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A competing origin story claims that bandleader Vic Schoen discovered Secunda's and Jacobs' catchy tune "in a collection of folk songs in a small shop in the lobby of a Yiddish theater on Second Avenue. Hitherto dismissed as mere imitators of the Boswell Sisters , the Andrews Sisters' cover of the Yiddish song — "which the [three] girls harmonized to perfection" [16] — catapulted the relatively unknown trio to fame and became a tremendous hit for Kapp's Decca label.

Shane," or "My Mere Bits of Shame. The song quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Within thirty days of the Andrews Sisters' version of "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen," [3] a number of other artists "recorded the songs in the hopes of cashing in on its popularity. From the s to s, additional covers were performed by a younger generation of artists which included Ramsey Lewis , [iii] [26] [4] Louis Prima with Keely Smith , [17] [iv] [27] The Crew-Cuts , [17] and June Christy.

In February , [9] the copyright on the song expired, and the ownership reverted to Secunda and Jacobs, who signed a contract with Harms, Inc.

One of the rabbi's sons is in love with the matchmaker's daughter. Later during World War II , an unusual exception to this ban occurred: Noticing that radio audiences wished to hear American jazz, the Nazis decided to exploit such music for their propaganda efforts. Presumably to avoid paying royalties, this version was falsely credited to a Soviet songwriter.

This song was performed by Russian singers Larisa Dolina [vii]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yiddish song by Jacob Jacobs and Sholom Secunda. Original poster for the Yiddish show. New York, Further information on the original authors: Sholom Secunda and Jacob Jacobs theater. Musicnotes, Inc. Ave Maria Johann Sebastian Bach. View All. Did you find this review helpful? LOG IN to comment on this review. I could not find my songbook that had all my Bach solo music and this was a life saver.

A student needed it to learn for a vocal audition. Great job! Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card. Toggle navigation. Save on Every Order! Musicnotes Pro. Become a Member Today! Add to Cart. Includes digital copy and unlimited prints. Transpose 7. Eb Major Orig. Quick Details. Musicians Like You Also Purchased. It's the only one I have so I can't compare with the others, but I do enjoy it. McGegan plays both harpsichord and clavichord on it. Simon Crouch wrote June 29, : To Harry Steinman At the risk of being pedantic, there are two A-M notebooks, so I presume that you're referring to the later version.

The version is available in the Hanssler complete set If you want the rarities, this is your only choice and it's reasonably well done. If you want the French suites on piano then look elsewhere! Hewitt, for example. As for the version, then on the piano the Naxos version I think is your only choice. There are several other selections already mentioned that are fine but if you want a complete version, then I advise waiting for the release of the Hanssler set!

Odd, it always seems to be the other way around! I believe Igor Kipnis is the harpsichordist. The primary performer is Igor Kipnis. I was tempted to get it, but I'm still looking around for a complete notebook set. Does anyone know if the set I'm referring to is the complete notebook?

Dave J. It omits recordings for the French Suites and the Partitas which are common enough. It also omits a couple of fragmentary works. Other than that, it seems fairly complete and includes both books. Looks as if I'll pick it up tomorrow. John Hartford wrote August 21, : To Hell Spree It is the complete set except he plays only one of the French Suites as they are recorded so often elsewhere.

Several of the Suites are part of the notebook. Dadelsen, and found not a single fragment was omitted. Besides, the performance is excellent IMO.

Are they played on piano or period instruments? The first was for his son Wilhelm Friedemann, the second for his wife Anna Magdelena, and third also for Anna. This last book was prepared in Michael Behringer plays harpsichord and organ, Sibylla Rubens is the soprano, and Johannes-Christoph Happel sings baritone.

Behringer and Rubens have the major roles; there is one song for Happel and one piece using a small ensemble of singers. What's in the Book? It's loaded with good stuff. There are choral pieces, arias, menuets, polonaises, marches, etc. I can't find the damn thing, and I'm blaming my dog General Jackson - no medals for him today.

