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He asked Jon for help but he refused as he thought either Superman will destroy him or he will destroy the universe. As a result, Veidt made a new plan to save both universes by making sure the League was incapicated and Jon would confront Superman alone. Osterman warned Superman that either he will destroy him or he will destroy everything. The potential showdown however was interrupted by a fight between metahumans from various countries.

Manhattan with Janey Slater that had been left throughout various time periods, telling her to expose it to the world that someone had altered their timeline in the past. Meanwhile, when Superman questions Jon why he isn't helping, he states he's seen the future where he won't. Questioned again, he reveals how his own world was destroyed after an opportunity at peace. Jon reveals to Superman that he altered the past, causing his parents to die and erasing people he once knew merely out of curiosity.

He then tells him to make a choice between destroying him or being destroyed, telling him that he can't see the future beyond it. Superman however chooses to protect him from Pozhar 's attack. When questioned by him, Clark responds that there is a third choice.

Seeing so many pictures of him and Janey he had created, Clark realizes she must have been important to him. Superman then tells Jon that maybe he can't see the future because he might have to give everything up to save his world and he can choose it. Inspired by his words, Jon decides to undo his alterations by moving the Green Lantern back into Alan Scott's reach. Jon also finds that every time the metaverse is altered, the Multiverse is expanded to preserve every world where Superman lived.

He also sees the future and the forthcoming crisises as well as alterations to the timeline, realizing in the end that Superman will always guide mankind. Manhattan then summons Veidt, the Comedian, Mime and Marionette to himself. He leaves Mime and Marionette on Prime Earth, assuring they'll see their son again before leaving for where he encourages Carver Colman to come out as gay.

Lois meanwhile is able to expose the truth of Firestorm's explosion because of Veidt. He then travels back to his world, to , where Veidt's plan had been exposed and had led to a nuclear holocaust. He then travels back in time to stop the missiles, making all nuclear weapons on Earth disappear before taking away Mime and Marionette's son, realizing that he himself was the reason why he couldn't figure out the child's future completely. He raises him as his own and names him "Clark" in honor of Superman.

After Clark grows up into a young kid, Jon shifts his consciousness to look to a timeline where Janey convinced him to continue enjoying lunch and not bother to retrieve her watch. As a result, he is never transformed and he and Janey marry six months later and start a family. Smiling, Jon remarks it was a nice daydream to exist in. Now that Superman had inspired him, he regretted that he couldn't be the hero people needed, transferring what remains of his powers to Clark so he would become a true hero for their Earth before he himself ceased to exist.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. In the end? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends. He felt disgust towards organized religion Christianity in particular because he believed that it promoted ignorance and anti-intellectualism.

He held the view that the Garden of Eden story shows that the essence of Christianity is to oppose gaining knowledge. Zappa suggested that record labels were trying to get the bill passed quickly through committees, one of which was chaired by Senator Strom Thurmond, who was also affiliated with the PMRC. Zappa further pointed out that this committee was being used as a distraction from that bill being passed, which would lead only to the benefit of a select few in the music industry.

Zappa saw their activities as on a path towards censorship [1] : and called their proposal for voluntary labelling of records with explicit content "extortion" of the music industry. The PMRC proposal is an ill-conceived piece of nonsense which fails to deliver any real benefits to children, infringes the civil liberties of people who are not children, and promises to keep the courts busy for years dealing with the interpretational and enforcemental problems inherent in the proposal's design.

It is my understanding that, in law, First Amendment issues are decided with a preference for the least restrictive alternative. In this context, the PMRC's demands are the equivalent of treating dandruff by decapitation. The establishment of a rating system, voluntary or otherwise, opens the door to an endless parade of moral quality control programs based on things certain Christians do not like.

What if the next bunch of Washington wives demands a large yellow "J" on all material written or performed by Jews, in order to save helpless children from exposure to concealed Zionist doctrine?

Zappa had a controversial critical standing during his lifetime. But that's where the agreement ends. Some fans find his sophomoric jokes "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" and pop music parodies "Sheik Yerbouti" a crucial counterbalance to the rarefied density of the music; other devotees find the jokes an irrelevant sideshow to music best appreciated in a chamber or orchestral setting.

