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Sebulan kemudian, situs resmi t. Videonya akan diambil bulan Juli. Kemudian pada 30 Agustus , situs resmi t. Tidak lama setelah itu, situs resmi t. Tim juga meyakinkan fans bahwa pada tanggal 11 September album kompilasi mereka "The Best" akan tetap dirilis. Album tersebut berisi 1 lagu baru berjudul "Null and Void" versi bahasa Inggris dari "Obezyan'ka Nol'" dan 2 remix baru.

Selama konferensi pers di Prancis bulan oktober , Yulia Volkova mengumumkan bahwa t. Come Back" yang ditulis oleh Aleksey Mitrofanov. Awal , proses rekaman album ke-3 t. Selama tahun t. Bulan Juni judul album bahasa Rusia dan bahasa inggris ke-3 mereka diumumkan, yakni "Upravlenie Otbrosami" dan "Waste Management". Album berbahasa Inggris akan dirilis mungkin bersamaan dengan "Finding t.

Bulan Mei , t. Ini tidak benar! Kami tidak pernah melakukan itu dan kami selalu mendukung keberadaan cinta tanpa adanya batasan. Tanggal 26 mei, mereka pergi ke Moscow untuk mengikuti demonstrasi Moscow Gay Pride. While walking down the road, Julia gets picked up by a man played by actor Charlie Koznik. Lena attempts to call Julia on a cell phone, but it seems she is already on her phone with another person. Julia and the man eventually go to his home, where they start to have sex.

However, it quickly turns into attempted rape , when the man begins to force himself on Julia. She shoves him off of her, flips the man off and calls Lena.

However, he then physically assaults Julia, first punching her in the back of her head before pushing her through the glass top of a coffee table. Her phone is dropped, and Lena drives off in search of her. The man attempts to strangle Julia, but she is able to break free, and gain enough time to locate bullets and a gun in a case. When he turns around to attack her again, Julia shoots him in the head, causing his brains to be splattered on the wall.

She then climbs out a window and down the fire escape , just in time to meet up with Lena, who drives up to her, and the two smile at each other. The censored version of the music video was heavily edited for viewing on television. Omitted are Julia giving the finger to the man, her being thrown into the glass, the finding of the gun, and the blood splatter. VEVO censors out the flipping scene and replaces it with Julia giving the man the fist.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the t. For other songs, see All About Us. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Pop rock symphonic rock. Martin Kierszenbaum Robert Orton. Retrieved 1 June Archived from the original on 14 October Prior to t. Shapolavov has said the two girls stood out from the rest of those that auditioned; however, year-old Katina was initially the only one chosen for the group. Then, in the duo released " Po Vstrechnoy ", which became successful in Poland and Russia. While the album was in development, their producer Alexander Voitinskyi left the production, leaving the album unreleased.

However, Shapolavov later signed Elena Kiper as the new co-producer and co-writer for the album. With the success, Shapovalov decided to sign the duo to Interscope and its parent Universal at the headquarters in Russia. The duo started recording the album at Trevor Horn 's home studio in London and having some recording sessions in Los Angeles.

When the duo were signed and ready for recording, both Volkova and Katina felt it was easy to understand the English language. Katina commented on the collaborations, saying; "It was great [ I think that Martin [Kierszenbaum] is a little bit of a fan of t. We had an opportunity to work with great producer, it was valuable experience. I am talking about Trevor Horn. And in general, just imagine: Two girls are coming from Russia, which is another world compared to the USA, working with a high class producers and writers and management.

Everybody is so professional. Working with Martin and Interscope in general brought us to an absolutely different level.

It encompasses a broad variety of genres, such as electronic , rock , industrial and Eurodance. It is considered that the album is a departure to their Russian debut, because that contained heavy Europop , Eurodance and techno influences. According to Allmusic , t. A lot of fans and, surprisingly, critics have applauded their mix of electronica and pop rock styles.