But that's okay, because the Analekta disc is very fine. Sibylla Rubens is a wonderful singer for intimate surroundings. She is more serious than Karina Gauvin; I love them both. Behringer splendidly accompanies Rubens on either organ or harpsichord.

The aria that really bowled me over is one attributed to Stolzel. It is gorgeous music realized so well by Rubens. She is also superb in the soprano aria from BWV 82 with an intimate organ by her side.

I am less enthralled with Michael Behringer. He tends toward angular performances with some choppiness. Also, his expressiveness can be on the low side. The choppy problem manifests itself a great deal in the French Suite movements, particularly the Allemandes.

There is a lack of depth in both Partitas although the performances are easy to enjoy. Also, his CPE Bach harpsichord solos are perfectly quirky and varied; this music is made for Behringer. I also shouldn't forget the Francois Couperin Rondeau which is lovely French music that Behringer obviously indentifies with.

A very important consideration in evaluating this set is the realization that the music is placed in an intimate family setting. I mentioned some depth problems that I noticed in Behringer; those decline in significance when putting oneself in Bach's home. And I feel that's the crucial thing a listener has to do in order to take in everything that this Clavier Book has to offer.

Atmosphere m! Don's Conclusion : The music's great, Rubens is great, Behringer is easily good enough, and the entire production fully captures the intimate and uplifting scene of the Bach family enjoying a musical evening.

Is the Anna Magdalena Book an essential acquisition? Perhaps not, in that the best music in the Book can be found through other means. From another viewpoint, one which I share, this represents an opportunity to listen to an approximation of an evening's musical experiences at the Bach home. That's as close to Bach as I'm ever going to get, and I deeply appreciate it.

So I consider the Book essential, and the Hanssler set a wonderful way to go back in time and join the Bachs. Buy the Analekta slections also. Their differences are significant and represent alternative styles, not differences in quality. Then everybody's happy except for me. I'm holding my Harmonia Mundi disc in my hand and looking at gouges and other disgusting indications of a dog on the loose.

The General is going to be formidable opposition. I know I'm yapping much about this new dog. It's just that I never had such a big animal. My wife wanted a lap dog, I said no to those little "rats", and she falls in love with the big guy at the Humane Society facility.

I love him now also, so the General and I need to have a serious discussion. If possible, I'll have to outsmart him. My major advantage is that his attention span is shorter than mine. John B. I have a question. I am very familiar with the third family book which is also the second one for Anna Magdalena of and I'm also very familiar with the first family book of two and three part inventions for his son.

I see this mentioned in books about Bach occasionally too. It is the first book of music dedicated to Anna Magdalena. Is this score in print? What is it comprised of? Where can one obtain it? Book 2 is an autograph manuscript and it has been published. Hanssler has also released Book2 on cd no.

What's in it? I don't know exactly but assume it has some light music in addition to pieces we would know better from other sources. As it is known, old Bach also wrote poetry, though privately and in a secret journal. I'm curious to know what they look like. I generally prefer reading poetry in the language of the original when I know it, of course, which is the case with German. I would much appreciate if somebody shared some information about where I can find Bach's poems - preferedly in German.

If they're available at all, that is. One poem concerns the metaphors between a person's life and that of a tobacco pipe. Another, which is truly charming is "If you would give your heart to me" "If you would give your heart to me you must set about it in secret so that no one else knows what we are thinking. Our love must always be kept from others, so lock your greatest joys in your heart. Be careful and say nothing and remember that walls have ears.

Love inwardly and give nothing away to the world outside. You must give no grounds for suspicion; dissimulation is needed. It is enough, my life, to be sure of my word" Demand no lovesick looks. Envy has many snares to catch us off of our guard. You must not open your heart but keep your affections concealed. The pleasure that we enjoy must always remain a secret.

