique creative process in noise experimentation. Entitled 'Water Snake' in Japanese, this collaborative release showcases the sound wizardry of Japanese experimental multi-instrumentalist K.

Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be related meaningfully, not causally. The final result is the unity of an audio event joining together two separate executions of melody and rhythm without any post production or added effects.

The material was recorded on battery powered equipment in the so called Suicide Forest in Aokigahara, Japan for its strong historic, mythological association with demons and because it's an oft chosen place for suicide in Japan. The recordings reflect the effect of such a surrounding on the artists and their performances. Each disc is dedicated to a theme revolving around distinctive sound environments with varying ambience. There are 56 tracks in total, created with complex sound layers and affecting the subconsciousnes.

The results demonstrate a very unique reconstruction of the shriek queen's original vocal outbursts, which see them being reworked and reinvented separately through manipulative treatments of cut-ups, distortions, samplings and introduction of other sonic elements. This single one-hour-plus track is the final result of a depurating mindset. Vomir focuses on achieving the true backbone of his signature sound, while continuing to devastate all ears with a raw and unmovable wall of static.

Still relentless, the boundaries of its aesthetics get pushed further and deeper by the storm of distortion overlayed by the bleakness of massive cloistered sounds. In the world of noise and post- industrial, there seems to be no sub-genre that conjures up more controversy than Harsh Noise Wall or HNW, in short. Fanatically adored by some and downright despised by many in a highly verbal way, this form of mostly static and deep, crunching noise is certain to provoke at least some kind of reaction.

Within the field of HNW, one of the few projects that surpasses most others in terms of recognition and supposedly relevance is Vomir. This full-length album with a running-time of 72 minutes such classification is to be taken literally was recorded live in The contextual direction of this album puts the senses through a state of disturbing 'calm' by taking on its own story of a 'horror movie'. The frequent and sudden shifts of sound variations, samples of female shrieks, movie dialogues, static walls, pulsating buzzes, low frequency drones and textural noise layers of tightly spaced crackles sounding almost like one complete tonal resonance, and the sudden blast of explosive harsh white noise make this the most appropriate accompaniment to an environment of terror.

The constant evolving and low growling frequencies and dynamic audio elements deliver that shocking atmosphere of sheer violence and skin crawling anxiety. Multilingual industrial cold wave with flavoured EBM! The common thread in her productions are definitively her vocals.

Experimenting instinctively with different techniques, Antena uses her voice as a harmonic laboratory of emotions. Sometimes intimate, sometimes haunted. Her debut LP 'Antelope' - entirely self-produced - proves that the music she creates changes and evolves to perfectly match her personal story.

All songs written in a remote house in southern France, she added an electro-folky touch to the music full of melancholia and heartache. On his debut album, Flavien Berger's ethereal experimental desires take flight and music genres come head to head.

Her edgy popsongs are made for listening over again; each passage is revealing new secrets hidden in the complex mechanics of her compositions. The French iconoclastic pop singer appeared on the music scene in and he has worked with fellow electropop Frenchmen Phoenix. But the music of perfectionist El Sherbini has the good taste not to sink into repetitions, the hackneyed pathos or bombastic delusions and cliches.

As a tribute to his idols, FKJ goes from jazz to soul, with an electronic touch which is incomparable. A warm, reassuring and sensual universe. The Franco-New Zealander delivers himself in an intimate and profound album. After several years spent holding down the drum stool with legendary doom metal acts Angel Witch, Electric Wizard and Warning, as well as progrock bands Zoltan, The Osiris Club and Suns Of The Tundra - Andrew sat down with his keyboard collection and a 4-track recorder to create a new kind of music.

Andrew's previous experience in live soundtracking silent films and reworking vintage horror scores with Zoltan guide the expansive, all-instrumental melancholy of the record. Acoustic guitars, analog synthesizers and electronic percussion coalesce into a retro-futurist soundscape for the mind's eye. Limited coloured edition of copies. As much influenced by songs from Everly Brothers as by Ryuichi Sakamoto's compositions, 'Tum Tum' is a map of Alex Van Pelt's influences that finds its form in an intimate patchwork.

The setting of a set of poems by Charles Baudelaire to electronic instrumentation and vocal treatments, as realized by ms. Ruth White in mid Creepy and dark vibes are emanating from within this record. The Clock 2. Evening Harmony 3. Lover's Wine 4. Owls 5. The Irremediable 2. The Cat 3. Spleen 4. The Litanies Of Satan A pure gem enhanced with insane hand clapping. On the flip side is 'Canottaggio' by Remigio Ducros, the best funk tune from the 'Lo Sport' double LP, an enthralling and totally infectious beat.