According to Discogs , the album is influenced by musical genres of electronic, pop, rock, Europop, pop rock and balladry. The first track, " Not Gonna Get Us " is a Eurodance-inspired song, with influences of dance-pop and rock. The song opens with dreamy, trance -gated synthesizers and then shifts into a guitar-based pop rock style with Trevor Horn's trademark huge drum sound.

The third single, " Show Me Love ", was released in Poland. The song was described as "neutral". The song has been described as a "slow atmospheric ballad". It is a cover version of The Smiths song of the same name. It was also scheduled to be the last single, but this plan was scrapped. AllMusic named it as an album highlight because the lyrics, which were written by their producers, had received a lot of attention. It is an acoustic song concerning homosexuality.

In a documentary on their DVD Screaming for More , the group revealed that the title of the album was to represent their imagery that was portrayed through the media and that the album represented a "dangerous" side to them. The artwork and photoshoot off the album was shot by Sheryl Nields.

The international version featured both Volkova and Katina leaning of a motorbike, with Katina leaning on Volkova. The Japanese version was shot with the duo in catholic school uniforms similar to the clothes they wore in the "All the Things She Said" video. Because the album issued music videos, a "G" rating was issued on the cover off the album physically.

When the music video of " All the Things She Said " was released in August , it created an immediate media storm due to the lesbian kiss between the members. The subject matter caused universal controversy, with many media outlets calling it one of the most controversial videos to date.

Leith commented; "the BBC ban on tATu's video, the fact that their manager, Ivan Shapovalov, has said some dodgy things about his marketing strategies, and that Richard and Judy have advised people not to buy the record. But the thing that really starts the conversation going is the mention of lesbianism. Eyebrows are raised. Sly grins are exchanged. The subject, clearly, is fascinating to us. The live shows will be different from t. It will be me alone and a beautiful show with big screens, each of them will have a little movie.

I want the fans to take part in these movies. She was asked about her music and she said that "[she is] not doing any songwriting, [she is] only recording English songs [although Russian songs are planned], the album is planned to be released worldwide and wants to be into drums throughout her career" [1].

For a third time, the single release was postponed until November. Though fans hoped for "All Because of You" to premiere on the radio prior to Julia's South American tour, it was planned to premiere during Julia's first performance in Rio de Janeiro on 17 November The Russian version "Sdvinu Mir" premiered on Lenta. This was Volkova's first debut single for her upcoming untitled debut album. Evan Winter was the director of the video. Volkova also announced she would travel to South America for a promotional tour, where she would perform some songs from t.

On 1 March , it was reported by the press that Volkova was one of the 25 artists in the Russian final selection who would be competing in order to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku , Azerbaijan. Russian broadcaster RTR later confirmed her participation among the other She entered the competition together with Eurovision winner Dima Bilan as a duo with the song " Back to Her Future ". They finished in second place with On 11 July , Volkova's Facebook administrator announced on their t.

Facebook page that Volkova is unable to release any updates or news without her and her representatives' confirmation. Facebook page that Volkova was finishing her second single from the album titled " Didn't Wanna Do It ," due in July It was confirmed it would be released as her first worldwide single. Both videos topped the Ello music video charts. In late Julia Volkova had surgery on her vocal cords. She is still recovering her voice and has plans for more surgeries.

Despite her voice problems she still performs. In , Volkova made a series of performances with her former bandmate Lena Katina with the duo performing as t.

However, shortly after, Katina accused Volkova of blackmailing her, putting an end to t. Volkova denied the accusations. However, their single "Lyubov v Kazhdom Mgnovenii" "Love in every moment" was released as a collaboration of the two singers but was not listed as a t. It will help you immediately contact your elected officials and tell them to put the arts in the stimulus bill. Become part of the outcry and tell your friends!

Please share! Barry Manilow was our guest on one of Stars In The House episodes about arts funding and, at one point, he was talking about when Clive Davis first offered him a record deal. We all realized he could indeed sing when he wound releasing 51 Top singles and 13 went to No.