Being too free and indulging ourselves has too often brought us danger. We must come to an understanding since a false heart's eye keeps watch. You must bear in mind what I've already said; If you'd give your heart to me, you set about it in secret" The German verse, which accompanies this translation, does seem to have a rhyme structure.

I don't speak much German so I do not know if its good poetry. Russian Lex The Stardust. Please help to translate "Bei Mir Bistu Shein". Collections with "Bei Mir Bistu Shein". Login or register to post comments. About translator. Contributions: translations, thanks received, 66 translation requests fulfilled for 17 members, 9 transcription requests fulfilled, added 18 idioms, explained 6 idioms, left comments.

Languages: native German, fluent English, studied Finnish, French. Site activity. Thank you for the guidance on how to add an artist

Several of the Suites are part of the notebook. Subscribe to our Newsletter Stay Connected. I have been able to really understand the late sonatas by hearing them in a half-dream state. If they're available at all, that is. Our love must always be kept from others, so lock your greatest joys in your heart. More information about this can be found here. These may have been used as teaching pieces. Pieter Pannevis wrote December 14, : There is a great lot of expertise on this group and perhaps Bist du bei mir do speak for a silent minority Aryeh told me recently we are a lot of folks that I looked forward Bist du bei mir this discussion. The Scrantones.
Legendary Boy - Funk EP (File, MP3), Rot Waltz - Agonyst - Centenial (CDr, Album), Sleeping Beneath The Midnight Sun, Peak Power 4 - Various - Entertainment 44 - Brass Collection (CD, Album)

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  1. In , the song was a smash hit in Nazi Germany under its Germanized title "Bei mir bist du schön". According to contemporary journalist Michael Mok, the song was likewise immensely popular among the German diaspora in America where pro-Nazi sympathizers in Yorkville ale-houses often chorused the tune under the mistaken impression that it was "a Goebbels-approved " ballad. [6]Composer(s): Sholom Secunda.
  2. Lyrics to Bei Mir Bist du Schön by The Andrews Sisters from the Andrews Sisters [Nocturne] album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more!
  3. Bist Du Bei Mir [Beginners Bach] Steven Foss wrote (October 11, ): Among one of the subjects of converstion at the classical group (which I have made some enemies for my dislike of a Bartok Compostion) is a Post on the calling into doubt of the Authorship of Bist Du Bei Mir.
  4. Print and Download Bist Du Bei Mir sheet music. Tranposable music notes for Piano/Vocal/Guitar sheet music by Gottfried Heinrich Stolzel Gottfried Heinrich Stolzel: Hal Leonard - Digital Sheet Music at Sheet Music Plus: The World Largest Selection of Sheet Music. (HX).Brand: Hal Leonard - Digital Sheet Musi.
  5. Print and download Bist Du Bei Mir sheet music composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal, and Singer Pro in Eb Major (transposable). SKU: MN/5(2).
  6. Bist du bei mir, geh ich mit Freuden Zum Sterben und zu meiner Ruh. Ach, wie vergnügt wär so mein Ende, Es drückten deine schönen Hände Mir die getreuen Augen zu. 1: Si estás conmigo, con alegría me iré y descansaré. Ah, cuán grato sería mi fin si tus bellas manos cerraran mis fieles ojos. --Traducción: Saúl Botero-Restrepo.
  7. About 'Bist Du Bei Mir' Artist: Bach, Johann Sebastian (sheet music) Born: 21 March , Eisenach Died: 28 July , Leipzig The Artist: One of the greatest composers of all time. Bach wrote hundreds of pieces for organ, choir, as well as many other instruments. He spent most of his life as a church organist and a choir director.
  8. Bist du bei mir, geh' ich mit Freuden zum Sterben und zu meiner Ruh'. Ach, wie vergnügt wär' so mein Ende, es drückten deine lieben [schönen] 1 Hände mir die getreuen Augen zu! View original text (without footnotes) 1 omitted by Bachlund and Stölzel.

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