The critics find the humor's smug iconoclasm a symptom of the essential emptiness of Zappa's intellectual exercises. The Rolling Stone Album Guide writes: "Frank Zappa dabbled in virtually all kinds of music—and, whether guised as a satirical rocker, jazz-rock fusionist, guitar virtuoso, electronics wizard, or orchestral innovator, his eccentric genius was undeniable.

In , biographer David Walley noted that "The whole structure of his music is unified, not neatly divided by dates or time sequences and it is all building into a composite". He does beautiful, beautiful work It has been my luck to have lived to see the emergence of this totally new type of music.

Conductor Kent Nagano remarked in the same issue that "Frank is a genius. That's a word I don't use often In Frank's case it is not too strong He is extremely literate musically. I'm not sure if the general public knows that. There, it was written that "Frank Zappa was rock and roll's sharpest musical mind and most astute social critic.

He was the most prolific composer of his age, and he bridged genres—rock, jazz, classical, avant-garde and even novelty music—with masterful ease". In , the U. National Recording Preservation Board included We're Only in It for the Money in the National Recording Registry as "Frank Zappa's inventive and iconoclastic album presents a unique political stance, both anti-conservative and anti-counterculture, and features a scathing satire on hippiedom and America's reactions to it".

In , he was ranked at No. In the course of his career, Zappa was nominated for nine competitive Grammy Awards , which resulted in two wins one posthumous.

In , he received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Many musicians, bands and orchestras from diverse genres have been influenced by Zappa's music.

On the classical music scene, Tomas Ulrich, [] Meridian Arts Ensemble , [] Ensemble Ambrosius [] and the Fireworks Ensemble [] regularly perform Zappa's compositions and quote his influence. Contemporary jazz musicians and composers Bill Frisell [] and John Zorn [] are inspired by Zappa, as is funk legend George Clinton. Other artists affected by Zappa include ambient composer Brian Eno , [] [] new age pianist George Winston , [] electronic composer Bob Gluck , [] parodist artist and disk jockey Dr.

Scientists from various fields have honored Zappa by naming new discoveries after him. In , paleontologist Leo P. Plas, Jr. In the s, biologist Ed Murdy named a genus of gobiid fishes of New Guinea Zappa , with a species named Zappa confluentus. Belgian biologists Bosmans and Bosselaers discovered in the early s a Cameroonese spider, which they in named Pachygnatha zappa because "the ventral side of the abdomen of the female of this species strikingly resembles the artist's legendary moustache".

A gene of the bacterium Proteus mirabilis that causes urinary tract infections was in named zapA by three biologists from Maryland. In their scientific article, they "especially thank the late Frank Zappa for inspiration and assistance with genetic nomenclature".

Lescinsky discovered a metazoan fossil, and named it Spygori zappania to honor "the late Frank Zappa Before he was regarded as a symbol of democracy and freedom by many people in Czechoslovakia". The choice of Zappa was explained as "a symbol that would mark the end of communism, but at the same time express that it wasn't always doom and gloom. Senate — a ceremony dedicating the replica was held, and the bust was unveiled at a library in the city. In , a bronze bust was installed in German city Bad Doberan , location of the Zappanale since , an annual music festival celebrating Zappa.

During his lifetime, Zappa released 62 albums. Since , the Zappa Family Trust has released 50 posthumous albums, making a total of albums. The current distributor of Zappa's recorded output is Universal Music Enterprises. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Frank Vincent Zappa. For other uses, see Zappa disambiguation. American musician. Zappa performing live at Ekeberghallen in Oslo , Norway, Baltimore , Maryland , U.

Los Angeles , California , U. Musician composer singer songwriter bandleader author. Kay Sherman. Gail Zappa. Rock blues experimental jazz classical pop avant-garde doo-wop.

Vocals guitar bass synclavier synthesizer keyboards piano drums percussion. The Mothers of Invention Captain Beefheart. Since I didn't have any kind of formal training, it didn't make any difference to me if I was listening to Lightnin' Slim, or a vocal group called the Jewels To me it was all good music. Hungry Freaks Daddy. The opening track on Freak Out! The album has "consistently been voted as one of top greatest albums ever made".

