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Great sound. Product is not manufactured anymore. Condition is Used and working, doesnt come with remote control, unit only, some light scratching on top. Plus, thanks to its dual-output DJ mode, the Philips CDR gives you the freedom to simultaneously operate both decks.

As this Philips CD recorder comes along with a remote control, controlling its functions is extremely stress-free. All in all, this dual-deck audio CD recorder is a must-have for all music lovers. Thank you so much! I will definitely refer you some business.

Quick and painless! Even though we thought it would take longer! Thank you again for everything! We really appreciate it. Within the next year well be renovating our kitchen and we will definitely remember how you handled our problem. Both your service and the LG units exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be sharing your website with other sister hotels. Thanks again for working with us on price The boxes were in what I would call perfect condition, so it was not necessary to annotate the bill of lading.

Thanks again for the communication and everything else. I will recommend your company to others. This machine is awesome and I am one happy customer! I will recommend you guys to anyone in need of a room air conditioner!

It has been a pleasure doing business with your company. I will be doing business with you again when I replace my water heater. But first to get the PTAC in my office.

The tracing I appreciate your insight and Im looking forward to receiving the new unit. I received exactly what I ordered sooner than expected We were a bit concerned about when we would get the part for our air conditioner, since summer is almost here, so we called and left a The existing unit was old and I needed to find a suitable replacement as soon as possible as I had family coming soon to stay.

I found Cool Running Hospitality Supply online and contacted them about The other company no longer carried the product I wanted and their price, particularly with significant shipping, was much higher for Even when I goofed on order and then phoned, they corrected my order immediately and very nicely. Would definitely recommend. Also low prices and fast shipment. A most complete package, I would think. There are only 24 copies of this made, so should want one, there is no time to waste.

For all I know, solely based on what I hear, I would think this is a duo; someone banging the drums hard and someone strumming the guitar. The first time I heard them, I thought the drums were from a machine, but here I believe it is a real drummer but, what do I know? This is very much the work of rock music; noise rock to be precise and in eleven songs, sixty-five minutes they make their statement, loud very loud and very clear.

It is that wall of sound approach that you find in metal music, of which this might be regarded as an example. Slow metal at that, as the tempos of the songs is usually not very fast. The guitar alternates between lots of distortion, but also can go back to more 'normal' chord strumming.

This is the sort of the thing that you won't find on heavy rotation here, although the occasional Skullflower finds it's way to the player, and it is music that I don't know much about. That makes it hard for me to talk about this in terms of references and such; my book on noise rock is quite empty.

As I was occupied by some other stuff one afternoon, I had this on rotation for a while and maybe I heard it about three times in a row, before even starting to think about the review, which means that I quite enjoyed the energy of such slow and heavy music.

Maybe it is blues music that's what I thought before and if so, it might be the sort of blues that re-vitalized me. The Hungarian Noise Makers are mainly Vlad and Rovar17 along with a bunch of partners creating some noise-based electronic music that is not out there to shock through excessive volume, but with dense massive sample based on a bunch of computers.

At least, that's what I think and that is based upon what I hear. Sounds are stretched out and get a crude digital treatment and it all becomes dirty and ugly. In 'Der Hund' they reach towards true noise with a bunch of distortion on the sounds and the addition of a vocal howl or two; it is a live piece so maybe there is some explanation in there? Sometimes there is a bit of rhythm, in 'Pnygyhouse' and 'Die Katze', but these are embedded in that cold clinical distant noise approach they.

This is a soundtrack for the unsettling, a nerve-racking nightmare. I am not sure if I think there is progress to report or if they carve out their sound any further. For now, I think it's the latter and this is a solid strong noise release without lazy repetition. The other new release is a bit more obscure. And looking at the cover I could believe this is a compilation, with eleven individual titles but on the CDR it one long piece; maybe this is a mixtape of some kind?

It is all about the voice of Xabi N, darkly intoning his texts, in Hungarian, so it's a tad bit difficult to tell what these are about. Here too we have a similar approach to noise as we saw with the Royal Hungarian Noisemakers, but with a bit more variety; there is also some guitar abuse to be noted, but with all the music tucked away in the background it's less noise based.

Since I have no clue what this is about and it is text-heavy, I can only see this as a work of sound poetry. For all I know I am wrong. I am sure it is all good, but I am afraid not my cup of tea. Covfefe was a word Trump tweeted and no one understood what it meant. Guys, too much! I know, ostriches and such, but ignore him as much as you can. You can't change the world.

I skipped the piece with Trump voice samples, too much, guys! I am never one that thinks music can change the world. Words can, not music. Michael Wurzer arrangements, synthesizer , Stefan Schweiger teramine, samples, accordion, toys and Joseph B.

Raimond guitar, bass, ukulele, mixing are responsible for the music here. No saxophone this time, which brings quite a different dimension to the music. The two previous releases by Doc that included covfefe share titles with pieces on this new release, but they might have been live recordings and this a studio one; the krauty element of the music is all present and correct, and the guitars nice howl away, while the rhythm machine plays another steady job. But there are also dreamy guitars against a wall of bird's twitter; not sure if there is a connection between that and the favourite propaganda tool of Trump or the hope for a nicer, better, safer USA.