On the flip side, 'Sophisticated Shake' is a jewel of psychedelic jazz in which Edda Dell'Orso's vocal is perfectly nested. Great for DJs! Side B features the funkier 'Seq. Deep, obsessive atmospheres, blending together tropical colors, tribal vibes and evocative moods. A killer track still underrated and unknown today, where members of Goblin play uncredited. No CD! Tema Di Antropophagus Antropophagus 2. Le Catacombe Antropophagus 3. Fans of sensually haunting synths, hypnotic drums and mellow and persuasive bass lines can't do without these tunes!

This edition is limited to copies. Taken from the 'Gli Angeli Del ' O. Don't sleep! On the other side you get 'Acromatic' by drummer Roberto Conrado, a funky mid-tempo number driven by guitar riffs and a wonderful prog flute solo.

Two terrific beats targeted for your psychedelic dancefloor. A moody, dark-funk midtempo track, fueled with solid drum breaks and heavy basslines. A real classic for any beatmaker, this track has been sampled and compiled a dozen times. On the flip side, you will find the more dynamic 'Elikiller', another smashing jazz-funk tune with great rhythmical and menacing tension. Don't miss out on this one! This is Italian rare groove at its finest.

Special ultra-limited collector's edition of copies with blue label and sleeve. Special ultra-limited collector's edition of copies with purple label and sleeve. This edition is very limited and the songs won't be released in any other format.

This inch release includes all the combo's recordings eight cuts , including a previously unreleased gem. This is a limited edition of copies. Coming randomly in milky white and black sleeves. It deals with the power of mass media in controlling and manipulating the people. This minute work combines ambient and drone sounds in a cinematic and hypnotical framework, perfecly capturing the mood of the film. This edition is limited to copies on purple, black and white splatter vinyl.

No CD version is available. This is not a cover of the incredible film music, it is intended to help the listener to fall into the creepy and intense atmosphere of the film. So prepare yourself for the scanning experience.

Long live the new flesh! Limited edition of copies, vinyl only - collectors item! High quality cover by Eva. In their very special way Zoltan took several themes and melodies from the brilliant fuzzed-out score by John Cameron, and created an epic 13 minute suite of wonderful and fantastic soundtrack prog! Journal of Plant Physiology , , Comparative study on the phytochemical profiles and cellular antioxidant activity of phenolics extracted from barley malts processed under different roasting temperatures.

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Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology , 18 , Cultivar-specific responses in red sweet peppers grown under shade nets and controlled-temperature plastic tunnel environment on antioxidant constituents at harvest. Annual ryegrass Lolium rigidum Gaud competition altered wheat grain quality: A study under elevated atmospheric CO2 levels and drought conditions.

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Minor cereals exhibit superior antioxidant effects on human epithelial cells compared to common wheat cultivars. Journal of Cereal Science , 85 , Impact of fermentation on in vitro bioaccessibility of phenolic compounds of tef injera.

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Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization , 11 4 , Do you want to record your guitar directly to the interface and use plugins of its sound or record the guitar amp using a studio microphone?

If you need some help with studio monitors, you can check this guide. Otherwise, you can find budget studio headphones right here. These plugins bring you effects, instruments, and synthesizers mostly. Some of these are free and they can take your sound to the next level. VST plugins alone can create a realistic, powerful sound for almost any instrument you can imagine. Make sure you followed Step 1 of the guide before you continue.

By now, you should have your audio interface ready to go with FL Studio You should also have your mic or an instrument connected directly to the interface. Maybe both, although I strongly recommend you record one thing at a time. That means you should have already composed the song. You need a metronome to play on time, either for recording, rehearsing or practicing.

The time signature is the notation we use to see how many beats per bar, plus the duration of each beat whole note, half note, quarter note,…. The bar or measure is the segment of time corresponding to the specific number of beats, each beat representing a note value. The length of the bar is given by the beats, and you can see its boundaries represented by vertical lines.

This is the Step Sequencer , the place where you can create your song by combining different tracks. The tracks you see there are divided by bars, and each bar is divided by lines, which represent the beats. There are 4 subdivisions per beat, so that means these represent 16th notes. The Piano Roll is where you can write music: you select an instrument, and put the notes on the tempo and note you want.

Keep in mind this option is not available on previous FL Studio versions, so I dearly recommend you update the software to its latest version and take advantage of Image-Line free updates forever offer. A Pattern is a specific duration in bars of any given instrument digital or not you create on FL, and you can use it to create loops.

You can also clone, delete, rename, put colors and other options to the patterns by right-clicking the pattern name on the left side.

You can select with the mouse the section of the pattern you want with a different time signature. Each pattern you create contains either a digital instrument or a recorded instrument, plus a time signature and a BPM.

Next, you can define where these time signatures play on your Playlist so it all lines up easily. The BPM says simply how many beats there are per minute, whereas the length of the beat is determined by the time signature. The BPM option is right next to the record button. You can set the tempo by moving the arrows up and down with your mouse and set an exact tempo down to the millimeter. I recommend you choose. Setting the BPM of your own songs is easier with the tap tempo feature.