Peaches En Regalia. The opening track on Hot Rats is considered one of Zappa's most enduring compositions. One of Zappa's complex, percussion-based compositions featured on Zappa in New York.

The single became a hit in non-English speaking countries and helped Sheik Yerbouti become a best-seller. Naval Aviation in Art? Main article: Frank Zappa in popular culture. Frank Zappa was one of the first to try tearing down the barriers between rock, jazz, and classical music. Main article: Frank Zappa discography. The name on his birth certificate however is "Frank", not "Francis". She was first generation. The Greek-Arab side is from my Dad.

He was born in a Sicilian village called Partinico See Dolan, Casey December 8, LA Weekly. Retrieved February 2, Pepper concept were unsettled, the album was released with the cover and back on the inside of the gatefold, while the actual cover and back were a picture of the group in a pose parodying the inside of the Beatles album.

Zappa later released his version of excerpts from the concert on Playground Psychotics in , including the jam track "Scumbag" and an extended avant-garde vocal piece by Ono originally called "Au" , which Zappa renamed "A Small Eternity with Yoko Ono. It remains debated whether Zappa had conceived the material as a four-LP set from the beginning, or only when approaching Phonogram.

The Zappa Patio. Retrieved January 7, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Retrieved August 18, I like pepper, tobacco and coffee. That's my metabolism. I want a smaller, less intrusive government, and lower taxes. You too? Spoon Records. Beefheart and Frank Zappa. The roots of Pere Ubu lie in a comedy cover band called Rocket from the Tombs Punk Diary: — Real Frank Zappa Book.

Simon and Schuster. The A. Retrieved March 14, Retrieved August 8, Ultimate Classic Rock. The Independent. London, United Kingdom: Rough Guides. Rolling Stone. Jann Wenner.

December 3, December 18, Frank Zappa. London: Atlantic Books. National Cancer Institute. January Archived from the original on April 11, Music Sales Group. San Diego Troubadour. Retrieved September 11, Stereo Review : 61— Retrieved October 20, McGill-Queen's Press. New York: St. Martin's Griffin. Atlantic Books Ltd.

SAF Publishing Ltd. Electronic and experimental music: technology, music, and culture 3rd ed. Retrieved June 4, The Guardian. Guardian Media Group. Retrieved February 21, Electric Don Quixote. The Daily Report. Ontario, California. High Times. The Words and Music of Frank Zappa. Westport: Praeger Publishers. Their gorgeous three-part harmonies were cut from the same cloth as as the sunshine pop bands of the era, and The Stone Poneys incorporated raga rock elements, as on the album's title track.

Their love of minor-key songs had them often channelling British folk instead of their home country's, and those darker songs are sort of inherently more psychedelic.

Evergreen Vol. It didn't last. Still, this album remains an underrated gem. You would never believe listening to this record that it crept out of San Francisco; it sounds a million miles away from every other band from there. Everything from straight ahead rock to blues to psych to soul to folk to avant-garde tape manipulation. And there are the weird electronic sounds interspersed between the songs, all the work of one Louis Marcheschi who created the synths from scratch. The album was all but ignored at the time and sadly the original group disbanded and never made another album.

Fun fact, most of them went on to be in a touring company of the musical Hair. This was their fourth album but before this they were mostly relegated to being a band that recorded covers or songs written by others. With this album they were let free to come up with their own material and boy did they make the most out of it. You have the sweet tooth combo of gently picked acoustic guitar, shuffling drums and grandiose brass in the title track.

It requires you to sit and give in to its charms. Once you do though, It will be a record that stays with you long after. For all the whimsy going on in Britannia during this period, there would be rebellion among some. Here was rebellion in all its glory. Led by firebrand Mick Farren, this debut record was a middle finger to all of that. It conjured an image of distrust in the flower power hooey they saw wherever they turned, as well as in the establishment.

Drummer Barry Hunter went on to form the even heavier Pink Fairies. Before becoming the defining jam band, the Grateful Dead had rather humble beginnings.