All of the pieces flow right into each other. The last song, 'Phuture', is the longest but also a bit of mess as a collage. The future is chaotic? I bet it is. Best song title; 'Wish You Were Her'. Let's start with the noise end of things. He plays modular synthesizer, field recording and sampler. Also part of Astro on this release is one Rohco who plays electric violin and electronics. Not that one could easily recognize field recordings or violins in the three pieces on this release; two pieces of about fifteen minutes and one that is twenty-nine.

That one, the title piece, sees Astro being at his loudest. It is a long onslaught of distorted sounds, but it's not of the strict harsh noise variety. It almost sounds as if Astro first stuck a whole bunch sounds on tape, with hard cuts between them and then feeds it through his modular synth, with everything sets to overload and destroy.

The two shorter pieces before that, by comparison, is a tad less destructive and upon re-listening, one can recognize the field recordings which I guess were taped at a demolition site downtown. The violin is nowhere to be recognized and it could be about any instrument being fed through a whole lot of electronics, resulting in feedback and distortion.

It all sounds very akin to Merzbow and should there not be enough of that, there is always Astro luckily not on a similar release schedule frenzy. I assume he creates these with electronic means, without being specific what these means are. I assume laptop. Bartolomei sings the words she wrote, and I can imagine there is also some extra effects used on her voice, looping her voice is one of them. Bartolomei has a flexible voice that most suited for opera, theatre and drama.

I left her voice-only with Dolf, deeming a bit too much opera for my taste, but now, embedded within the electronic music of Conedera, it works much better for me. The two have a variety of approaches here, ranging more song structured pieces on one hand to something more improvised; often there is also a mixture between both ends.

That is clear from the opening piece, in which the voice repeats phrases against a backdrop of a minimalist rhythm, but with space to improvise on the notes. At times the opera-like voice may sound gothic and full-on dramatic, certainly when the electronics are in a similar dark place, which is not always my cup.

Once that is left behind, or when the focus changes a bit towards something else, such as in 'Farara', which sounded like a folk song going electro, I was pleasantly surprised, and also with the more 'out there' of the improvisations and perhaps less when it all too dramatic.

Certainly, something that will see more and more on covers in the next months; "recorded during lockdown ", or similar texts. For the four pieces on this cassette, each between five and six minutes, it says, "impro session with field recordings and other "machines", recorded in my kitchen during lockdown, March ".

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They are presented here in an animated performance by the quartet. All of is pretty dark and fits the sonic landscape we heard from Pascal Le Gall until now. On each side, Windfeld Album) a few instruments; on 'Mermaids Cave' a water bottle, egg whisks and snare drum, 721! - H.T.T.P. - HTTP The Best (CDr, and on the other side found objects, shakers and snare drum. I would think, and as always, I could be entirely wrong here, I would think that he uses many field recordings, which he sticks in the computer and the outcome is a very interesting set of electro-acoustic pieces of music. In all honesty, I felt a bit tired afterwards and needed some else to do, other than music that is, for some time to unwind. This box provides you with everything you need for a proper celebration of St. A bit of history first. Pop music, progressive rock, world music, techno, krautrock and jazz; not all Album) the same time, not all in equal measures.
Gel Bir Daha, Red Sun Over Hackney - City Gypsys - The Take Away (Vinyl), Damask Rose - Vangelis - Blade Runner (CD, Album), Personal Manager - Various - The Best Of Blues 5 (Cassette), Gates - Slim Dusty - Just Slim With Old Friends (CD)

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  1. On the 3"CDR they have one long, twenty-minute piece, which is more in line with longer UNS pieces, as documented on 'What Does The Brain Have To Do With It' (see Vital Weekly ), leaving also the voice territory a bit, which some more field recording material (or so it seems), which all mixes up into a lengthy and noisy excursion, which is.
  2. Quantity Per Box Box Weight Box Length Box Width Box Height; 8 lbs. 17" 12" 5" 21 lbs. 13" 13" 11" For exact packaging details, please run a Shipping fluneprefighretabperfmergupacorap.coions are in inches.
  3. Year was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian denomination for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years.. Events By place Europe. February 13 – King Chilperic II dies at Attigny (), after a five-year reign.
  4. Nov 03,  · I love Tears and fears and this is their best album IMHO, so many great songs in the album — I never get tired of it. Try to find a used original .
  5. The is considered by many to be one of the finest Duals ever made. Second the motion. is built on the same basic direct drive underpinnings as the ground breaking , while introducing new features including adjustable VTA and adjustable cueing speed.
  6. Apr 13,  · The Best Of YANNI - YANNI Greatest Hits Full Album - Yanni Piano Playlist The Best Of YANNI - YANNI Greatest Hits Full Album - Yanni Piano Playlist.

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