Later that day, he met with Clive Davis who handed him a check…for a million dollars! You can watch our full episode with Barry here:. Stars In The House also did a reunion of the musical Carrie. Larry also wrote the script to the film which is fantastic and I asked him about that terrifying ending. Larry yelped. That decided it! They called Stephen King and—after they told him the idea—there was a very long pause.

Both Michael and Larry thought he had hung up!!!!

Retrieved 19 January Sebulan setelah rilisnya kedua album tersebut, produser Sergio Galoyan merilis demo lagu t. Diane Lane was very close to playing Vivian Ward, but had to pull out at the final moment due to scheduling conflicts. Archived from the original on 25 February In MayVolkova announced that she was pregnant by her then long-time boyfriend Pavel Sidorov, which caused some controversy due to Sidorov already having a wife and daughter. The Advocate. Select albums in the Format field. Jika dikombinasikan, kedua album tersebut totalnya 18 lagu.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Franz Lambert - Feelings (CD, Album), Listen To Your Heart, Love You Like Mad (Bon Garcon Remix Edit) - Various - The Best Of R & B (CDr), Jackmi - Umbertron - Chicago Tek (File, MP3, Album), On The Radio - Regina Spektor - Live In London (CD, Album)

9 thoughts on “Behind-The-Scenes With Julia And Lena (Part 2) And All The Things She Said Music Video

  1. All the Things She Said (Remix)^^^ Ne Ver, Ne Boisya (Eurovision )^^^^ Behind The Scenes with Julia and Lena 2 ^^^^^ All the Things She Said Music Video ^^^^^ ^Track 12 terdapat dalam semua versi KECUALI untul rilisan USA ^^ Hanya terdapat di versi UK dan Jepang ^^^ Hanya terdapat di versi Jepang ^^^^Rilisan UK Special Edition terdapat lagu.
  2. Nov 11,  · "When there's a wider shot and we're going for it all in one piece, they'll play music over it, and it's always my temptation to make Dakota laugh," Dornan said. "So sometimes, I'll do things .
  3. Yulia Olegovna Volkova (Russian: Юлия Олеговна Волкова; born 20 February ), better known by the alternative spelling of Julia, is a Russian singer, recording artist and actress, best known for being a member in the Russian girl group t.A.T.u., along with Lena Katina.A girl group who was managed in Moscow, Russia by Ivan Shapovalov in March , the group signed a record.
  4. The outfit Vivian wears when she meets Kit at the Regency (coral blazer and matching long shorts with a white sleeveless blouse) to discuss her future, was part of the Lew Magrams catalog collection. It was available to the public by mail order and cost in the range of $
  5. Nov 11,  · Look at this video it's from the DVD and it comes with the explanation of the name, what does they do, and more This is the Part 1/3 Enjoy.
  6. The DVD contains ten music videos, three behind the scenes videos, a photo gallery, performances and a questions and answers feature from Yulia and Lena. However, the photo gallery is not a slideshow and must be pushed by the next or back buttons to see the pictures. All the Things She Said & Ya Soshla S Uma "All the Things She Said" Video.
  7. TheThings covers all things pop culture and lifestyle: net worths, celebrity news, celebrity beauty, reality TV and anything Hollywood. Duff struggled behind the scenes – though she did so quietly. Lance Smith 14 hours ago. Pierzina got caught crying after one of the most solid alliances crumbled after Nicole A. said she was.
  8. Buy t.A.T.u. - KM/H In The Wrong Lane - Interscope Records - CD, Album, Enh, S/Edition - , includes Not Gonna Get Us, All The Things She Said, Show Me Love, 30 Minutes, How Soon Is Now?, Clowns (Can You See Me Now?), Malchik Gay, Stars, Я Сошла С Ума (Ya Shosla S Uma), Нас Не Догонят (Nas Ne Dagoniat), Show Me 34 pins.
  9. "All the Things She Said" is a song recorded by Russian music duo t.A.T.u. for their second and first English-language studio album km/h in the Wrong Lane (). Released in Russia in December , the English version was released as the lead single from .

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