The first thing to record is a guiding track. A guiding track is a basic, guitar line that will serve as the guide of everything else you record on it. Sell general listings with no success fees, plus more exclusive benefits with Choice by Trade Me.

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Sell and save on fees Sell general listings with no success fees, plus more exclusive benefits with Choice by Trade Me. View My Trade Me. The cult composer passed away on May 17th, We met him three years earlier, on the dawn of his 92nd birthday. Ahead of technology, composition and stage performance, the Germans proved to the public that robots were also capable of emotion and paved the way for techno, new wave and even hip-hop.

Categories: All Back. Cart 0 Your cart is empty. Available in Bit Unlimited Streaming Listen to this album in high quality now on our apps Start my trial period and start listening to this album.

All recorded at the Doghouse studio in France. Bristling with energy, vitality and most importantly, killer tunes, new album K2. Released last March on CD — now available on vinyl. Vin Bruce - Big Texas 4. Free Your Mind EP 12". They escalated from 12 straight to the number 20 because of the 20th anniversary of the developers. Red Rice. The effects of lupin Lupinus angustifolius addition to wheat bread on its Bossa Perduta - Various - Ingredients Step 2 (CD), phytochemical and bioactive composition and protein quality.
Chump Change, Niklas Strömstedt - Med Nyförälskad Hand (CD), Taiyaki - Bakudan - Gurotesuku Desu (File, Album, MP3), Past Presence - Aaron Parks - Arborescence (CD, Album), Nightmare - Präparation-H - ;Dónde está la justicia?; (Cassette, Album)

9 thoughts on “Bossa Perduta - Various - Ingredients Step 2 (CD)

  1. Jul 21,  · Step 2: understand tempo on FL Studio Make sure you followed Step 1 of the guide before you continue. Then, if you haven’t, open a new blank page on FL Studio (File – New). By now, you should have your audio interface ready to go with FL Studio Missing: Bossa Perduta.
  2. Track Listing: 1. K-Scope - Sleight Of Eye 2. Lacarno & Burns - Bossa Perduta 3. Artemis - Jupiter In Taurus 4. Cedar - Golden 5. K-Scope - Dawn Of A New Age.
  3. Step 2: Once the protection has been released, you will be able to INSERT Row(s). (Note: The TOTAL calculations at the bottom will update automatically as long as you insert the rows within the confines of the original data sheet.) Insert as many rows as you have items. 5. What if I want to delete items to minimize "blanks" in my inventory sheets?Missing: Bossa Perduta.
  4. There are many duplicates between various CD's / DVD's, but this is the best I can do for now. If you would like to see if one of your favorites is here, you can search for it by name or artist right. Music grouped by the CD / DVD they are on: Oldies CD 1. Oldies CD 1 - WCBS Top Oldies (part 1) Oldies CD 2Missing: Bossa Perduta.
  5. between Ingredients 1 and 2, go for the second installment of this new series from producer and dj LTJ Bukem. While both compilations feature tracks by the same stable of dj's, Ingredients 2 is slightly more chilled down and interesting - these tunes flirt heavily with the structure and range of instrumental acid jazz and seem less sterile and processed as a result/5(5).
  6. Bado Man Rock A Shacka Vol.2 Sir Lord Packai. Baia The Bossa Nova Years (Disc 1) Stan Getz. Baka Beyond - Ohureo One World Various Artists. Balalaika Gap Telephone Free Landslide Victory Camper Van Beethoven. Balanco No Samba The Bossa Nova Years (Disc 1) Stan Getz. Bald Headed Woman Arhoolie Records 40th.
  7. Kenji Nojima - Kijo No Nichijo O Owara Seru CD - In'yoshi Maboroshi Yoru-Roku - Waga Tenohira De Nemure Vol. 2 Sho Shin (2CDS) [Japan CD] REC ADD /11/25Missing: Bossa Perduta.
  8. Aug 26,  · released 05 AUGUST >CDs + Vinyl: > 65daysofstatic - No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe 2xCD (Laced) Soundtrack to the video game No Man’s Sky. 10 tracks of original music, plus a collection of six soundscapes that power the game's unique music engine. >The 7 th Plain – Chronicles I CD/2xLP (A-Ton) A-Ton is a new edition and platform of Berghain's in-house imprint Missing: Bossa Perduta.
  9. Review: Building on the heat of last year's "Devil Made Me Do It", Alex Puddu's Afro Soul Prophecy returns with more smoking jazz fusions."Red Light District" is as hot and illicit as the title suggests thanks to its prominent drums and heated horn work. "The Game Of Love" plays the perfect counter with its much softer, sentimental swoons and loungey dynamics.

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