Their self-titled debut album was a mix of covers of blues and folk songs, with just a couple of originals. The psychedelia of Anthem of the Sun and Aoxomoxoa is nowhere to be found here, nor is the folk rock of American Beauty and Workingman's Dead. The two originals, "The Golden Road To Ultimate Devotion " and "Cream Puff War," are perfectly fine garagey rock songs, though the covers make for the best moments on this album. Their version of the traditional "Cold Rain and Snow" is great, and their pretty cover of the folk song "Morning Dew" a rare song on the album to remain a show-stopper late into their career is a classic recording.

The Grateful Dead is better for completists and diehards than beginners, but once you've heard their more classic material, it really is a fascinating look into their early days as a band. Jerry's voice sounds as pristine as it did in the '70s, and the Dead's unique soloing is already starting to come together on this album. The studio albums were never as improvisational as the live shows, but the Dead's 10 minute version of "Viola Lee Blues" is a great showcase of their ability to jam.

Maybe the biggest treat as far as studio albums go is the prominence of Pigpen's organ. It was a crucial part of their early sound, and he shines here as much as Jerry does. This is an overlooked record of the time that has only grown in stature over the years. Frankly, the group got shafted by their producer Ed Cobb. Without much control over the recording, most of the tracks were messed with later in production.

Session musicians were brought in to overdub. In fact, very few of the final songs feature all of the members together. Why does this work then? The crazy Sky Saxon and The Seeds were a straight up garage rock band on their first two albums. But here they were making their third record and they wanted in on the psych craze. Much like Love were doing, they wanted to experiment with baroque orchestration and classical structures mixed with their garage bent. Future is a mish mash of a record.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it goes nowhere. While The Monkees began their career with a casting call, it didn't take long -- before the end of the first season of their hit NBC series -- for Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Michael Nesmith to fight against their perception as a manufactured band miming Beatlemania.

Headquarters was the first Monkees album where the members wrote a large chunk of the songs, and they proved to be up to the challenge, even if the record which went to 1 didn't yield a hit as big as their first four singles. Overshadowing the rest of this album is the title track, arguably Strawberry Alarm Clock's best song and their most significant contribution to hippie culture.

It wasn't all Incense and Peppermints had to offer though. They kick things off on an even trippier note, with the lengthy "The World Is on Fire. Few songs sound ready-made for lava lamps like this one. The rest of the album is more song and less jam oriented, but with all those same instruments played at their most mind-bending, and with all the hallucinatory lyrics you need. Compared to some of the bigger Summer of Love bands, SAC were a bit of a one trick pony on Incense and Peppermints , but their dedication to such overt psychedelia keeps them a favorite in niche circles today.

Want more cowbell? They were guided throughout by producer David Rubinson who had just finished the first Moby Grape record.

They wanted to expand their sound and they wanted in on the new psych sounds that were coming from everywhere they turned. Of course none of this would ever overtake the title track. An anthem for a generation nestled into one glorious album. One of the more unlikely bands to hop aboard the psychedelia bandwagon in was bubblegum pop group Herman's Hermits.

It's all a little on the nose, but Herman's Hermits really pulled it off. The Donovan cover "Museum" sounds great in their hands, but it's really the original songs here that make Blaze so impressive. They're great singers, which allowed them to pull of the lush harmonies that are such a crucial and addictive part of psych-pop. The musicianship is just fine too. The looping guitar melody of "Busy Line" and the busy basslines of "Moonshine Man" give those songs an edge that's both hypnotic and danceable.

They sort of sound musically like 'era Beatles but vocally like ' More of a rocker than the rest of the Blaze songs, "Ace, King, Queen, Jack" had Noone trying on a harder-edged delivery and totally selling it.

It's a Nuggets -style psych song and rivals a handful of songs on that comp. The Prunes were a three guitar assault when they made this record. For this, their debut, they were tasked with recording songs written by the songwriting team of Annette Tucker and Nancie Mantz only two songs were written by the band members , but the band were talented enough to add weird psych flourishes throughout which gave the straight ahead pop style write-ups a decided edge.

There are a couple of throwaway joke tracks that were inexplicably included but there is enough on this record to make it more than a one hit curio. This has to be one of the most appropriately titled albums ever made. Starting out as a folk band, they soon morphed into something much greater. Much of the music here is rooted in the blues which was a staple of most of the bands coming out of the San Francisco psych scene at the time.

This album has a little bit of everything else though. The real hero for me throughout is the guitar work of the amazing Barry Melton. If you want even more punch, check out the original mono version which was lovingly reissued a few years ago and on special editon vinyl for Record Store Day after the original tapes had been thought to be lost or too damaged. A genuine eccentric, Don Van Vliet was a one-of-a-kind musician and songwriter.

Even with some of Van Vliet's wildest urges tamed, Safe as Milk is anything but, sounding like someone left a stack of records on a radiator to melt. Cooder helps keep this train from going off the rails, but the wild energy remains. Advertisement Continue reading the main story. Police: 9 Arrested, 1 Officer Hurt During Unrest in Denver Demonstrators donning helmets and shields clashed with police late Saturday in Denver, prompting officers to arrest at least nine people.

Asia Pacific Threatened by Facebook Disinformation, a Monk Flees Cambodia A smear campaign linked to the Cambodian government went viral on the social media platform, sending an activist Buddhist cleric into exile to protect himself. By Hannah Beech and Sun Narin. By Sharon Otterman. Have search feedback? Let us know what you think.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Frank Zappa. A jury cannot fairly and properly assess plaintiff's comparative fault without considering defendant's actions see e. Storm King has reopened with brand-new art You'll be able to visit the institution starting on July What are you waiting for? His freeform "Mind Gardens" which was also aided by reverse tape made "Eight Miles High" sound straightforward in comparison. The British Theatre Guide. Due to contractual problems, the album was pulled. Footnote 8: The majority cites Desrosiers v Perry Ellis Menswear, LLC 30 NY3d[] for the principle that "we have often been reluctant to ascribe persuasive significance to legislative inaction," but more relevant language follows, distinguishing "instances in which the legislative inactivity has continued in the face of a prevailing statutory construction. Its influence cannot be be overestimated, from the music within to its iconic cover art.
Blue N Boogie (1945-01-09, New York) - Various - The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Set 23/42 (CD), Αγάπη Δολοφόνος - Πάολα - Best Of (Οι Μεγαλύτερες Επιτυχίες) (CD), No Sympathy - Bob Marley And The Wailers* - Soul Rebels (CD, Album), Carmell Jones - Jay Hawk Talk (Vinyl, LP, Album), Unseen Force - Satori (2) - Live At The Cave / Salzburg 10.10.2008 (CD)

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  1. (City of New York v Cont. LLC, 60 AD3d , , n 3 [1st Dept ]) (People v Kozlowski, 11 NY3d , and n 10 []) (4) Citation Referencing Multiple Page Quotation.
  2. Jan 17,  · The Corps estimates the wall to cost $ billion, and it is unclear if the city, New York State, New Jersey and Congress will agree to jointly fund the project, which would take 25 years to build.
  3. Hot new releases See more Flaming Pie [2 CD] Paul McCartney $ $ 57 (53) Fetch The Bolt Cutters Fiona Apple $ $ 98 () Country State Of Mind Josh Turner Awesome Mix Vol. 1 [Cassette] Various Artists $ $ 8. 37 (8,) Chronicle.
  4. Nov 25,  · Passed by the New York City Council at the end of October, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson’s so-called Streets Master Plan will transform how buses and bicyclists move throughout the city. The plan allocates $ billion over a year period to various initiatives, including miles of new protected bike lanes, miles of protected or.
  5. Frank Vincent Zappa (December 21, – December 4, ) was an American multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, and bandleader. His work is characterized by nonconformity, free-form improvisation, sound experiments, musical virtuosity, and satire of American culture. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Zappa composed rock, pop, jazz, jazz fusion, orchestral and musique concrète.
  6. The State of New York had redrawn its reapportionment plan to meet objections of the Department of Justice under 5 of the Voting Rights Act of , 42 U.S.C. c ( ed., Supp. V). Specifically, voting districts were redrawn to enhance the electoral power [ U.S. , ] of certain "nonwhite" voters found to have been the victims of.
  7. Rodriguez v City of New York NY Slip Op Decided on April 3, Court of Appeals Feinman, J. Published by New York State Law Reporting Bureau pursuant to Judiciary Law § This opinion is uncorrected and subject to revision before publication in the Official Reports. Decided on April 3, .
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